The Great List of Dungeons & Dragons 5E Adventures

This is a list of all D&D 5E adventures I know about. It does not include the playtest adventures, which have their own list, as those adventures had significantly different monster stats and rules.

I’ve added a list of adventures by level. If there’s an adventure not on the list, let me know!

Last Update: Aug 25 2016

DMs Guild =
* Horror at Havel’s Cross – A Basic Rules Adventure
* If the Crown Fits. CS009
* Into Ivy Mansion – Adventure
* Mystery of the Eureka Theater – Adventure
* Paddy’s Shamrock
* Seized Fire for the Ceasefire
* Serpent Isle
* Shilo the Buff
* Spawn of the Ancients
* The Call of the Crystal – Crystal of Juiblex pt2
* The Castle of Corellon
* The Citadel at Thaymount
* The Dragon’s Feast
* The Giant Runesmith
* The Iron Bastion: Rise of the Blood Watch
* The Search for Godfrey
* The Total Party Kill Handbook
* The Tree of Blight – en espanol
* The Witch of Underwillow
* The Witchfire Curse
* Tome of Encounters
* Tower of the Slime Wizard
* Trouble Brewing: A single session adventure
Cut to the Chase Games =
* TG0 Depths of the Croaking Grotto (5E)
Embers Design Studios =
* Rats in the Street (5e)
Legendary Games =
* Islands of Plunder: Scourge of the Steaming Isle (5E)


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Wizards of the Coast

Lost Mine of Phandelver by Rich Baker. Levels 1-4. Jun 15, 2014. (Amazon, )

The adventurers are hired to escort supplies to the mining village of Phandelver, but intrigues and conflict swirl around the town as factions fight over a long-lost mine: the magical Wave Echo Cave. This introductory adventure found in the D&D Starter set takes PCs from levels 1 to 5.

Confrontation at Candlekeep by Teos Abadia, Greg Bilsland, Shawn Merwin. Level 2. Oct 06, 2015. (D&D Classics, )

Candlekeep is under siege, and it needs adventurers to help protect it! Heed the call to defend the legendary monastery and stand against the tide of evil. (This is an adventure that uses the playtest rules and needs a little modification before regular use)

Curse of Strahd

Curse of Strahd by Christopher Perkins. Levels 1-10. Mar 15, 2016. (Amazon)

Under raging storm clouds, the vampire Count Strahd von Zarovich stands silhouetted against the ancient walls of Castle Ravenloft. Rumbling thunder pounds the castle spires. The wind’s howling increases as he turns his gaze down toward the village of Barovia. A lightning flash rips through the darkness, but Strahd is gone. Only the howling of the wind fills the midnight air. The master of Castle Ravenloft is having guests for dinner—and you are invited.

Elemental Evil

Princes of the Apocalypse. Levels 1-15. Apr 07, 2015. (Amazon)

Called by the Elder Elemental Eye to serve, four corrupt prophets have risen from the depths of anonymity to claim mighty weapons with direct links to the power of the elemental princes. Each of these prophets has assembled a cadre of cultists and creatures to serve them in the construction of four elemental temples of lethal design. It is up to adventurers from heroic factions such as the Emerald Enclave and the Order of the Gauntlet to discover where the true power of each prophet lay, and dismantle it before it comes boiling up to obliterate the Realms.

Rage of Demons

Out of the Abyss. Levels 1-15. Sep 15, 2015. (Amazon)

The Underdark is a subterranean wonderland, a vast and twisted labyrinth where fear reigns. It is the home of horrific monsters that have never seen the light of day. It is here that the dark elf Gromph Baenre, Archmage of Menzoberranzan, casts a foul spell meant to ignite a magical energy that suffuses the Underdark and tears open portals to the demonic Abyss. What steps through surprises even him, and from that moment on, the insanity that pervades the Underdark escalates and threatens to shake the Forgotten Realms to its foundations. Stop the madness before it consumes you!

Tyranny of Dragons

Hoard of the Dragon Queen by Wolfgang Baur and Steve Winter. Levels 1-7. Aug 19, 2014. (Amazon)

In an audacious bid for power the Cult of the Dragon, along with its dragon allies and the Red Wizards of Thay, seek to bring Tiamat from her prison in the Nine Hells to Faerun. To this end, they are sweeping from town to town, laying waste to all those who oppose them and gathering a hoard of riches for their dread queen. The threat of annihilation has become so dire that groups as disparate as the Harpers and Zhentarim are banding together in the fight against the cult. Never before has the need for heroes been so desperate.

The Rise of Tiamat by Wolfgang Baur and Steve Winter. Levels 8-15. Oct 21, 2014. (Amazon)

The Cult of the Dragon leads the charge in an unholy crusade to bring Tiamat back to the Realms, and the situation grows more perilous for good people with each passing moment. The battle becomes increasingly political as opportunities to gather allies and gain advantage present themselves. From Waterdeep to the Sea of Moving Ice to Thay, it is a race against Evil. Succeed or succumb to the oppression of draconic tyranny. Win or lose, things will never be the same again.

D&D Adventurers League

Curse of Strahd

DDAL04-09 The Tempter (5e) by M. Sean Molloy. Levels 5-10. Jun 07, 2016. (DMs Guild, )

The people of Oranou are desperate. The village is on the brink of starvation and has little chance of surviving the harsh winter. Even if they had enough food and supplies, Lord Strahd’s taxes are due, and the ruler of Barovia does not accept excuses as payment. The Burgomaster and others in the village have recently learned of a wealthy estate that might have enough resources to solve both of Oranou’s problems.

It is a temptation he cannot afford to resist or can he?

DDAL04-10 The Artifact (5e) by Teos Abadia. Levels 5-10. Jun 07, 2016. (DMs Guild)

An expedition to the Amber Temple reveals another major minion of the enemy and uncovers a secret weapon that may help defeat them. Part Ten of Misty Fortunes and Absent Hearts.

A Four-Hour adventure for 5th-10th level characters

DDAL04-11 The Donjon by ASH LAW. Levels 5-10. Jun 07, 2016. (DMs Guild)

The village of Oranou is panicked when a group of Bloodhand orcs appear at the edge of the woods. They bring news and an unusual request that reveals a new foe. Part Eleven of Misty Fortunes and Absent Hearts.

A 4-Hour Adventure for 5th-10th Level Characters

DDAL04-12 The Raven by Matt Houston. Levels 5-10. Jul 05, 2016. (DMs Guild)

The Bloodhand orcs have a prisoner that may hold the answers to the strange goings on and the key to stopping the enemy. What can you do to convince them to hand the prisoner over?

Part Twelve of Misty Fortunes and Absent Hearts. A Two-Hour Adventure for 5th-10th Level Characters

DDAL04-13 The Horseman by Daniel Helmick. Levels 5-10. Jul 05, 2016. (DMs Guild)

An unknown force is inciting the people and creatures of the idyllic Greenhall to commit horrific acts of murder and carnage. Can the adventurers quell the towering rage of the rampaging Horseman?

Part Thirteen of Misty Fortunes and Empty Hearts. A 2-Hour Adventure for 5th-10th Level Characters

DDAL04-14 The Darklord by Greg Marks. Levels 5-10. Jul 05, 2016. (DMs Guild)

The enemy is revealed, but time short and if you are not successful in your mission to Mount Baratok, love will never die.

Part fourteen and the finale of Misty Fortunes and Absent Hearts. A four-hour adventure for 5th-10th level characters

DDAL4-01 Suits of the Mist by Shawn Merwin. Levels 1-2. Mar 15, 2016. (DMs Guild, )

Strange things are afoot in the Moonsea. The factions have called all those willing and able to investigate strange occurrences in the region surrounding Phlan.

Dark whispers and unseen terrors lurk in the misty shadows between this world and someplace much more sinister. Unveil the horrors before it is too late! Part one of Misty Fortunes and Absent Hearts.

Five, 1-Hour Mini-Adventures for 1st and 2nd Level Characters

DDAL4-02 The Beast by Alan Patrick. Levels 1-4. Apr 05, 2016. (DMs Guild, )

Something strange is afoot within the Quivering Forest. So much so that even the elves of Greenhall have left their homes to seek out help from their newfound neighbors. But, their tales of a strange beast are not earning them any favors; especially among the Vistani, whom the elves suspect are to blame for their ills. Return once more to the Quivering Forest and learn the terrifying truth! Part Two of Misty Fortunes and Absent Hearts.

A Two-Hour Adventure for 1st–4th level Characters

DDAL4-03 The Executioner by Jerry LeNeave. Levels 1-4. Apr 05, 2016. (DMs Guild, )

The locals are spreading rumors of the emergence of an age-old relic in a remote farming village.

Surely you won’t be the only one to seek it, but can you afford to not be successful in this mission? And why haven’t they claimed it for themselves?

Part Three of Misty Fortunes and Absent Hearts.

A Two-Hour adventure for 1st-4th level characters

DDAL4-04 The Marionette by Robert Alaniz. Levels 1-4. Apr 05, 2016. (DMs Guild, )

A Vistani fortuneteller has called you out by name during the Burgomaster’s private reading. She raved of an army of the dead, a delicate powderbox, and a beautiful yet dangerous woman. Now the Burgomaster wants to know why you’re more important than he is…

Part Four of Misty Fortunes and Absent Hearts.

A Four-Hour adventure for 1st-4th level characters

DDAL4-05 The Seer by Ron Lundeen. Levels 1-4. Apr 05, 2016. (DMs Guild, )

The time has come to venture beyond the village of Oranou and explore the realm of Barovia.

However, in your travels, you happen across an unusual tribe of people–distrusted denizens of the Demiplane of Dread. Do the Vistani truly possess the ability to see the future, or is it simple parlor tricks and deceit? Part Five of Misty Fortunes and Absent Hearts.

A Two-Hour adventure for 1st-4th level characters

DDAL4-06 The Ghost by Ken Hart. Levels 1-4. May 10, 2016. (DMs Guild, )

Old hatreds die hard, but sometimes it is necessary to set aside petty, personal disagreements for the greater good. The hag, Jeny Greenteeth, is wise and may prove instrumental in the troubles that lay ahead. Your task will not be easy, however; the dark forces of Barovia have agents everywhere, and eyes from beyond the grave no doubt watch your every move.

DDAL4-07 The Innocent by Michael E. Shea. Levels 5-10. May 10, 2016. (DMs Guild, )

The mists have led you deep into Glumpen Swamp to a den of great evil. Within, the unliving son of an unliving god awaits the peace of death that eternally eludes him. Will you grant him his rest, or realize the part he is to play in things to come?

Part Seven of Misty Fortunes and Absent Hearts.

A Four-Hour adventure for 5th-10th level characters

DDAL4-08 The Broken One by Joshua Kelly. Levels 5-10. May 10, 2016. (DMs Guild)

The village of Orasnou is buried in winter's snows and facing starvation. An unseen beast has ravaged the livestock culled to pay Lord Strahd's tax and the village is thrown into panic and chaos. Can you find the monster and save the village from starvation, or worse?

Part eight of Misty Fortunes and Absent Hearts.

A two-hour adventure for 5th-10th level characters

Elemental Evil

DDEX2-01 City of Danger by Shawn Merwin. Levels 1-2. Jan 11, 2016. (DMs Guild)

On the southern shores of the Moonsea, the residents of Mulmaster have eked out a living where others would likely have given up long ago—in a bleak city where corruption is rampant and the Church of Bane holds sway. In these five short, introductory adventures, you will travel the breadth of the City of Danger, meet its people, see its sights, and witness firsthand how the city truly has earned its ominous moniker.

DDEX2-02 Embers of Elmwood by Daniel Helmick. Levels 1-4. Jan 11, 2016. (DMs Guild)

A derelict raft drifts into Mulmaster’s harbor carrying a young woman. Delirious with hunger, the only words she seems able to speak so far have been “ash and fire.” The only other clue to her identity is an ornate tattoo. Is the woman insane, or is something nefarious at play?

DDEX2-03 The Drowned Tower by Mike Shea. Levels 5-10. Jan 11, 2016. (DMs Guild)

You are approached by someone claiming to be a member of the Brotherhood of the Cloak investigating unusual incidents involving some of his brethren. Discretion is vital, as there is rumored to be a link between the denizens of the Tower of Arcane Might and one of the elemental cults. Can you uncover the truth?

DDEX2-04 Mayhem in the Earthspur Mines by Will Doyle. Levels 5-10. Jan 11, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Riddled with veins of precious ore and gem, the Earthspur Mountains to the west have long been a valuable resource for anyone able to mine them. One such mine has gone silent and the only thing more concerning than its long overdue shipment is the fate of the members of the Soldiery sent to discover what has happened to the mine’s workers. Though the mine lay in a region of the Mountains once claimed by a clan of reclusive dwarves, the Ludwakazar clan wouldn’t be so bold as to violate their long-standing peace with Mulmaster. Or would they?

DDEX2-05 Flames of Kythorn by John Rossomango. Levels 1-4. Jan 11, 2016. (DMs Guild)

During a summer drought, Mulmaster is threatened by a series of arson attacks. As the populace riots, accusations fly blaming Thayans, residents of the ghettos, rowdy sailors, the refugees from Phlan and dozens of others. Can you solve the mystery before the city burns?

DDEX2-06 Breath of the Yellow Rose by Greg Marks. Levels 1-4. Jan 11, 2016. (DMs Guild)

The monks of the Monastery of the Yellow Rose have long cloistered themselves in their home atop the Earthspur Mountains, practicing their strange lifestyle which is rumored to give them longevity. Now, their dietary restrictions and practices of breath control have become the fashion amongst the well-to-do of Mulmaster. But when a few of these lay practitioners start dropping dead from suffocation and starvation, others start to question the validity of the monks’ claims.

DDEX2-07 Bounty in the Bog by Ken Hart. Levels 1-4. Jan 11, 2016. (DMs Guild)

The Soldiery has grown weary of dealing with a particularly nettlesome band of miscreants who have holed up in the Flooded Forest to the south. And so, you have been called upon to quell their activities so that trade along the North Road can resume unmolested. However, in so doing, the truth behind their activities reveal that much more than simple banditry is at hand. Will you be able to stop it?

DDEX2-08 Foulness Beneath Mulmaster by Tim Eagon. Levels 1-4. Jan 11, 2016. (DMs Guild)

The sewers beneath Mulmaster have always been dangerous, with countless stories of brigands, murderers, and worse that lurk beneath the streets of the City of Danger. But those stories pale in comparison to a new threat under Mulmaster, one brought to light by a strange and disturbing corpse recently found. It is up to you to learn the terrifying truth of what lurks below.

DDEX2-09 Eye of theTempest by Pieter Sleijpen. Levels 5-10. Jan 11, 2016. (DMs Guild)

A storm of unparalleled fury has been ravaging the peaks of the Earthspur Mountains for a tenday, and the Monastery of the Yellow Rose sits in its eye for now. Some monks have fled the monastery to the safety of Mulmaster and beseech you to convince their more obstinate brothers to retreat to the city before the eye of the storm shifts, and the monestary is in terrible danger. Can you brave the elements and convince the monks to escape?

DDEX2-10 Cloaks and Shadows by Will Doyle. Levels 1-4. Jan 11, 2016. (DMs Guild)

The Cloaks of Mulmaster have taken an interest in your progress, and may be looking to sponsor adventurers for future work. You’ve been offered an interview with one of their ranking members at the Theater of the Stars, but you never know what to expect in the City of Danger.

DDEX2-11 Oubliette of Fort Iron by Greg Marks. Levels 1-4. Jan 11, 2016. (DMs Guild)

When Fort Iron was taken from the duergar who inhabited it, much of their subterranean quarters were never fully explored. An ancient oubliette has been discovered and its contents have disturbed the miners. Can the mine and the miners be saved from the dangers of the Oubliette of Fort Iron?

DDEX2-12 Dark Rites at Fort Dalton by Robert Adducci. Levels 1-4. Jan 11, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Fort Dalton along the River Lis was long ago destroyed. Now rumors tell of foul cults practicing their dark rites within the fort’s ruins. Are the rumors of elemental cults true or are the rumors a cover for some other sinister plot?

DDEX2-13 The Howling Void by Teos Abadia. Levels 5-10. Jan 11, 2016. (DMs Guild)

A storm of unparalleled fury has been ravaging the peaks of the Earthspur Mountains for a tenday, and the Monastery of the Yellow Rose sits in its eye for now. Some monks have fled the monastery to the safety of Mulmaster and beseech you to convince their more obstinate brothers to retreat to the city before the eye of the storm shifts, and the monestary is interrible danger. Can you brave the elements and convince the monks to escape?

DDEX2-14 The Sword of Selfaril by Daniel Helmick. Levels 5-10. Jan 11, 2016. (DMs Guild)

The fabled sword of Selfaril is told to bestow wisdom and power upon whomever wields it, so naturally its discovery has caused quite a stir in Mulmaster. All of this is complicated when a masked benefactor claims to not only know the truth about the blade, but also how it can be used to benefit the oppressed people of Mulmaster. Can it truly change Mulmaster for the better?

DDEX2-15 Black Heart of Vengeance by John Rossomango. Levels 5-10. Jan 11, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Aleyd Burral, the Risen Hero of Phlan has sounded the call to battle! Intent on retaking her home of Phlan, Aleyd has amassed a surprising amount of support from the citizenry of Phlan, including that of the High Blade himself. But as lofty as her goals might be, the honor-bound warrior seems willing to sacrifice much in her quest—including everything she once stood for.

DDEX2-16 Boltmelter's Book by Robert Adducci. Levels 1-4. Jan 11, 2016. (DMs Guild)

A dwarven expedition has stopped in Mulmaster for much-needed supplies. Furgis Boltsmelter, their founder and leader, is looking for some “no questions asked” protection for the duration of his stay in the city. Whatever he is trying to protect may not stay hidden for long. Can you keep his secret treasure out of the wrong hands?

Rage of Demons

DDEX3-01: Harried in Hillsfar by Shawn Merwin. Levels 1-2. Jan 11, 2016. (DMs Guild)

In the village of Elventree, near the oppressive city of Hillsfar, a recent string of strange occurrences has the locals on edge. The factions have gathered here on the borders of the forest of Cormanthor to determine what’s happening. Is this the machinations of Hillsfar, or something more?

DDEX3-02 Shackles of Blood by Joshua Kelly. Levels 1-4. Jan 11, 2016. (DMs Guild)

The Red Plumes have increased patrols in the region surrounding Hillsfar, and a string of disappearances has followed in their wake. Naturally, this has roused the suspicion of the factions. Join your factions and find out the truth behind the missing farmers.

DDEX3-03 The Occupation of Szith Morcane by Cindy Moore. Levels 5-10. Jan 11, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Agents of the fire giants of Maerimydra, a city in the Underdark, have overtaken the drow outpost of Szith Morcane. The factions seek out adventurers to free the outpost’s leaders for questioning on the giants’ activities. Can you extricate them before it’s too late?

DDEX3-04 It's All in the Blood by Dave Olson. Levels 11-16. Jan 11, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Rumors of faceless demonic creatures have been steadily rising in the Hillsfar region, and it is said that far below the surface of Faerun, nestled in the bowels of the underdark, ancient terrors are stirring. The imperiled drow of Szith Morcaine have extended an intriguing offer, but can the drow be trusted, and for how long?

DDEX3-05 Bane of the Tradeways by Robert Alaniz. Levels 1-4. Jan 11, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Times are hard in the Hillsfar countryside, especially for those of non-human ancestry. Unscrupulous merchants in league with the hated Red Plumes bleed local farmers and artisans dry. Perhaps some of those loot-laden caravans coming and going from Hillsfar could use a bit of liberation?

DDEX3-06 No Foolish Matter by Ash Law. Levels 1-4. Jan 11, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Some of the hamlets outlying Hillsfar have been struck by an odd malady. Rumor has it a traveling carnival visited those hamlets before the disease struck. Does coincidence not equal causation or is something sinister afoot?

DDEX3-07 Herald of the Moon by Matt Hudson. Levels 5-10. Jan 11, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Elanil Elassidil, an elf bard of no small legacy, has put out a call for trustworthy agents. It is time, it seems, for a quietly hidden piece of elven history to become known to the world. Meira Faerenduil, lost knight of Myth Drannor, has been discovered, and must be brought back to civilization.

DDEX3-08 The Malady of Elventree by Lisa Reinke. Levels 5-10. Jan 11, 2016. (DMs Guild)

An escaped duergar slave stumbles into the village of Elventree. With her she brings a malady that grips the small settlement in a bout of madness that seems unshakable. Can you find the source of the madness and save yourself and the village’s inhabitants?

DDEX3-09 The Waydown by Cole Kronewitter. Levels 5-10. Jan 11, 2016. (DMs Guild)

The recent discovery of an entrance to the Underdark has set local leaders on edge. In a display of initiative, the First Lord of Hillsfar has ordered the construction of defensive structures surrounding what locals have begun to call "The Waydown." You have been charged with escorting an emissary back to his home in the Underdark without alerting the Red Plumes.

DDEX3-10 Quelling the Horde by Rpn Lundeen. Levels 1-4. Jan 11, 2016. (DMs Guild)

The Red Plumes have increased patrols in the region surrounding Hillsfar, and a string of disappearances has followed in their wake. Naturally, this has roused the suspicion of the factions. Join your factions and find out the truth behind the missing farmers.

DDEX3-11 The Quest for Sporedome by Cole Kronewitter. Levels 5-10. Jan 11, 2016. (DMs Guild)

In the search for allies in the Underdark, you are called upon to travel through the recently opened Waydown sinkhole to find the lost myconid colony of Sporedome. It is said that they once cultivated a strain of mushrooms that could protect one from falling into madness. Can this be the cure for the rapidly spreading onslaught of insanity?

DDEX3-12 Hillsfar Reclaimed by Cindy Moore. Levels 1-4. Mar 15, 2016. (DMs Guild)

The time has come to fight back against Hillsfar. Elanil Elassidil tasks you with uncovering valuable information to be used in a strike against the leader of Hillsfar, First Lord Torin Nomerthal himself. The only problem is that what you need is protected within the walls of the city.

Part One of Six Knives for Torin Nomerthal.

Playtime: 2 hours

DDEX3-13 Writhing in the Dark by Alan Patrick. Levels 5-10. Mar 15, 2016. (DMs Guild)

An unexpected envoy arrives in Sporedome and offers to give aid against the fire giants of Maerimydra, if you are willing to help his people with a small problem.

Playtime: 2 hours

DDEX3-14 Death on the Wall by Greg Marks. Levels 1-4. Mar 15, 2016. (DMs Guild)

First Lord Torin Nomerthal and several his advisors will be leaving Hillsfar to inspect the Wall with only a small contingent of Red Plumes. The chance to strike is now!

Part Two of Six Knives for Torin Nomerthal.

Playtime: 2 hours

Tyranny of Dragons

DDEX1-01: Defiance in Phlan by Shawn Merwin. Levels 1-2. Jan 11, 2016. (DMs Guild, )

The Cult of the Dragon has come to Phlan, a lawless refuge on the Moonsea. Now, with no significant authority to stop the cult, other power groups in the Realms–the Harpers, Order of the Gauntlet, Emerald Enclave, Lords' Alliance , and even the Zhentarim–must untite to stop the cult from fulfilling its dark purpose in the city. Join the fight by participating in any one of five different missions aimed at stopping the cult.

DDEX1-02: Secrets of Sokol Keep by Pieter Sleijpen. Levels 1-4. Jan 11, 2016. (DMs Guild, )

Decades have passed since Sokol Keep was reclaimed, and a small garrison placed there along with a beacon to help guide ships. Now, that beacon has gone dark, and the garrison has disappeared. In Phlan, rumors circulate that something ancient was discovered in the grounds beneath the keep, dating to before the clerics of Tyr built the small fortress. Uncover the secrets of Sokol Keep!

DDEX1-03: Shadows over the Moonsea by Greg Marks. Levels 1-4. Jan 11, 2016. (DMs Guild, )

Life on the Moonsea isn't easy. Bandits, pirates, and cruel lords dominate the land, threatening those who make an honest livind there. Now, a new scorge is prowling the waters: A ghost ship has been strikig small coastal villages, leaving its victims whispering about the "eye of the dracolich." Join the adventrue and learn the truth behind this threat!

DDEX1-04: Dues for the Dead by Steve Winter. Levels 1-4. Jan 11, 2016. (DMs Guild, )

For years, the Most Solemn Order of the Silent Shroud has tended the dead at Valinghen graceyard, providing them a peaceful eternal rest. Now, that rest has been disturbed by a necromancer seeking out a key to re-activate the Pool of Radiance.

DDEX1-05: The Courting of Fire by Jobe Bittman. Levels 1-4. Jan 11, 2016. (DMs Guild)

An exiled cultist and his kobold minions are spotted searching for long-forgotten ruins in the Dragonspire Mountains. Rumors say he looks for a precious gift to give a fearsome dragon that dwells there. What he hopes to attain wiht his gift is unknowen, but can't be good for the citizens of Phlan.

DDEX1-06: The Scroll Thief by Daniel Helmick. Levels 1-4. Jan 11, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Scholars Square is a relatively quiet corner of Phlan, but a series of odd thefts have the headmasters of verious schools in the area concerned. The headmasters' pleas for help have gone unanswered by the Black Fist, and the Lord Sage of Phlan decided to reach out to you and your kind to bring those responsible to justice.

DDEX1-07: Drums in the Marsh by Sterling Hershey. Levels 1-4. Jan 11, 2016. (DMs Guild)

For the past several nights, drums have been heard on the wind, coming from the Twilight Marsh. Each morning, more turn up missing from the nearby farms, leaving only muddy, clawed foot prints heading towards the marsh. Can you help find the lost and bring justice to the abductors?

DDEX1-08: Tales Trees Tell by Thomas Reid. Levels 1-4. Jan 11, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Despite the shaky alliance that exists with the elves of the Quivering Forest, they do not suffer trespass in their realm lightly, especially from common folk from nearby Phlan. A woodworker's recent blunder into the forest might set off a diplomatic incident. Can you help find him and mollify the aggravated elves?

DDEX1-09: Outlaws of the Iron Route by Will Doyle. Levels 1-4. Jan 11, 2016. (DMs Guild)

The Iron Route, an important trade road east of Phlan, is beset by competing bandits. An exiled Black Fist officer leads his band of mercenaries turned cloaked ruffians, while a mysterious dragonborn sorcerer commands screaming savages from the north. In this war over the trade route, the beleaguered merchants are the victims, and Phlan suffers from a lack of supplies. It’s up to adventurers to strike out and reopen this vital route.

DDEX1-10: Tyranny in Phlan by Greg Marks. Levels 5-10. Jan 11, 2016. (DMs Guild)

The Maimed Virulence has come. The future of the Cinnabar Throne and the lives of the denizens of Phlan are in jeopardy. The Cult of the Dragon rejoices, and the Black Fist is powerless to stop them. How will the factions of the city respond to this threat? Can Phlan be saved this time? Part One of Under Emerald Claws.

DDEX1-11: Dark Pyramid of Sorcerers Isle by Claire Hoffman. Levels 5-10. Jan 11, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Long unoccupied, the pyramid on Sorcerer’s Isle now flows with strange magical energy, warping creatures and the landscape around it. The Cult of the Dragon and Red Wizards of Thay have taken notice, and it’s up to you to keep whatever power dwells there out of their hands.

DDEX1-12: Raiders of the Twilight Marsh by Robert Adduci. Levels 5-10. Jan 11, 2016. (DMs Guild)

A black dragon’s treasure horde has been located in the Twilight Marsh, and within it are secrets that hold interest to the factions. With the dragon marauding over the countryside, the horde is left unguarded. Now is the time to plunder its lair!

DDEX1-13: Pool of Radiance Resurgent by Chris Tulach. Levels 5-10. Jan 11, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Vorgansharax rules Phlan, using the Cult of the Dragon to extend his noxious gaze. But the green dragon seeks far more than control of the beleaguered town – ultimate power is nearly within reach. Will he reactivate the Pool of Radiance and ascend to greater prominence amongst his kind? A sequel to DDEX1-10 Tyranny in Phlan and Part Two of Under Emerald Claws.

DDEX1-14: Escape from Phlan by Chris Lindsay. Levels 5-10. Jan 11, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Three important citizens of Phlan, who stand against the tyrannical dragon that rules, seek to escape and find refuge across the Moonsea. Can you extricate those that are vital to the factions before it’s too late?

DMs Guild

UMN1 Depths of Undermountain by “Weird Dave” Olsen. Level 2. Feb 19, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Undermountain. Long has the name been associated with danger, death, mystery, and treasure. Return once again to that grand dungeon beneath the teeming streets of Waterdeep! Within this article you’ll find a history of Undermountain, a basic overview of its current levels, general features of its halls, and random encounter and dungeon dressing tables. You’ll also find information on the Yawning Portal, including patrons of note, adventure seeds, and a 2-hour scenario suitable for 2nd-level characters called “The Well.”

FRTH1 Scars of Dhun Malduhr by “Weird Dave” Olson. Level 4. Jan 23, 2016. (DMs Guild)

On a remote island in the fog-shrouded Moonsea, the ruins of the dwarven stronghold Dhun Malduhr sit alone and forgotten. Lost long ago to some ancient plague, tales of ghost ships and fearsome monsters have kept the site free from prying eyes. However, Dhun Malduhr’s last living daughter seeks to reclaim some of her heritage. The problem? The first group that went in never returned.

Frozen Castle – Expanding Tyranny of Dragons by Alexander Winter. Levels 10-11. Jan 31, 2016. (DMs Guild)

The loss of Skyreach Castle in Hoard of the Dragon Queen was a major setback to the Cult of the Dragon, but still only a setback. The cult is determined to retake the castle and claim Tiamat's lost treasure buried in its frozen walls and cloudstuff vaults, but they aren't the only ones. Giants and creatures of the frozen wastes wish to claim that wealth themselves!

In Search of the Unknown: Zelligar's Evil by Alzarian Crimson. Levels 1-3. Feb 08, 2016. (DMs Guild )

Thirty two years ago, Zelligar the Unknown and Rogahn the Fearless led a mercenary army into the Maerthwatch Mountains to crush their hated enemies – the barbaric Orgahn Tribes – never to be heard from again. It is said that a great treasure is hidden somewhere in the depths of their abandoned underground fortress. Do you have what it takes to find it?

Shadows of Ched Nasad (Preview) by Amy Brodhead. Level 1. Feb 14, 2016. (DMs Guild )

Svirfneblin, kobolds, shadow dragons, and of course, those damnable drow. Why must it always be drow?

As Catacumbas de Johny Aban by Andre Basetto. Levels 3-6. Jan 27, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Um grande tesouro se encontra nas catacumbas de um antigo e poderoso nobre da região, Johny Aban . Nossas heróis decidem explora-la mas algo não cheira bem. Uma divertida e desafiadora aventura para jogadores a partir do 4º nível. Aventura em Portugues-PtBr.

The Well of Secrets and the Manticore's Throne by Andrew James Woodyard. Levels 3-5. Jan 24, 2016. (DMs Guild)

The Well of Secrets and the Manticore’s Throne is a mini adventure designed for 2-4 characters of level 3-5. It is set in Forgotten Realms, somewhere in the Shining South, but not in a specific place so that it can be used as a random locale, or perhaps just a lair as part of a random encounter, or an adventure between main adventures.

The Coveted Gemstone by Ant Gitman. Levels 1-3. Jan 30, 2016. (DMs Guild )

"Upon the discovery of a valuable green gemstone, the lives of a group of heroes is made more complex as they are involved in the shady dealings of a group of mysterious grey robed men."

A Boy and his Modron – Part 1 by Anthony Lesink. Levels 1-4. Feb 08, 2016. (DMs Guild )

A young boy befriends an extra-planar construct that has mysteriously appeared at his family’s farm. Once the boy finds out that other creatures are coming to take it back home, he comes up with a plan to get help from the party to save his new friend. A 4-6 hour adventure for characters level 1-4.

Palace of the Crowned Skill by Bill Volk. Levels 3-6. Jan 26, 2016. (DMs Guild )

A ruined keep overlooks a murky lake in the monster-infested wilderness of the High Moor. Here a daring young merchant prince attempted to carve out a kingdom for himself almost a century ago. It was a doomed endeavor from the start. Practically the moment he laid the final stone, his holdfast and subjects alike were overrun by monsters, never to be heard from again. Since then the ruin has stood untouched. Now the player characters return to this ill-fated hall in search of wealth, knowledge, and the mortal remains or its first and only king.

The Tournament at Scornubel by Bill Volk. Levels 1-10. Feb 29, 2016. (DMs Guild )

In this combination of a mystery adventure and downtime event for characters of 1st-10th level, PCs can compete in seven different competitions and win seven unique magic items. Includes an appendix of magic items, 14 original illustrations, and an original map. The rules of the events can be applied to jousts, melees, archery contests, spellcasting duels, horse races, eating contests, and duels of poetry in any campaign.

To Kill An Owlbear by Brett E Thomas. Levels 1-3. Mar 01, 2016. (DMs Guild)

This adventure brings the players into a small town where a lower class half-orc is being tried for the "Murder and Defilement" of the daughter of an upper class human paladin.

How to Make Enemies and Piss Off People by Brett Thomas. Levels 4-7. Feb 18, 2016. (DMs Guild )

The start of this adventure requires the group has fought AND killed a nameless NPC. This story is about that NPC that was killed by the player group's actions and helping that poor soul move on. This story gives more meaning to all the actions the players take. Killing has consequences if you see them or not. This time you will see the consequences. In fact, I am going to rub your nose in it!

The Horror Under the Mountain by Brian McKenzie. Levels 14-16. Feb 08, 2016. (DMs Guild, )

Volume 1 of the Great White North Trilogy.

The Boatman's Dog by Broken Nives, Ryan Finegan, Cody Ashby. Level 1. Mar 04, 2016. (DMs Guild )

The Boatman's Dog serves the finest cuisine. Much finer than an establishment of it's stature should be serving. At "The Dog" the fire is always crackling and the ale is always cold, but guests go missing, and no one is sure where the charismatic halfling proprietor Angus Thickheel is getting his meat.

