5E Adventure Review: Theo’s Focus

Theo’s Focus is the latest of the Drop-In Dungeon series from Matt Evans of Mithgarthr Entertainment. It’s a short little dungeon of 7 areas. Although it’s a six-page PDF, only three of the pages contain the adventure. The remainder gives us the cover, the legal stuff, and one other page.

The other page is pretty awesome: it contains a number of pictures of Matt’s group playing through the dungeon. A dungeon he’s running with 3-D terrain and miniatures. It looks great, and reminds me that I really should bring in my terrain and miniatures more often to my games. (Not playing at my home does mean it’s a bit of a pain transporting it, though).

The adventure itself sees the party looking for a magical wand (the spell focus of Theo’Remus – that explains the adventure’s title!), which was lost in an old dwarven outpost, now inhabited by monsters.

The dungeon is pretty simple: monster and traps for the most part, although the details of the wand make it fun to use in a campaign. The adventure is recommended for level 3-6 characters, although I think level 3 characters may find a few of the monsters rather tricky if they aren’t intelligent in their approach.

It’s very nicely laid-out, and worth it if you need a dungeon that you don’t have to design yourself. (Honestly, using work from other designers helps break the predictability of my campaign). It’s pretty inexpensive, and although it’s perhaps a bit too basic to really engage me, the idea of the wand and its role in Matt’s campaign is enough to sell me on this adventure.

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