A Lesson in Scripture by Bruce Paris. Level 3. Jan 13, 2016. (DMs Guild)

The elves of Neverwinter Wood, and their Feywild cousins, have long sought the legendary Xanfael Scripture. Such a discovery might mean that a lasting peace could be brokered between the mortal world and the land of faerie. Yet there are many who do not want peace, and this leads an elven commander to secretly seek another way to acquire the document without drawing attention. She is looking for adventurers who are prepared to risk all and deny everything if they get caught. Know anybody like that?

The Desert Vault by Bruno71. Level 1. Feb 02, 2016. (DMs Guild )

The adventurers are asked to search for a local temple official who has not returned after leaving to search for a hidden treasure vault. On their way, they are attacked by some Kobolds and chase the fleeing monsters to the hidden entrance. The adventurers explore the ruins and discover what has become of the missing temple official.

The Friendly Arm Inn by Calum Brough. Levels 1-3. Jan 23, 2016. (DMs Guild)

A one session adventure for 1st-3rd level characters in 5th Edition D&D. Return to the Friendly Arm Inn south of Baldur's Gate, a little worse for wear from the years. The "F IENDLY ARM" (as the sign now reads) is haunted by rumors of a hidden treasure in the laundry room…and by something more malevolent! This module is compartively light on combat but high on suspense and paranoia fuel.

Mystery at Loudwater by Carlos Vazquez. Levels 1-3. Feb 23, 2016. (DMs Guild )

Loudwater is a small city, located on the confluence of the Delimbiyr and Greyflow rivers. It has seen better days, and even though the population has greatly dwindled, traces of its former splendor remain. But lately, caravans have been banishing without a trace, and people are getting nervous.

Trouble on the Coast Way by Chris Jannsens. Level 2. Jan 15, 2016. (DMs Guild )

This is a short, 3-4 hour adventure for 3-4 2nd level characters. NPCs are detailed and given with obvious role-play opportunities.

The Food Fight by Daniel Sweatman. Level 2. Jan 15, 2016. (DMs Guild )

In the town of Waterdeep, a small Halfling hurriedly tacks up the last of his posters. “If this doesn’t bring them in, I don’t know what will!” he says, as he smiles and adjusts his waistcoat. Hoping the next group of adventurers can fix his problem, he walks back to his office.

Droop's Dilemma by Dave Cecil. Feb 12, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Introduction: Droop has been living the dream by goblin standards ever since he came to live in the rebuilt Cragmaw Castle. That is until recently. Lately Droop has been plagued by attempted break-ins and is beginning to think that he should just move away. He is unsure of what the villains are after, but has gathered a few clues and is desperately searching for a group of brave adventurers to help him solve this mystery. Why are they attacking his home? What do they want? And more importantly, how can they be stopped.

Journey on the Long Road by Dave Zajac. Level 2. Feb 29, 2016. (DMs Guild )

With winter fast approaching, the dwarves of Citadel Hoarfrost make their way back to their mountain home, ending their trading season. On the Long Road, one such party of young dwarves makes the return journey from Damara through the Giantspire Mountains, but the late season weather threatens to grind their progress to a halt. Will they reach Citadel Hoarfrost before the winter snow flies, or will other matters keep them from their home?

Journey to the Buried Vale by Dave Zajac. Level 1. Jan 20, 2016. (DMs Guild )

With the snows of winter receding, the scouts of Citadel Hoarfrost have spotted an unexplored cave nearby in the Buried Vale. As their first assignment, a group of young dwarven adventurers has been selected to journey to the vale and delve the recent discovery. But is their assignment all that it seems, and what dangers await them in the Buried Vale?

Journey to the Summer City by Dave Zajac. Level 2. Feb 08, 2016. (DMs Guild )

The cool days of spring have given way to the warmth of summer, bringing the dwarves of Citadel Hoarfrost forth from their mountain home to buy and sell goods throughout the surrounding lands. On the Cold Road, once such party of young dwarves makes their way toward the summer city of Bildoobaris with a wagon of glacial mead for trade. It is a simple enough task, but sometimes it's the simple tasks that cause the most problems.

The Pristine City by David Noonan and Stacey Janssen. Levels 5-7. Jan 22, 2016. (DMs Guild)

In this adventure compatible with the 5th edition of Dungeons & Dragons, a perfect, untouched city has been discovered deep underground—a city created to honor a legendary dwarven clan. No one lives there…but as you’ll learn, that doesn’t mean it’s deserted. Can you explore the city on behalf of the dwarves, or will you too become part of its buried history?

A Bit of Blood by Devin Cutler. Level 1. Feb 23, 2016. (DMs Guild )

The wizard Curinax needs a few drops of fey blood for crafting a wand. But what seems to be a simple task turns into a tale of love, devotion, and some remarkably pesky foes. A single session adventure for four to five 1st level PCs set in a generic fantasy setting.

A Taste of Honey by Devin Cutler. Level 3. Mar 04, 2016. (DMs Guild )

The party has been hired to retrieve some honey from the some bees. Sounds simple right? Too bad these bees are monstrously large!

The Ring of Truth by Devin Cutler. Level 2. Feb 26, 2016. (DMs Guild )

All the PCs did was help a dwarf recover his magic ring. So how did they end up in the middle of a tragic love triangle?

The Tower of Tharikthiril by Devin Cutler. Level 3. Mar 09, 2016. (DMs Guild )

The evil wizard Tharikthiril was defeated by the dwarves years ago. But why then are the groundlings becoming numerous around his ruined tower? And what are those strange lights seen in the distance coming from the direction of his tower? Has the wizard somehow cheated death and risen again?

When There's Smoke by Devin Cutler. Level 1. Feb 24, 2016. (DMs Guild )

The trade coster Commus is up to something big, and its rivals want to know what it is. The PCs must investigate the situation before things get too hot to handle.

The Siege of Grimm Iron Peaks by Donald Thompson. Level 5. Feb 05, 2016. (DMs Guild )

Your people have been living under threat from the ruthless, merciless beings, calling themselves "Adventurers" for longer then anyone can remember. They have waged a ceaseless campaign of persecution and conquest across the land. Yours and other tribes have been pushed back time and time again. Now several tribes of differing races have banded together, to settle in the low hills of the Grimm Iron Peaks mountain range, forming the town of Outkast. It's not much, but it's home, the last bastion for your people, and your last best chance to push back the terrible "Adventurers" and their kind. You have joined one of the many war bands, sent out to protect your town so that your children may someday know what it is to live in safety. Your war band, while patroling the Gorehorn valley, has just slain a small group of "Adventurers", though the cost was high. Of the dozen in your band, only a few remain. And as you pick over the bodies for useful equipment and food, you discover a hand drawn map of one of the valleys below your town. Along the river Ice Blood, you see a crudely drawn camp of some sort. This moment is your worst fear, the dreaded "Adventurers" no longer content with the lands they have already stolen, seek to expand again. Your war band must push them back, but doing so will certainly be… a Most Dangerous Endeavor…

The Mines of Dhol Kuldhir by Ed Edwards. Level 1. Feb 11, 2016. (DMs Guild )

The fabled mines of Dhol Kuldhir once showered the Dalelands, Cormyr and points beyond with precious gems and expertly crafted jewels. Operating from a hidden complex in the Thunder Peaks, their exquisite craftsmanship was said to rival that of even Thunderholme.

Remember the Fallen by Eduardo Cavalcanti. Levels 1-4. Feb 09, 2016. (DMs Guild )

Many dream of becoming heroes and adventurers. But more often than not, these dreams end in disaster. In Undermountain there are no winners or losers, only survivors and the dead.

Troll Trouble by Gary Whicker. Levels 1-2. Jan 20, 2016. (DMs Guild )

Desperately needed supplies have failed to arrive at the suffering frontier settlement of Ravendale. Rumors are flying that the supply wagon must have fallen afoul of the legendary troll of Stonebottom bridge. The townsfolk are in desperate need of heroes to reclaim their supplies or the town won't survive the encroaching winter!

The Golden Bones of Lightwatch Tower by Glamour Games. Levels 1-2. Jan 17, 2016. (DMs Guild)

The Golden Bones of Lightwatch Tower is a 5e stand-alone adventure for 3-5 characters of level 1-2. It provides multiple story hooks to integrate into a larger story, or serve as a springboard into a longer campaign!

The Temple of Shattered Minds by James J. Haeck. Level 5. Feb 15, 2016. (DMs Guild, )

The elves of Alkai Tor are disappearing… You are their last hope.

The Spider's Value by Jan Willem de Brink. Levels 5-6. Jan 21, 2016. (DMs GUild)

When the black dragon Thraegalas discovers adventurers who try to sneak into his lair, he attacks furiously. Only the half-elf Dorrundar escapes the dragon's wrath. He steals an obsidian spider inlaid with gems from Thraegalas' hoard and runs into a dark tunnel.

The Mottled Donkey by Jan Willem van den Brink. Level 4. Feb 05, 2016. (DMs Guild )

When Elthar Yrbrock’s mottled donkey statuette gets stolen, he hires the characters to retrieve it for him. Elthar knows the statuette will change hands in an inn called 'the Trencherman'. This large alehouse caters to the scum of Baldur’s Gate.

Fox's Gambit – Old Friends, New Enemies by Jesse Benjamin. Levels 1-4. Feb 07, 2016. (DMs Guild )

An inn-keeper’s old associate returns looking to collect on a debt. Instead he ends up drawing his friend and a hapless party into a den of intrigue involving a shadowy organization.

Goblin Slavemaster by Jesse Popovich. Jan 14, 2016. (DMs Guild, )

A quick introductory adventury for level 1 characters

The Winding Forest by Jesse Popovich. Level 2. Jan 15, 2016. (DMs Guild)

This is a dangerous adventure designed for a party of 4 level 2 characters.

Underdark Side Treks by Jim Sharkey. Feb 18, 2016. (DMs Guild )

This is Underdark Sidetreks, an offering of three side-treks for your Out of the Abyss or any Underdark campaign.

Falling off the Dragon by John Saye. Levels 1-2. Feb 26, 2016. (DMs Guild )

*POOF* Instant Adventure. Just add players.

Kobold and the Beautiful by John Saye. Levels 1-2. Feb 26, 2016. (DMs Guild )

*POOF* Instant Adventure. Just add players.

Show me the way to go Gnome by John Saye. Levels 1-2. Feb 26, 2016. (DMs Guild )

*POOF* Instant Adventure. Just add players.

The Reaching Woods by Jon Gilliam. Levels 3-4. Feb 21, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Control a powerful stone statue like a mech! Meet a Sylvan god! Cavort with Saytrs, hang with the Hybsil, and spar with Centaurs! Fight off hoards of invading goblins and cultists using the Unearthed Arcana mass combat rules! Repeat exclamation points!

The Lair of Kragnoroth the Drunk by Joseph Williams. Levels 1-3. Feb 27, 2016. (DMs Guild)

This adventure module is meant to help the DM with providing content to their players. This adventure is intended to run in the Forgotten Realms setting, but it can be compatible with any campaign setting, published module, or homebrew adventure.

The Lost Tales of Phandalin: Glasstaff's Revenge by Josh Owens. Levels 3-5. Feb 24, 2016. (DMs Guild)

This is a side adventure for a party that is currently playing or has completed the starter box. If the party does not kill Iarno “Glasstaff” Albrek, he either escapes or surrenders. The starter box does not mention what becomes of Glasstaff. In this adventure, he is out there plotting his revenge against those that disrupted his control of Phandalin. This module gives the characters a few defense building mechanics to prepare for a larger scale invasion of Phandalin.

Journey into the Realms by Joshua Raynack. Jan 29, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Are you a Game Master looking for quick and simple scenarios, or interesting encounters to weave into your Forgotten Realms™ adventures or home campaign setting?

Elfhunt by Jussi Svendon. Level 5. Jan 17, 2016. (DMs Guild )

In the Jungles of Chult lies Camp Highmore, a trading place in the heart of the wilderness. Here the fittest rule, but an elf has recently tipped the scale of power by stealing secret military information. A group of adventurers are hired to track her down and bring her back to Camp Highmore.

Valentine Love Adventure by Jussi Svenson. Level 1. Feb 06, 2016. (DMs Guild )

Ever wanted to introduce D&D to a loved one? With this adventure you introduce both dungeons and dragons in the form of a love adventure where the party is sent to a cave ruled by the goblin Valentine to rescue a captured fairy dragon. This adventure also contains valentine specials, sections to help you make valentine more memorable.

Identity Crisis by Kalea Wolff. Levels 5-10. Jan 20, 2016. (DMs Guild )

In the City of Calimport, nothing is ever as it seems. A Mad Wizard's Convention returns as is yearly tradition. Coinciding with the Mad Wizard's Convention are elections for the 16 wards of Calimport.

Southcrypt Falls by Keith Stonefield. Levels 5-6. Mar 04, 2016. (DMs Guild )

Introduction: This is the second module in a series that follows up on furthering the adventure from the starter set Lost Mines of Phandelver. This module contains two mini locations fit for exploration and brings characters further towards the climax brewing in the Sword Mountains. The first is a rescue mission of a noble from Waterdeep who has been captured while on adventure. The other is the threat from a chimera and her kobold horde. The region of Kryptgarden Forest and the Sword Mountains lies north of Waterdeep and south of Neverwinter along the Sword Coast. This is a stand alone adventure that can be easily modified to change location in order to suit your campaign. It also includes a few new monsters modified from previous editions, including the attack drake and kobold wyrmpriest.

Southcrypt Pass by Keith Stonefield. Levels 4-5. Feb 05, 2016. (DMs Guild )

Following the events in the introductory module “Lost Mines of Phandelver”, the characters are asked to investigate rumors of goblins gathering powerful allies. This is followed by investigating and securing the mountain pass across the Sword Mountains into the Kryptgarden Forest. Finding the pass is the easy part, securing it is another matter. The region of Kryptgarden Forest and the Sword Mountains lies north of Waterdeep and south of Neverwinter along the Sword Coast. This is a stand alone adventure that can be easily modified to change location in order to suit your campaign.

Oddities & Odysseys: The Dread Tailor by Kerry Jordan. Levels 1-2. Feb 16, 2016. (DMs Guild )

A new threat preys on the local trade road. Rumored to have ties to the legendary undead wizards, Vecna and Acererak, Geoff the Dread Tailor has awakened to garner his revenge on the living. A group of stalwart heroes must arise to put an end to the Dread Tailor’s depravations or all will be lost.

Monster in a Swamp by Kevin Melka. Levels 1-2. Feb 01, 2016. (DMs Guild)

A gypsy lord has asked you travel along a river into an unexplored swamp in search of the monster that killed his wife, and the reward is more gold than you've ever seen before! Are you brave enough to accept this challenge?

RPG002 Temple on an Island by Kevin Melka. Levels 2-3. Feb 20, 2016. (DMs Guild)

An elven prince has asked you to venture to a volcanic island far out in the Trackless Sea to retrieve relics stolen centuries ago. The reward is considerable, but are you brave enough?

The Mystery at Dreary's Well by Lucas Cockerham. Levels 1-2. Feb 27, 2016. (DMs Guild , )

Travel to small town in the throes of a mystery – precious things are turning up stolen, rumors of monsters abound, and ne'er-do-wells have recently shown up in the village. The PCs must travel to the town to find a valuable gem, and along the way meet the eccentric residents of the small town while they unravel the mystery of the thefts and the supposed hidden treasure in the town.

Temple of the Nightbringers by M.T. Black. Level 1. Jan 16, 2016. (DMs Guild, )

A tribe of goblins are raiding travelers on the Long Road, and our heroes decide to help. After a dangerous overland journey, they enter a mysterious abandoned temple where they encounter terrifying monsters, deadly traps, dark magic and a shocking secret. Will they survive the Temple of the Nightbringers?

Terror at Triboar by M.T. Black. Level 2. Feb 06, 2016. (DMs Guild )

A nameless horror stalks the lands around Triboar. Livestock are slaughtered in the night, children are snatched from their homes, and terror has gripped the hearts of the people. Can you unravel the town’s dark secret before more lives are lost?

Shadows on the Long Road by M.T.Black. Levels 3-4. Mar 02, 2016. (DMs Guild )

Travellers are going missing on the Long Road, on the 100 mile stretch between Triboar and Longsaddle. Our heroes investigate and discover a haunted mansion with a dark history and a gruesome secret. Their quest brings them to the very gates of hell itself, where an infernal abomination presents them with their greatest challenge yet…

The Phantom Galleon by Mark Breckon. Feb 19, 2016. (DMs Guild )

Herein, contains a short but epic sea adventure set upon Faerun's western sea.

Red Halls by Marty Rawls. Level 1. Jan 20, 2016. (DMs Guild )

A curse has befallen a remote farming town along the Spine of the World.

Serral's Side Treks, Volume 1 by Matthew Steinborn. Feb 03, 2016. (DMs Guild )

Included in this inagural volume are five encounters to use within your existing campaign or else to link and form the basis of a campaign. Level agnostic, you can use with almost any adventure to add depth and flavor to your world.

Oasis of the Ants by Michael Grapperhaus. Levels 2-3. Feb 01, 2016. (DMs Guild )

The caravans are late and no one has heard from Pugizmal’s oasis waystation in days. Can the adventurers dig into the problem and exterminate the threat?

Leomund's Misplaced Manor by Michael J Winegar. Levels 5-7. Feb 05, 2016. (DMs Guild )

Leomund's Misplaced Manor is a D&D 5th Edition adventure intended to give players a classic dungeon crawl while they explore the confines of the titular Manor and unravel the mystery of its last owner. Uniquely, at the end of the adventure the location itself becomes the reward, along with any new allies the characters have made along the way and any treasure they find.

The Long Night by Michael Rees. Levels 1-2. Feb 02, 2016. (DMs Guild )

The adventurers become involved in the annual holiday of Midsummer in the small village of Wood Haven. As part of the celebrations unwed maidens are 'hunted' in the woods by their suitors but this year there is an uninvited guest.

Seeking the Bored by Michael Robbins. Level 3. Feb 22, 2016. (DMs Guild)

A Treasure Hunt in the North!

Battle for the Undercity by Monica Valentinelli. Levels 7-9. Jan 13, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Battle for the Undercity takes place underground in a section of a major city. The party will navigate sewers, worked tunnels, forgotten crypts, and freshly dug passageways to fend off adversaries in order to rescue hostages and return them safely to the surface unharmed. Can your party emerge victorious and save the day?

Talisman of the Dark Sorrow by Outpost Owlbear. Level 2. Jan 30, 2016. (DMs Guild )

An introductory adventure for 2nd level players. One Shot Expedition.

Encounter in the Hills by P.S. Reed. Level 1. Jan 22, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Sightings of Orcs in the hills surrounding a frontier town has prompted the town master to offer a large bounty for anyone willing to bring back proof of an orc kill. Several bounty hunters have made the journey in an effort to collect, yet so far none have returned from their hunts to claim their prize. Could it be the rumors of Orcs are false and these hunters have simply gone on to the next bounty? Or could the threat lurking in the hills be greater than even the town master suspects?

Enter the shadowfell intro 004 by patrick mcgovern. Level 1. Mar 03, 2016. (DMs Guild )

Here is the intro for the Enter the Shadowfell saga. will upload others in the saga when they become avalible. an adventure made for 4 first level adventurers that lasts about 1-2 hours. a way to introduce the shadowfell to a campaign. reviews would be greatly appreciated (both for improvemen, criticism, and what you liked or how it played out for your group). Note never got a chance to test product

Gold Rushed by Randal Gallagher. Level 2. Feb 03, 2016. (DMs Guild)

The mayor of Middle Yaxley is far more familiar with goblins than anyone in a sleepy farming village should be. There is an ancient dwarf stronghold somewhere up the valley and while the gold that made them rich is now gone, the flow of freebooters looking for it has not. The mayor however knows that there is only one sure way of making money out of a gold rush…

Small Favors Part I: Technical Difficulties by Richie Root. Levels 1-2. Feb 01, 2016. (DMs Guild)

When the actors, singers and strongmen of J.R.'s Travelling Entertainatorium are waylaid by mysterious forces on the road south through Tethyr, it is up to the players to rescue the members of the troupe from transformation and death. Little does the party know that this seemingly random occurrence will lead them into a plot larger than they could imagine, into a long-lost land where they will sort through through an ages-old feud to protect the future of an entire race.

GPH1 Alabaster Palace of the Dao by Rob Couture. Levels 11-14. Jan 29, 2016. (DMs Guild, )

– The First in a Series of Jewel Heists –

Cursed in Barovia by Sam Pearson. Level 1. Mar 04, 2016. (DMs Guild)

An expedition from Neverwinter takes a deadly turn when the Mists of Ravenloft ensnare the adventurers! Now trapped, the heroes must undo a change to the fabric of the demiplane itself… and hope their allies can do the same. If any fail, than all will be forever imprisoned in Barovia!

The Unliving Light by Scott Fitzgerald Gray. Levels 6-8. Mar 03, 2016. (DMs Guild, )

Includes one new monster, one new monster template, two new spells, and four new magic items

Expedition to Woodcrest Tower by Scott Satkin. Level 1. Jan 31, 2016. (DMs Guild)

The town of Woodcrest is under attack! The disparate bands of monsters in the area have united and are threatening the peaceful logging village. Now it's up to a band of brave adventurers to confront the threat and discover the menace behind it.

The Lost and the Lurking by Shane “Bluntaxe” Reeves. Levels 1-4. Jan 23, 2016. (DMs Guild)

An empty town, and missing children. Is something lurking in the local river, or is their witchcraft to be found in these parts? The first rescue party hasn’t returned, will our heroes have better luck?

The Evil of Castle Cardinal by Simon Goodreault. Levels 4-5. Jan 17, 2016. (DMs Guild )

The King’s Forest. Ever since the end of the Goblin War the place has been host to countless orcs, disrupting the flow of trade between Suzail and Arabel. That changed when adventurers claimed an abandoned keep within the forest and ensured safe passage for travelers skirting the woods. When rumors that the keep stands abandoned once more, a call for adventurers was sent, and you answered…

The Total Party Kill Primer – Vol. 2 by Steven Gordon, Jonathan Kelly. Mar 01, 2016. (DMs Guild)

The Total Party Kill Primer (Vol. 2) contains three ready-to-play encounters designed to test fifth edition adventurers to their limits. Each encounter includes tactical guidelines and scaling suggestions to adapt to the specifics of your party and challenge them to their limits.

The Hag's Hut by Tanner Johnston. Levels 6-8. Feb 13, 2016. (DMs Guild)

s your party travelling a long way and you want the travel to have a little more flavour than just "After trvaelling for a week you make it safely."

The Stones of Gilramore by Tanner Johnston. Level 6. Feb 16, 2016. (DMs Guild)

The party is travelling through a dark and lonely forest. Thunderheads loom in the sky and the road is lined with tombstones. As the storm closes in the party steps into a desolate graveyard and sees a woman made of wisps of blue smoke standing in their path…

Adamantine Chef: Supreme Challenge by Teos Abadia. Levels 3-5. Jan 21, 2016. (DMs Guild, )

Each year the Emperor holds a competition to select a new Adamantine Chef. When a challenger emerges from outside Kara-Tur, the current Adamantine Chef aims to win before the first dish is served. The challenger turns to heroes in this desperate hour!

In the Eye of the Goddess by Thomas Huff. Levels 10-13. Feb 03, 2016. (DMs Guild)

The village of Asmire has hired you to find the trident of Blibdoolpoolp, the Blibdoolblop. With this trident, the people of Asmire believe it will have the power to stop the raids from the Pirates of Far North. However, danger is present when Blibdoolpoolp is involved.

TH2: A Dangerous Game by Thomas Huff. Levels 10-13. Mar 04, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Disclaimer: Dungeon Module TH2 is one of the three side routes of Dungeon Module TH1. You do not need to play Dungeon Module TH1 to play this but it would make more sense overall. This module ends with the players going back to a location from Dungeon Module TH1.

Journey Through the Center of the Underdark by Tony Petrecca. Levels 4-5. Feb 08, 2016. (DMs Guild, )

Are your player's moving out of Velkenvelve? Enjoying a stroll along the shores of the Darklake? On a day trip from Gracklstugh to Neverlight Grove? Sightseeing near Blingdenstone? Then Journey Through the Center of the Underdark is for you.

The Passage of Doom by Tony Petrecca. Levels 4-7. Feb 28, 2016. (DMs Guild )

The Passage of Doom is a one encounter preview to the upcoming release Journey Through the Center of the Underdark 2.

Cottage on the Long Road by Travis Legge. Levels 1-3. Jan 27, 2016. (DMs Guild)

While traveling along the Long Road, just northeast of Waterdeep, the characters stop at a roadside inn. As they prepare to rest for the night, the party encounters a Tiefling shepherd who claims she is being harassed by the local farmers. Is this woman a target of bullying and prejudice, or is there something more sinister afoot at The Cottage on the Long Road?

Under the Barrow by VampireCabbage. Level 4. Jan 28, 2016. (DMs Guild )

The adventure was originally written as a side quest for a party playing the Hoard of the Dragon Queen published adventure and took place during the journey from Baldur’s Gate to Waterdeep as they passed through the Fields of the Dead. After the party have made camp with the caravan one night, one of the other travelers, Green Isma, wanders away from the caravan and is subsequently abducted.

The Vault of Iptiz by William Buchanan. Jan 25, 2016. (DMs Guild )

There is the well-known regional legend of Iptiz, a spirit naga whose greed was remarkable even among its own kind. Murderous raids and relentless pillaging yielded a hoard so valuable that the creature needed some place to store and protect it. Thus was the Vault conceived – an underground complex custom built to destroy anyone who is not its creator. Centuries ago, Iptiz's campaign of terror suddenly ended without precursor or cause. The location of the Vault was never discovered.

The Wild Sheep Chase by Winghorn Press. Levels 4-5. Jan 13, 2016. (DMs Guild )

Adventure, danger and a decent dose of downright weirdness erupt when the party’s attempt to grab a rare afternoon of downtime is interrupted by a frantic sheep equipped with a Scroll of Speak to Animals. Soon they are dragged into a magical grudge match that will test their strength, courage and willingness to endure extremely baa’d puns. Will our heroes be able to overcome a band of transmuted assassins on the hunt for a mutton dinner and fend off an extremely bitter ex-apprentice packing a dangerously unstable magic item? There’s only one way to find out…

The Wolves of Welton by Winghorn Press. Levels 2-3. Jan 16, 2016. (DMs Guild )

It’s been a long time since the people of Welton have worried about anything but sheep ticks and late frosts, but now a pack of strangely determined wolves are spiriting away entire flocks at a time and driving farmers from their fields.

Towers of Night by Don Knight. Level 1. May 15, 2015. (DMs Guild )

The players are employed by the Loch Brech Campsite leaders to solve a small problem. They are told to enter the Battleplain in search of the problem. Once they find the source of the problem, they are to put a stop to it and return to the camp with word of their victory.

The Leviathan's Tomb by Rob Walz & John Prichard. Levels 1-4. Jan 01, 2014. (DMs Guild , )

This dungeon crawl for characters level 1-4 introduces players and dungeon masters to a variety of iconic sea creatures, traps, and devious villains. It runs about 4-5 hours and can be completed in a single session.

What Lurks Within by Martin Mckenzie. Level 2. Jun 15, 2015. (DMs Guild )

The player characters uncover the mysteries of the disappearances in Eichen and in doing so they destroy a small cult of Grlarshh and kill the foul beast that is the cause of the murders.

The Tiger's Song by Rob Walz & John Prichard. Levels 5-7. Jan 01, 2014. (DMs Guild, )

In the steaming jungles of the east, the Feathered City rises like a jewel from the lush forests. An important stop on many aerial trade routes, the skies above the city are filled with griffons, rocs, and airships from the far corners of the world. But your adventure takes you to the very belly of this exotic city. Forced into the service of a night hag, you must help her find and eliminate her enemy – a demon with no name, that rules from the shadows.

The Quick and the Dead by S. Baker. Level 3. Jul 15, 2015. (DMs Guild )

The players are staying in Kenby, a small town in Kelerak. Because they have some small reputation, they will be asked by the sheriff of Kenby to investigate a disturbance plaguing the town.

The Ties that Bind by Brian Stanton, World of Farland. Level 4. Aug 15, 2015. (DMs Guild )

The heroes must invade the bandit hideout and recover Orian’s holy symbol. To do so, they must fight the undead Orian.

The Endless Well by Martin Mckenzie, World of Farland. Level 5. Sep 15, 2015. (DMs Guild )

The scenario takes place in the World of Farland (, specifically in the “ Endless Well,” a series of caverns linked through a portal to water energy in the Maelstrom (or the elemental plain of water in other D&D worlds). It is the source of a river that never dries, even in times of drought.

Strange Shelter by The World of Farland. Level 6. Oct 15, 2015. (DMs Guild )

The heroes are in the middle of a long journey, passing through a semi-wilderness area. The area was controlled by goblinoids until recently, and some are said still to prowl the area.

Dead Tree Vale by Christopher Weaver, The World of Farland. Level 7. Nov 15, 2015. (DMs Guild )

A druid with a talent for flawed transformations threatens the region. Can you face him in his lair?

Wyvern Attack! by The World of Farland. Level 8. Dec 15, 2015. (DMs Guild )

This episode is placed in the kingdom of Kelerak in Farland. The plot involves the heroes being asked by the crooked mayor of Titan to fend off some Wyvern attacks; he suspects a villager is masterminding the attacks. In reality, the mayor is the mastermind, in cohorts with an evil Orcish shaman, and he is trying to gain legal and actual control over an abandoned copper mine.

The Giant Runesmith by 2CGaming LLC, Steven Gordon. Level 5. Aug 23, 2016. (DMs Guild)

What if you could call lightning from the sky, twist the air to restrain your foes, or even take on the essence of earth to become a mighty stone giant? If you could do all that, you would probably stand a chance against the pair of cloud giants threatening to destroy your home. Push your character beyond the limits of their power with a set of nine powerful runes, a gift from the giant runesmith herself, and disrupt the dark ritual of the cloud giants before it’s too late.

Inspired by Storm King's Thunder, The Giant Runesmith is a self-contained encounter for a party of four to six 5th level characters, with Plot Hooks and Scaling suggestions to make it easy to use in your home game.

The Total Party Kill Handbook by 2CGaming LLC, Steven Gordon. Levels 1-20. Aug 15, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Dungeon Masters rejoice and players beware! If you ever wanted The Book of Challenges updated to 5th edition, you've come to the right place.

The Total Party Kill Handbook will help you take your game to the next level of challenge and fun with 25 encounters, built for groups from level 1 to level 20, all designed to be dropped right into your existing campaign with minimal prep. Every encounter can be scaled up or down to fit groups that are several levels higher or lower, and the tactics scaling sections let you make the monsters smarter or dumber to further tweak the difficulty to match your party. With an index that organizes encounters by level, where they take place, and which monsters appear in them, you can find the next challenge for your group in seconds.

The Beast of Graenseskov by Aaron “Quickleaf” Infante-Levy. Levels 1-4. Apr 13, 2016. (DMs Guild, )

The Beast of Graenseskov is a 79-page bookmarked Ravenloft® adventure for characters of 1st-4th levels focused on mystery and exploration. It can be used in conjunction with Curse of Strahd, either as an introduction to Barovia or adapted as a side quest, as part of the original expanded Ravenloft setting, or it can be used as a stand-alone horror adventure-setting.

In the mists at the edge of Count Strahd von Zarovich’s realm lies the Graenseskov, a land of deep woods and bleak hills overrun with wolves. A Beast haunts these misty lands, leaving bloody corpses and terror in its wake, the product of a hag’s curse placed upon the boyar’s manor. But the Beast is no arbitrary killer. The PCs find themselves drawn into the mystery of uncovering the Beast’s identity and breaking the hag’s curse before the Beast’s final victim gurgles their last breath and the Beast is beyond any hope of redemption.

The music box saga: The Red by allen biddle. Level 1. Aug 10, 2016. (DMs Guild )

A small town has unknowingly  found an ancient evil in the form of a odd red music box…..

What does this mean for the small town? And what effects will it have on unwary visitors?

Lairs of Despair by Andrea Back. May 23, 2016. (DMs Guild)

"Hey, do you think they're expecting us? It's their base after all… they might have some advantages, they know the battlefield better than us…" said Milva the rogue as she climbed towards the crevice in the stone that led to the goblin's cave.

"Don't be silly, they're just raiders and riff-raff… they won't be any different than their comrades back at the harbour" replied calmly Albrek, dragging himself behind her, ready to spill some bandit's blood in the name of his God.

These could very well be the last words of the unfortunate adventurers that underestimate one of the encounters you'll find in this product.

…No, Albrek, this won't be yet another easy encounter. This will be the final encounter, the culmination of the whole quest. Get ready, or die.

…And yes, Milva, you'd better watch your back because your enemies have indeed the advantage of fighting on their home turf.

In this document you'll find 8 original "boss encounters", designed to be played at the end of a dungeon, of a quest or of a story arc; each encounter comes complete with hand-drawn maps, balancing options to make it even tougher or easier, and of course… you guessed it, Lair Actions! New Lair Actions, especially tailored for the encounter, ready to take your players by surprise.

The Village of Lost Children by Andrew Misisco. Levels 3-4. Apr 21, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Men and women walk the streets of Stonefoot, but the laughter of playing children is nowhere to be heard. Over the past year, the village's children have gone missing in the middle of the night. Who will uncover the mystery of these disapearances and stop the curse before it leaves Stonefoot without a future?

This three hour adventure is written for 3rd-4th level characters and can fit into any setting during a long stretch of travel. Includes two new creatures and character illustrations as well as a fully colored map.

Crucible of Heroes by Anthony Tasselli. Level 12. May 18, 2016. (DMs Guild)

This adventure, the Crucible of Heroes, is designed for a party of four level 12 players. The challenges that the players will face were calibrated and play tested for this quantity and level specifically. That said, Crucible of Heroes is still rather challenging and is recommended for experienced players.

Crucible of Heroes is essentially a short dungeon crawl type of adventure. However, hidden under the gameplay is a complex and sophisticated storyline. As the players progress through it, they will discover clues, giving them many chances to piece together the plot. It isn’t necessary that the players do so, however. In fact, the adventure can be just as easily completed without doing so. If the players are not interested, they will be able to ignore the story elements and play the game as a basic dungeon crawl. But for players who ARE interested, the storyline is waiting to be uncovered.

Additionally, Crucible of Heroes is designed to be as friendly as possible to different styles of gameplay. For example, brutality and cleverness will both be rewarded in equal measure. The goal is to encourage all styles of gameplay instead of forcing players to play a certain way or limit the solutions that they can come up with. Crucible of Heroes will allow players to approach situations is multiple ways, giving them chances to use a variety of their skills and powers in order to achieve goals. This makes many unique character builds viable for success.

Appetite for Destruction by Armand Charpentier. Levels 5-11. Jul 03, 2016. (DMs Guild )

Appetite for Destruction!
A group of giants has come to the small town of Talasco to get their tribute for “protecting” the small mining town. Will the adventurers allow things to get ugly? Or will they step up and protect the common folk from this band?

Deadly for a party of four 5-7th level characters.
Hard for for a party of four 8th – 9th level characters.
Medium for a party of four 10th-11th level characters.
Easy for a party of four 12th + level characters.

Aside from the possibility of egos, no 80's metal bands were harmed during the creation.
You can contact me at Geek Fight Club, Geek Trash or on twitter @dharmabob.
My other homebrewed creations can be found at the following: DM's Guild: /browse.php?author=Armand%20Charpentier, DrivethruRPG
Please, rate and review this product! 

The Fool's Keep by Barbarossa. Jul 13, 2016. (DMs Guild )

A chilling whistling comes from one room in the Fool’s Keep.  Can the adventurers solve the mystery?  A 1 hour Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons encounter for all level characters suggested for all alignments

“There’s a room in the keep,” he says, “which has an infernal whistling in it at night; haunting it.  It's not ordinary whistling, and it isn't the wind." Your host doesn’t look as sure.  “Several people have bought the Keep during the last thirty-odd years.  They never stay long.  It’s a trick, an old rival house’s spell or the commoners joke on the nobility, perhaps?  There’s something unnerving in the sound.  They call it ‘the Fool’s Keep’ because only a fool would stay the night.”

The Fool’s Keep is a mystery, but not heavy with on combat.  In a twist on the "locked room mystery" the players can't stay in the room long enough to investigate.  This encounter is intended to be a standalone, easily dropped into any campaign, but there are a number of options to expand the encounter into a mini-adventure with combat, investigation, traps/effects, and social interaction. Includes suggestions for increasing difficulty for higher level parties.

Trader Pass by Ben Haker. Levels 1-6. Jul 18, 2016. (DMs Guild )

A generic mini-campaign that will take the characters from the start of their career as the defenders of their home town of Trader Pass against and Orcish onslaught through the fallen dwarven city of Ragadani and the Shorlan mountain range to the city of Narion.

A Deal with Nadir by Ben Hakir. Level 4. Jun 09, 2016. (DMs Guild )

While performing what should be a simple task on behalf of some village elders, the adventurers encounter a powerful Vampire. The Vampire wants to strike a deal with the village elders. Will the Heroes be the brokers of such a deal or find a way to rid the village of the Undead menace?

Duty's Edge by Bent Sinister Games. Levels 4-5. Mar 18, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Duty’s Edge is a One v One Adventure designed for the pre-generated hero Icebringer Ansaar, a Paladin of 4th/5th level. The adventure is set in the northern region of Bal-Ghul, a vast land dominated by dragonborn.
This adventure contains descriptions of any magic items and creatures that appear.
The Dragonborn of Bal-Ghul are divided among many clans, and the Order of the Stoneguard is sworn to uphold the laws and ways that unify them. High Warchaplain Kaden orders Ansaar to find those who abducted Jarl Bloodclaw’s wife bring the thieves to justice and return Lady Bloodclaw to the jarl. Along the way, politics, duty and the very land will test Ansaar’s mettle. If victorious, the hero will uncover the machinations of ancient enemies, and perhaps find a way to thwart their foul designs.

Mystery of the Eureka Theater – Adventure by Berling’s Beard. Level 3. Aug 16, 2016. (DMs Guild)

"The Eureka Theater is aware…"

Harkoning back to classic spooky investigation modules, enjoy this self contained location!

Mordenkainen's Mediocre Mansion by Bret Appleby. Levels 1-3. Apr 17, 2016. (DMs Guild)

A short adventure designed to be run in a single night for 3-5 characters between level 1 and level 3. The adventure includes graded encounters to cater for different group sizes and levels as well as summary creature blocks to aid the dungeon master.

The Druid's Cave by Bret Appleby. Levels 1-3. Jun 02, 2016. (DMs Guild)

A local druid has looked into the face of madness, and now instead of protecting the forest he is corrupting it. Can you find him and save the forest and the cute furry creatures that live there?

A short adventure designed to be run in a single night for 3-5 characters between level 1 and level 3. The adventure includes graded encounters to cater for different group sizes and levels as well as summary creature blocks to aid the dungeon master.

The Treasure of Nidika Monastery by Bret Appleby. Levels 3-5. Jul 20, 2016. (DMs Guild)

There’s a magical artefact hidden in the ruined monastery, but the monastery was abandoned for a good reason.  Dare you brave the unknown to gain the treasure?

A short adventure designed to be run in a single night for 3-6 characters between level 3 and level 5.  The adventure includes graded encounters to cater for different group sizes and levels as well as summary creature blocks to aid the dungeon master.

Goblindependence Day by Broken Knives, Cody Ashby. Level 3. Jul 03, 2016. (DMs Guild )

What happens when you mix goblins and fireworks? Pretty much what you expect.
In this encounter for 3rd level characters, six goblins attempt to ransack a fireworks warehouse on Helmsnight. The little town of Stawford is about to experience a grand display of light that no one expected.

Goblindependence Day is a tongue-in-cheek adventure celebrating July 4th here in the US, but you other countries feel free to enjoy as well. We hope you have a blast!

Yerg's Comet by Broken Knives, Cody Ashby. Level 3. Jul 07, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Every so often, a strange comet passes over Toril. Sages have tried to predict when and where it will pass. But Yerg’s Comet, much like the effect it has on Faerun magic, is unpredictable.

In this standalone adventure for a party of four 3rd level characters, everyone exposed to the odd power of Yerg’s Comet develops magical ability and becomes a spellcaster (albeit a very inconsistent one). Normally this isn’t an issue, but this time it passed over Sir Ignatius School for Wayward Youth. The boys there are already a handful without being able to cast magic missile.

Oh and as if that wasn’t enough did we mention that someone managed to summon a Yeti?

The Maze Beneath the Maize by Broken Knives, Cody Ashby, Ryan Finegan. Level 5. Jun 11, 2016. (DMs Guild)

All around the sleepy town of Stawford lies rich farmland. The area near the foothills is especially fertile. Well, was especially fertile. First the Sundering, and now frequent earthquakes have left the region in disarray. At the dead center of the chaos is the Therayle farmstead.

The farm, which has been in the family for generations, was the best producing in the region. It now faces ruin. Hugh Therayle, the current owner, is at wit's end trying to reestablish even a modicum of control over the disrupted land. But, when Hugh saw the ancient doorway jutting up from the middle of the field where his corn used to be, he knew that this wasn't the type of problem a plow could solve.

Gregorio's Traveling Emporium and Menagerie by Broken Knives, Ryan Finegan. Level 2. Apr 13, 2016. (DMs Guild )

Gregorio is a traveling merchant, with a "magnificent" menagerie and a dark secret. Gregorio's Traveling Emporium and Menagerie is a short encounter (hopefully no more than 30-45 minutes) for second level characters set in Ravenloft, Forgotten Realms or your homebrew campaign.

Ruin of the Lamia by Carl Andersson. Levels 3-5. Jul 04, 2016. (DMs Guild )

Do you know the feeling when a player says that he/she will be away for 1-2 sessions so you suddenly have to come up with a story for the missing player's character? Of course you don't want it to just fade into the background?
This adventure turns the missing player's character into a prisoner in a desert temple ruled by a young lamia. The rest of your party will be sent on a rescue mission to get the missing player's character back from the lamia’s claws!

Baby's Breath by Chris Stenger. May 20, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Baby's Breath – A Souls and Shells Scenario for The Curse of Strahd

This scenario explores the implications of Souls and Shells in Barovia, winding down the depraved path of two tragic and dangerous Souls. Add them to any tavern in your campaign, and watch the not-at-all hilarious hijinks ensue.

Invasion of House Tor by Corey Hickson. Level 1. Apr 13, 2016. (DMs Guild )

Invasion of House Tor is an adventure for four characters. It is designed as an event based one-off which will take your party to level two.

Since level one is so deadly in D&D 5e, this adventure does not focus on heavy combat and has more emphasis on exploring the play style of D&D.

The party has been contracted by House Tor to provide 'extra security' during a ball. Unbeknownst to the players or House Tor, a psy from anothre house of an attending noble is going to try to sabotage the night in an attempt to ruin the evening.

Can the party stop the spy? Will the nobles finally snap?

Balanced Disturbed by Dan Harlan. Level 1. Apr 16, 2016. (DMs Guild)

The Riverlands Kingdom is a peaceful place. Generations ago it was a thriving and rich trading empire. Now it is a sleepy region of farms and a few craftsmen. Dotted with villages and a few towns along the numerous rivers, protected by a wall of rugged mountains, a wild forest and a vast steppe, little of note occurs here from generation to generation.

All that is about to be shattered, an ancient evil has arisen and undertakes to bring wrath and destruction to the Riverlands in a pledge to conquer the rivers and kill those who reside between them.

The peace is about to be shattered, the harmony destroyed, the balance disturbed.

DGS20 Slave Trade by Dan Hass. Level 2. May 16, 2016. (DMs Guild )

The life of a yeoman farmer is fraught with danger. But a disaster for a yeoman farmer is an opportunity for adventure. Will heroes emerge to rescue the farmer Tarman’s family from raiders? A Dungeons and Dragons® 5th Edition Adventure for 1-8 2nd level characters.

A Goblin's Tale by Daniel Posner. Levels 1-8. Mar 11, 2016. (DMs Guild )

You control a small tribe of goblins living on the outskirts of the forbidden realms. Can you lead them to glory and greatness or will the human menace prove too much. Build your dungeons, raze towns to the ground and make unlikely allies as you strive to become the greatest goblin tribe that ever lived. A short homebrew campaign for characters level 1-8

Paddy's Shamrock by Dave Haworth, The Bloody Murphy Files. Levels 2-4. Aug 21, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Leprechauns, Clurichauns and Banshees oh my! And an evil Saint Patrick thrown in for all your Celtic Lore enjoyment. Whether it be Saint Patrick's Day fun or a desire for a Celtic themed adventure year round, Paddy's Shamrock will be an adventure full of shenanigans for all.

The Spring Equinox Festival is upon the village of Cambium. This is a time of celebration for a village which embraces the diversity of all races; a village grown from the misery of past hardships. Times are tough in the shadows of Hillsfar (a city known for its xenophobic views of non-human races), even more so with unprecedented shenanigans on the rise. Bandit activity is increasing, especially by a particularly agile wee person who has a propensity to acquire gold. Sightings of rainbows, once to be a rare treat, are now seen frequently. Additionally, this area which is not known to be inhabited by snakes, is now plagued with them. A pious elf has arrived to combat the snakes and to expand his flock by spreading the word of the Order of the Shamrock. There is green ale and riches to be had for those adventurers willing to tame the shenanigans. Possibly the Luck O’ the Irish will see you through this adventure in one piece. Are you worthy of this hero’s challenge?

Descent to Ascension by Dave Zajac. Level 20. Jul 13, 2016. (DMs Guild)

You have served an evil deity for years. Doing so has allowed you to achieve abilities that make you seem god-like amongst the common folk. Attaining the level of power you now hold has not been easy. You have sacrificed much: lives, morals, contentment, and more. It has all been worth it. The time has come for you to leave this world and take your place among the pantheon of Faerûn. No longer will you be a god among men. Now, you will be a god among gods.

Most campaigns never reach level 20. Descent to Ascension is a single session adventure designed to give you a chance to try 20th-level play.

Devil's Rest: A Hand of the Wychlaran Side Trek by Dave Zajac. Level 3. Apr 28, 2016. (DMs Guild )

Hundreds of binding stones that were long ago used to trap fiends exist throughout the nearby lands, and many have failed over the centuries. Devil’s Rest still holds the soul of its captive, but its magic is slowly fading. If left unattended, it will fail, releasing its prisoner back into the world. Can the PCs help, or will they only make things worse?

Devil’s Rest is a short 3rd-level side trek lifted from the DMs Guild adventure, Hand of the Wychlaran. Use this quick side trek any time the party is traveling on the open road. Complete with monster stat blocks and a printable battle map!

Flight from Fallston by Dave Zajac. Levels 0-1. May 23, 2016. (DMs Guild)

For over a year you heard the horns in the mountains, but they were too distant and faint to be of great concern. There was war amongst the humanoids who lived there, but that was not rare. Sure, there were raiding parties from time to time. A missing cow here or a burned outlying farm there, but they seldom came near the village walls—until today.

Flight from Fallston is a 2-hour Forgotten Realms™ adventure for 0-level characters. The adventure takes place in an area between the Sword Coast and Amn, near the northern side of the Cloud Peaks, but you can move the adventure to any mountainous region in Faerûn without trouble.

Hand of the Wychlaran by Dave Zajac. Level 3. Apr 06, 2016. (DMs Guild, )

The goblins of the Nanraak tribe are disappearing. Can you learn the reason behind their mysterious departure?

Hand of the Wychlaran is a 6-hour Forgotten Realms™ adventure for characters of 3rd level. The adventure takes place in the High Country of Rashemen located in northeastern Faerûn but is suitable for use in any campaign setting. During the adventure, the characters meet with a white dragon, travel to Rashemen's High Country to explore a ruined tower, and ultimately discover the reason behind the goblins' disappearance.

Roadside Robbery by Dave Zajac. Level 2. Apr 15, 2016. (DMs Guild )

wilderness side trek for characters of 2nd level.

What happens when a character falls asleep on watch? Often, nothing good!

Use this quick adventure any time the party makes camp in a wilderness environment. Complete with monster stat blocks and printable battle maps!

A Map of the Heart by Devin Cutler. Level 6. Mar 31, 2016. (DMs Guild )

Two merchant houses are fighting over possession of a mysterious and ancient staff. What secrets does the staff hold? And how does it relate to a ruby the size of a human heart buried in some long forgotten barbarian tomb?

A six-hour adventure for four 6th level PCs.

A Tragedy Unfolds by Devin Cutler. Level 2. Apr 24, 2016. (DMs Guild )

The player characters have put into a tropical island for repairs to their ship. But the local village is almost deserted, and the jungle hides a secret that is both terrible and tragic. Can the player characters put to right something so foul that it seems there can be no redemption?

An adventure for four 2nd level characters.

Above and Below by Devin Cutler. Level 3. Mar 11, 2016. (DMs Guild )

Haggofik the dwarven prospector has a nose for ore. And he believes he's found a vein of rare metal up in the mountains. The only problem is that this territory is claimed by a tribe of birdmen.

A two-hour adventure for 3rd level characters, incuding the 5th edition writeup of the thoqqua.

Binding Arbitration by Devin Cutler. Level 4. May 03, 2016. (DMs Guild )

Two wizards are engaged in a long-running feud. When the player characters rescue one of the spell hurlers, he asks them to help him finish the conflict once and for all. But do the player characters really want to get in the middle of two very angry wizards?

An adventure for four 4th level characters.

Features the 5th edition versions of the dread, huptzeen, manikin, osquip, and rutterkin.

First Contact by Devin Cutler. Level 4. May 04, 2016. (DMs Guild)

The PCs were supposed to meet Jaressa Glenill in the City of Pelarth, but she’s gone missing. What has happened to her and why is it that every stone they overturn just deepens the mystery?

An investigative urban adventure for four 4th level characters.

Hammon Eggs by Devin Cutler. Level 7. Apr 20, 2016. (DMs Guild )

The tomb of the ancient barbarian prince Hammon has overlooked the village of Hammon's Creche for centuries. None have ever pierced its haunted portals, and the bones of all who have dared circle the hilltop surrounding the tomb. Yet rumours persist of fabulous treasure buried with the prince, including his legenedary axe, armour, and shield. But recently, miners who dug into the base of Hammon's Tor were never heard from again, and villagers whisper that the mines are now haunted by barbarian spirits. Could a new way have been found into the tomb? And what of the sightings of white-clad figures near the mine entrance?

Love's Labour Lost by Devin Cutler. Level 4. Mar 19, 2016. (DMs Guild )

The Lady Marinto’s father is embroiled in political turmoil in his home nation. So he spirited his daughter away and the PCs are asked to guard her for a time. But just who, or what, is after her…and why?

A four-hour adventure for 4th level characters set in the Forgotten Realms, featuring elements from far-off Kara-tur.

Something Wicker This Way Comes by Devin Cutler. Level 7. Apr 17, 2016. (DMs Guild )

The druids of the Feyindir Forest and the villagers of Spiralle have always maintained a peaceful, if uneasy, relationship. But now trouble is brewing. Villagers are going missing in the forest, and druids are being murdered in response. The terms of peace between the two parties has been shattered, and now the druids are threatening to unleash one of the most fearsome manifestations of druidic vengeance known. Can the PCs step in to restore peace to the land?

An adventure for four 7th level characters.

The Little Runners by Devin Cutler. Level 7. Apr 03, 2016. (DMs Guild )

Has a new thieves' guild arisen in town? The signs seem to indicate it. But who are they and where have they set up shop? The PCs have been asked to find the new guild and "persuade" the thieves to direct their attentions away from the Riverine trade coster. It is up to them to decide how.

A short urban side adventure for four 7th level player characters.

Philo's Curiosities and Collectables by Erik Hawley. Apr 24, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Each Adventure Scene is a detailed setting that can be dropped into any adventure path. All DM’s want to provide the best play experience for their players, but frequently lack the time. Adventure Scenes provide a highly detailed location, with fully developed NPC’s and new items that provide the level of detail your players deserve!

Philo's Curiosities and Collectables is a shop that specializes in unique, or hard to find, items. Included in this supplement: A new NPC type – Sage, 28 new magic items, full map and DM text box descriptions for each area of Philo's.

Temple of Healing by Erik Hawley. May 17, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Each Adventure Scene is a detailed setting that can be dropped into any adventure path. All DM’s want to provide the best play experience for their players, but frequently lack the time. Adventure Scenes provide a highly detailed location, with fully developed NPC’s and new items that provide the level of detail your players deserve!

The Temple of Healing is a fully developed location, popular with adventurers seeking healing, or perhaps an adventuring companion. It includes statistics for the clerics, a new monster type, the Living Statue, and several new magic items!

If you enjoy this supplement, be sure to check out my other products by clicking on my name below the product title! Ratings, reviews, and feedback are always appreciated!

Adventure Scenes – Fully developed locations you can drop in any adventure!

Mercantile Missionaries #1: Fashion Conscious by F.A.Haddow. Level 1. Jun 22, 2016. (DMs Guild )

In the metropolis of Baldur’s Gate, a garment-thieving outlaw gang runs rampant, raiding seafront stores and stripping merchants of money. It is your patron’s turn to be struck by the outlaws, and you have been called upon to stop them!
Fashion Conscious is the first part of the Mercantile Missionaries trilogy of short adventures.
This adventure is for level 1 characters.

New Blood by Francesco Cimato. Levels 1-2. May 20, 2016. (DMs Guild )

This adventure is meant to be a stand-alone playable ‘tutorial’ but could easily be inserted into the beginning of a campaign. While some parts are scripted, there is room intentionally left for the DM to improvise and make this module their own.

It is very much intended to be satire and not a serious storyline. Additionally, there is some very mild adult language so let this serve as your disclaimer.

The Thing in the Glen by FreshRad Games. Levels 2-3. Aug 02, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Our heroes are sent to find a missing band of rangers. After discovering the source of the attack on the rangers' camp our heroes brave a climb into the mountains, battling foes and nature alike, and find the lair of the Thing in the Glen. Can the adventurers overcome these obstacles and avenge the rangers?

The Curse of Ylem Grav by Gerard Shore. Jun 01, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Ylem Grav is an ancient God who's name has been forgotten over the passage of time. As his power waned, he found his very existence being threatened. In order to prevent himself from ceasing to exist, he used what remained of his power to craft a pocket universe that was connected to a cursed magical artifact (the cover illustration denotes a sword, but the artifact can take whatever form you need it to). Those that come in contact with the artifact are transported to his dimensional realm, where their presence increases his strength, and sustains his existence. Those that seek to leave are slain and their souls enslaved in order to become one more barrier between his prison and the freedom of any that find themselves trapped within its confines.

Through whatever means, one of the party members has got their hands on that cursed artifact, and now they must fight their way through the trials in order to slay all of the souls that are giving power to Ylem Grav. Once the souls have been destroyed, Ylem Grav will be weak enough for the players to defeat and end his blighted existence once and for all.

The Tree of Blight – A One-Stop Adventure by Glen Cooper. Levels 1-5. Aug 11, 2016. (DMs Guild)

The roads have become dangerous. There are many bandits, goblins and wolves causing villagers concern… but now, now there are strange twig like creatures who are abducting ill-prepared travellers. Their bodies are being dragged towards an evil, twisted, lifeless tree on top of a hill. And now there's been a druid spotted wandering around in the glade too.

Time to hire some fool hardy adventurers me-thinks, to go and investigate…

The Tree of Blight – en espanol by Glen Cooper. Levels 1-5. Aug 18, 2016. (DMs Guild )


Los caminos se han vuelto peligrosos. Bandidos, goblins y lobos han hecho que los ciudadanos se preocupen… pero ahora, ahora viajeros bien preparados están desapareciendo sin dejar nada atrás excepto sus huellas y hojas marchitas. Sonidos como los de la cubierta de un antiguo barco agitado en la tormenta se han oído desde la oscura madera sobre una colina. 

Me parece que es hora de encontrar a algunos aventureros temerarios, para que vayan a investigar y pongan sus vidas en peligro… por el bien mayor.

Una excelente, bien escrita e inmersiva  aventura one-shot de 2-3 horas para 4-5 jugadores de nivel 1, 3 o 5.

Across the Battlefield by Graeme Hallett. Levels 4-5. Aug 08, 2016. (DMs Guild )

This is a long encounter for characters level 4-5. The PCs must journey onto a battlefield at night, and the ghouls have come up from their burrows to feed on the dead. The idea of this was to give the DM tools to create horror and suspense: limited visibility, powerful enemies, and threatening environments.

Crab Cave by Graeme Hallett. Levels 1-2. May 23, 2016. (DMs Guild )

The Crab Cave is a single encounter for characters level 1-2. It is intended as a short modular piece, a single lego brick, that can be inserted into any campaign taking place near an ocean. It uses terrain and tide to make simple animals into an interesting (and possibly lethal) challenge. It can be easily modified for higher levels by swapping out the monsters and raising some of the difficulty classes.

Goblin Ambush by Graeme Hallett. Levels 3-4. Jun 30, 2016. (DMs Guild )

This is a difficult encounter for PCs level 3-4. The Goblins adversaries have built an ambush that allows them to surprise stronger opponents and deal with more physically powerful enemies. They used nothing that they could not carry with them, and nothing that they could not afford to abandon. With shovels, hammers, rope, axes, a few small trees, and about 6 hours of work, they have made themselves into a serious threat.

Macabre Escape by Grand DM. Levels 3-4. May 03, 2016. (DMs Guild)

At the edge of this forlorn place we located an immaculate row home. Once a wealthy family lived there which committed damnable sacrifices. The choking mists forced us inside this sorrowful and malevolent estate. Within we found a life of luxury twisted with unsettling madness. This sentient abode tormented us until we found a way to depart its corrupted halls. The antiquity of the evil in that place seeped into our dreams. After some time we steeled ourselves for those waking night terrors. Unfortunately, the wrathful abode was not done haunting us. As if swallowed by a morbid oubliette, we have returned. I fear our prayers will go unanswered inside the macabre escape tunnel of the Death House…

Macabre Escape is a short adventure which returns the PCs to the Death House. It can also be used as an addition to the original Death House adventure. As a living entity, the Death House revels in the torment of both the living and the dead. It has many secrets still yet discovered, one of which is the original escape tunnel built by the Durst family. This scenario has enough material for a complete four to six hour game session. Although designed with level 3-4 characters in mind, the Macabre Escape can be tweaked to accommodate higher level groups.

The door is open … What are you afraid of?

Horrors from the Heath by Halldór Arnórsson. Level 4. Jun 12, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Death haunts the unsuspecting travellers of the Heath of Greyhowl. A long forgotten evil releases a wave of vicious monstrosities on all who are unlucky enough to be caught on the open road.

Throw your players into the midst of a desperate battle for survival as only the timely intervention of great magic will save them, if they can hold out long enough…

Hunting Hunters by Halldór Arnórsson. Level 4. Mar 17, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Get hired by the brazen master merchant Buyuk Hilgerkek to boldly venture into the darkness of the underdark in search of the Night Hunters. Choose your alligiance in the dealings of two mysterious and opposing factions.

Survive and thrive in the dark underbelly of the Forgotten Realms.

The Village of Versalles by J. C. Bartels. Levels 4-6. Mar 25, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Welcome friends and foes,

Come, jounrney to the quaint village of Versalles and uncover the horrors within!!

This is an adventure for a party of four, 4th – 6th level charcters

Dark Gods of the Jersey Shore by J. D. Brink. Levels 2-4. May 31, 2016. (DMs Guild)

The simple townsfolk of Jersey Shore generally keep to themselves. Neighbors might describe them as quiet cow herders, able fishermen, and pious church-goers. If they had neighbors. In fact, no one who visits Jersey Shore ever has anything to say. Because visitors never leave.

This adventure is for early level player characters (levels 2-4), and will require one or two play sessions to complete. Slip it into your campaign as an unfortunate pit stop in any D&D realm and enjoy an evening chock full of action, monsters, mystery, and humor.

Doorway to Darkness by James Desborough, M.T. Black. Levels 2-3. Aug 05, 2016. (DMs Guild)

As you approach, the miners themselves appear from their hidey-holes around the ruined camp. They are haggard and hollow-eyed, barely able to lift the picks and shovels they've clearly been using as weapons. They are unwashed, muddy and stinking – they look little different to the undead that they have been fighting. Shrouded in damp blankets and shivering, they stare at you silently, even disbelievingly. There is only one left among them who appears to have a little iron left in his spine. He tightens his grip on his pick and steps forward. “Are you here to help?”

Some doors should never be opened…

A group of miners uncover a dark secret and must fight for their very lives as the dead walk again. Can our heroes rescue the survivors and stop an ancient evil before it spreads across the land?

Cave of the Missing by James Holloway. Levels 1-3. Mar 29, 2016. (DMs Guild )

A mysterious cave near a small town called Skirl Village, legend has it that anyone that enters never leaves. A bride goes missing in the village, the father decides to hire adventurers to find her. What do these things have to do with one another?

A 5-7 hour adventure for 3-6 characters of level 1 to 3.

Queen Of The Drowned Ones: Driftwood & Drowning-pits by Jarrod Camire. Levels 2-3. Jul 03, 2016. (DMs Guild )



Introduction: The disturbing discovery of the first corpse adrift close to Waterdeep had provoked quite an impact when brought to port. On the pier was lying the bloated body of a man tied to a crude driftwood raft, a man who had been branded with a red-hot iron, ritually sacrificed to Umberlee by drowning. So the priest of the Moonmaiden who had examined the corpse and asked questions to the poor soul had said. Now, those makeshift rafts coming from the north with their grim burdens appear daily, the mariners and fishermen alike dreading the ocean and the Bitch Queen beyond measure. Few ships dare to set sail at all, which compromises trade with Neverwinter, Waterdeep’s closest ally.

The fishmongers’ carts stand empty and in the taverns seadogs tell the darkest tales. Who will boldly ride the waves northwardly alongshore the rugged Sword Coast to stop the ones perpetrating such abhorrent human sacrifices in Umberlee’s name?

A Rodent Problem by Jasen Bacon. Level 1. May 09, 2016. (DMs Guild )

The trading port town of Oakwood has been experiencing a larger than usual rat problem. The Watch has already lost men in an attempt to flush them out, and they are now willing to pay anybody foolish enough to vernture into the sewers to exterminate the problem.

By using the Watch as a starting point, this adventure can be used as a means to bring an adventuring party together for the first time, thus eliminating the need to write a backstory on how each character met the rest of the party.

This is a twist on the classic, and cliche, first adventure of killing rats. This adventure is designed for four first level characters.

This adventure is designed to work with just the Basic Rules which are downloadable from the main Dungeons and Dragons webpage, but page numbers and references are also given to the print books as well. This adventure is a perfect starting point for those who are new to the game and want to try their first adventure, or as a quick crawl for expereinced gamers.

The Lost Places: Iron Keep by Jason E Perdue. Levels 5-8. Jul 25, 2016. (DMs Guild )

First the bandits attacked then the Roc carried away the guide.  Since then you have blindly followed the camels hoping that their instincts would lead you to water or help of some kind.  You and your friends are lost in a sea of sand.  Plodding along in the shadow of the camels and doing your best to stay alert.  Ahead the heat shimmers take shape.  This time it is a castle.  Blinking away the dryness in your eyes you realize that the tower is not a mirage but it is broken.

The Lost Places: Sunken Tower by Jason E Perdue. Levels 1-4. Jun 22, 2016. (DMs Guild)

The Frog People were never a threat before, more of a nuisance really, they would show up once a year steal a few things and drink some ale. Then they would be gone. This year though they did not leave and now they are taking people! The town needs help and it has found it in you and your friends.
(An adventure for characters level 1-4)

There's Something Wrong in Stonefall by Jason J. Chapa. Level 1. May 25, 2016. (DMs Guild )

Looking for another way into Ravenloft? Then this adventure is for you. Stranded upon unknown shores, the adventurers find themselves in the wilds surrounding the small town of Stonefall, where cruelty and paranoia go hand-in-hand. Unravel the mysteries of Stonefall on your way to Barovia, and hopefully be ready for the Curse of Strahd.

A Trail of Groundnuts by Jeff C. Stevens. Levels 1-3. Aug 09, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Bale, the kind gnome and owner of Bale’s Outfitting Outpost, has a request for the adventuring party.  He recently rented four horses to a group of young adventurers and they are late returning the steeds.  Bale asks the party if they will look into the missing horses and return them if they are found.  What Bale doesn’t know is that the young adventurers have met a dark fate.  Will the adventuring party accept Bale’s request to investigate and, unknowingly, discover the fate of the youngsters?

The House of the Midnight Violet by Jeff C. Stevens. Levels 4-6. Jun 04, 2016. (DMs Guild)

The House of the Midnight Violet is a standalone adventure designed for 5th Edition. The adventure is intended for four to five characters of level 4 to 6. The adventure is set in a non-specific location and can be included in nearly every campaign.

The party is recruited by an innkeeper to recover a flower from a mansion that is located on a nearby island. The innkeeper dabbles in herbalism and his supply of the Midnight Violet is depleted. Unbeknownst to the party, a demon was once summoned in the house by a young boy. The demon caused the demise of the family and the dead now roam the mansion. Securing the flower will not be an easy task! The adventure through the mansion tells the tale of the family, offers undead to battle, feral cats and animated dolls, clues to gather and riddles to solve, and perhaps a demon to battle.

The Search for Godfrey by Jeff C. Stevens. Levels 6-10. Aug 21, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Take the adventuring party to a savage land in this 4 to 6-hour one shot that can easily be added to any campaign.  The quest: find a woman's son who has been missing for 10 years.  She's only just received a map that may lead to his last known whereabouts.

A 2nd tier adventure for 6th – 10th level characters that features battles, environmental hazards, and roleplaying.  The 38-page PDF includes maps, art, stat blocks, and a battle stat tracker.  The overall adventure is 15 pages. This adventure has even been test played by four DM's from around the world.          

The Throne of Bone by Jeff C. Stevens. Levels 6-8. Jul 04, 2016. (DMs Guild)

The Throne of Bone is set in a non-specific location and can be inserted into any campaign.  The adventure starts with the adventurers coming to the aid of an old farmer whose prized livestock are being attacked by a pack of wolves.  This simple quest leads the party to the discovery of the skeletal remains of a bard and a magically resistant door made from an unfamiliar material. The adventuring party must persevere through traps, puzzles, undead and a talking door that mocks them along the journey until they discover the secrets resting upon the seat of the Throne of Bone.  Will they sit?
This adventure includes a cursed magical shield, a new undead creature and an artifact.  Total party experience earned is approximately 14,500.

A 6+ hour adventure for 6th-8th level characters.  Recommended adjustments for higher level characters are included.

Tome of Encounters by Jeff Ibach, Scott Thomas, Amanda Jose Alderman, Bruce Alderman, Jack Brabson, Chris Dzura, Amy Lynn Dzura, Katy Hume, Dawn Ibach, Ed Morris. Levels 1-10. Aug 12, 2016. (DMs Guild)

This is the Tome of Encounters, a sourcebook of 25 awesome lairs/encounters designed to challenge characters from 1st to 10th level while showcasing the versatility of 5E D&D!

If you need an hour or two to fill, or are lost for an encounter idea in a specific location (or worse, if the PCs turned left when you needed them to turn right), we hope this book fits the bill for you and provides hours of adventure!

Bale's Outfitting Outpost by Jeff Stevens. Levels 1-10. Jul 03, 2016. (DMs Guild)

This module includes a description of Bale the gnome, his shop, and twenty new magical items that include armor, weapons, fun bard scrolls, musical instruments, and other items.

The included 2+ hour adventure includes customization for character levels 1st-3rd, 4th-5th, 6th-8th, and 9th-10th.  Bale requests that the party accompany him on a three day journey.  He wishes to sell some of his valuables at a nearby auction, but recent bandit attacks have him looking for added security.  During the journey, the adventuring party rescues a woman, encounters the bandits, finds a saddled camel, and more.

Avalon's Retreat (Mid Level Hex Crawl) by John Battle. Levels 5-8. Jul 22, 2016. (DMs Guild )

Welcome to the Retreat, home to Avalon the Nymph. Her region is dangerous and mystical, filled with secrets and monsters of all kinds. All who enter end up being snared by her marvelous gaze. Can you enter her domain and make it out without falling in love? Will you gather the treasure or just pass through? Either way, there's plenty of adventure here for all mid-level adventurers. From a rain dragon, a lich, to blood thisrty gnomes and mousefolk, feel free to pilfer and steal whatever you like and toss it into your own campaign. 

Haunted by John Battle. Level 3. Jun 02, 2016. (DMs Guild )

A bounty board says that there's wailing near the well. The town boarded it up and won't talk about it. It's up to the adventurers to dig around the town and delve into the well. A suitable challenge for characters at level 3. Should last a whole session.

Rusty Ziggurat by John Battle. Levels 1-3. Jun 01, 2016. (DMs Guild)

A starting adventure meant to take players from level 1 to 3 by delving into a ruined ant colony in search of the Queen. Filled with fire ants, pit-spiders, a soul-seeking demon, a monsterous antlion, undead, a rival adventuring party, and a kick-ass boss battle, this adventure offers enough challenge to keep all players interested.

The Claw of Winter by John Prichard. Levels 5-10. Jul 31, 2016. (DMs Guild, )

The Claw of Winter is a murder mystery adventure set in a remote monastery where something terrible has gone wrong. Two new and unique monsters make this adventure a thrilling experience for players, and a great value for any DM.

High in the Stormhorn Mountains lays the monastery of Chauntea, a place of worship, hard work, and careful study of nature. When a grisly murder occurs, and a noble-born pilgrim is the victim, the characters must track down the killer, no matter who – or what – it is.

Darkness has come to the monastery of Chauntea. A mysterious death could bring trouble to the monastery, and the forest kingdom itself. Battle the elements and solve the mystery before it's too late!

Mezhdy Rek by Joseph Cadotte. Levels 1-3. Aug 03, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Mezhdy Rek is a low-level adventure location with multiple quest lines leading to an ending that incorporates all of the players' decisions while providing further paths for them to take. It focuses on the titular small town and its environs and is filled with characters and situations designed to satisfy power gamers and role players alike while potentially offering a base for further adventuring. Will they seed dissent and create a popular revolution or will they storm the castle head-on? Will they enlist the help of the local lizardfolk tribe or will they let them all perish? The players decide not only their future, but that of a town in Mezhdy Rek

Foul Delvings by Josh Kelly. Levels 3-6. Jun 24, 2016. (DMs Guild)

A stomach churning adventure for 3rd to 6th level characters.
Something foul is afoot beneath the streets of the city. The characters investigate a missing laborer only to discover a duergar mining operation in the city sewers. Can the characters stop the duergar before they bring the city walls crashing down upon their heads?
This short adventure can introduce a new campaign villain or deliver a total party kill.

The Naiad's Revenge by Josh Kelly. Level 2. May 21, 2016. (DMs Guild)

A steamy side quest or a campaign starter!

You have been invited to the opening day of the Gran Thermae Bath House. Unfortunately for the wealthy party guests, the natural hot springs they drained to warm the baths were the home of a powerful spirit. The Hot-springs Naiad and her minions will see her waters restored or die trying.

Little does the Naiad know that her attack has been orchestrated by one of the party guests to further their own ambitions.

Can the heroes rescue the Naiad's hostages and uncover the culprit pulling her strings?

This short adventure for 2nd level characters can be serve as a side quest or the beginning to a larger campaign.

Trouble Brewing: A single session adventure by Josh Kelly. Levels 4-7. Aug 20, 2016. (DMs Guild)

"Have you tried this here Owlbear juice? Aye it tastes like a mule's rump but it makes yah strong and fearless! Garrak the mighty swears by it, before his recent bout of monsterism that is."

An alchemical scourge is plaguing the city's fighting pits and gladiator academies, an illicit potion that strengthens the user. Your players must delve into the criminal underground searching for this potion's source and confront the mad alchemist in his laboratory full of deadly equipment.

A Prince's Death by Jussi Svendsen. Level 11. Mar 10, 2016. (DMs Guild )

A Prince's Death is a D&D 5th Edition adventure designed as a side adventure for Elemental Evil or any other Forgotten Realms campaigns. It can also be run as part of the Elemental War campaign.

A Prince's Death takes the players into the High Forest to investigate the death of an elven prince. Their search pits them against mysterious creatures in the elven city of Sindarin, all to answer the quest "How did the prince die?"

This adventure is a 4-6 hour adventure designed for 11th-level characters to be run in a single session.

Kai Dynasty by Jussi Svendsen, Pelle Juel. Levels 4-5. May 15, 2016. (DMs Guild )

Kai Dynasty is a D&D 5th Edition adventure designed as a stand-alone adventure for the Forgotten Realms campaign setting.

Kai Dynasty takes the players into the Anauroch to attend a royal elven wedding, only to discover that a plot has been set in motion to aid or stop a powerful lich. Only the players can ensure the survival of the guests attending the wedding of the Kai Dynasty.

This adventure is a 20 hour adventure designed for 4th-5th level characters.

Blackbrook Lockdown by Jussi Svendson. Level 11. Apr 22, 2016. (DMs Guild )

Blackbrook Lockdown is a D&D 5th Edition adventure designed as an introductory adventure for Elemental Evil or a side adventure for any other Forgotten Realms campaigns. It can also be run as part of the Elemental War campaign.

Blackbrook Lockdown takes the players into Gulf of Luiren to investigate the halfling redboubt of Blackbrook. Their search pits them against elementals and giants, all to figure out why "there is no news from Blackbrook."

This adventure is a 4-6 hour adventure designed for 11th-level characters to be run in a single session.

Tower of the Slime Wizard by Justin Knutter. Levels 5-6. Aug 23, 2016. (DMs Guild)

The party hears tales of a steady stream of disappearances in the countryside around the home of a wizard who has become obsessed with slimes and oozes. Not long ago, he and his apprentices delved into fissures in the basin of a crumbling sinkhole and made a pair of discoveries: an unexpectedly large number of oozes, and ancient, almost reverent, carvings depicting them. Intrigued by these discoveries, the wizard decided to site his tower directly atop these caverns and proceeded to further excavate and explore them. Had his curiosity not outstripped his wisdom, he might have foreseen the consequences of this decision…

Tower of the Slime Wizard is intended for a 5th to 6th-level party. It features exploration, tricky combat encounters and a few puzzles.

Seeds of Chaos by JVC Parry. Levels 1-4. Aug 01, 2016. (DMs Guild )

Valentine Manor is beauty entrapped in architecture. The lavish stately home is renowned throughout the realms, and its gardens even more so. However, despite its famed beauty something has found its way into the garden and corrupted its allure. Could it be something to do with the new gardeners, or something even more sinister?

Serpent Isle by JVC Parry. Levels 5-10. Aug 15, 2016. (DMs Guild )

The Cost of Beauty

Deep in the snake infested jungle of Serpent Isle stands an ancient temple. Rumour has it that something still lurks in that place. Something evil from a lost era of devils and darkness. Now fishing boats are going missing off the island’s coast and dark shapes can be seen moving through the undergrowth. Could something have remained on that cursed isle?

Leilon: City of Adventure by Keith Stonefield. Levels 3-8. Aug 01, 2016. (DMs Guild )

Leilon: City of Adventure is a module designed to aid you, the DM, with over 40 pages describing the ruined town as it stands today and also provides 4 adventures for character levels 3 to 8.  The module is broken down into chapters.  The first describes a farm converted into a small keep outside the ruined town that is used as a staging base for adventuring parties and provides several NPCs with statistics and magic items.  The next chapter breaks down the town into districts and describes the general features and several ideas for DMs to create their own adventures.  The next four chapters provide readymade adventuring sites such as the Old Inn, the Tinsmith, and a sunken pirate ship known as the Sea Shark.  There is also an appendix with all the NPCs, a competing adventuring party, and several new monsters.

Leilon: The House of Luceren Gray by Keith Stonefield. Level 4. Aug 11, 2016. (DMs Guild )

The House of Luceren Gray is the second in a series of modules that detail the ruined town of Leilon in the Forgotten Realms.  Leilon is located along the Sword Coast between the cities of Waterdeep and Neverwinter.  

This module follows one of the initial adventures found in Leilon: City of Adventure, found on this site.  The characters are asked to investigate the home of a wealthy smith believed to be part of a secretive group called The Magesmiths.  The PCs must overcome the creatures living inside his home and the constructs living below.

Weapon on the Wall by Kelnas. Levels 2-4. Aug 06, 2016. (DMs Guild)

A seemingly mundane excursion to the local weapon shop turns into an unexpected adventure involving a long-forgotten menace, foul sorcery and ancient power.  Can the party solve the mystery of the weapon on the wall?  A low-level adventure that can be used in nearly any campaign.

Favor for Gond: A piece of Lantan found by Kenny Mahan. Level 3. May 09, 2016. (DMs Guild)

The Spellplague of 1385 DR set the world into motion, and the maps had to be redrawn. Many areas suffered, but few suffered as Lantan. The Gondsman of the Islands of Lantan and their great works of technology were washed away in tsunamis. Almost everything that they had developed was lost, but a little bit remains in distant places that were far from the islands.

Servants of the Black Moon – Part 1 by Kirk and Kelly Lowe. Levels 4-7. May 02, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Within the unexplored of Toril a devious and wicked evil is building. An unnamed passionate group has plans to construct an unholy army to sweep across the whole of the Boarst Kingdom.

The kingdom has made a call out for adventures with unique skills to “handle it”.

Servants of the Black Moon – Part 2 by Kirk and Kelly Lowe. Levels 4-8. May 06, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Assault and break the Army of the One being gathered by the Servants of the Black Moon in the Fortress of Hizzim. This adventure is a part of Servants of the Black Moon Campaign but can be played as a one off adventure without issue.

Within the unexplored of Toril a devious and wicked evil is building. An unnamed passionate group has plans to construct an unholy army to sweep across the whole of the Boarst Kingdom.

The kingdom has made a call out for adventures with unique skills to “handle it”.

Servants of the Black Moon – Part 3 by Kirk and Kelly Lowe. Levels 5-10. May 13, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Adventure Overview

Roll through a long forgotten series of mines to find and survive the Fields of Jarrick. This adventure is a part of Servants of the Black Moon Campaign but can be played as a one off adventure without issue.

Campaign Overview

Within the unexplored of Toril a devious and wicked evil is building. An unnamed passionate group has plans to construct an unholy army to sweep across the whole of the Boarst Kingdom.

The kingdom has made a call out for adventures with unique skills to “handle it”.

Trifling Tiefling by Kirk and Kelly Lowe. Levels 1-3. Apr 27, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Elder Rose is in an awful pickle. Not only is the Xirt Initiative decision weighing down on him but now his son is gone. The villains left a ransom note and want major gold to get him back.

What to do?

Elder Rose contacts you to assist him and bring Jason back home!

A Dark Design by Kristjan Matthiasson. Levels 2-3. May 09, 2016. (DMs Guild)

A Dark Design is the sequel to the Mud Creek trilogy and the first adventure of the Burning Valley trilogy were the players have decided to serve Saarith.

This adventure is a low level adventure designed for a group of three to four players at 2nd or 3rd level, which lean towards an evil alignment.

I should note that this adventure shares many elements from "A Source of Secrets" which is the sequel to the Mud Creek trilogy if the players refused to serve Saarith, thus designed for players with good alignment.

A disturbed breakfast by Kristjan Matthiasson. Level 1. Mar 29, 2016. (DMs Guild )

A classic short adventure that takes about 1 to 2 hours to play through. A good choice for a new groups first adventure, a starting DM or as a beginning of a campaign.

Chasing the Green by Kristjan Matthiasson. Level 1. Apr 09, 2016. (DMs Guild)

This adventure is a sequel to "A disturbed Breakfast" a short "Pay what you want" adventure.

Chasing the Green is a 2 – 3 hour adventure for 1st level characters, but can easily be adjusted to 2nd level characters by adding to the encounters.

Help a Druid by Kristopher Muller. Level 1. Jun 15, 2016. (DMs Guild)

The druid of Song of Rest is in need of heroes to investigate a location revealed to him during an eclipse. Little does he know that he is sending on the path of a second band of adventurers who are being hounded by misfortune, demons, and the undead.

Ravenloft Encounters by Limitless Adventures. Levels 1-11. Jun 18, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Ten random encounters set in Barovia. Designed to complement Curse of Strahd campaigns. Includes 10 encounters, 30 adventure hooks, and a new magic item.

Dark Redemption by Lucas Cockerham. Levels 5-6. Jun 01, 2016. (DMs Guild)

An unexpected encounter leads the PCs to make a choice between less than reputable adversaries, and a possible short sojourn through the Underdark. This side trek is written with Out of the Abyss in mind but can be dropped into any campaign.

A 2-hour side trek for 5th-6th level characters

Expedition to the Lost Peaks by M.T. Black. Levels 5-7. Jun 21, 2016. (DMs Guild)

A mysterious and ancient tower of iron has been discovered in the fabled Lost Peaks – and our heroes are sent to investigate. What follows is a mind-blowing adventure of exotic creatures, alien technology and a shocking revelation that will change how they view the world forever.Expedition to the Lost Peaks is a 6-8 hour adventure for characters of 5th-7th level.

Into the Dragons Den by M.T. Black. Level 1. Mar 22, 2016. (DMs Guild)

The dragon is dead! A small tribe of goblins has taken possession of it's hoard, and it looks like easy pickings for an intrepid group of heroes. After a hazardous journey over the Starmetal Hills, you encounter wonders and horrors in an ancient wizard's tower hidden in the vast expanse of Neverwinter Wood.

But as you prepare to do battle for the dragon gold, you find that things aren't always quite as simple as they seem…

King of the Cats by M.T. Black. Levels 1-2. Jul 16, 2016. (DMs Guild)

A whimsical, urban romp inspired by the works of HP Lovecraft, Neil Gaiman and TS Eliot. Meet a host of strange and new characters such as the Worg Lord and the Wayside Oracle, while exploring Neverwinter's famous Clockwork Carnival and the notorious Sideshow Alley.

King of the Cats is a 4-6 hour adventure for characters of 1st-2nd level. It is full of roleplaying, investigation and challenging combat encounters.

Little Shrine of Horrors by M.T. Black. Levels 4-5. May 12, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Yonder lies the Shrine of Lucien Harpell, greatest mage of this or any other age. In the arts of golemancy, artificery and necromancy, his equal has never been known, nor will be again.

Cursed are those who enter this tomb. Cursed are those who look upon this statue. Cursed are those who seek his riches. Know that your demise is certain – your lives will be short, and your deaths slow.

Read this, fools, and despair!

The Shrine of Lucien Harpell is the stuff of legends – full of hideous traps and strange monsters, but guarding fabulous treasures. It was lost for generations beneath the grim and lonely Starmetal Hills, but has now been found again. Will any dare enter?

Little Shrine of Horrors is a 6-8 hour adventure for characters of 4th-5th level. It contains over 20 encounters and is full of puzzles, tricks, traps, roleplaying and combat. Do your players have what it takes to outwit Lucien Harpell?

The Lurker Beneath Red Larch by M.T. Black. Levels 3-4. Jun 04, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Ribbons of blood dance through the air, tracing wide crimson arcs before fraying into thousands upon thousands of bright red droplets. The cheerful tavern atmosphere evaporates in a moment, rent apart by screams and cries.

A woman with grey hair stands near the bar, grasping at the dagger in her throat with fingers made slippery by blood. She sways and collapses. More screams.

A man stands before her. He is holding the hilt of the dagger, but lets it slip from a gory hand as the woman falls. He freezes for a moment, then spins and sprints away, knocking aside people as he goes.

A young, flaxen-haired woman at the back of the tavern cries out, “Stop him! Stop him!” as he approaches the entrance – the entrance where you and your comrades are standing.

What do you do?

Wizard in a Bottle by M.T. Black. Levels 2-3. May 17, 2016. (DMs Guild)

A retired adventurer approaches our heroes with a mission – help find a former comrade, a talented young wizard who went missing twenty years ago. The quest takes them into a magical underground lair, where every room reveals something as remarkable as it is deadly. But they soon realise that finding the wizard was the easy part…

A 4-5 hour adventure for character levels 2-3, featuring combat, traps, puzzles and roleplaying.

The Rise of the Revencravik by Matt Harris. Levels 11-14. Jul 13, 2016. (DMs Guild )

The Village of Mal-Parrinn is a bustling trade town where nothing ever happens, until one of the citizens opens a tiny portal to the Hells and lets something horrible through. Can the adventures save the town from the bloodthirsty Hellcrows before everyone is killed, or will they fall to the predation of the Hungry Swarm?

The Waystation at Morcomb-Tor by Matt Harris. Jul 31, 2016. (DMs Guild )

A routine stop for the Adventurer's and their familes on a long caravan trip. A clifftop city, a city under siege, but no enemy is in sight. Locked doors and the shrieks of terrified people echo through the streets. Some run with knives and some are covered in blood. Your party turns to leave and finds they cannot.

Some arcane influence has trapped them inside the town. A voice whispers in the adventurer's minds, "Give me what I want and I'll go away" and suddenly the streets are filled with the mad and the insane, all begging for help against a presence that they cannot resist. In the distance, on a tall pyre, are the bodies of some of the townfolk's young.

Today is the day of the Sacrifice.

Death in the Cornfields by Merric Blackman. Level 4. Apr 07, 2016. (DMs Guild, )

A horror-themed side-trek!

A scarecrow in a field can be a little unnerving, but what if the scarecrow is actually a young man close to death? Why has he been left to die, and what dark secrets do the farmlands hold?

This short adventure is perfect to use as the party travel through any rural setting, or as a sidequest during Curse of Strahd.

The Witch of Underwillow by Merric Blackman. Levels 1-3. Aug 25, 2016. (DMs Guild, )

Save a kidnapped child!

The villagers fear the forest, and rightly so. When wolves drag a child into the forest, there is only one option: find brave adventurers to follow the wolves and save the child! However, are there things the villagers aren't telling the adventurers? What dark fate awaits them when they face the Witch of Underwillow?

The Witch of Underwillow is a short two-hour adventure for characters levels 1-3, suitable for use in Barovia or in a standard fantasy setting.

The Duchess by Michael Mifsud. Mar 29, 2016. (DMs Guild)

The demon lords (and ladies) have been transported to the Underdark by Lolth. Covetous of Malcanthet’s beauty she has completely befuddled the Queen of Succubi who thinks she is the Duchess of a great kingdom.

A random encounter for any level characters

The Judgement of Bones by Michael Rees. Mar 10, 2016. (DMs Guild )

Five tales centred around moral dilemmas to challenge adventurers of any level. These can be introduced into any campaign in any order as stand-alone scenarios or combined into a single plot arc.

* In Absolution the PCs pursue a wanted criminal to a village where everyone can find forgiveness, for a price.
* In Devil's Due the PCs must save the soul of warlock from the devil.
* A young woman has a rendezvous with death in A Grave For Two.
* Skeletons take over the land in Kingdom of Bones and only the PCs can find a cure, but should they?
* In Skeletons In The Closet a bandit's ability to seemingly vanish from pursuers is tied to a terrible secret.

Advice is given on how to customise the scenarios for different groups and provide maximum replayability.

How Not to Host a Murder by Mike Krahulik. Level 7. Apr 24, 2016. (DMs Guild )

Welcome to How Not to Host a Murder, a short D&D experience that captures the details of Mike Krahulik’s adventure run at the Acquisitions Incorporated live game at PAX East 2016.

This experience is designed for four, less-than-optimal 7th level characters played for entertainment purposes.

Ramblings Of Madness by Mr Mehaha. Levels 1-6. Aug 05, 2016. (DMs Guild )

The kingdom of Hiberia (formerly the ale brewing capital of the area) was a rich kingdom filled with life. Recently one of the local towns had become afflicted by a strange incurable disease. The abnormal condition starts with a black spot on your right hand, and over the course of 2 years it painfully spreads through the host’s veins until the person dies of the affliction. As travelers pass through the area they can’t help but notice the black lines on some of the members of the population, and the piles of dead laying in the streets. Whispers of strange dark shadows clawing through the nearby buildings have frightened off the brewery workers, stopping the Ale production and killing the town’s main source of income. The production has stopped since the affliction and shadows started. The dwindling population of people dream of the day they can start the world renown brewing again.

The Old Church by Murray C (The Aussie GM). Level 3. Jul 04, 2016. (DMs Guild )

An adventure where every play through can have its own twist and there is more to explore than meets the eye!

The Old Church was built long ago. Under the vision of a priest whose name has been lost to the ages. Those that fell into his beliefs believed that when the world was near its end and the sun would set for the last time, they would be’ the chosen ones’ and would take shelter within the walls of the church as a way of saving themselves from the destruction. The priest would lock the doors of the church to isolate them from the apocalypse, only for them to emerge when the time was right and the ‘new world’ had come into its own. And one day, the doors shut. The people who marched in alongside the priest were lost to time and now, nearly eight centuries later, the player-characters have come searching for the Old Church in an attempt to uncover an item…

The Treasure of Lady Hellion Hacke by Nathan Meister. Level 1. Apr 25, 2016. (DMs Guild )

One of the greatest pirates to ever sail the seas called herself Hellion Hacke. Stories of her abound, but her infamous legend ended on a lonely volcanic island where she left a huge chest brimming full with gold coins and magic items. Now, a down-on-his-luck dwarven captain has come into possession of a map that may lead the way to this fabled cache… all he needs is an able-bodied crew of adventurers!

This adventure was created for the Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition RPG Dungeon Master’s Guild as a stand-alone adventure. It can be used in almost any campaign setting, and is intended to be played in a single session, lasting roughly five hours. The encounters are suited for a party containing between four and six first-level characters. Use of the Player’s Handbook, the Dungeon Master’s Guide, and the Monster Manual is required; monster stats in particular are not given.

This pirate-themed adventure begins on a ship, but the majority of the story unfolds on land. Ship-to-ship combat rules are not necessary, and full-aquatic combat is unlikely.

Kobold Tea Party – Crystal of Juiblex part 1 by Nick Henning. Level 1. Jul 14, 2016. (DMs Guild )

Kobolds have been forced from their home by a creeping evil and have taken over the manor of a well-to-do merchant! Kobold Tea Party is an adventure for 4-5 1st level heroes. It is the first part of an adventure series about the slow, seeping corruption of the demon lord Juiblex and his mindless oozes. Kobold Tea Party is an amusing, but difficult, adventure that could fit in any setting and could easily serve as a stand-alone adventure. This document includes background of the adventure series, information about the town the players will be based out of, and the adventure itself.

The Call of the Crystal – Crystal of Juiblex pt2 by Nick Henning. Levels 1-4. Aug 21, 2016. (DMs Guild )

This adventure is a sequel to Kobold Tea Party. The kobolds have temporarily found a new home in an abandoned Drow crypt and embalming center. Unfortunately for the kobolds, the area is fraught with danger and they are being pursued by the intrepid players. Little do both parties know, but the true danger lies in the crystal pilfered from Onson's manor. The Call of the Crystal is the second part of a 6-part adventure series designed to take characters from 1st through 4th level. This adventure could be used for a dungeon delve even if you have not run Kobold Tea Party.

Dead of Winter by Patrick E. Pullen. Level 1. Jun 10, 2016. (DMs Guild)

As the adventurers are traveling a lengthy road between destinations, a bitter winter storm blows in. Lucky for them, there is a small roadside hamlet just ahead, where the party can take refuge from the harsh elements. The mood in the local tavern is grave, as this is a sad night for the villagers. It is the first anniversary of the murder of a town hero; A murder that was never resolved.

Strange events begin as soon as the adventurers arrive and will lead them to clues which just may solve a year old murder and lay an anguished soul to rest.

Enter the Shadowfell by Patrick Mcgovern. Levels 1-4. Mar 29, 2016. (DMs Guild )

In Enter the shadowfell The party is forced into the shadowfell in the Evernight part of of the shadowfell. It is quickly established to survive they must seek allies. Now after choosing who they side with will they try to gain power through their friends or find a way home?

This is an adventure made for 4 level 1-4 adventurers.

Half sized Vegence by Patrick McGovern. Levels 16-18. Apr 27, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Since the end of the last adventure 2 other members of the God's Bane have been killed. Primrose Knows This wasn't an accident and goes into hiding while trying to find out who did it. But to her dismay with the help of some adventurers she finds out who did it. An old Enemy who has come to finish what they started.

A adventure for a Very High level party and middle of the God's Bane adventures.

If the Crown Fits. CS009 by patrick mcgovern. Levels 8-10. Aug 12, 2016. (DMs Guild )

Now that the party has learned of a way to make a item similar to the Fake Crown of Neverwinter If they can build it they might be able to weaken Strahd thats if they can somehow convince him to wear it. but before they can use this might weapon they must gather materials.

If they are lucky they might just find some help.

Problem's within the Factions by Patrick McGovern. Levels 5-7. May 17, 2016. (DMs Guild)

The factions of in the Evernight now need your help more then ever. Little do they know some problems can only be solved interinally. Yet they don't know how much they really are under the mercy of one person. He Now wants to cash in a favor, Once can only imagine what that might be.

Ulinn Mine by Patrick Pittman. Levels 5-9. Mar 14, 2016. (DMs Guild )

An adventure that gives players the ability to fight for a mining outpost in the underdark, Ulinn Mine is designed as a challenging encounter to test players with rewards and tough enemies. Give your players a high risk, high reward challenge with a constant undead threat.

ISTAR Facilities by Patrick Rothfuss. Level 7. Apr 27, 2016. (DMs Guild )

Welcome to I.S.T.A.R Facilities, a short D&D experience that captures the details of Patrick Rothfuss’s adventure run at the Acquisitions Incorporated live game at PAX East 2016.

This experience is designed for four less than optimal 7th level characters played for entertainment purposes.

The new I.S.T.A.R facilities ensure that the Zhentarim employ only the highest quality merchants and mercenaries. But something’s gone wrong. As high ranking members of the Black Network, it’s up to the party to travel through the training facilities and figure out what needs to be done to get them up and running again.

The Elven Bride and the Amber Petals by Paul Gabat. Levels 1-4. May 23, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Who would’ve thought that finding the Amber Flower is such a complicated task? A simple job from two elves bring you to the majestic forest of Semberholme in Cormanthor. A contest has been made to preserve the line of the most powerful family of elves within the empire but what if the bride doesn’t want to get married? Will the adventurers play their part in this elven game that is full of hidden motives and agenda?

Curse of Syllani by Perry McKinley. Levels 1-4. Jun 04, 2016. (DMs Guild )

In the quiet farmlands of Rivertown, a peaceful way of life will soon be threatened by a thirst of vengeance. Orcs, led by a fierce and merciless chief named Hackrat, are racing across the countryside in search of a medallion. They are minions of a mad Necromancer, whose family once ruled these lands. Decades ago, he murdered his own brother and his betroved, and buried them in a secret crypt.

The Necromancer was to be successor of this territory, crown prince to his father who settled the land. But, he dabbled with dark powers and it drove him mad. Now, he has heard rumors that his brother and betrothed haunt the secrtet crypt together, cursed with undeath. Enraged that they are together, even as fiends, the Necromancer seeks to destroy them…permanently.

The characters will stumble upon this travesty. The Orc raids will draw them into this tragic tale, but their sense of adventure will drive them to resolve it. Battling against dangerous undead, from a decrepit mummy to a fearsome banshee – the characters will have their mettle tested.

Deception at Undervine by Perry McKinley. Levels 1-4. Apr 23, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Deception at Undervine is an adventure for characters from levels 1-4, optimized for 3-5 player characters. This shorter length campaign should have 15+ hours of gaming, all focused around the Forgotten Realms. The Heroes find themselves wandering to an uncharted town on the edge of the mountains, trapped in a ferocious snow storm.

The town of Undervine is more of a hunting camp, under the rule of a benevolent lord. The townsfolk, trapped in the camp from the unnatural weather, are being murdered one by one. Wolves circle the outskirts of town, and ghostly apparitions have been seen at night. Bodies are being found, some torn to shreds and left frozen in the town square. Inside the main fort, Lord Undervine himself has fallen deathly ill. His vassals have begun to turn on one another, suspecting this "winter of death" may have been brought on from one of their own.

The PCs will need to investigate the town of Undervine, carefully examining the various personalities there. They will travel to the Muckfoot Bog, the Shadytree Woods, and the nearby Caverns of Undervine. the players will face obstacles and enemies that will challenge their very resolve, until they discover the true evil behind the murders at Undervine.

The Feystone Shards by Perry McKinley. Levels 5-8. Mar 21, 2016. (DMs Guild)

The Feystone Shards is an adventure for characters from levels 5-8, optimized for 4-6 player characters. This moderate length campaign should have 20+ hours of gaming, all focused around the Forgotten realms area of Red Larch. The Heroes are tasked to find five fragments of a shattered Orb, once worshipped by a faction of Elves.

The search will take the party to a haunted Citadel, as they seek the scattered remnants of the Feystone. From a city of Stone Golems, to an alchemist's underground lair – the players will face obstacles and enemies that will challenge their very resolve.

The Heroes will need to discover the secrets of the bauble's fey magic, finding the lost Elvin city where the Orb was once worshipped as a God. Join in the hunt for the Feystone Shards, and see if your characters are ready to transcend common Heroes…and become Legends.

The Lantern Construct by Pete McDonald. Jul 03, 2016. (DMs Guild )

The following is the first in what is intended to be an ongoing series of articles containing monster stat blocks and setups for pre-made encounters which you can drop in to any game, offering options and utility to DMs.

These have all been based upon encounters I've run in my own campaign that have been well received by the players and so I wished to share them with you all.

Tower at the Sea of Fallen Stars by Radulf St. Germain. Level 2. Mar 13, 2016. (DMs Guild )

After the changes of the Spellplague, aboleths and their servants assail the coasts of the Sea of Fallen Stars. Yet there are those who would defend the land-dwellers against the ancient aberrations. One of these men is Lord Faden. But his tower is in decline and many fear that it will soon fall to the enemy. Unable to prevent this catastrophe, the members of the Grand Council of Impiltur send a group of young heroes to retrieve a magical artifact from within the tower which should not fall into the hands of the enemy. However, Lord Faden is less than happy to part with this powerful item….

"Tower by the Sea of Fallen Stars" is an adventure for 3-5 players of level 2. It will give you 4 to 5 hours of fun that can be tailored to the backgrounds of the PCs and allows a wide degree of freedom and decisions while still providing a stringent plot. The PDF includes battlemaps covering the complete underground section of the tower. There is also a side-view map of the tower both above and under ground.

The Shrine of Marthammor Duin by Raymond Ortgiesen. Levels 5-7. Jun 04, 2016. (DMs Guild)

The Shrine of Marthammor Duin is a short excursion meant to supplement an ongoing Princes of the Apocalypse campaign. At it's core however, this is a traveller shrine that could be devoted to a deity in your homebrew games or any of the other god's of travel in the Dungeons and Dragons pantheons. It can be run in an hour or two and is intended for a party of level 5 to 7. It includes one new monster, two new items, a shrine map, and a printable player handout for your adventure.

This short series of encounters was created to help Tyar-Besil feel more like a real place that was integrated into the surrounding lands and not just a dungeon filled with mad cultists. It also provides a nice opportunity for you to deliver some of the campaign’s back story to your players in an organic way.

It will be particularly fun to run with groups that have a dwarf in them who can translate the native dwarven text in the shrine for the rest of the party and connect with the kingdom of Besilmer.

Seized Fire for the Ceasefire by Remley Farr. Level 10. Aug 21, 2016. (DMs Guild )

Fleur Sleetshaper was a rare gem of a dwarf: born from a northern clan, she dedicated her life to the study of fire and ice magic. After building an icy tower on a glacier, she helped found the crabbing village of Firnboro, but in the last thirty years, she and the people of Firnboro have disappeared. Did Fleur's arcane studies have a hand in Firnboro's disappearance?"

"Seized Fire for the Ceasefire" is a Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition module for a party of 3-5 players at level 10. This one-shot module features an icy setting and a wizard's tower's worth of loot. Also, the nomadic group of whale-people that now inhabit Firnboro can provide entertaining interactions, possibly becoming strong allies.

The Fasting Worm at the Spider Feast by Remley Farr. Level 8. Apr 13, 2016. (DMs Guild )

"The Fasting Worm at the Spider Feast" is a Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition module for a party of 3-5 players at level 8. This one-shot module is perfect for introducing your party to the Underdark and drow society, featuring a dungeon dive through a demon lord's snake-like carcass. Clerics in the party, upon completing the adventure, will be able to obtain access to the Feast domain. Details are provided at the end of the module.

Eons ago, the demon lord Shomarrah defamed Lolth the Spider Queen, condemning herself into the cursed life of a massive purple worm. Now Shomarrah's desecrated body serves as a drow fortress, guarded by a mad sorcerer and his team of driders. What deeper evils lie within?

Into Ivy Mansion – Adventure by Remley Farr, M.T. Black. Levels 3-4. Aug 19, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Our heroes are approached by Tristan Harpell, an entitled young mage and heir to a suite of rooms in Ivy Mansion, the ancestral home of the Harpell wizard dynasty. His inheritance is “infested” with the wacky experiments of his dead great-uncle, Siegfried Harpell, and Tristan needs the party to clean things up.

The party will have many wild and bizarre encounters while digging through Siegfried Harpell’s derelict magical concoctions – and along the way they might even discover the astonishing truth behind Siegfried's disappearance!Into Ivy Mansion is a Dungeons and Dragons one-shot adventure for a 3rd-4th level party. It features exploration, role-playing and thrilling combat encounters…

A Most Potent Brew – A Basic Rules Adventure by Richard Jansen-Parkes, Winghorn Press. Level 1. Jun 26, 2016. (DMs Guild )

Delve your very first dungeon beneath the Wizard's Tower Brewery

The party is sent to deal with a problem that should be instantly familiar to all rookie adventurers – exterminating giant rats that have taken up residence in a beer cellar.However, if they are to achieve their goal our heroes are going to have to get their first taste of a real dungeon as they explore the ruins of an ancient Wizard’s Tower.

Horror at Havel's Cross – A Basic Rules Adventure by Richard Jansen-Parkes, Winghorn Press. Level 2. Aug 17, 2016. (DMs Guild )

Enter the world of Dungeons & Dragons without spending a penny!

Following on from the best-selling A Most Potent Brew, this second-level adventure is designed to work with the free basic rules offered by Wizards of the Coast. You and your friends can explore, battle and roleplay without having to buy anything other than snacks, drinks and maybe some pizza for the DM!

Uncover ghoulish horrors at Havel's Cross

When a group of archaeologists put out a call for adventurers to help them escort a valuable artefact back to civilization, nobody expects anything out of the ordinary. However, our heroes have more than mere bandits to deal with at Havel’s Cross…
Undead monsters roam the night and an ancient artefact stirs within a long forgotten temple. Getting to the bottom of the mystery will require a strong sword-arm and an even stronger stomach.

The Citadel at Thaymount by Richard Tombs, Will Berry. Levels 12-14. Aug 16, 2016. (DMs Guild)

In the heart of Thay lies Szass Tam's compound, the Citadel. Do you dare enter and brave its dark halls.

The torment of sister Garaele by Rick Day. Levels 4-5. May 08, 2016. (DMs Guild)

A follow-up adventure to Lost mines of Phandelver
Introduction: A messenger has come from Wave Echo Cave. The dwarves
clearing out the cave complex are wondering where Sister Garaele is.
She is overdue for her weekly visit to tend to wounds and check for
illness, but the dwarves have not seen her and their search has
turned up no trace of her. Sildar Hallwinter has asked for you to
meet him at the Stonehill Inn.
As a follow-up to Lost Mine of Phandelver this quest assumes you
have the starter set with the information on the town and the
surrounding area. This quest is easily adjusted to fit into any
small town in the proximity of hills or mountains.
A 3-hour adventure for 4th-5th level characters

Trolling For Keeps by Rickie McComb. Jul 15, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Trolling for Keeps is a Dungeons and Dragons style module suitable for 5E and can easily be converted to earlier versions. 

The module includes a description of a variant of the Troll species. It also includes 1" scale maps for the 5 levels of the Keep. It can be converted for use with other gaming systems with little work. In this module, the adventurers are answering a call for help sent out by the citizens of J'ville to rid them of a menace that has been stealing sheep, cattle, horses, and now the good people that pass through the village.

Rise of the Kenku Thieves by Rob Gordon. Levels 1-3. Jun 01, 2016. (DMs Guild )

The small town of Alterdale has enlisted the services of the Rishclaw guild. Rishclaws provide expendable captives who are forced to work for the guild members, dispatching them to do their task they've been hired for. Unforunately not everyone in Alterdale agrees.

The task they've been hired is to survive a trek to a lake to provide the town fresh spring water, unfortunately there is band of thieves who don't like trespassers coming through their forest.

Unknown Whom by Rob Twohy. Levels 1-3. Jul 17, 2016. (DMs Guild)

This uniquely styled adventure involves players starting out with little information about the characters they will play.  No characters are prepared in advance.  This is a nonstandard method of play.  Player characters only know their names, ability scores, race, and background. This adventure was created to give the feeling we got as kids just starting out with D&D.  It will be great for new players and seasoned vets alike.  Let the chaos begin…

To Catch a Fallen Angel by Robin Pools. Jun 11, 2016. (DMs Guild)

A long time ago, the angel Hasdiel broke Ilmater’s orders and warned the town of Oakhill of an impending attack. Although he saved many lives, Hasdiel was punished for his disobedience. His consciousness was divided among three magical items and hidden away on Toril, Mount Celestia and Avernus, the first layer of Hell. Only the mortals he loved so much could free Hasdiel by using a magical portal to retrieve the items and return his consciousness to his petrified body. Once each year, on the anniversary of his fall does the portal open for a few hours. Will you be able to return with all three items before the time has passed?

Ssrall Mak by Roderic Waibel. Levels 11-12. May 24, 2016. (DMs Guild)

The treasure of the fabled lizardfolk clans has long been buried deep underwater in a vast underground cavern. You've found the clues as to where it might be. Do you have the fortitude to bring it back?

Ssrall Mak is an adventure for characters level 11-12, largely taking place around or directly under water. In this product, you will also find additional optional rules for combat and exploration underwater, how spells are affected underwater, several new monsters, and a new rogue archetype: the Treasure Hunter!

If you've played the superdungeon, Depths of Felk Mor, this adventure is a continuation of that. However, it can easily be played as a standalone adventure as well.

Trade of Night by Ryan Burgess. Levels 1-10. Jul 13, 2016. (DMs Guild)

The idyllic town of Mosstone is a pastoral trading post for merchants to peddle their wares as their caravans make the stop along the trade road. Other than the daily activities of the townsfolk, nothing ever really happens in Mosstone…. until a bandit army suddenly assaults the village one evening, resulting in a mysterious murder and the theft of a holy relic. The brave adventurers are asked to pursue the thieves and murderers, but what begins as a simple chase escalates into something more as the characters follow the bandits into unknown territory, and stumble into a dark plot which threatens to overshadow the entire realm. Will the heroes prevail, or have they gotten themselves in over their heads?

This is a full-length, 50 page adventure for characters of 1st level which should take them all the way to 10th level by the story's end.

The Dragon Prince by Sam Harris. Level 1. Mar 18, 2016. (DMs Guild )

Cathrax, a red dragon wyrmling, has grown quite ambitious and is seeking to expand the size of his treasure horde. To do so he has decided to lure a few adventurers into his lair in order to kill them and add their equipment to his treasure trove. Being the cunning creature that he is, he plots to attack the small village near his lair to catch the interest of any nearby adventurers, and then lead them a trail to his lair where he can slay them.

Being a prideful creature, Cathrax employs minions to do the work he feel he can’t be bothered to. He currently has a band of kobolds in his employ, whom he controls through fear. He does, however, have a right hand man in Pyjak, the leader of the kobolds. After attacking the village of Foxdale, Cathrax instructs Pyjak to ensure that any adventurers seeking him are to be led to the dragon’s layer, preferably weakened.

Once the players reach Foxdale, they may talk to the local townsfolk and find ways to prepare for the battle to come.

Conspiracy of Serpents: City of Treachery by Sam McGhee. Level 8. Jul 24, 2016. (DMs Guild)

The city of Lygos is in great danger and none of citizens knows it! The Silent Fang, an organization made up of the serpent-like yuan-ti has infiltrated Lygos and seized the city's highest positions of power. Its members await an eclipse to signal them to unleash mass-slaughter upon the city!

This adventure is designed for four 8th-level characters. It contains background notes on the Silent Fang and its goals and leaders, city-based encounters to be used in any combination and order, a laboratory-themed dungeon, a map to said dungeon, and a bestiary containing combat statistics for all monsters in the adventure.

The Full Moon Murders by Sam McGhee. May 21, 2016. (DMs Guild )

This adventure provides a basic scenario. It doesn't assume that the players will follow any particular course of action. All it gives is a problem to solve, information on the characters important to the story, and suggestions to the DM on how to run certain encounters and situations that could come up.

Into the Temple of the Yuan-Ti by Stefanos Katopodis. Level 8. Mar 14, 2016. (DMs Guild )

While on the search for a dear friend who went missing on the Serpent Hills, rumor has it that he has been captured by the Yuan-Ti. Following a trail, your party has been lead to an unknown settlement guarded by Yuan-Ti. Are you brave enough to venture deep into its secrets? Are you strong enough to get out alive?

A 5 to 6-hour adventure for four-8th level characters

Venturing into the Hernduar Mine by Stephanos Katopodis. Level 4. Jun 14, 2016. (DMs Guild )

Reaching a dwarven village whose economy relies solely on mining, the players are informed that the mine is temporarily closed due to a Rust Monster infestation. Will the adventurers accept the quest to clear out the Mine, and if so, how shiny will their armors be when they get out?

The Blood Moon by Stephen Russel. Levels 1-4. Aug 05, 2016. (DMs Guild )

A small adventure for inside your world for lvls 1-4 made for 3 PCs, This is my first attempt at doing something like this and the picture you see is the Island of Nandell

The Blood Moon The Clockwork Man by Stephen Russel. Aug 05, 2016. (DMs Guild )

A short Adventure for 3 Pcs don't forget you can alter it, one of the next adventures for the blood moon as thats what I want to keep it called so its always going to be the blood moon 

The Blood Moon The Witch of the Swamp by Stephen Russel. Levels 2-7. Aug 10, 2016. (DMs Guild )

A small adventure for your group, don't forget you could always edit it to fit your group or dm style. the picture is of Nandell my own little island. any questions or comments fell free. This has been created for 3 PCs that are Lvl 2 to 7

Spawn of the Ancients by Steven Bellshaw. Levels 3-4. Aug 15, 2016. (DMs Guild )

In a bid for power bullywugs have siezed upon a chance to gain the upperhand in a long running battle for territory. A fateful encounter in an old temple has initiated a desperate move by their chief if they can only find willing or unwilling victims to complete an ancient ritual. 

Environmental Protection by Steven Stenzel. Level 3. Mar 30, 2016. (DMs Guild )

A local coven of druids claims that the mining town is disrupting balance of nature in the area, and are trying to move the entire town away from the area – by any means necessary. A short adventure for 3rd level characters.

The Dragon's Feast by term. Level 4. Aug 17, 2016. (DMs Guild )

The Dragon's Feast is a dungeon for a party of 4 players. The difficulty can scale according to your needs but is probably suited to a party around level 4 (although there is an adult green dragon in the module, which would require a party of 4 at around level 14 to defeat; she is not hostile until a party member lands the first blow).

This is a small dungeon module that allows players to tackle a primarily puzzle based crypt and attempt to appease the dragon Nezatahr in their attempts to escape the place. From the introduction:

Having navigated their way through the labyrinthine mazes of the nothic, Kaldeen, inhabiting the dungeon, the party are faced with appeasing the Green Dragon, Nezatahr. If the adventurers succeed, they leave with their lives and, if they wish, can plunder the dragon's hoard. Their bones will be found amongst the growing pile nestled within her scaly tail, elsewise.

The Witchfire Curse by The Brinoceros. Level 1. Aug 22, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Three months ago the township of Durgon’s Rest exiled Elia Fenfrost for practicing witchcraft.  Now as the first harvest approaches there are signs that something is amiss.  The crops are failing, local farm animals are becoming sick with disease, and all of the food stores have gone foul.  The town’s folk suspect that the accursed blight is the work of Elia – exacting her revenge for casting her out into the wild.  The PCs are the villager’s last hope, but can they find Elia and end the evil curse that has been laid upon the town before all comes to ruin?

The Fallen God by The Goblin Leg Gang. Levels 3-5. Jun 10, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Deep in the Faerun wilderness lies the remains of a fallen god. A once-great statue of Helm, toppled on its side and overrun by vicious beats. Can the adventurers find the sacred place and drive off the beasts? Can they restore a hallowed shrine to its former glory?

The Fallen God is a fun, customizable one-shot adventure for parties of 3rd-level or up. Suggestions for modifying the adventure for higher level parties are included throughout as well as options to connect the adventure to existing WotC storylines (such as Elemental Evil, Tyranny of Dragons, or Rage of Demons), and/or to tie it into your own ongoing campaign.

The Fallen God one-shot includes adventure hooks, mini-dungeon map with keyed locations, random encounter tables, and plot hooks.

Adventurer Summoning by The World of Farland. Level 10. May 04, 2016. (DMs Guild )

Ever wonder what the monsters feel when summoned by a conjure monster spell? Well the PCs are about to find out…

A free short D&D 5e adventure for 10th-level characters from the World of Farland, one of the oldest original D&D campaign settings online, and still growing.

Into the Thieves' Guild by The World of Farland. Levels 8-9. May 04, 2016. (DMs Guild )

The thieves' guildmaster and his second in command are both trying to manipulate the heroes into eliminating the other. This will mean going into the den of criminals itself…

A free D&D 5e adventure for 8th to 9th-level characters from the World of Farland, one of the oldest original D&D campaign settings online, and still growing.

Haunted Dwarven Tomb by The World of Farland, Christopher Weaver. Levels 11-12. Apr 05, 2016. (DMs Guild )

A lost dwarven tomb in a remote mountain setting contains treasures, yes, but it also contains an undead prisoner just dying to be free…

A free D&D 5e adventure for 11th to 12th-level characters from the World of Farland, one of the oldest original D&D campaign settings online, and still growing.

TH3: The Temple of Purification by Thomas Huff. Levels 10-13. Apr 14, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Disclaimer: This is one of the three offshoot routes from Dungeon Module TH1. However, you can play it as a stand-alone module. This module contains two quests. However, both these quests take place in the same dungeon and you'll be doing the same things but just for different reasons.

Stand Alone Route: You have been hired to retrieve a genie from the forgotten underwater lair of a wizard.

TH1 Route: After coming down a steep underground waterfall, you have been asked by a dying Merman to save his people from a false god and lives in the bottom of the lake.

This one to two-night module is made up of 13 encounters ranging from easy to deadly.

The Children of Somerset by Thomas Huff. Levels 1-3. Jun 23, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Children from the village of Somerset have been taken by the green hag. You as adventurers must save the children and slay the hag. This adventure is designed to be quick and simple.  

This module contains slight background information, referee’s notes, and a complete map. THE CHILDREN OF SOMERSET is from the Just Because(”J”) series; like other in the series, it is meant to stand on its own and is a complete 5TH EDITION DUNGEONS & DRAGONS adventure. The recommended number of players are three, with levels ranging from first to third.

Tower of Xandlexa by Thomas Huff. Levels 13-18. Jun 11, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Tower of Xandlexa is the fourth and final adventure in the "TH" series. Like all the others it can be played separate or together with the other adventures in the series.

You have been hired to loot the treasure within the ever-changing tower of Xandlexa, a powerful Illithid wizard who has been rumored to have recently passed away. However, the tower is far from empty and will require all your strength, courage, and wisdom.

Journey Through the Center of the Underdark 2 – The Darklake Strikes Back by Tony Petrecca. Levels 4-6. May 10, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Are your players going fishing in the Underdark? Booked a ride with the Kua Toa Travel Agency? Taking a cruise on the Darklake? Well then Journey Through the Center of the Underdark 2 – The Darklake Strikes Back is just what the Leemooggoogon ordered!

Like the first Journey, The Darklake Strikes Back contains several encounters designed with Out of the Abyss traveling days in mind, but easily inserted into any Underdark setting.

Unlike the first Journey, The Darklake Strikes Back has a mid sized three level dynamically defended dungeon, complete with a dragon at the bottom! The name of the game is Dungeons and Dragons, right?

Shilo the Buff by toxikon. Aug 15, 2016. (DMs Guild )

Horror has swept over the small village of Whitwick. Men, women and children have gone missing in alarming quantities in the past few months. The culprit? A cannibalistic mad-man deep in the woods nearby. Will the players be able to find and defeat the menace and bring relief to the people of Whitwick?

This one-shot adventure is inspired by the strange and hilarious (Actual Cannibal) Shia LaBeouf musical Youtube video created by Rob Cantor. Watch your players unravel terrifying mysteries and uncover the true madness of Shilo the Buff!

Mutants of the Vast Swamp by Travis Legge, J.M. Woiak, Heather Shinn. Levels 2-4. Jun 23, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Near the western edge of the Vast Swamp, a star has fallen from the sky. This miraculous and terrifying event was seen by many across Faerûn, and astronomers from numerous traditions toiled vigorously to calculate the portents the rare omen foretold.  It is left up to the adventurers to venture into the Vast Swamp in order to discover the truth of this amazing celestial event. Can they find the answers before their rivals? Will they survive their encounters with the Mutants of the Vast Swamp?

Palace of the Red Pasha by Troy Taylor. Level 16. Apr 15, 2016. (DMs Guild)

There is little time to celebrate the victory at the Well of Dragons. The Lord’s Alliance believes the Cult of the Dragon has a stronghold in Calimport, the home of vanquished cult leader Severin Silrajin.

To find the secret stronghold, the heroes must explore the Palace of the Red Pasha in the city’s Wizard’s Ward.

Can they unravel the cult’s next insidious plot?

This is a Dungeons and Dragons adventure for characters of Level 16, springboarding from the events in The Rise of Tiamat in the Tyranny of Dragons storyline.

The Temple of Blue Stones by Valeur RPG. Level 1. Jul 14, 2016. (DMs Guild)

There's always been something fascinating about the ruins of Mystra’s temple lying at the edge of the Lyresong Woods. For years it has inspired folk tales and bedtime stories about dragons and magical blue stones. But now trouble is brewing at the old ruins…

This location-based adventure offers a hard challenge for 3 to 5 characters of 1st level and a decent challenge for groups of higher levels as well. It has random encounters, kobolds carrying arcane diseases, troublemaking faerie dragons, rhyming riddles, ancient guardians and new magical items. It is the perfect way to introduce a new group of players to 5th edition D&D.

Corrupted Nature by Vicky-Eve Lovvorn. Level 1. May 23, 2016. (DMs Guild )

This oneshot adventure is to help teach new players AND new dungeons masters how a game works. You’ll find easy guides and simple stream game. This adventure will guide the player to level up to a level 2. This adventure is for 4-5 people, though you can adapt it to fewer, if needed. It is a very short adventure for those with little time who would like a taste of D&D in its simplest of form.

You will adventure to Bruxhelm, in the Sword Coast, where the players have a dilemma to solve. Nature is running wild! Well.. more than usual.

SPA1: Mad Mage's Mansion by Vladimir Arabadzhi. Levels 1-2. Aug 05, 2016. (DMs Guild )

Who could know what is hidden within the secluded mansion of the crazed mage?Well, now, when nobody has seen him here for more than a year, it’s the best time to find out!

Small Party Adventure: Though the party size of 3–5 characters is considered optimal in D&D, there are times when you can only gather one or two players at most. This adventure is designed exactly for such occasions.

Julinda's Gauntlet by William Buchanan. Level 5. Mar 11, 2016. (DMs Guild )

This adventure is designed for a fifth level party, to be played in a single session. It features a large full color map, artwork, NPC roleplaying tips, and two new magic items.

The dungeon is essentially a large puzzle built around the premise of time travel. Many PC interactions are a direct result of the party dealing with the actions of their past or future selves.

Julinda the gnome mage has always been a bit off. She is a chronomancer who has become obsessed with achieving the reliable and reproducible technology of time travel, in the interest of returning to select parts of history and influencing their outcome to her pleasing; perhaps to avert a war, or to head off the enslavement of her people, or prevent the death of a loved one. Those who know her were aware of her ambitions, and now worry that they are coming to fruition, as she hasn't been seen in several months. And so, they have implored the PCs to seek her out…

The Low Crater by Winghorn Press. Level 6. Apr 22, 2016. (DMs Guild, )

Will You Venture Into the Low Crater?
When the party stumbles across a ragged, battle-scarred band of knights they are amazed to hear that the hardy veterans were soundly beaten by mere kobolds.

The crafty little fiends have set up in the rubble of a fallen Earthmote thought to be home to a long-dead dragon and – more importantly – its horde. When the Sable Spears charged in to drive them out, however, they were confronted with ambushes, traps and a whole lot of pain.

Dare you venture where the Sable Spears failed, and explore the Low Crater in search of treasure, glory and adventure? Or will you join the sheepish ranks of adventurers turned aside by the prospect of tangling with Kobolds?

The Troll Pits of Hextor by World of Farland. Levels 13-14. May 17, 2016. (DMs Guild )

An abandoned mine has been turned into a fortress and spawning pit for hideous troll-hybrid abominations. Can the heroes destroy the trolls and the dark force that is responsible for their creation?

A free D&D 5e adventure for 13th to 14th-level characters from the World of Farland, one of the oldest original D&D campaign settings online, and still growing.

ACES (Curse of Strahd)

Unnature Calls by Dungeon Divers. Apr 12, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Have you ever wished that there was a way that you could keep playing D&D while waiting for your group to meet again? Now you can…

We are excited to introduce ACES (Curse of Strahd) 1. Unnature Calls. This is a mini- solo adventure designed for the Curse of Strahd campaign.

This Scenario takes place during the group's first night outdoors. With 12 different story lines, players will make ability checks and choices that will impact what they know, or think they know, of Bovaria and Count Strahd von Zarovich.

This download comes with DM instructions and a player's packet guide so that DMs can quickly create this min- solo adventure with little effort. Unnature Calls includes all the necessary phases and story lines for many unique, and even customizable, mini-solo adventures within the Scenario. Unnatue Calls is also scaleable. Whether you have 4, 5, or 10 characters in your group, it doesn't matter–all can participate in Unnature Calls.

Play Things by Dungeon Divers. Level 1. Apr 25, 2016. (DMs Guild)

t doesn't get more distrubing than this.

"Play Things" is designed for use while in the Curse of Strahd mini-adventure "Death House." While in the children's room, the characters are introduced to Diavola and Friedrich. This Scenario includes two unique objects, 11 storylines, and the guarantee that someone is going to die in a twisted, discomforting way.

But it's not all bad. Well, not necessarily all bad…

After Lost Mine

Orcs to Phandalin by Christopher Davidson. Levels 5-6. Mar 08, 2016. (DMs Guild )

The Ghost Tribe of Orcs have been driven from their home under the Sword Mountains by some terrible evil and they now see Phandalin as their best option for a new home. The heroes, who are on their way to Phandalin for a much needed rest after their adventures in the Lost Mine, must make it to town in time to warn the inhabitants and help prepare for the orc attack.

Orcs Invade Phandalin by Christopher Davidson. Levels 5-6. Mar 20, 2016. (DMs Guild )

The Ghost Tribe of Orcs have been driven from their home under Wyvern Tor by some terrible evil and have traveled to the top of the hill overlooking Phandalin where they camped last night. Their chief, driven mad by unknown horrors, prepares to attack the city and claim it as his new home. The heroes, who raced to the town ahead of the orc tribe, spend the night helping to prepare defenses and rest when they can.

Can the heroes help defend the town or will the orcs wipe out the inhabitants of Phandalin? Once the town is safe, how will the PCs handle a moral dilemma? Orcs Invade Phandalin is the second of four parts in the After Lost Mine series. It will play out the invasion of Phandalin using the new mass combat rules from Unearthed Arcana. Part III will be the trip to the orc’s former cave settlement and then into the darkness beneath. Part IV will have the party deal with the terror from the Underdark that drove the orcs out.

Journey to Beneath Wyvern Tor by Christopher Davidson, Brandon Thompson. Levels 6-7. Apr 17, 2016. (DMs Guild)

The Ghost Tribe of Orcs were driven from their home under Wyvern Tor by some terrible evil. They marched to Phandalin and attacked, only to be defeated. Now the heroes will go beneath Wyvern Tor to discover the terror that chased out the orcs and perhaps find the source of the orc’ssardonyx. Journey to Beneath Wyvern Tor is the third of four parts in the After Lost Mine series. It will play out the journey to the orc’s former cave settlement and then into the darkness beneath. Part IV will have the party deal with the terror from the Underdark that drove out the orcs.

Into the Dark by Christopher Davidson, Brandon Thompson. Level 6. May 28, 2016. (DMs Guild )

The Ghost Tribe of Orcs were driven from their home under Wyvern Tor by some terrible evil. They marched to Phandalin and attacked only to be defeated. Then, the heroes journeyed to the orc’s former settlement beneath Wyvern Tor and found the source of the orc’s sardonyx and the umber hulk that drove the orcs out. Now, the party has to go deeper to deal with the terror from the Underdark that caused all of this excitement.

Blood and Sand

The Gauntlet by Erik Heinze-Milne. Levels 1-2. Mar 22, 2016. (DMs Guild)

The beginning of a campaign in the harrowing deserts of Calimshan. The party starts as slave gladiators in the Blood Arenas of Manshaka. Can they survive the annual Gauntlet event and win their freedom?

This adventure is designed to take a 4 character party of 1st level adventurers to 2nd level by the end. Also has a tie in to Blood and Sand Part 2: Echoes of the Future, coming soon!

Includes two variations on arena maps for use with this adventure, or whatever other adventures you might have planned. There is also a new background, the Gladiator.

Crown for Strahd

A Crown for Strahd by patrick mcgovern. Levels 3-5. Jul 26, 2016. (DMs Guild )

There are many who would like to see Strahd removed once and for all. One wizard has a plan to create an item to weaken the lord of the land but needs help from some adventurers that may (or maynot) want to see strahd destroyed. He sends them a letter but Before he start he must first see if they can find him. no point senting people to their unfortuate desmise.

A level 3-5 adventure in the ravenloft setting. first part of three of the Crown for Strahd

Crown from Neverwinter by patrick mcgovern. Levels 1-9. Aug 03, 2016. (DMs Guild)

CS008 While agreeing to help the wizard named Ezris learn on an artifact. They find the Hall of Heroes. From this they learn of a way to go back and experence the event. Now will they gain the knowledge they seek to build a device to weaken Strahd or will they Suffer in the past. Second part of the Crown for Strahd Adventure

Destiny Abroad

The Voyage of the Rose Marie by Matthew Gravelyn. Level 1. May 27, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Unhappy with their lots in life, an unlikely group of adventurers seek to find new lives and untold riches in the newly discovered continent of Izdihar. Across the Faragoth Sea lies fertile soil to be farmed, untamed wilds to be explored, and vast fortunes to be earned!

Destiny Abroad is a series of adventures set in a newly discovered continent, allowing players to start fresh and escape their pasts. The first adventure encompasses the voyage across the vast ocean, where players will acclimate to life on the high sea and deal with danger unique to lengthy sea crossing. Use this adventure in your own game, or play through the entire series and let your players explore this exciting new world!

This 11-page D&D 5e adventure is created for 1st-level characters, takes 2-3 hours to play through, and offers players a variety of encounters, like combat, skill checks, and NPC interaction. This adventure is also written with new DMs in mind, offering prewritten dialog, suggestions for adding to the encounters, and tips on how to tailor this adventure to your specific players.

Drow of Vyxhiar

Herding Rothe by Hillel Genesove. Levels 1-4. Mar 18, 2016. (DMs Guild)

A band of adventurers make their way into the Underdark, only to be waylaid by a Drow raiding party, looking for prisoners to sell in their city's marketplace. You are the Drow, attempting to make your way back home along with your newly gained cargo. But the Underdark is a dangerous place.

Even for you.

This is the first in hopefully a series of adventures that place in and around a Drow city in the Forgotten Realms.

The author would like to warn you that this adventure is not for everyone, and cannot be inserted into just any campaign. It is dark, and involves selling people for profit. It is meant to be a starting point to show players what to expect when playing characters that are essentially Lawful Evil.

Have a read, but use at your own discretion.

A Web of Alliances by Hillel Genesove. Levels 2-4. Jul 04, 2016. (DMs Guild)

The members of House Zemirae continue to gain ranks in the city by forming an alliance. Actions have repercussions, however, as the players soon find out. Forced to search their own home in an unfamiliar state, will the players survive the horrors of the House's past?

Elminster's Letters

Elminster's Letters #3 by Davide Quatrini. Level 16. Jun 21, 2016. (DMs Guild )

In this issue of Elminster's Letters you'll read a personal mail sent you by the Sage of Shadowdale and you will also find a fast, single-session adventure for three PCs of 16th level, including a new CR 16 monster as final boss.

The Plague Lab by Davide Quatrani. Level 5. Mar 12, 2016. (DMs Guild )

rab a copy of “Elminster's Letters” and start adventuring in the Realms!

In each issue you'll read a personal mail sent to you by the Sage of Shadowdale and you will also find a fast, single-session adventure for your 5th edition Dungeons & DragonsTM game.

The Plague Lab is a short scenario for 3 PCs of 5th level.

The Shield of the Raven by Davide Quatrini. Level 2. Apr 27, 2016. (DMs Guild )

Grab a copy of “Elminster's Letters” and start adventuring in the Realms!

In each issue you'll read a personal mail sent to you by the Sage of Shadowdale and you will also find a fast, single-session adventure for your 5th edition Dungeons & DragonsTM game.

The Shield of the Raven presents a Forgeotten Realms/Ravenloft crossover scenario for 4 PCs of 2nd level.

Enter the Shadowfell

Escape from the shadowfell by patrick mcgovern. Levels 7-10. Jun 29, 2016. (DMs Guild )

After spending months in the shadowfell they are given a small sliter of hope of escapse. But Everything has a price. Will they be willing to face extreme perals to escapse or will they just be another casulty within the shadowfell? adventure for a mid-level party.

Fey Encounter

Dining in the Woods by Sam McGhee. Levels 2-4. May 30, 2016. (DMs Guild )

As you travel through the woods, you hear sounds of laughter. As you get closer, you see a table in a clearing surrounded by strange animals wearing waistcoats. A badger invites you to sit down and join the party.

This encounter for 2nd-4th level characters can take place anywhere the party is traveling through the Feywild or mystical woods full of the bizarre.

God's Bane

Assention by Patrick McGovern. Levels 19-20. Mar 23, 2016. (DMs Guild )

This is the third part of the God's Bane. Mono is about almost ready to assend. But there is another Nim-Aer. The Choices The party makes will help deside who will assend to godhood as a lesser god. A adventure for a Very High level party or to finish the God's Bane adventures.

Haven Cross

The Adventurers Guild by Rafael Fiadi. Levels 1-4. Jul 09, 2016. (DMs Guild )

The Village of Haven Cross is a great set-up to start a new campaign or to introduce Dungeons and Dragons to new players.

It provides a fun environment both to players and DMs offering great flexibility and freedom, with the posibility of an immersive experience in between quests.
Besides the Adventurer's Guild and the Village of Haven Cross I included one adventure for level 1 to 4 characters that can be used as the entry quest to those wishing to join the guild.

The Temple of Caecus & The Drunken Horse Inn by Rafael Fiadi. Levels 1-4. Aug 06, 2016. (DMs Guild )

The second book on the Haven Cross Module.

Introduces two new locations in the village: The Temple of Caecus, the blind god & The Drunken Horse Inn.

Litany of Arrows

The Castle of Corellon by Sean McGovern. Level 1. Aug 12, 2016. (DMs Guild)

The ruins of a flying castle teeming with goblins is heading to the peaceful village of Barrowmist. It is up to the heroes to get up there and stop it before the castle lands in the village and chaos ensues. The group will enter into the ancient struggle between elves and orcs. Not only can they claim the ruins as their home, but the heroes will be asked to go on a quest to repair the castle and use it to find the Misty Isle, a legendary elven realm stolen by Gruumsh, god of the orcs.

Maztica Alive

TWA1 The Ruins by Jon Hild. Levels 5-7. Apr 02, 2016. (DMs Guild )

The Ruins is a jungle based encounter and adventure that can be used in any jungle setting. It is specifically designed for the Maztica setting but adaptation to others is minimal and all creatures, items and other information are self contained within this book. All you need is right here.

The Ruins is based off of the 2008 movie of the same name and tries to closely mimic the events that occured in that horror film.

This is the first official adventure published for the Maztica Alive campaign, and is intended for four characters of levels 5-7, though some adjustments could be made to make the adventure more or less difficult.

There is truly a horrifying creature within these pages. See if you can end the threat of the ezcochitli!

Mud Creek

The Quarrelsome Quarry by Kristjan Matthiasson. Level 2. Apr 20, 2016. (DMs Guild)

The Quarrelsome Quarry is a 2-3 hour adventure for 2nd level characters at the end of which the players need to make a choice that will decide their path.

This adventure is the third and final adventure of the Mud Creek trilogy. A set of adventures for low level characters which takes them from 1st level to 3rd level and sets them on a path to glory or infamy.

Scraps of Divinity

The Festival of Lights by Ryan Rimmel, Moze Howard. Level 1. Mar 13, 2016. (DMs Guild )

People come from all over the Forgotten Realms to view the Light of Two Forks; a miraculous window into another plane. Among this crush of revelers are princes and paupers, sinners and saints, warriors and pacifists all looking to the sky in wonder. From the light comes a storm. After a massive explosion above showers the world with fire and death, a brave few must rise up as Heros. in order to save the people of Two Forks and, perhaps, all of the Forgotten Realms from the ravages of the Undead, a Mechanical menace and something far worse.

This 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons adventure is designed for 1st level characters, and is set in the Forgotten Realms.

Servants of the Black Moon

Servants of the Black Moon – Part 4 by Kirk Lowe. Levels 5-10. Aug 08, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Head north through the Desert of Zai struggling to survive against the elements and denizens of this sand blasted land. This adventure is a part of Servants of the Black Moon Campaign but can be played as a one off adventure without issue.

The Axiom War

Rumble Under Elmwood by Will Race. Levels 1-2. Jun 13, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Elmwood is a sleepy town in the Dalelands next to a lot of action. Dragons to the north, elementals to the east, and demons to the west have all left Elmwood untouched. But evil begins to rear its ugly head even in the most innocent of places, and horrors can lurk in other places beside mists.

The Doom Portals

Betrayal at Devilsfall by Barbarossa. Levels 2-5. Feb 29, 2016. (DMs Guild)

“One more thing,” Rowan says. “When we treat with the orcs, we go in unarmed.” Roccar crosses his arms, grimly asking, “an’ exactly where will we be diggin’ our own graves?” Glendale points a gauntleted finger to the Spine of the World’s foothills on the map. “Here, a combe where Laraur and Many-Arrows repelled the Arcane Brotherhood’s designs–together. It has no name, but the Orcs call it… Devilsfall.”

Blade Bizarre by Barbarossa. Levels 1-4. Feb 22, 2016. (DMs Guild)

East of Sundabar, someone is selling black-market weapons to the Nether Mountains’ Orc tribes. But stranger things than smugglers are afoot in the Moon Pass. This module is intended to be one of three possible starting adventures (1A, 1B, or 1AB) for the A and B interconnected adventures arcs of The Doom Portals storyline. This is focused on good characters, which is limiting but easier to play.

Blood-Kin by Barbarossa. Levels 1-4. Feb 13, 2016. (DMs Guild)

East of Luraur and the Silver Marches, barbarian homesteads are raided by Orcs. Desperate searchers ride out to find the captives, but will they choose justice or revenge? This adventure has combat and exploration, but also contains quick, important social encounters. A 4-hour fifth edition adventure for 1st-4th level characters (1st draft; The Doom Portals storyline 1AB)

The Hidden War by Barbarossa. Levels 8-13. Apr 04, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Ser Mary Glendale, Defender of the Silver Marches, has been kidnapped and taken to The Wizard Denorian’s floating tower. Yet is the abduction merely part of a larger trap?

A 3-hour Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons adventure for 8th-13th level characters suggested for good and neutral alignments (1st draft; The Doom Portals storyline DP-4A; 30 pages).

The Hidden War is a homage to action genre fiction, and fairly combat heavy. The Players go from fight to fight with few social encounters. The social encounters are important to building tension and key to the hook of the module: secret information. Players will be given secret information which allows them to overcome the final battle. This is an experimental attempt and fairly rigid. Additionally, there may be small or large connection to other future adventures, most likely The Lost Tower or Islands of Insanity, noted in the module. This module is intended to be a sequel to The Lonely Tower (DP-3A) for the A and B interconnected adventures arcs of The Doom Portals storyline. This is focused on good characters, which is limiting but easier to play. This adventure can be lethal, but is mostly about big battles with multiple routes to victory.

The Kobolds' Gem by Barbarossa. Levels 1-4. Feb 16, 2016. (DMs Guild)

East of Silverymoon, Lord Bartle’s immensely valuable ruby has fallen into Kobold hands. The race is on between two bands of thieves to steal back the treasure first. The Kobolds' Gem occurs at the same time as Blood-Kin. This module is intended to one of three possible starting adventures (1A, 1B, or 1AB) for the A and B interconnected adventures arcs of The Doom Portals storyline.

The Lonely Tower by Barbarossa. Levels 5-10. Mar 31, 2016. (DMs Guild)

West of the Cold Wood a Lonely Tower holds arcana and answers. An elite team prepares the perfect heist, but can they learn the secrets before their time runs out? A 4-hour 5th edition D&D adventure for 5th-10th level characters suggested for good and neutral alignments. (1stdraft; The Doom Portals storyline DP-3A; 32 pages)

The Lonely Tower is a homage to the action thriller, but not necessarily combat heavy. The Players get to plan a heist, so infiltration, puzzles, and possibly wave attacks. The social encounters are important to building tension. Additionally, there may be small or large connection to other future adventures, most likely The Lost Tower or Islands of Insanity, noted in the module. This module is intended to be a sequel to Betrayal at Devilsfall DP-2A for the A and B interconnected adventures arcs of The Doom Portals storyline. This is focused on good characters, which is limiting but easier to play. This adventure can be deadly, but is mostly about looming threats.

The Lost Tower by Barbarossa. Levels 11-17. Jun 02, 2016. (DMs Guild)

A nearby door flies open; Russ Tanner holds up a key. “Take it!” he croaks. “You can’t let them get ‘the Key!’ There’s too many; take it and run!” As Russ Tanner slumps over; brutal blows begin to rain against the sturdy wooden door. Enemies are trying to break in. A crack opens revealing a one giant, angry eye: a Cyclops. Russ Tanner drops the key as he whispers his last words, “it opens every door!” Tanner dies with a groan.

Mysteriously linked to seemingly ordinary objects, the Lost Tower holds a power which empires will war to obtain. The adventurers have the most important object fall into their hands: the key to the Lost Tower. And now everyone wants to kill them.<o:p></o:p>

An 8-12 hour (or longer) Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons adventure suggested for all alignments. 53 pages, monster stats in text, unique items, and set the Forgotten Realms, in the City of Neverwinter and in the East on the Plateau of Thay. Unlike many adventures one can play level 5 to level 20 as a module or use this as a longer arc in campaign. Levels 11-17 suggested..

The Sands of Ascore by Barbarossa. Levels 2-5. Feb 24, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Beneath the Pyramids of Ascore, an ancient vault contains a fortune and the only exit. But monsters are all around you. This module is intended to be a sequel to two of three possible starting adventures (1B,or 1AB) for the A and B interconnected adventures arcs of The Doom Portals storyline. This is focused on evil characters, evil stories tend to be more fun, but less fair. This adventure is an excellent example as it isn’t fair at all, but rather rewards greed with death or triumph. A 3-hour adventure for 2nd-5th level characters, suggested for evil and neutral alignments. (1st draft; The Doom Portals storyline DP-2B)

The Whispered Wood by Barbarossa. Levels 8-13. May 12, 2016. (DMs Guild)

The forces of Chaos reign terror on the people of Luskan. Will the adventurers sacrifice the city to protect themselves, will they betray their ally to save the innocents, or will they choose their ideals over the fate of the North? A 3-hour Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons adventure for 8th-13th level characters suggested for all alignments (1st draft; The Doom Portals storyline DP-5AB).

Suddenly, an explosion rocks the city from a distance. Ser Mary looks around at her “protectors” and shouts, “How can you do nothing? Do you have no code?” In the brief, crushing silence that follows wails burning with grief can be heard before another muffled shockwave rattles the buildings. It is going to be a long night in Luskan.

The Whispered Word is about choices, but not particularly combat heavy. The Players are compelled to prevent a battle between two former friends. The social encounters are important to building tension and key to the hook of the module: choices. This is an experimental attempt and fairly rigid. But the surprises and themes will be much more effective if the inner workings are not revealed to the party. Don’t restrict players based on alignment, but helpful reminders may be useful for new players. Additionally, there may be small or large connection to other future adventures, most likely The Lost Tower or Islands of Insanity, noted in the module. This module is intended to be a sequel to The Lonely Tower (DP-3A) for the A and B interconnected adventures arcs of The Doom Portals storyline. This adventure can be lethal, but is mostly about big battles with multiple routes to victory.

They Know by Barbarossa. Levels 5-10. Mar 06, 2016. (DMs Guild)

The Fortress City of Sundabar is on high alert, the common folk trapped. Nothing is getting out, but something is getting in…

To Catch a Thief by Barbarossa. Levels 8-13. Apr 17, 2016. (DMs Guild)

The Party is hustled into the room still in various forms of undress. The inside is well appointed, tiled in a reddish-brown, with several drains, and with a few chained hooks hanging from the ceiling. In walks a heavily cloaked figure with an extremely large hood. A middle-aged female Tiefling follows the shrouded figure and seats herself on an abruptly materialized chair. One of the scary children, a girl Tiefling, pushes a mop in a bucket into the room and closes the door humming to herself a jaunty tune. Once inside the girl smiles and says to the Party, “Headmistress wants to know if you stole something last night.”

One night in Luskan can make brave warriors humble, clever rogues poor, and adventurers very rich —or very, very dead.

To Catch a Thief is a homage to crime genre fiction, but not particularly combat heavy. The Players investigated a crime with some social encounters. The social encounters are important to building tension. Additionally, there may be small or large connection to other future adventures, most likely The Lost Tower or Islands of Insanity, noted in the module. This module is intended to be a sequel to They Know (DP-3B) for the A and B interconnected adventures arcs of The Doom Portals storyline. This is focused on evil characters, which is less limiting but often more unfair. This adventure can be lethal, but is mostly about mystery and getting in over your head.

A 3-hour Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons adventure for 8th-13th level characters suggested for evil and neutral alignments (1st draft; The Doom Portals storyline DP-4B)

The Islands of Insanity by Barbarossa. Levels 12-19. May 28, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Deep in the Trackless Sea a strange mist traps adventurers in the dark waters surrounding an island chain. Each island is a mysterious world onto itself, but can the adventurers unlock their secrets in time to stop the Elder Evil causing this aberration?

The Islands of Insanity is a mini-campaign. This adventure is designed to work as a wrap around story. Each Island is a separate adventure with only a few requirements placed on it. The primary goal is to allow a sampling of different adventures and/or different DMs through the frame adventure. 72 pages, monster stats in text, unique items, examples maps, an extra "redacted copy" for player DMs that want to try DMing without spoiling the overall adventure, modular build for expansion or replayabilty. Contains two example Island Adventures.

This is an experimental attempt and fairly flexible. But the surprises and themes will be much more effective if the inner workings are not revealed to the party. Additionally, there may be small or large connection to other future or past adventures, but this adventure is highly modular and can be played as a standalone. This is intended to be one of two possible mini-campaign finales for the A and B interconnected adventures arcs of The Doom Portals storyline. This adventure is crazy.

An 8-12 hour (or longer) Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons adventure for 12th-19th level characters suggested for all alignments

The Five Temples of the Earthmother

Life and Moon by Shawn Merwin, Christopher Sniezak. Levels 1-3. Jan 11, 2016. (DMs Guild, )

The Five Temples of the Earthmother is a series of short adventures for Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition. Broken into chapters, which take place on the Island of Alaron in the Moonshae Isles of the Forgotten Realms, each chapter in the series details a different adventure site. Each site is a lost temple dedicated to the Earthmother, the force representing the primal essence of nature and life, a revered force in the Moonshaes.

The Iron Bastion

Blight of the Bandit's Blade by Rich Lescouflair. Level 1. Mar 15, 2016. (DMs Guild )

his preview adventure is Chapter One of the first module for The Iron Bastion. This adventure includes:

* The Blight of the Bandit's Blade – a complete adventure for 1st level.
* Optional rules for Sanity Checks and Corruption
* A new magic item – Faesever
* New character background features and optional bonds

Important: This adventure is set on the continent of Anchorome, west of Faerun.

The Iron Bastion: Rise of the Blood Watch by Rich Lescouflair. Levels 1-7. Aug 15, 2016. (DMs Guild)

A Shadow Looms Over Anchorome
When a band of heroes journey to Revonar's mainland, they are drawninto a grand conspiracy, the culmination of which may well decide the fate of nations.
All the while, a force of dread continues to spread over the countryside,its icy grip slowly closing upon an unsuspecting people.
As a sinister plot unfolds beneath the mask of this new enemy,what fate will these heroes bring to people of Revonar?

This is the complete first module for The Iron Bastion adventure series. This adventure includes:

A 52 page adventure introducing players to the Sundered Realms saga.
Revised rules for Sanity Checks and Corruption as used in the Demonbane Chronicles adventure series.
New magic items - Faesever, Ellsif, and the Dagger of Long Shadow
New character background features and optional bonds
Want a free sample? – Download the first chapter preview here!

Important: This adventure is set on the continent of Anchorome, west of Faerun. It is highly recommended that you download the Sundered Realms Player's Guide.

Other Titles by Rich Lescouflair

The Lost Places

Vault of Kuvgar Stonebeard by Jason Perdue. Jun 08, 2016. (DMs Guild )

A nearly forgotten dwarven kingdom once ruled these mountains. It's rulers were wealthy beyond compare. Time and greed wore the kingdom to dust and now all that remains are ruins and wonders. Recently coins of that ancient kingdom has appeared in the streams of the foothills to the south of the mountains. Rumors have passed with the tankards that a vault laden with gold is waiting to be found. You and your friends, on a fortnight's furlough from guard duty, have set off in search of this lost horde.

The Tower of Bondage

Aumvor's Welcome by Clovis Kell. Levels 3-4. Feb 12, 2016. (DMs Guild)

The Tower of Bondage is a fresh look at the ancient Netherese lich known as Aumvor the Undying of the Forgotten Realms. Having finally fled to the Endless Caverns and having reached lichdom, he was no longer able to feed upon the life force of others. He built hidden portals to his domain in order to trap living victims to slake his lust for gluttony. That was long ago and the portals have been forgotten with time. A forest ranger has stumbled onto the location of one of the old portals.

Fane of the Jailers by Clovis Kell. Levels 4-5. Mar 07, 2016. (DMs Guild)

This adventure is part two of a six-part series that comprises six levels of dungeon and culminates in the PC’s escape from an underground prison of torture and madness, and if they choose, the destruction of the Lich known as Aumvor the Undying.

In early 1320 DR Aumvor the Undying collected the greatest of all of the relics and lore of the Netherese Empire and secreted it away in his domain in Endless Caverns. There he awaited the return of the City of Shade. He did not have to wait long for it was but thirty eight years when it appeared. The undying one saw this as his long awaited opportunity to return and bring the Netherse Empire to its full glory.

As quickly as it rose, it also fell, for even Aumvor could not foretell the advent of the second sundering. This change in the weave left him weakened and the nations placed under his yoke, rebelled. By 1487 DR the City of Shade fell and the end of Netheril was not far behind.

From the ashes of an empire two times fallen, Aumvor the Undying plots again to restore Netheril. His ancient portal traps still in operation, he feeds on the living and grows strong again. Who can stop him?

For more on Aumvore the Undying and the history of the Empire of Netheril, consult Champions of Valor and Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide.

This exciting series presents the dungeons of Aumvor the Undying after the second sundering, desperately clinging to what little he has left. This may be the time to strike him down once and for all.

The Upper Tower by Clovis Kell. Levels 4-5. Mar 21, 2016. (DMs Guild)

The adventure continues as your PCs make their way to the upper reaches of the tower and learn of the danger involved in moving deeper into Aumvor's dark realm.

For centuries Aumvor the Undying has fed upon the life force of innocent folk who stumbled upon his portal traps. For centuries he has planned for and prepared for the eventual return of Netheril as a power in the world. That hope has now faded, and he has returned to his vault to regain strength and begin anew. Even now, he is deep in his tower vault plotting.

The Middle Tower by Clovis Kell. Levels 6-7. Apr 21, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Part 4 of the Tower of Bondage “The Middle Tower” introduces Olive Slime and Slime Creatures from notable 1e AD&D fame as well as another of Aumvor’s tortured servants.

Discover the Undying One’s library and find tools needed to defeat him, if your players are to escape the tower alive. This release also includes a side view of the tower to better understand the layout of the dungeons.

The Lower Tower by Clovis Kell. Levels 7-8. May 02, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Aumvor is aware of the intruders and sends a warning with a powerful fire ball. Satisfied that the party has lost interest, Aumvor returns to his vault where he can safely leave his remains and travel the planes in search of greater power. Perhaps the PCs that survive the blast may have the upper hand. Growing closer to the final chapter, the party of adventurers will find that the only way out is into the tank for a swim.

Aumvor the Undying has hidden here in this dungeon for centuries, waiting for his chance to resurface as the emperor of Netheril. The time has passed slowly and Aumvor’s powers are waning. He has hidden phylacteries well, but what use will they be if he has no vessel I which to dwell. Aumvor makes a final effort to kill the party before returning to his vault to wait in ambush for them.

In “Part 5 The Lower Tower”, you will find the secret at the bottom of the tower, 16 exciting and deadly encounters, and a lot of zombies floating in cadaver soup. Ever fight zombies while swimming and dodging specters? Here is your opportunity.

Aumvor's Vault by Clovis Kell. May 24, 2016. (DMs Guild)

This is the thrilling finish to the Tower of Bondage.

Will your PCs escape with their lives or stand and face Aunvor and put an end to his deadly game?

Truly, Madly, Deeply

Truly, Madly, Deeply-Module 1 by NonZero Sum Games. Level 1. Feb 10, 2016. (DMs Guild )

The purpose of this module is to introduce a new player, or players, and a Dungeon Master (DM), to the fight mechanics included in the D&D 5E Player’s Handbook (PHB). If you have played through Module 0, some of the background information will be duplicated and can be skipped over. If you skipped Module 0, you will be able to jump into this module with no problems.

Truly, Madly, Deeply-Module 00 by NonZero SumGames. Level 1. Feb 10, 2016. (DMs Guild )

The purpose of this module is to introduce a new player, or players, and a Dungeon Master (DM), to the process of creating a Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition character. For adventuring parties that have already created their characters, you can skip to Module 1. In this module, we’ll build up each character through role-playing, storytelling, and the use of targeted questions by the DM. At the end of this module, each player should have a level 1 character that’s ready to play.

Truly, Madly, Deeply-Module 02 by NonZero Sum Games. Level 2. Mar 26, 2016. (DMs Guild)

You carried your characters through Harper training and now it is time to be officially recognized by the High Harper in Berdusk and be recorded into the official record as members in good standing of the Harpers. What lies between Aberuthven and Berdusk and will your party make the trek in 14 days or less? Or will something sidetrack you?

This module is the third in the series. Continue your training with your 2nd level characters in this 3 hour adventure. It is assumed that your party consists of four level two characters of a good alignment that have chosen to be in the Harpers guild. You could use this module as a standalone adventure with some tweaking of a few details but those that have played through Module 01 may find this adventure richer and more fulfilling than those that have not. You can adjust the difficulty of the encounters described below to account for more or less characters.

Two Page Mini Delves

The Battlerise Safehouse by Brian Benoit. Mar 27, 2016. (DMs Guild)

This is a sequel to The Battlerise Outpost, but can be used independently as well.

As they explore an abandoned watchtower, the characters find a secret room with a spiral staircase that descends into the hidden basement. It hasn't been used in decades, but can the PCs puzzle out what it was originally used for? And will they survive what is currently living there?

BONUS CONTENT: This mini delve also includes one new magic item – The Book of Common Knowledge

The Battlerise Outpost by Brian Benoit. Mar 13, 2016. (DMs Guild)

he characters arrive in the Cormyr border town of Battlerise to discover that is has recently been plagued by robberies. Then, overnight, a teen is kidnapped, and the party is hired to find him. This leads them to an abandoned border watch tower outside of town, but they may not be expecting what happens next…

Uprising Saga

The Horns of War by Devin Cutler. Level 2. Mar 01, 2016. (DMs Guild , )

The PCs have escorted a trade caravan to the dwarven stronghold of Nirzumbil and are preparing for a boring trip home. But what is that sound of horns in the distance? And why are the dwarves closing the front gates to the mines?

Strike Back by Devin Cutler. Level 4. Mar 17, 2016. (DMs Guild )

An orcish emissary is travelling the lands south of the dwarven stronghold of Nirzumbil, attempting to keep the tribes in line and focused upon harassing the dwarves. If the PCs can defeat the emissary before he can complete his rounds, they might be able to splinter a part of the orcish alliance.

A sandbox-style adventure for a party of 4th level player characters.

Let it Be by Devin Cutler. Level 4. Mar 18, 2016. (DMs Guild )

The third adventure in the Uprising Saga. It would take a lot to force the PCs to ally with the very orcs that have been causing them so much trouble recently. But what have those damnable orcs stirred up in the abandoned copper mines?

A four hour adventure for 4th level player characters.

Against the Orcs by Devin Cutler. Level 6. Mar 25, 2016. (DMs Guild )

The fourth and final adventue in the Uprising Saga.

Valley of Kyros

A Source of Secrets by Kristjan Matthiasson. Levels 2-3. Apr 30, 2016. (DMs Guild)

A Source of Secrets is the sequel to the Mud Creek trilogy and the first adventure in the Valley of Kyros trilogy.

In this adventure our heroes set out to discover the secrets of Saarith. A lich they unwittingly released from a magical prison.

This adventure is designed to be a low level adventure for three to four 2nd to 3rd level characters that lean towards good alignment.

Lights of Darkness by Kristjan Matthiasson. Levels 3-4. Jun 16, 2016. (DMs Guild)

This is the second adventure in the Valley of Kyros Trilogy and the sequel to "A Source of Secrets"

In this adventure our heroes learn the purpose of the orb and continue to oppose Saariths plans.

This adventure is designed to be a low level adventure for three to four 3rd to 4th level characters that lean towards good alignments

The Purging Flames by Kristjan Matthiasson. Level 4. Jul 20, 2016. (DMs Guild)

The third and final adventure in the Valley of Kyros trilogy. Here our heroes finally attempt to destry to Orb of Saarith.

Weekly Micro Dungeons

Adubeus's Tower by eric moss. Levels 4-6. Jun 18, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Explore an abandoned wizard&rsquo;s tower in this short weekly mini dungeon!

Faylark Meadow by eric moss. Levels 2-4. Jun 18, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Explore a unicorn meadow with two competing factions in this short weekly micro dungeon!

Rockbreaker Tomb by eric moss. Levels 7-9. Jun 18, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Explore an ancient dwarven tomb in this short weekly micro dungeon!

Temple of the Snake God by eric moss. Levels 10-12. Jun 28, 2016. (DMs Guild)

Explore a temple dedicated to a god of snakes in this short weekly micro dungeon!

0one Games

One Night at the Red Vampire by David Schwartz. Level 5. May 17, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

Over a century after adventurers defeated the Red Vampire, the manor house from which the undead count reigned has become an inn and tourist attraction. A welcome relief for weary travelers, the Red Vampire’s Way Inn provides soft beds and warm meals in the otherwise inhospitable Eerie Forest. Yet beneath the inn, the Red Vampire’s legacy is not destroyed, but only contained. Tonight an inquisitive guest will break the seal. It’s up to the PCs to defend the other guests and themselves from the horrors that are released. Can they survive One Night at the Red Vampire?

The events of One Night at the Red Vampire occur at the Red Vampire’s Way Inn. In the Eerie Forest, the inn is situated where the Road of the Two Fangs meets the Road of the Walking Dead. GMs are encouraged to place the Inn on whatever stretch of lonely road is convenient for their campaign. This short adventure is designed for four 5th-level characters in the Fifth Edition of the world’s oldest roleplaying game.

The Invisible Hand by David Schwartz. Level 3. Jun 30, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

Goblins have long been a nuisance to travelers in the Eerie Forest, but recently they have become organized. The goblin horde has been attacking caravans and nearby villages. Even stranger, from their symbols and gestures the goblins appear to be devil worshipers. Heroes are needed to travel into enemy territory and defeat the mysterious entity who leads the goblins. Do the PCs have what it takes to face The Invisible Hand?

In The Invisible Hand the PCs explore the goblin-infested ruins of a watchtower and an underground temple. In the Eerie Forest, both are located on Dead Knight Hill, a rocky tor that looms over the woods. GMs are encouraged to place these sites in a wilderness area appropriate for their campaign. This adventure is designed for four 3rd-level characters in the Fifth Edition of the world’s oldest roleplaying game.


Total Party Kill Primer by Steven Gordon. Sep 08, 2015. (2Cgaming )

Terror on the High Seas! When an aboleth breaks free from its prison in the cargo hold, it's not a good time to be aboard!

A Hole in the Ground Terrain & Games

A Brother Lost by Joel Logan. Level 1. May 17, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

A Brother lost is a SOLO adventure for a human or Halfling warrior character of first level. It is a perfect adventure for coming up with a detailed origin story for a character. It is also a great adventure a father can run for his son or daughter as an introduction to role playing.

AAW Games

A00: Crow's Rest Island by AAW Games. Level 1. Dec 02, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

A classic ghost story that casts the PCs not as adversaries to the specters, but rather as their benefactors, Crow’s Rest Island challenges the PCs with a tribe of foul kobolds, a haunted village, and the forgotten servant of a long departed ice devil. An excellent introduction to the Aventyr Campaign Setting, this adventure gives the PCs their first glimpse into Vikmordere culture. A0 may also be easily ported to any setting containing a northern wilderness near a large body of water.

A01: Crypt of the Sun Lord by Jonathan G. Nelson. Level 1. Dec 02, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

The adventurers travel across Serpent Lake with a group of Rybalkan soldiers. The group camps for the night adjacent to the ruins of Ka'Teek. As they sleep a goblin steals a precious keepsake from one of the PCs and disappears into the ruins. The party pursues and finds themselves confronting undead guardians of the Sun Lord while avoiding dangerous traps.

A02: Devil of Dark Wood by Jonathan G. Nelson. Levels 2-3. Dec 02, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

Bakinqa is not your typical devil. Influenced by human society at a young age he took it upon himself to learn as much as he could about the “pink skins”. When his first meeting with humans results in the death of his father, Bakinqa swears to find and kill the boy responsible. Ten years later Bakinqa has prepared his plans for revenge. He begins experimentation on human werewolves, turning them into slaves and using them to work his way into human society searching for the boy that killed his father, now a man. When local hunters begin to disappear the mayor takes notice and hires the PCs to investigate.

A03: Champion's Rest by Jonathan G. Nelson. Levels 2-3. Dec 02, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

The Loi’Tok burial mound of the Vikmordere was abandoned long ago. The party is hired by the mayor of the local town to locate some soldiers who went missing after entering Loi’Tok. Strangely enough no sign of the soldiers can be found within the burial site aside from a few scattered weapons and pools of blood. Before the party has time to investigate, Vikmordere barbarians show up searching for a group of their own missing kinsmen.

Will the two groups blame each other or join forces to solve the mystery surrounding the recent disappearances?

A04: Forest for the Trees by Jonathan G. Nelson. Levels 2-3. Dec 02, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

The loggers of the West Wood have been logging these lands for over five years without a problem. Now, an eerie entity demands that they cease their logging activities and evacuate the forest immediately. If they refuse, they will die.

When the PCs arrive to help they find that things are not so black and white. The decisions which they make will have permanent and lasting implications for the entire region.

A05: Winterflower by Jonathan G. Nelson. Levels 4-5. Dec 02, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

The annual Winterflower Festival & Dance is just around the corner! What originally started as a festival to honor the rare Winterflower has grown into an annual gathering for families, soldiers, and hunters to eat, drink, and dance the night away.

The festival is named after the rarest flower in the world. It thrives in a cold mountainous region and has a reputation for growing on sheer mountain peaks and cliffs. It is the only flower known to grow through layers of snow in order to reach the sunlight. When carefully transplanted near the village the Winterflower is considered a blessing which protects the village from harm.

It is customary for the men of the village to ask the women to the dance by presenting them with rare, difficult to obtain gifts. A woman will usually select from the men based on the rarity of the gift with which she was presented.

This year, a beautiful maiden by the name of Gwendolyn has come of age and many men vie for her attention. Three such men are Nicoli Vrodle, Alem Dulgra, and Vladimir Pelchonal- all of which are willing to go to great lengths to attend the Winterflower Festival & Dance with the maiden Gwendolyn on their arm.

Each of the three men hire the PCs to retrieve the rarest gifts in the land.

The catch? The Winterflower Festival starts in just 5 days so the PCs must hurry!

B01: Under His Skin by Michael McCarthy. Levels 1-2. Dec 16, 2015. (DriveThruRPG, )

Saben Behi is lauded amongst his peers for his study of the very nature of magic has touched lives across the world. But he remains secluded, and has suddenly fallen silent after suggesting he was studying the art of necromancy to extend one’s life forever.

The PCs arrive at the wizard’s tower to find it in disarray, rapidly dissolving into a rotten mess. What has Saben brought upon himself – or worse, what might he have become?

B02: Happiness in Slavery by Mark Edwards. Levels 4-6. Dec 19, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

The PCs are just bedding down for the night when the village is attacked by raiders. What at first appear to be simple bandits turns out to be more frightening when they discover the ‘raiders’ are not mere brigands, but foul Orcs. Worse, they have taken captives. With the help of several locals, the PCs must chase down these Orcs in an attempt to return the villagers.

The PCs chase the Orcs all the way back to their village. Unfortunately the rescue mission turns into a call for aid, as the PCs discover the Orcs are in as much need as their captives. While under no obligation to do so, the PCs find themselves assisting new (and unlikely) allies.

B03: It All Falls Down by Michael McCarthy. Level 6. Jan 15, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

The Saatman emerald is an artifact, a relic of a long lost civilization that has been safely hidden in the Iroth family vault for years. But now, it, along with thousands of other precious gems have been stolen! A secretive group of duergar, long since driven insane from a curse, have broken into the family home and stolen away with the emerald, which must be recovered before it is lost in the miles of tunnels that lead ever deeper into the world.

B04: The Cave Beast's Hoard by Mike Myler, Jacob Kellogg. Level 3. Feb 04, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

Woodwall is an enchanted town protected by the very forests that surround it and its citizens are no strangers to the dangers of the woods. A new threat lurks throughout the region, however, a "cave beast" rumored to be the cause of a rash of recent disappearances in the area, leaving the people of this small settlement gripped with fear. There are a few particular locales that the local guard believe the creature frequents—with investigation and guile the party finds different remnants of Woodwall's ancient past in each spot, along with clues leading to the true malady to befall this enchanted vale. The truth hides within Telonel Keep behind an innocuous infestation of traveling kobolds, but can the adventurers discover The Cave Beast's Hoard before the creature finds them?

B05:To Catch a Serpent by Michael McCarthy. Level 10. Feb 16, 2016. (DriveThurRPG)

The portside city of Tawwa is under attack from within! The PCs find themselves waylaid in the harbor of the busy port city as the government has begun to fall into chaos – a dozen city officials have been murdered over the last month, and the attacks show no sign of stopping. The mayor is panicking, and the harbor has all but stopped. The party has to unravel the mystery, searching the city above and below to find this killer before they strike again!

B06: Cry of Ill Omen by Ronald Corn. Levels 8-10. Feb 22, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

The quaint fairytale village of Prince’s Folly is stuck in a recurring nightmare. The brooks no longer bubble, the children no longer frolic, and the giant daisies have all withered and died.

C01: Alagoran's Gem by Jonathan G. Nelson. Levels 3-5. Jan 12, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

Brave a dungeon filled with ferocious monsters and deadly traps in an attempt to retrieve Alagoran’s Gem, a fabled gem coveted by lords and kings the world over.

C02: Goblin Cave by Jonathan G. Nelson. Levels 1-2. Jan 28, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

The village of Svor has a problem, travelers on the main road are being robbed by bandits. The magistrate has requested assistance from the king, but help will take weeks to arrive. In the meantime the PCs are called upon to investigate the robberies. Clues lead the group through Svorian Forest and across Murky Lake to the entrance of Goblin Cave. Who or what awaits them inside?

5E U01: Dark Days in Stoneholme by Jonathan McAnulty. Levels 1-2. Jun 27, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

Dark Days in Stoneholme is a D&D 5th Edition compatible adventure suitable for four to six PCs of 1st-2nd level that features low-level exploration in Aventyr’s Underworld and intrigue both in and around the dwarven city of Stoneholme.

Waves of supernatural darkness sweep over the subterranean city of Stoneholme, quenching lights and bringing with it foul creatures of shadow. After heroically defending a group of dwarven children from being ravaged by a group of these shadow beings, the PCs are approached by Shtawn Deppenkhut—one of the king’s own advisers—and are offered the task of finding the source of the darkness that threatens the city.

The PCs investigation takes them through the Underworld to hidden caverns, where demon worshipping priests offer living sacrifices in an attempt to plunge Stoneholme into everlasting darkness, a first step in destroying the hated city once and for all, but as it turns out the priests aren’t the only ones behind this unfolding plan to destroy Stoneholme.

A Shoggoth Among the Sheep by Wolfgang Baur. May 05, 2016. (DriveThruRPG )

Issue #1 of Adventure Chronicle magazine by AAW Games

The tabletop roleplaying game magazine compatible with Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition and the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

Includes a 5E adventure!

B07: Beauty & Blood by Benjamin Medrano. Level 4. Mar 28, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

The small town of Iversdam is threatened by an insane nymph! Accompanied by vicious mites and deadly mountain wolves, the townsfolk have little to defend themselves should an attack come to them. Three villagers have died trying to enter the nearby Silwood, and now an adventuring party has also vanished within. The party must find a way to stop the nymph before she descends on Iversdam and wipes this small town off the map completely.

B09: Curse of the Full Moon by Juan Lucha & Stephen Yeardley. Levels 4-5. May 12, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

“Have you ever been jostled awake by the shrill howl of a terrible beast? Felt the hairs on the back of your neck rise up, and goosebumps wash over your body like death’s cold caress? I have. For the past two weeks, every single night, a big wolf-like beast, covered in thick fur has invaded our normally quaint village, disturbing the peace. Right about the time this thing started appearing folks began reporting odd events in town. The dead are rising from their graves to torment the living. Many townsfolk have begun to pack to leave town. We just can’t live here anymore, it’s unholy and unsafe.”
“If you feel like helping out, the folk here in Rooknest sure would appreciate it. You can see the mayor ‘bought the job and the pay. Good luck, you’ll need it.”

C03: Sufferhorn Castle by Will Myers, Jonathan G Nelson. Levels 2-3. Mar 21, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

Mosshammer Castle has been seized by Sufferhorn orcs! The former occupants of the castle are missing, most likely slain by the orcs during the violent attack. Could the movement of the orcs into human territory herald a coming orc horde and the surging tides of war? If the castle is not reclaimed the nearby towns and villages could be overrun when orc reinforcements arrive. The PCs are called upon to retake the castle, now dubbed “Sufferhorn Castle” by the occupying orcs. The mission will not be easy; the PCs must storm a castle, figure out how to get inside, and slay the leader of the Sufferhorn Orcs, the dreaded Dolaken Boarhut.

C04: The Play's the Thing by Stephen Yeardley. Levels 4-5. Mar 15, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

Naytella, a goddess of revelry and relaxed pleasure, had few shrines. Authorities feared what they couldn’t control and her belief in freedom of spirit worried many, causing them to drive her scattered followers underground. So when the bard Villeim Teatteri discovers an ancient site dedicated to Naytella, he knows what he must do; convert an entire town to her calling! But how to do that, and where to start? Everyone likes to see a good show and have a chance to share a drink or three with new friends, so Teatteri and his theatrical troupe set out to ensure both of these happen. But more is going on behind the scenes than meets the eye, and a voice of dissent asks the PCs to help restore order. It’s time to step forward and face the music for the party, as they find out that the play’s the thing to catch the conscience when adventuring!

5E Mini-Dungeons

Buried Council Chambers by Jonathan G. Nelson. Levels 2-3. Apr 27, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

Long ago these chambers served as a meeting place for dignitaries and politicians. Those responsible for maintaining the well-being of the people also held the hidden agenda of ensuring their own permanent and corrupt installment as overseers to the general populace. A cataclysmic event long ago buried these chambers deep underground, they have not been disturbed prior to the PCs finding the entrance in the ceiling.

5E Mini-Dungeons are single page, double sided adventures for 5th Edition which are setting agnostic and are easily inserted anywhere in your campaign.

Hobgoblin Lair by Jonathan Ely. Level 1. Apr 27, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

This lair is a seasonal home for a small group of goblinoid raiders that have been terrorizing the local region. If hunted by the PCs and tracked here, they retreat into the inside of this ancient complex (located 3-5 miles from the nearest trade route and community of any size).

5E Mini-Dungeons are single page, double sided adventures for 5th Edition which are setting agnostic and are easily inserted anywhere in your campaign.

Shrine of the Earth Barons by Stephen Yeardley. Levels 10-11. Apr 27, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

Followers of earth deities literally worship the ground they walk on and have always built below-ground shrines. A school of four gnome mages called the Earth Barons was no exception, constructing one such holy place where a desert met a range of rocky hills. Recently however, the mages were wiped out when a visiting dignitary turned out to be a suicide assassin that broke a fully-charged staff of power in their midst. The PCs find the unsealed capstone to the shrine as they are on another journey. The recent event isn’t yet common knowledge, and the temple is unused; therefore, despite the guardians, a brave party might be able to discover two valuable items.

5E Mini-Dungeons are single page, double sided adventures for 5th Edition which are setting agnostic and are easily inserted anywhere in your campaign.

Summoner's Remorse by Justin Andrew Mason. Levels 5-6. May 12, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

The ruins of a temple are located in a nearby forest. Long ago abandoned by its original priests, an evil cult of sorcerers has taken up residence and begun kidnapping denizens from nearby villages. Local authorities are desperate for assistance and offering a 5,000 gp reward to thwart the cult’s nefarious activities.

5E Mini-Dungeons are single page, double sided adventures for 5th Edition which are setting agnostic and are easily inserted anywhere in your campaign.

The Soularium by Rory Toma. Level 1. May 12, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

The Soularium sits in a back alley in the Temple District. Ostensibly it is a house of charity, a place where the downtrodden come and are received with open arms but in truth it is the lair of Q’xetl, an unbound quasit who is collecting souls. When he gathers enough, he plans to use them to bargain himself into a higher position in the Abyss.

5E Mini-Dungeons are single page, double sided adventures for 5th Edition which are setting agnostic and are easily inserted anywhere in your campaign.

Abandoned Shrine by Brian Wiborg. Levels 5-6. Jun 07, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

A century ago these subterranean chambers were used by a splinter group of assassins as a secret lair and shrine to their vile goddess. They were wiped out by a rival cult more than 70 years ago, and today the chambers should be unused and forgotten hidden behind the collapsed entrance tunnel. Recently however, an ogre named Hendor the Cursed accidently fell through the roof of one of the chambers. Today Hendor’s gang uses the chambers, although they have not been able to open all the secret doors within.

The Pententieyrie by Stephen Yeardley. Levels 4-5. Jun 07, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

The PCs find a carving of the outline of the place appears in an ancient temple to an avian goddess. Under the carving is the phrase:
“Your changed heart will soar!”
Give the players a copy of the complex, with rough-and ready edges, but make it similar to the Aztec images of their gods such as Quetzalcoatl as opposed to rooms.

Carrionholme by Jonathan Ely. Levels 4-5. Jun 07, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

Home to a coven of three green hags, who call themselves the Daughters of the Morass. Fervent followers of Jubilex, they have bound a number of slimes and oozes to their service, mainly to protect their home. From their sunken home near the centre of the swamp, which they have named Carrionholme, they attack and raid nearby communities of all races as they aren’t fussy who they consume. The more barbaric races – local tribes of goblins, lizardmen and kobolds – hold these evil sisters in awe and offer up sacrifices of the weak and traitors, whilst the small communities of humans and elves that live in and around the swamp live in constant fear of their attacks.

Tiikeri's Revenge by Stephen Yeardley. Levels 6-7. Jun 07, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

In the sub-continent, some extreme religious cults have taken to eradicating the essentially-neutral local weretigers. One such band, the law-focused Light-from-Darkness, developed a precise ritual that withdrew a weretiger’s essence to its exact last drop. When one weretiger somehow resisted the ritual three times, the temple’s followers became unsure what to do, so did nothing.

This gave Kaanne Tiikeri – a rakshasa – an opportunity to learn about his captors even as they began to realize their mistake. When Tiikeri’s chance came, he escaped his chains, assumed various temple members’ forms, and slaughtered them all. Now he rests and ponders the fate of those nearest and dearest to the former clergy, for revenge calls…

Ghastardly Deeds by Malcolm McClinton. Levels 6-7. Jun 07, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

Torren and Jelax are brothers who came to town about 6 months ago after adventuring abroad to open an inn. The brothers mostly keep to themselves and seem cordial, but rumors have started to spread throughout the town of adventurers disappearing that use the brother’s services. The local magistrate has discreetly hired the adventuring group to investigate these disappearances.

Buta No Shiro by Jonathan Ely. Level 10. Jun 07, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

A warthog-headed rakshasa, Achellios the Glutton, has gained influence over a town’s magistrate. The creature uses its powers to uncover illegal activity and read
wrongdoers’ minds, then with its message ability it whispers the details to the magistrate while he’s alone—resulting in a remarkably crime-free town. When the PCs enter the picture, either traveling through the area or perhaps returning to their once-quiet hometown. Achellios recognizes the threat the adventurers pose and
immediately starts turning the magistrate against them with every scrap of information it can think of.

Nekh-ta-Nebi's Tomb by Jonathan Ely. Level 5. Jun 07, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

This complex is set inside a small pyramid or ancient burial site, deep within the desert. It is home to the remains of Nekh-ta-Nebi, a minor nobleman whose lust for power maintains him and his dusty retinue, centuries after their unholy deaths.

The Case of the Scrupulous Pawnbroker by Stefanos ‘the netlich’ Patelis. Level 3. Jun 07, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

The PCs may have used the services of a local half-elven pawnbroker, Latricus. known to be stern, cold but fair in his dealings. Now they find his store open, none of his assistants present, and the door to his basement office (where serious transactions took place) invitingly ajar. Maron, a nasty sorcerer, and her thugs have recently decided to change the nature of their transgression with the pawnbroker and the PCs are just in time.

The Soul of a Prince by Rory Toma. Levels 9-11. Jun 07, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

The party is sent to retrieve the soul of Prince Remlek, which has been located in a hidden underground complex, accessible from the sewers. A devourer holds the soul and while trying to come back to this plane to get a more powerful soul, became trapped underground.

Torment at Torni Tower by Stephen Yeardley. Levels 5-6. Jun 13, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

Somervel’s autumn rains lasted longer than usual, and the resulting winter floods impacted more than expected. Some distant pale-forts haven’t been heard from in months, being cut off by the linking of frozen rice paddies, flood meadows, leas usually inhabited by cattle, and rivers that run though Somervel’s territory. Parties are charged with taking supplies to these border posts and bringing anyone severely injured home.

Somervel’s pale-forts are like beaver lodges; earthen mounds on islands in the marshlands. Each covers a wide area, is surrounded by a wooden palisade, has quarters below ground, and has a single central watchtower. Torni’ s tower fell in the recent storms, and the guards missed Akka, who infiltrated the fort and killed them all. Now this is her home, and she is recruiting…

The Halls of Hellfire by Jonathan Ely. Levels 10-11. Jun 13, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

The Halls of Hellfire is a former holy site and part of a fortress deep within the rocky deserts of the South. It was always seen as hallowed ground and was revered by the many nomadic clans that travelled those deep deserts. Indeed it was once seen by all as neutral ground, and often used to settle disputes, enjoy celebrations and trade between themselves, but is now shunned. However, several dozen years ago, the Halls were used by the exiled sorcerer Mennu the Betrayer to summon an unnamed demon as old as time itself; in the process Mennu lost control, his life and his soul, and the demon furiously razed the remnants of the fortress to the ground, before returning to the Abyss. All that was left was the deepest portion of the underground chambers, long since hidden and occupied by creatures that thrive on the residual evil that permeates this site.

Shadows of Madness by Michael Smith. Levels 6-7. Jun 13, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

Many years ago Tibor, a wizard with an overwhelming desire for knowledge of the plane of shadow, locked himself away in a tower to pursue his studies. Shortly thereafter, his tower was consumed in a dark explosion, and the mage was assumed dead. However, assumption can never be taken as fact, and now the PCs have stumbled upon a hidden stairway where the tower once stood, leading down into the shadowy earth below…

Neotomas' Paradise by Michael Smith. Levels 3-4. Jun 07, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

Recently, the homeless of the city have begun to disappear. Few seem to care, and many are actually happy to see them gone. The local magistrate is not however, and wants these disappearances looked into. Rumors have circulated that under the cover of night someone, or something, has been seen descending into the sewers below the market district via a grate in the street. The magistrate has tasked the PCs with investigating the sewers to see if any clues can be found relating to the recent disappearances.

The Goblin Warren by Jonathan Ely. Level 1. Jun 13, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

Many centuries ago, the quasit known as Viletongue was summoned from the Abyss to assist his summoner in attaining magical knowledge beyond his understanding. Deliberately tricked by Viletongue, the magic failed his master at a key moment; he was immolated on the spot. Now free to pursue his own goals outside of the Abyss, Viletongue immediately began corrupting other greedy souls, tempting them into perversion and damnation. Finally identified as the creature behind the corruption of several well-considered magelings and apprentices, the velvety-tongued quasit was eventually captured and imprisoned in this hidden complex by a
group of ascetic clerics known as The Custodians.

Over the next five decades, Viletongue took great delight in attempting to corrupt the clerics into turning on each other (whilst secretly hoping that one may release him). Finally, he managed to break the mind of one of the Custodians with honeyed words, convincing him to murder the remaining members of his order before taking his own life.

Never freed, Viletongue waited and plotted in the gloom, until a warparty of goblins stumbled upon this complex. Taking shelter with their goblin dogs in this miserable complex, Viletongue delighted in his new company and has begun to whisper suggestions to Grom Hellscream, the leader of the warparty. Implanting ideas into Grom’s limited imagination, the warparty has already had a number of local successes, and his reputation is rising. As such, he and his warparty now warrant a bounty for their elimination or dispersal – enough for local adventurers to seek them out.

Sepulchre of the Witching Hour's Sage by Stefanos “the netlich” Patelis. Level 5. Jun 13, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

There have always been those who would stop at nothing to gain answers to their questions. Does your party dare to meet such a man whom even history cannot forget? And are you willing to pay the price for the answers you seek?

The characters may be actively seeking the Sage for their own personal benefit or on behalf of an NPC, or he could hold the answer to a burning question in your campaign.

Shattered Heart

The Ties that Bind by Michael Allen. Level 6. Dec 02, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

Still reeling from the twin disasters of the Great Schism and the Hoyrall Wars, the halfings of Picollo are a people cast adrift from ancient traditions. A cleric of the Great Mother strives to restore four great holy sites to the goddess, and in doing so restore the bedrock of halfling society.

The PCs leave the snow-swept plains of the Klavek Kingdom for the warm shores of distant Picollo to restore the first of these great temples, being among the very few permitted to access to the closed-off island. Bigotry, bribery, deal-making, and self-interest prove just as challenging to overcome as flesh and blood obstacles. Sea monsters, raiders' and ancient traps at mystical sites all test the PCs’ skill before they slip under the waves to confront the corruption at the heart of the water temple of the Great Mother.

The Temple of Jewels and Mirrors by Michael Allen. Dec 11, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

Carlyetta Wesleigh once again seeks the PCs' help to restore the earth temple of the Great Mother, which stands as testament to the ancient bond between the halflings and dwoerg of Picollo.

The last temple of the goddess to be abandoned during the Hoyrall Wars, the Temple of Jewels and Mirrors, has been sealed for hundreds of years. From the nearby dwoerg city of Stoneroot a team of brave companions sets forth to prepare the site for sanctification by the priests of the newly-revived Devotees of the Four Hearts. Ignorance, deception, and the resurgence of a threat long thought eliminated from the shores of Picollo combine to frustrate the efforts of the intrepid band.

Breath of the Goddess by Michael Allen. Level 8. Jan 04, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

The ancient worship of the Great Mother continues its renaissance on the broken island of halfling Picollo. Will the engineers of its rebirth fall prey to heresy and false promise, or with they stand true to the tenets of community and joy?

Crucible of Faith by Michael Allen. Level 9. Feb 03, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

The future course of halfling society rests in the hands of a small band of adventures blown on the winds like the leaf of a tree.

Absolute Tabletop

Absolute Adventures

Absolute Adventures: Riptide Raid by Matt Click, Michael Barker, James Kearney, Tim Kearney. Levels 1-4. Oct 18, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

Absolute Adventures: Riptide Raid! is a swift and silent adventure involving the dispatching of privateers aboard their multi-leveled vessel. This supplement is designed to challenge a party of low-level adventurers and is suitable for use with your favorite fantasy roleplaying game.

Horror at Misty Meadows by Tim Kearney and others. Oct 30, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

The trees creak in the noxious breeze. The heavy fog clings to your cloak, chilling you to the bone. A faint moan echoes through the wood, and a light appears in the distance, bobbing up and down, drawing closer and closer…
Absolute Adventures: Horror at Misty Meadows is a dangerous and horrifying experience for a party of adventurers of mid-to-high level. From the terrors that await your players in the ever-thickening fog pervading the town, to what’s boiling at the bottom of the tar pits, many adventurers may never see what awaits in the caves of this mining town…

Sewers Under Sandwall by Matt Click, Michael Barker, James Kearney, Tim Kearney. Apr 08, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

Sewers Under Sandwall is a fantasy adventure module imbued with a twisted blend of weird fantasy and pulp adventure, designed for three to six adventurers of moderate power and skill. It is intended for use with the fifth edition of the world’s oldest fantasy roleplaying game.

Trouble festers in the old sewers beneath the fishing village of Sandwall. A bandit king extends his slimy grasp, mutated goblins prowl the winding tunnels, and aquatic abominations lurk within the polluted waterways. It’ll take a particularly foolhardy band of adventurers to deal with these labyrinthian sewers … are you up to the task?

Adventures in Filbar

FV1 Jeopardy Caverns by Frank Schmidt. Levels 1-3. Nov 14, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

The first Filbar 5th Edition adventure is titled Jeopardy Caverns. This adventure can be used in the new D&D edition or the earlier editions as each stat block is presented. This introductory adventure pits a group of new adventurers ready to go out into the frontier to make a name for themselves. For the 5th Edition version this adventure can act as a gateway from new to 3rd or even 4th level for advancement and is set in an area of humanoid caves.

FV2 Urgoth's Canyon by Frank Schmidt. Level 3. Jan 09, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

Filbar Friday brings you FV2 – Urgoth’s Canyon. This area of adventure is a continuation from FV1 – Jeopardy Caverns and picks up where the party left off. If your party discovered the “back door” this is where it leads. It also offers an opening that flanks Jeopardy Caverns that has a perilous rope bridge to navigate! This area provides multiple smaller adventures and was utilized to get the party from different adventures. Portions of this adventure can be used as fillers in your own campaign.

FV3 Road to Kak by Frank Schmidt. Levels 4-5. Feb 12, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

For those who trekked through Jeopardy Caverns and Urgoth’s Canyon a short trip to the north will land them on FV3 – Road to Kak. From this location the party can continue on their quest of fame and fortune with a variety of different encounters. Much like the canyon adventure this one presented different options of travel for a group of young adventurers.

FV4 Ziggurat of Narvi by Frank Schmidt. Levels 2-4. Apr 09, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

As the fledgling adventurers continue their movement throughout the area they begin to head towards the bustling Port City of Kak. To get to there from the Dy’oe Grasslands the party will need to navigate a river running along an overgrown section of the frontier. After obtaining the services of a strange riverboat captain the party heads down the river and into adventure! Between the wildlife, a mysterious old temple, and river pirates the party discovers getting to Kak is easier said than done!

FV5 Xodus Isle by Frank Schmidt. Levels 5-8. Aug 06, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

While strolling through the streets of Kak you notice a pair of men laying in the alley. Upon closer inspection you notice that one of the dead men has a unique tattoo. Peering closer you notice that this man, dressed as a pirate, has a tattoo of an island with an “x” on it!

Once this tattoo is discovered the PCs will need to locate a ship to head off on a treasure hunt. Finding a ship captain that is familiar with Xodus Isle will not be difficult but trusting the captain…well that’s a different story entirely.

FV6 Sewers of Evil by Frank Schmidt. Jul 16, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

The Walled City of Vandosia sits on the bay and is surrounded on three sides by water. One of the more interesting features of this city is its massive sewer system that keeps water and waste flowing out of the city. Rumors have it that these tunnels are home to special problems of its own. Are your players ready to brave the gritty underside of Vandosia?

This adventure setting was designed for the 5th Edition AD&D for the Filbar Campaign for several different levels of adventurers. This adventure is easily adaptable to most any game and system. Save yourself some time and utilize it for a one shot adventure or a continuing campaign!

FV7 Shipwreck Cove by Frank Schmidt. Levels 5-8. Oct 06, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

After leaving a successful venture on Xodus Island you find yourselves being pursued by Captain Gabriel Angel and his pirates! Your escape sends both ships into a hurricane causing you to become lost at sea with waves threatening your ship. Choking on water the next morning you and your fellow adventurers find yourselves at Shipwreck Cove!

This adventure setting was designed for 5th Edition AD&D for the Filbar Campaign for mid-level adventurers and DM. This adventure is easily adaptable to most any game and system. Save yourself some time and utilize it for a one shot adventure or a continuing campaign!

This adventure was offered at Gen Con 2015 and seemed to be a big hit. Thanks to my players I had a great time! If you want the original Gen Con characters used tweet me your email to @FilbarRPG

FV8 Phasing Abbey of Dora Sin by Frank Schmidt. Levels 3-6. Jan 22, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

You have travelled to the westernmost point in the Duchy of Starryshade as you make your way to the borderlands. Your final stop in the duchy is a small roadside inn called the Shepherd’s Spear Inn. While stopping for a respite you hear a few tales including a mysterious abbey nearby. This structure is said to only appear for a short time every three years. Magic and wealth are said to be lost within the walls of this structure and with little else to do this might be a final hurrah for your stay in Starryshade!

FV12 Monteleone Chariot by Frank Schmidt. Levels 4-6. Nov 27, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

Sometimes only a hint of an adventure is given to players and more information is required. In FV12 – Monteleone Chariot this is just such a case. As the party reaches town they begin to hear of a mysterious relic from the past civilization and both information and backers must be investigated. Will your party be able to determine facts from fables? Whose interest will they serve in their investigation or will they just try and locate the item for themselves?

This adventure setting was designed for 5th Edition AD&D for the Filbar Campaign for a party of mid-level adventurers and DM. This adventure is easily adaptable to most any game and system. Save yourself some time and utilize it for a one shot adventure or a continuing campaign!

FC10 Crone's Pursuit by Frank Schmidt. Levels 1-3. Apr 01, 2015. (DriveThruRPG )

As fledgling adventurers, your group is looking for anything to increase their fame and line their pockets with gold. Upon crossing the countryside your group comes to Creedo’s Trail a small thorp in the Duchy of Starryshade. Upon arrival in town you find an inn to stay indoors finally and a job opportunity hanging at the Bagel Inn purporting an “easy job” for a “big reward”. The poster is reputedly a crone or witch who has need for some components for an experiment she is currently working on. Easy job AND big reward…what’s not to like!

This adventure setting was designed for 5th Edition AD&D for the Filbar Campaign for low level adventurers and a DM. This adventure is easily adaptable to most any game and system. Save yourself some time and utilize it for a one shot adventure or a continuing campaign!

FC11 Blight of Biel by Frank Schmidt. Levels 4-6. Nov 19, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

Blight of Biel is a standard “fetch” mission with a twist. After finishing one adventure the PCs head to Biel for some rest. Sadly upon arrival at the thorp they discover the community has “the fever”. Only one person in town has not gotten ill and she needs some ingredients for a cure. This mission will require a quick resolution or the gravedigger will be busy! Oh yea…this game is called Dungeons & Dragons for a reason!

This adventure setting was designed for 5th Edition AD&D for the Filbar Campaign for mid-level adventurers and a DM. This adventure is easily adaptable to most any game and system. Save yourself some time and utilize it for a one shot adventure or a continuing campaign!

FVC1 Marooned by Frank Schmidt. Levels 5-7. Apr 23, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

At the borderlands between the Noteflame Coast and the Duchy of Starryshade is the small town of Bluffton. You and your party heard of strange lights in the sky there while visiting the capital city of Vandosia. Further research shows that merchants that passed through the area two days ago and saw the strange lights at night and it appeared to be powerful magic at work. Vandosia was becoming stale anyway so a quick trip to a cartographer and you can be on your way to adventure!

FVC2 Conclave of Evil by Frank Schmidt. Levels 6-10. Jun 18, 2015. (DriveThruRPG, )

Located at the division of land between the Duchy of Starryshade and the famed Horselords is the historic Mystic Wood. Home to the site where the peace treaty was signed between the two countries this area is rumored to have a strange effect on magic. Information has reached the local thane that a gathering, or conclave, of humanoids is to occur this weekend. He has dispatched his military but they are too far to be of use. He has heard of your growing fame and asked your party to investigate this rumor and take appropriate action.

FVC5 Emancipation of Clauslandia by Frank Schmidt. Levels 2-4. Dec 17, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

Emancipation of Clauslandia is an adventure that has your young party meet with several northern lords for a few missions. One of these missions is the retrieval of some holly for the druid Thane Xmas. He will send the party to meet with the Elf lord Nicolanclauthus to procure this item. Unfortunately all is not well in Clauslandia where the Elf lord has been captured! Can your party free Nicolanclauthus and gain the holly needed for a good payday?

This adventure setting was designed for 5th Edition AD&D for the Filbar Campaign for a party of low-level adventurers and DM. This adventure is easily adaptable to most any game and system. Save yourself some time and utilize it for a one shot adventure or a continuing campaign! Don’t forget to follow @FilbarRPG for special announcements and unadvertised sales!

FVC6 Inquiry into the Wildlands by Frank Schmidt. Levels 1-6. May 07, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

The land of Felora is a stable pedocracy off the Feso Seaway. Generally considered a safe place to live because of a low humanoid population and a large defensive wall that rings the country. The same cannot be said for the area to the west known as the Wildlands. Once a thriving human land the area was taken over in humanoid raids a century and a half ago. With the aggressions against the wall lessening the Council of Wisdom is organizing groups to go in and explore the land for possible "taming". Potential explorers will be paired off with non-combatant survey teams. Are you new adventurers ready for a job?

FVC7 Horn of Delmar by Frank Schmidt. Level 1. Aug 20, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

This week’s Filbar offering is an introductory level adventure pitting fresh adventurers against a variety of opponents. As they head out to make a name for themselves the young group will first need to pass by the Horn of Delmar. This mountain landmark was once home to a mighty fortress felled centuries before hand. While many have adventured to the top they have returned ravaged with injuries and reports of strange and foul creatures. This adventure features an old tower, bandits, undead, and an old dungeon complex for those who search hard enough.

Set under the 5th edition ruleset this adventure makes for a nice start to a campaign or a useful “one-shot” adventure. This challenge takes place near mountains but is easily adaptable to any campaign or setting. Give it a shot and tell me what you think!

FVC14 Famine at Holderfield by Frank Schmidt. Level 2. Nov 22, 2015. (DriveThruRPG )

For the spirit of the season I present Famine at Holderfield! This tongue in cheek adventure brings new PCs into a small town after an adventure. Upon arrival they quickly discover that the small agricultural community has just been robbed of its harvest supply. With the seasonal change coming those supplies are necessary for the town’s survival. One of the victims of the attack was an alchemist. Contained within his bag were a few Potions of Growth. The bitter taste of the potion disagreed with the bandit who discovered it and he flung it into a field. Unfortunately for the PCs oversized fowl must be overcome before dealing with the bandits. Used as a fun one-shot for my group this scenario can be quite deadly if played poorly. Will your players save the day and feast on a Giant Turkey? Gobble this adventure up for free!

FVS2 Lands of Count Carnos by Frank Schmidt. Levels 3-4. May 28, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

At times adventuring groups will hit a town after a successful foray and go their separate ways for a short time. This adventure centers on such a scenario with one member opting to chase down a thief that has burgled the merchant’s guild. When checking with their cohorts the adventurer discovers they are the only one interested and, since its only one thief, the challenge should be fairly easy….right?

FVS4 Penchant for Adventure – 1 by Frank Schmidt. Level 1. Oct 02, 2015. (DriveThruRPG , )

Penchant for Adventure – 1 is a solo adventure for a 1st level character. This series of singular adventures center around the small town of Penchant. The area in question is home to a variety of challenges depending on the level of the PC. This adventure begins with the new PCs mentor sending them to a religious coronation that they cannot attend. The PC is to travel, via burro, to the Bu-San Monastery and extend salutations to the new head of the order. In this case the journey IS the adventure!

FVS5 Penchant for Adventure – 4 by Frank Schmidt. Level 4. Dec 04, 2015. (DriveThruRPG )

Penchant for Adventure – 4 is the solo adventure for a 4th level character. This scenario can be used for the PC to obtain a ‘special’ item that they want. Originally used for a paladin to get his warhorse, the adventure can be tailored to suit the needs/wants of a specific PC. Like all the Penchant for Adventure settings the adventure takes place around the small community of Penchant. Not all of the businesses are in focus for the adventure although details can be feathered in as you need.

The adventure centers on a mysterious dream that the PC has about getting their special item. As the PC arrives in Penchant they realize they have seen the setting before…in their mysterious dream! Several challenges await at the adventurer attempts to locate their goal. As with all adventures in the Penchant series it can be difficult and not for the faint of heart!

FVS7 Arena of the Gods by Frank Schmidt. Levels 1-9. Jan 29, 2016. (DriveThruRPG )

FVS7 – Arena of the Gods is a special and non-traditional setting that has dual uses. This scenario brings a single PC to the grand coliseum and pits them against an enemy or enemies in front of a crowd. The danger is high with no one to help and this offering can be quite deadly. A couple of ideas have been outlined for the adventure for its usefulness and, while written as a solo, multiple players could be used in a team formation with an increase in opponents. Take a peek at this special offering that is also free!

HOF2 Putting a Krampus in the Holiday by Frank Schmidt. Levels 1-2. Dec 20, 2015. (DriveThruRPG , )

Putting a Krampus in the Holiday is a tongue in cheek adventure for a group of low level PCs. This scenario takes place during the Filbar holiday of “Giftus” a ten day celebration that culminates in a gift exchange. This year’s holiday is threatened when a jolly Gnome finds a few items that turn a happy holiday into a potential nightmare! A short little adventure that can be played after your own holiday celebration!

This adventure setting was designed for 5th Edition AD&D for the Filbar Campaign for a party of low-level adventurers and DM. This adventure is easily adaptable to most any game and system. Save yourself some time and utilize it for a one shot adventure or a continuing campaign! Don’t forget to follow @FilbarRPG for special announcements and unadvertised sales!

FD9 – Windmill of Tregg by Frank Schmidt. Levels 4-6. Jun 17, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

You’ve arrived at the small community of Smentz (15 locations!) to regain strength after your last adventure. While speaking with the people of the small village you catch wind of some ruins across the river that may have a mine or cache of ore and ruins to investigate. Your group is not the first who has had interest in searching but those that have ventured east have not returned. Are you ready for a bit more adventure?

Primarily designed for two players, the FD series has included the opportunity for NPC assistance or with just four players. This adventure is easily adaptable to most any game and system.

FV9 Wingfield Fortress by Frank Schmidt. Levels 4-6. Mar 25, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

The Knights of Sum have guarded the western frontier of the Duchy of Starryshade for nearly two centuries. Wingfield Fortress has been the focal point of their power and a safe haven for travelers willing to cross the Plains of Aegoth. As you venture west to further your careers you have received word that the mighty keep has fallen! Are you and your compatriots ready to help the legendary knights?

This adventure setting was designed for 5th Edition AD&D for the Filbar Campaign for mid-level adventurers and DM. This adventure is easily adaptable to most any game and system. Save yourself some time and utilize it for a one shot adventure or a continuing campaign!

Akuma Reiten

Wardens of Telehar

A Crown of Stone, chapter 1 by James Ryan. Levels 1-4. Dec 13, 2015. (Patreon)

A Crown of Stone is the first adventure installment in the Wardens of Telehar series. It is designed for characters star􀇱ing at 1st or 2nd level, with an optimal party size of four.

A Crown of Stone, chapter 2 by James Ryan. Levels 3-7. Apr 30, 2016. (Patreon)

This adventure is set in the land of Ramulia, a kingdom on the island of Merawien, as it con􀇱inues to struggle against monster incursions and conspiracies to destroy it. The events for Chapter Two follow directly on from Chapter One and it’s advised the players complete it first, if however the characters begin their adventure in this chapter it is advised that the DM create a bond that would make them friends to the King and give them access to castle Dalmill.

Alea Publishing Group

The Gift of the Gnarled One by Joshua Raynick. Level 6. Oct 16, 2014. (APG , )

Desperate herdsmen call upon the old gods of their ances-tors only to realize it could cost them their livelihood. Gift of the Gnarled One is a short adventure for four to five player characters. Although designed for the Feudal Lords Campaign™, this adventure is suitable for any me-dieval fantasy setting.

The Cry of a Daughter by Joshua Raynick. Levels 5-10. Nov 06, 2014. (APG, )

A rogue magus preys upon the hearts of travelers while he picks their pockets. The Cry of a Daughter is a short adventure for four to five player characters. Although designed for the Feudal Lords Campaign ™, this adventure is suitable for any me-dieval fantasy setting.

The Shadow of Flame by Joshua Raynick. Level 10. Jan 07, 2015. (APG )

An ancient dragon returns to an age-old lair to bind its wounds. The Shadow of Flame is a short adventure for four to five player 10th-level characters. Although designed for the Feudal Lords Campaign ™, this adventure is suitable for any medieval fantasy setting. This wilderness encounter is best set in a mountainous region within a forested valley.

The Shadowed Eye of Halagar by Joshua Raynack. Levels 13-16. Aug 23, 2015. (DriveThruRPG, )

The halls of an ancient dwarven empire and its shadowed inhabitants awaken.

Deep in the Shadkhanim Mountains, beyond the Valley of Dormant Fire, a gold shadow dragon covets the great wealth of Halagar and a several hundred year old secret that led the dwarven people to mine the shadow realm.

The Shadowed Eye of Halagar is a vast dungeon and wilderness crawl with over 70 pages filled with new villians and monsters; exciting scenarios that takes 5th Edition rules to the edge!

Alligator Alley Entertainment

Demonbane Chronicles

Curse of the Demon Stone by Rich Lescouflair. Levels 3-4. Jun 22, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

A Call to Oblivion

“The demonic shadow towered over the spires of Kestabel, engulfing the light of Celestia’s chosen. With hope all but lost, Cyrus raised his sacred blade and charged into the Maw of Oblivion. It was in that moment the fates decided what the future held for Aria’s children, and if Sereth would be the land the darkness would come to call home.” - Erisa Carthane, The Fall of Kestabel

Long ago, Demogorgon was driven from this world, his dark power to never again reach the mortal realm. The battle, waged at terrible cost, is now little more than legend scrawled on dusty scrolls long forgotten.A cult has arisen from the tainted god’s ashes – a vile, treacherous group who seek only to plunge the world into oblivion. A wayward priestess guards the only key that could unleash the demon god’s soul. A small band of unsuspecting heroes are drawn into her plight. Together, they stand against the cult and their mad crusade as they uncover the fate shared between the cursed Demon Stone and the mythical Demonbane. 

Arcadian Games

An Echo of Days Past by M. Stutt. Levels 1-5. Jan 13, 2015. (DriveThruRPG, )

The Empire of Sarvania is spreading its wings and opening up a new land for exploration. A land about which little is known. A past civilisation, long lost to the mists of time holds the key to new prosperity for the brave and adventurous. But danger waits within this new domain. Evil forces plague the countryside – a harbinger of a rising menace. Weapons are forged and forces are raised. An ancient power, born in the age of myth and legend stirs and calls on its supporters to open the gateway to the Material Plane – to reclaim a land once subjugated and lost. A band of brave heroes heads unknowing eastward into this new territory – unaware of great peril ahead and of the great role they are to play in this unfolding story.

Beneath the Razor's Edge by M. Stutt. Levels 5-6. Apr 27, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

An archaic cult steals innocents for its evil rites. A necromancer builds an undead fortress under an ancient burial ground. A creature from a previous age tries to bring its master back into the world while evil forces prepare for war.

Adventure Module M2: Beneath the Razor's Edge is the sequel to the well recieved M1: An Echo of Days Past. This second module in the series takes the adventurers further towards their destiny in thwarting the ancient evil of the god, Ehalazuhn and his servants. It is a large adventure which will require several sessions and will see the characters progress from 5th to 6th Level. It is designed with the latest edition of the world's favourite RPG in mind but can be adapted easily into other editions.

The City Under the Mountain by Michael Stutt. Levels 6-8. Aug 17, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

Welcome to the third and final instalment in the Echo of Days Past campaign arc – M3: The City Under the Mountain. In M1 and M2, your players developed from first level beginning characters to sixth level warriors and mages. This final instalment will see them progress along the path of greatness to 8th Level. The story presses on from the end of M2: Beneath the Razor’s Edge and sees the party enter the conquered dwarven realm of Skard. The quest is fought over six levels and takes place entirely in Skard under the Razor’s Edge mountain chain.

Art of the Genre

ROS1 Beneath Roslof Keep by Scott Taylor. Levels 3-6. (Art of the Genre)

Beneath an ancient keep on the borderlands, reclaimed from the ruins of a lost civilization, there is a dark and deadly tournament being held… Can your party take up on eof the relic banners and face the challenge of the dungeon as well as the lethal competition from other companies seeking the prize?

ROS2 The Lair of the Yellow Teeth by Scott Taylor. Levels 3-5. (DriveThruRPG)

A series of small earthquakes have brought a sense of disquiet to the town of Daern Kelton. Against these strange earthly portents, the members of the Ivory Scimitar have claimed their place as a true Mithel Company, but even greater danger now awaits them in the second level of the Dungeon of the Black Fey Mithelvarn. What lost secrets will be revealed as they journey below, and what new threats and adventures can be had in Daern Kelton as the town opens its doors to the newest heroes to have braved the dungeon? Here continues the Roslof Keep Campaign, an adventure for players levels 3-5, and formated to both 1E & 5E gaming rules.

ROS3 Curse of the Violet Corruption by Scott Taylor. Levels 5-7. (Art of the Genre)

What began as a subtle sickness has now spread into a full-blown contagion of magical origins around Roslof Keep! You must find a cure while trying to discern the nature of its cause, somewhere deep within Mithelvarn's mad dungeon of monstrosities!

ROS3.5 Dire Run to House Fleetwood by Scott Taylor. Levels 3-6. )

Explore the corrupted town of Daern Kelton as the Violet Corruption consumes the townsfolk! (Kickstarter bonus adventure; not currently otherwise available)

ROS4 Secrets of the Wildlands by Scott Taylor. Levels 6-9. (Kickstarter)

Chaos reigns outside Roslof Keep! Time is running out, and only those brave enough will be able to face the horrors of the Glade of the Burning Dead and the dark recesses of The Hill.

Artemic Games

Warning: Danger Not to Scale by Michelle Menard. Level 1. Jan 20, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

Duchess Alexa von Hildebrande has gone missing, and her husband, the Duke of Ashford’s Watch, wants someone to quietly look into the matter. She hasn’t been seen since an explosion rocked her laboratory, and the duke fears the worst may have happened. As the region’s fragile peace depends on the tenuous marriage between Alexa and the duke, the people of Ashford’s Watch are anxious to have her returned safely to them.

Assassin Games

Wanted by Andrew J Twombly and B Simon Smith. Levels 1-2. Oct 16, 2014. (DriveThruRPG, )

Ten very short adventures meant to be dropped into an existing campaign, each playable in a single session. Also includes chase and hazard rules.

Bloodfang Caves by B Simon Smith. Levels 1-4. Jun 04, 2015. (DriveThruRPG, )

This module is a short generic fantasy excursion for low-level characters, focusing on the goblinoid denizens of a small cave complex. The digital download includes image files for use with Virtual Table Top programs (with and without a grid).

Into the Wild by Arthur Wright, B Simon Smith, Andrew J Twombly. Dec 01, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

Written for the most recent edition of the most popular fantasy role playing game! This supplement is a collection of 12 very short adventures meant to be dropped into an existing low-level campaign. Additionally all maps contained within the supplement have been provided for use in Virtual Table Top programs!

Blue Sword Games

The Burning Goblins by Mark Bowen. Level 1. Sep 16, 2015. (DriveThruRPG )

The Burning Goblins is ideal as a first adventure for new GMs and players, and is designed for a group of 4-5 level 1 characters. The most recent raid by The Burning Ones goblin tribe has left the village of Greendale in a state of uproar. The miller's daughter has been kidnapped and the mayor has put out a call for adventurers to hunt down the goblins and find the missing girl. But is there more to these raids than meets the eye? Why are the goblins burnt and timid? Only a strong band of heroes will be able to find the answers and save the girl from a gruesome death. This is an adventure made primarily for use with the 5th edition of Dungeons and Dragons but can be used for other rule systems with some tweaking.

Revenge in the Crater by Mark Bowen. Levels 2-4. Nov 06, 2015. (DriveThruRPG )

Revenge in the crater is a random dungeon adventure, with both a low and high level of difficulty. The lower level is designed for a group of 4 level 2-4 characters whilst the higher level is designed for a group of 4 level 9-11 characters, with the option for some variation. Deep within the forest a pale and unearthly light has been seen between the rotten trees. The area is said to be the sight on a fallen star and the locals hunters and trappers avoid the site at all costs. In recent months to accompany the haunting light, a soft and unnerving song floats through the woods, beckoning passers by to investigate and find the mysterious source.

Brian Seligman

Tomb of Nyarlathotep by Brian Seligman. Levels 1-2. Aug 07, 2015. (DriveThruRPG )

Summoned from across the multiverse a small group of heroes must enter an ancient pyramid and prevent the Elder God Nyarlathotep's return to power. An HP Lovecraft themed one shot 5th Ed. D&D adventure for characters level 1-2. This adventure was written for and run at the CthuluCon Film Festival in 2015.

Safari on the Styx by Brian Seligman. Level 20. Aug 07, 2015. (DriveThruRPG )

This is a Level 20 adventure for D&D 5E. Asmodeus needs a new target for his eternal wars and the Prime Material Plane, riven into primaries and reflections, appears ripe for invasion. Can you fight, bribe or cajole your way past The Infernal Bureaucracy, down the River Styx and into the very center of The Nine Hells to face Asmodeus himself? The multi-verse is counting on you!

Burning Yeti Studios

The Lost Dungeons of Xon by Burning Yeti Studios. Level 1. Jun 30, 2015. (Website)

Xon puts several teams of adventurers to the test to find a party worthy enough to aid him. Whether his purposes are for good or for ill remains to be seen; The Lost Dungeons of Xon is an evolving story where the motivations of the heroes and villains are shaped by the choices and actions of the players. Nothing is as it seems. An NPC slated to be a villain could end up being a hero instead.

Chubby Monster Games

The Temple of Qultar by Matt Jackson. Level 5. Feb 14, 2015. (DriveThruRPG, )

This short adventure covers a temple hidden deep in the mountains with a horrible past and an even more horrible present. Deadly, vicious and certainly a challenge to anyone that dares to enter, the temple is a place of horror and death. Adventure contains three new deadly creatures to toss at your players.

Critical Hit Publishing

Gothnog and Swamper's Unexpected Encounters Vol 1 by Alex Guillotte and Rob Davis. Levels 3-9. Jul 14, 2015. (DriveThruRPG, )

In this first volume of Unexpected Encounters, you will be treated to 10 unique, fully fleshed out fantasy encounters for your role playing campaign. They are designed to be inserted seamlessly into just about any campaign world, and is compatible with the most popular fantasy RPGs available.

Whether your stumped for ideas and need something quick, or your players have gone off the map, these encounters will not only give you a session to regroup, but will also provide ample plot hooks, settings, NPCs and expansion options to enrich your setting.

Strange Fruit by Andrew Bampton Alex Guillotte. Levels 2-4. Apr 15, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

Designed to be compatible with the most recent incarnation of the most popular fantasy role playing game of all time, this is the first adventure adapted from one of The Swamper’s curious tales, and we feel that we have done it justice. It concerns the plight of a small community, tainted fruit, and a potentially grave threat to the entire region.

Strange Fruit is intended for 4-6 characters of 2nd to 4th level. It is suitable for DMs and players of all experience levels, though we have included notes to aid novices in their first foray into fantasy role playing. The adventure includes detailed descriptions, maps, and evocative illustrations to help create the most immersive role playing experience possible.

Cut to the Chase Games

WK0 Night of the Mad Kobold by Dave Olson. Level 1. Aug 06, 2015. (DriveThruRPG, )

The town of Cresthill enjoys a favorable location along the winding Graywand River. Trade is good, and the prominent gnomes of House Kelver run most of the businesses to the prosperity of the people. Now, however, a dangerous lunatic—a kobold from the nearby Talon Hills—has decided the gnomes of House Kelver need to be a taught a fiery lesson, and only a band of heroes can stop his plot.

WK0 Night of the Mad Kobold is a short adventure designed for a group of six 1st-level characters for the 5th Edition of the First Fantasy RPG set in a generic fantasy setting, easily transportable to most fantasy campaigns. It stands alone but can also serve as an introduction to the WRATH OF THE KOBOLDS module trilogy from Cut to the Chase Games.

WK1 Caves of the Kobold Queen by Dave Olson. Levels 1-3. Nov 02, 2015. (DriveThruRPG, )

The town of Ormkirk is in peril! Plagued by marauding kobolds that have been kidnapping townsfolk in the night, the townmaster of Ormkirk needs brave adventurers to end the pint-sized menace and return the kidnapped men. But what evil awaits you in the CAVES OF THE KOBOLD QUEEN?

WK2 Curse of the Kobold Eye by Dave Olson. Levels 1-3. Nov 15, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

What strange curse has befallen you? And what does it have to do with an ancient kobold legend? The answers to these questions lie on a dangerous journey into history and its pint-sized makers as you confront the sinister nature of the CURSE OF THE KOBOLD EYE!

WK3 Revenge of the Over-Kobold by Dave Olson. Levels 2-4. May 23, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

Danger strikes from the mountains! Rumors of great tribes of kobolds gathering under the leadership of a single commander spread across the land. Who but a brave band of adventurers can put a stop to these pint-sized menaces and end the REVENGE OF THE OVER-KOBOLD?

KS1 Tower of Skulls by Dave Olson. Levels 10-12. )

Ancient and evil, the enigmatic Tower of Skulls with its dangerous chambers of death and plants rises to life only by the light of a full moon to plague the land. Each cycle, bands of heroes take up arms to stop the tide of darkness spreading from its unholy halls. Can you end the growth of evil this cycle in the TOWER OF SKULLS?

TG0 Depths of the Croaking Grotto (5E) by “Weird Dave” Coulson. Levels 3-5. Aug 15, 2016. (DriveThruRPG )

The isolated town of Kraden’s Hill, located on the edges of the frontier in the shadow of the Great Jungle, requires caravans to regularly arrive with goods and then to depart with local commodities. The caravan route is perilous, however, winding through the dangerous Fell Mountains before coming through to the frontier town beyond. Some caravans are waylaid by orcs or mountain beasts, their wreckage discovered by subsequent merchants. Others are never heard from again. But one such merchant caravan carried something of great value that the owners desperately want recovered.

TG0 Depths of the Croaking Grotto is an adventure module for a group of 4 to 6 characters levels 3 to 5. The bulk of the adventure is wilderness-based, so at least a character is recommended with strong survival skillsets. The Fell Mountains hold many dangers especially for those who go poking into its deepest depths.

Lord of the Bone Fields

BF1 Tower of Skulls by “Weird Dave” Olson. Levels 10-12. Mar 23, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

A dangerous cancer lurks in the shadowy crevasses of the land, spreading death and misery like a weed chokes the life out of a garden. Its foul presence spoils the natural order, creating pestilent beasts that stalk the unwary and grim hauntings to terrify the brave. It is known as the Tower of Skulls, an unholy site that rises from pitch-black soil, and it always hungers for fresh life.

BF1 Tower of Skulls is a Fantasy Renaissance Adventure Module filled with horror, darkness, undead, and nightmarish plants. It has been designed for a party of four to six characters levels 10 to 12 (optimized for 10th level). This adventure presents a twisted, evil dungeon for a party of adventurer’s to explore and hopefully destroy, though in doing so they unwittingly release an imprisoned evil back to the world.

D3 Adventures

Dealing With Dragons by Curtis Baum. Jun 12, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

The road between Bay of Mourning and Keneren has always been fairly peaceful. The kobolds that frequent they area usually leave travelers alone. Now, however, the kobolds have fled and goblins have been seen in the Warp Woods. Strange humanoids claim their king demands tribute. Can the heroes prevail against the strang Cult of the Dragon Blooded?

Dan Coleman Productions

Dungeons on Demand, volume 1 by Dan Coleman. Levels 1-12. Apr 07, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

Pre-made, customizable dungeons for your 5th edition campaign. Offered for varying party levels. Contains "Bandit's Nest", "Insiduous Experiments", "Fierce Temples" and "Lord of Gloomthrone"

Dungeons on Demand: Volume 2 by Dan Coleman. Levels 2-13. Aug 21, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

Dungeons, dragons, and more await in these pre-made adventures for your 5th edition campaign. Contains four adventures of levels 2, 5, 9 and 13!

For Whom the Bell Tolls by Dan Coleman. Level 17. Sep 29, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

Somewhere on the Astral Plane, the Bell of Eternity is ringing. This mysterious relic of a forgotten age brings the ruin of whichever world it finishes its song upon. The forces of both angels and demons are vying for its control, and success for either faction spells doom for the PCs! The party must claim the Bell on their own, caught in a battle between fiends and celestials in the Astral Plane!

If Looks Could Kill by Dan Coleman. Level 6. Jan 23, 2016. (DriveThruRPG, )

Decades ago, the kingdom fell, but the Queen lives on in her keep. Now she seeks to regain her followers. Can you unravel her curse?

Cryptic Entry (Level 1 PCs) by Dan Coleman. Level 1. Jun 18, 2016. (DriveThruRPG )

Intrepid explorer Reslin Kine garnered a modest reputation and fortune for himself throughout his years adventuring. When he learned he'd die of an incurable illness before his first child would be born, Reslin hired the best workers and wizards he could find to create a vault to protect his son's inheritance. Reslin kept a journal of his efforts, logging the information necessary for his heir to find the vault and claim its treasures.

Whatever came of Reslin Kine, his family, or his treasure is now the stuff of stories. Through whatever circumstance, the party has managed to get their hands on a few tattered pages of Reslin’s journal. The cryptic entries noted there contain clues to finding his vault, and the treasure which awaits inside!

The Stuff of Nightmares by Dan Coleman. Level 18. Mar 26, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

he party finds all of the inhabitants of the city Nolann Cobb have mysteriously fallen into a horrid, wake-less slumber. These sleepers writhe and recoil, plagued by haunting dreams, and no disturbance is strong enough to rouse them from this state. What’s more, a shrouded black tower has inexplicably erected itself in the middle of the city, its walls seem to warp and distort as the party approaches!

The heroes will need to unravel the mystery within the foreboding tower if they’re to save the city and wake its residents, but such a task is easier said than done. Within its black walls they will have to confront their deepest fears, for the stuff of nightmares await all who enter.

Eyes on the Prize by Dan Coleman. Level 10. Jan 23, 2016. (DriveThruRPG, )

For ages, “the old monastery on the hill” was simply that and nothing more to those that knew of it – a small building of a forgotten age and purpose, overgrown by the land around it. But recently, rumors have been making way among the educated that there is a wealth of knowledge that hides within the old monastery, waiting for someone to find it. Most dismissed these rumors as hearsay… but those with their eyes on the prize continued to pay attention.

There must have been some merit to these claims, because seemingly overnight a monstrous creature has appeared on the monastery grounds – a serpent the size of a dragon, with a dozen legs and breath that crackles with lightning! There's no doubt the rumors and the monster's appearance are related somehow, and the PCs are tasked to put their skills to work to figure it out!

Best Served Cold by Dan Coleman. Level 14. Jan 23, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

The White Reach is a frozen wasteland far removed from the bastions of civilization. It's in this cold abyss the world's ley lines of magical power converge, blurring the lines between realms and causing spells to be unpredictable. It's generally avoided for it's unforgiving environment, but with magic suddenly and rapidly fading from the world, it's the last place magic users find their spells still work!

Whatever has caused the recent magic drain seems to have originated from this place, but scholars can only speculate. Without magic to aid them, no one really knows what's happened to cause the crisis. They've turn to the PCs to investigate – sending them to the frigid depths of the White Reach on a mission best served cold of monstrous proportions!

An Axe to Grind by Dan Coleman. Level 3. Jan 23, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

The frontier town of Ehrshire is expanding rapidly, much to the delight of the burgeoning town’s lord, Earl Wallace Viktir. In need of timber to expand his seat of power, the earl has sent logging crews to the surrounding forest, although recent delays have caused him to become anxious and impulsive. Earl Viktir has left for the logging site to see what is causing the setbacks, only to discover it disturbingly vacant!

The task now falls to the PCs to catch up with the missing Earl Viktir and sort out the trouble in the woods, but such as task is easier said than done. Something has roused the local plant-life into a frenzy, as if the entire forest has an axe to grind against the loggers! Will the party be able to get to the root of the problem… or will they be left barking up the wrong tree?

Dan Hass Endeavors

DG1 Secrets in the Dark by Dan Hass. Level 1. Jan 21, 2015. (DriveThruRPG , )

A dungeon; a dragon (well, dragonish)… Away we go!!! Fortune (or fate) has brought together a fugitive dragon cultist, and an alien creature which has been terrorizing the surrounding communities. It is time for heroes to emerge to set the situation right.

DG2 The Lost Tome by Dan Hass. Level 1. Jan 26, 2015. (DriveThruRPG, )

Some books are so important that when a noble loses it, he has to find special help fast to recover it. And if a rival earldom discovers the noble is in such a precarious position, things can get complicated.

DG3 The Archaeologist by Dan Hass. Levels 1-2. Jan 26, 2015. (DriveThruRPG, )

A dragon’s hoard you say? He has the knowledge, but not the resources; maybe you have the resources and an agreement can be reached.

DG4 And the Elf Prince Wept by Dan Hass. Level 2. Jan 30, 2015. (DriveThruRPG , )

Elves have never mingled with the other races of Dimgaard. They have secreted themselves in hidden sylvan communities for millennia – proud and independent. So when the elven prince sends an emissary seeking aid, something big must be afoot. This is the first episode of the Red Blade War series of adventures.

DG5 And the Goblin Boss Wailed by Dan Hass. Level 2. Feb 19, 2015. (DriveThruRPG, )

The Red Blade orcs have displaced the Horned Skull goblins. The goblin tribe is now on the move bringing disease and violence with them. The line between refugees and raiders can be faint indeed. Regardless, the goblins are a problem that must be dealt with immediately, but circumstances have the established communities too weak to address the Horned Skulls through conventional means. Heroes must be found to perform the tasks that must be done.

DG6 And the Dwarf Thane Slept by Dan Hass. Level 2. Feb 20, 2015. (DriveThruRPG, )

With the fever epidemic raging, resources are stretched thin amid rumors of war from the south. The communities of the Alshon region have learned to rely on a group of hardy adventurers as leaders and heroes. Someone must make the dangerous journey to the isolated dwarves of the northeast in order to recover vital spell components; otherwise the stability of the entire region is compromised.

DG7 The Poison Works by Dan Hass. Level 3. Feb 20, 2015. (DriveThruRPG, )

As the epidemic subsides, and with some allies in place, it is time for a foray into Red Blades territory. And intelligence has provided a target that could undermine the orcs’ effectiveness if taken out. So the job falls on the shoulders of adventurers.

DG8 Red Blades Diplomacy by Dan Hass. Level 3. Feb 25, 2015. (DriveThruRPG, )

The Red Blade orcs have expanded to the point that they must engage the human communities of the Alshon region. The recent raid on Fashat Xom is bound to elicit a response from the orc khan, but what form will it take. The human leadership prepares feverishly as it waits nervously for the Red Blades next move. A Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Adventure for 1-8 third level characters. This is the fifth episode in the Red Blade War series.

DG9 The Siege of Mardleton by Dan Hass. Level 3. Mar 22, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

The Red Blades orcs’ Great Khan Zugbu sent an ambassador with a promise of peace. But it was not a promise for perpetual peace, and the Red Blades now seek to take by force what was denied them through diplomacy. The communities of Mardleton and Neilsfort have always been the bastions against the threats from the Farwood, but unless heroic action is taken immediately, these villages will become the latest conquests of the Red Blades

DG10 Red Blades Infiltration by Dan Hass. Level 3. Mar 22, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

Wars are not always won or lost on the front line. Even an overwhelming army must be fed and resupplied, and sometimes the most important action is behind the frontline by commandos and spies.

DG11 The Head of the Snake by Dan Hass. Levels 3-4. Mar 22, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

The Red Blades orcs have proven to be a formidable force. Even with outside help it is questionable whether the humans and their allies can complete a campaign in the Farwood against a determined, capable enemy native to the jungle. However, a smaller force may be able to penetrate to the interior and end the war with a precision attack.

DG12: Icy Foreshadowing by Dan Hass. Level 4. Apr 10, 2015. (DriveThruRPG )

Legend holds that once dragons ruled. They carved out kingdoms and reigned unchallenged for uncounted millennia. Only speculation explains why the time of dragons came to an end, but it is doubtful the young races could have arisen if they still ruled. For several years, it has been an open secret that the dragon cults have been strategizing to bring dragons back. Signs seem to indicate that at least one cult has succeeded. Heroes are needed to quash the threat lest it fester into something that could bring disaster to the entire region.

DG13: Elin Mesa by Dan Hass. Level 4. May 02, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

Rising majestically from the jungle of the Farwood, Elin Mesa is the subject of elven myth. For generations an elven community dedicated to Solonor Thelandira has revered and protected the area around the site. But things have gone afoul. The elves cannot be reached, and the approach has been transformed from merely a jungle to an impenetrable thicket. Heroes are needed to investigate, and possibly rescue the elves before things evolve into deeper threats.

DG14: Foul Waters by Dan Hass. Level 4. May 02, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

It is clear the dragon cults have managed to bring true dragons back into Dimgaard. And the race is on to thwart the cults before their schemes result in effects beyond the ability of the forces of good to deal with. Evidence is that the next area effected is an isolated wetlands at the edge of the Farwood. Heroes are needed to investigate and deal with whatever threat may present itself.

DG15: Brass and Blue by Dan Hass. Level 4. May 02, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

A desert suddenly appears encroaching on verdant lands near it. Monstrous creatures establish lairs and threaten all those approaching. Sudden lightning storms disrupt trade and traffic. With the discovery of the dragon wyrmlings, can this be coincidence? Heroes are needed to discover the truth and set things right.

DG16: The Path to Odil by Dan Hass. Level 5. May 21, 2015. (DriveThruRPG )

Adventure and fortune doesn’t always simply arrive on the footsteps of heroes. And it isn’t reserved for the frontier. Odill is the only true city for hundreds of miles. Once it was a reliable civilizing influence, but over the current Prince’s reign it has degenerated into a den of debauchery – cults, slavery, sadism, narcotics… There seems to be no bounds to Odill’s corruption. Can heroes bring hope to such a city in such despair? The journey to Odill is not likely to be uneventful.

DG17: Orcus in Odill by Dan Hass. Level 5. Jun 13, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

A Cult of Orcus holding weekly services where victims are ritually tortured, and dozens of citizens attend with apparent impunity. Isn’t this what the Inquisition exists for? Or what about the local forces for good or, at least, order? How bad a place is Odill to tolerate this sort of activity? A DnD 5th edition adventure for 1-8 5th level characters. This is the second episode of the Orcus in Odill Saga

DG18: Treasures of Orcus by Dan Hass. Level 5. Jun 13, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

The Cult of Orcus’s book of secrets documents the likely location of the cult’s treasure hoard. What is protecting it is less clear. Are the heroes brave (or foolhardy) enough to make a play for the treasure? A Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition adventure for 1-8 5th level characters. This is the third episode of the Orcus in Odill Saga.

DG19: Retribution of Orcus by Dan Hass. Level 5. Jun 13, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

Cults don’t sit idly while adventurers work to eliminate them. The Cult of Orcus in Odill is faced with an existential threat from a group of meddling adventurers who have inspired other threats to coalesce against the Cult. It is time for the Cult to strike back. Can the heroes thwart the cults attempt to eliminate their enemies?

DG20: Regime Change by Dan Hass. Level 5. Jun 13, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

The temple destroyed, its treasure looted, and its counterattack thwarted, the Cult of Orcus in Odill is on its last legs. One night of action could finish it off, and at this opportune moment a questionable ally proposes a plan that could radically alter Odill’s culture.

DG21: Securing the Source by Dan Hass. Level 6. Jun 23, 2015. (DriveThruRPG )

The Cult of the Green Dragon has several hundred of Odill’s most influential citizens addicted to the narcotic it peddles. The one fact that is known for sure is that if a user ceases the daily dosage, the withdrawal can prove deadly. So simply ending the supply of the drug would likely result in the death of hundreds of the most important people in Odill. A troublesome prospect that needs resourceful adventurers to resolve. A D&D 5th edition adventure for 1-8 6th level characters. The first episode of the Green in Odill Arc.

DG22: Protecting the Process by Dan Hass. Level 6. Jul 12, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

Hundreds of the most influential people in Odill are addicted to the narcotic produced by the Cult of the Green Dragon. Brother Rolf has offered all he has and more to rectify the situation. But the process is not complete, and to protect that process to its conclusion will require heroes. A DnD 5th edition adventure for 1-8 6th level PCs. The second episode in the Green in Odill Arc.

DG23: Green Rehab by Dan Hass. Level 6. Jul 12, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

An antidote for spank has been synthesized by Jurrius. The citizens of Odill no longer need to be enslaved by the narcotic or the cults controlling by the cults. The only details left are convincing the addicts to take the antidote and end their addictions, and, of course, actually deliver the antidotes to the victims. And surely the cults will just sit idly by as the base of their syndicates are undermined…

DG24: Destroying the Supply by Dan Hass. Level 6. Jul 12, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

Inoculations are underway and progress is being made against the narcotics syndicates run by the cults. But the syndicates are not lying down in the face of adversity. Maybe it is time to do something about the supply in addition to treating the results.

DG25: Pit of Karaan by Dan Hass. Level 6. Jul 12, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

A wife and daughter kidnapped by “wildmen”. The party of militiamen who were sent to retrieve them is missing, too. The situation is beyond the local lord to manage. If heroes don’t emerge the situation could become disastrous. The first episode in the Reformers of Odill Arc.

DG26: Greenville by Dan Hass. Level 7. Jul 23, 2015. (DriveThruRPG )

Odill is a large city where corruption is rampant. And there are numerous strong organizations vested in preventing reform. Even with a regime change, the Cult of Orcus destroyed, and the drug cartels damaged, the reform of Odill seems a Herculean challenge. Maybe it is time for a different strategy. A D&D 5th edition adventure for 1-8 7th level characters. The first episode in the Villages of Odill Arc

DG27: Shaky Alliances by Dan Hass. Level 7. Aug 15, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

The communities around Odill are not natural allies. Each was established with its own philosophies and works to protect its niche in the economy of greater Odill. Forging these communities into a political block capable of challenging the power of Odill is no trivial task. A D&D 5th edition adventure for 1-8 7th level adventurers. The second episode in the Villages of Odill Arc.

DG28: Peasant Revolt by Dan Hass. Level 7. Aug 15, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

Slavery has a history that predates humanity. Now, many organizations view it as an oppressive and inherently evil institution that should be opposed at every turn. Some even believe that it is worth any sacrifice to overthrow slavery. It is the most divisive issue between the Odill villages that agree with reform and those that support Prince Priogrim and his pro-slavery attitude. Can the PCs keep the Odill region from exploding in civil strife? A D&D 5th edition adventure for 1-8 7th level characters. The third episode in the Villages Of Odill Arc.

DG29: Allies in Trouble by Dan Hass. Level 7. Aug 15, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

The Order of Tythia was inspired by the alliance’s determination to reform Odill. The Tythian, Pastor Okama provoked a slave revolt in Ferryhill. During the conflict allies were captured and are in the custody of Prince Priogrim. Can the PCs save their allies? A D&D 5th edition adventure for 1-8 7th level characters. The fourth episode of the Villages of Odill Arc.

DG30: Crusade by Dan Hass. Level 7. Aug 15, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

The situation is coming to a head in the rivalry between Odill and its surrounding communities. With both sides nearly evenly matched, the heroes give the edge to Odill’s opposition. But as the most influential city in the area and the seat of the Inquisition, Odill’s position gives it an option with dramatic consequences. A D&D 5th edition adventure for 1-8 7th level characters. The fifth and final episode in the Villages of Odill Arc.

DG31 Tholy the Divine by Dan Hass. Level 8. Sep 05, 2015. (DriveThruRPG )

Prince Priogrim was forced to accept a House of Lords as a co-equal branch of government. And the first decree declared Tholy the Divine a capital criminal. But the wily, corrupt of head of the Inquisition saw the problem coming. He has looted the Inquisition treasury and fled Odill. Can the PCs recover Tholy and the loot? A D&D 5th edition adventure for 1-8 8th level characters. Episode 1 in The New Odill series.

DG32 Bishop Wischard by Dan Hass. Level 8. Nov 23, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

With Tholy imprisoned and awaiting execution a new Bishop travels to Odill to replace him. The various factions of Odill have much to lose if the new Bishop ends corruption. The heroes could determine the fate of several organizations in Odill. A D&D 5th edition adventure for 1-8 8th level characters.

DG33 Wicasa by Dan Hass. Level 8. Nov 23, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

A plea to prevent an open war between elves and humans, and free a village oppressed by an evil overlord. Will the heroes prove worthy of the challenge? A D&D 5th edition adventure for 1-8 8th level characters.

DG34 The Node by Dan Hass. Level 8. Nov 23, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

The elves are incensed that the humans have allowed an elf to be sacrificed to create a magic item. The elves can be appeased though if the item is destroyed, but just as it takes a lot to create a magic item, it takes a lot to destroy a magic item. Can the heroes destroy the item to free the elf’s soul and prevent a war? A D&D 5th edition adventure for 1-8 8th level characters

DG35 Ugly in Odill by Dan Hass. Level 8. Nov 23, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

On the streets of Odill, a seemingly random event may lead to what the true source of corruption in the city has been all along. But it will take a group of heroes worthy of the challenge to finally eliminate the fiend responsible for the decades of suffering. A D&D 5th edition adventure for 1-8 8th level characters. The fifth (and final?) episode in The New Odill series.

DG36 Fiends and Cudgels by Dan Hass. Level 9. Feb 01, 2015. (DriveThruRPG )

The emergence of the Order of Asmodeus as an accepted part of the One True Faith is intolerable to some sects of the religion. When radical changes are proposed to a religion, fundamentalist segments can react so strongly that, if the situation isn’t handled well, it can be a catastrophe. A Dungeons and Dragons® 5th Edition Adventure for 1-8 ninth level characters. Episode one of the Cults and Orders Adventure Arc.

DG37 The Doomsday Tome by Dan Hass. Level 9. Mar 02, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

On the verge of annihilation, a cult that reveres death and destruction launches a final foray into a Odill with a terrorist plan that could kill thousands. Can heroes of sufficient quality be found to prevent the pending disaster? A Dungeons and Dragons® 5th Edition Adventure for 1-8 ninth level characters. Episode two of the Cults and Orders Adventure Arc.

DG38 The Spell Thief by Dan Hass. Level 9. Mar 02, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

Rivalries have emerged as the various orders within the One True Faith vie for power and influence. Most Orders try to maintain relationships with at least a few cults outside the One True Faith that have aligned interests. Some even secretly affiliate with gnomes or other races suspected of threatening the One True Faith’s status. Sometimes these rivalries and affiliations give rise to situations where only great heroes can prevent a sectarian war. A Dungeons and Dragons® 5th Edition Adventure for 1-8 ninth level characters. Episode three of the Cults and Orders Adventure Arc.

DG40 Retribution by Dan Hass. Level 9. Mar 02, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

A large slave caravan with “cargo” collected from the Cheyna villages to the north of Odill is approaching its destination. The unfortunate victims will be sold in Odill’s slave auctions. But news arrives that the Cheynas have risen in opposition to the generations of plundering by Odill’s slavers. The entire region could be on the verge of war. A Dungeons and Dragons® 5th Edition Adventure for 1-8 ninth level characters. Episode 2 of Resolving the Question.

DGS4 Spider Butte by Dan Hass. Level 3. Mar 22, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

Ahhhh… That sweet spider venom. Well, you didn’t think it would be “easy” did you? To secure a giant spider, there is an obvious place to go: Spider Butte. But there are reasons no one else has ventured to this forbidding mesa .

DGS6: A Kingdom Born by Dan Hass. Level 4. May 02, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

You have a land grant and a title. But those do not a kingdom make. Heroes often want to build a place of their own in the world. But if establishing a fiefdom were an easy matter, everyone would do it. It is time to face contenders to your title, and raiders looking to pillage your resources. Can the heroes establish their stronghold, or will they be forced to wait until they are stronger.

DGS7: A Light Innovation by Dan Hass. Level 4. May 02, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

Progress is wrought with struggle. A small advance can have ripples as economies are disrupted – some niches are created, but others are destroyed. And those who depend on those lost niches always fight against the end of their livelihood.

DGS14 Natural Balance by Dan Hass. Level 1. Aug 15, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

One person’s dedicated defense of an ideal is another person’s terrorism. What happens when progress endangers the natural order – or even nature itself? Can the PCs resolve the differences between the naturalists and the crafters? A D&D 5th edition adventure for 1-8 1st level characters.

DGS15 Forge and Sacrifice by Dan Hass. Level 8. Nov 23, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

Some creations must be undone to make the world a better place, but destroying an object of great power is not an easy task. Indeed, it will require true heroes to achieve such a goal. A Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Adventure for 1-8 sixth level characters

DG47 Out of Odill by Dan Hass. Level 11. May 17, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

In Odill, there is a dangerous accumulation of powerful tools that have been confiscated from evil entities. The time has come to transport these potent items and creatures to the stronghold of Musklageta.

DG41 Ultimatum by Dan Hass. Level 9. Mar 02, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

The victims of Odill's slave trade have allied and raised an army. As they approach Odill there is a brief opportunity for decisive action to avoid a prolonged, bloody war likely to bring misery and devastation to a large swath of Dimgaard. A Dungeons and Dragons® 5th Edition Adventure for 1-8 ninth level characters. Episode 3 of Resolving the Question.

DG42 The Consequences of Fire by Dan Hass. Level 10. Jul 12, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

For months, stories have been filtering into Odill about strange events near the Parched Stretch, a small desert northwest of the city. First, creatures thought to exist only in mythology were seen by travelers when the desert more than doubled in size in a matter of days, only to shrink back to its original size after adventurers reportedly killed a blue dragon. Now, caravans passing near the desert have come under attack by brigands and not the typical bands of humans, orcs, or goblinoids either! A Dungeons and Dragons® 5th Edition Adventure for 1-8 10th level characters. The first episode in the Tales of the Parched Stretch.

DG43 Brass Protection by Dan Hass. Level 10. Mar 01, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

The Parched Stretch is a small, desolate strip of land northwest of Odill. It is just the sort of area where dangers lurk – but also where otherwise good creatures who fear racism and persecution seek refuge. What has happened to the brass dragonkind refuge of Aurajia? And what has happened that has drawn the usually hidden creatures of the desert out to engage in aggressive acts. A Dungeons and Dragons® 5th Edition Adventure for 1-8 10th level characters. The second episode in the Tales of the Parched Stretch.

DG44 Lamia of the Parched Stretch by Dan Hass. Level 10. Apr 12, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

A lamia has forged an alliance from the disparate denizens of the Parched Stretch. A living instrument of a diabolical empire that spans multiple planes has come forward with an offer to help in exchange for the help he needs himself. If the web of intrigue isn’t disrupted soon, a demon prince will threaten the safety and freedom of every creature in Dimgaard. A Dungeons and Dragons® 5th Edition Adventure for 1-8 10th level characters. The third (and final) episode in the Tales of the Parched Stretch.

DG45 Ironfangs and Horned Skulls by Dan Hass. Level 10. Apr 12, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

The best opinion of goblinoids holds that they are a dangerous nuisance. Unfortunately, they are also a prolific race that occupies almost every niche in Dimgaard. If two of the most significant goblinoid tribes in southern Dimgaard go to war, the collateral damage could be immense. Can heroes be found to quench the flames of war and avert a disaster? A Dungeons and Dragons® 5th Edition Adventure for 1-8 10th level characters. A sequel to DG5 And the Goblin Boss Wailed and DG44 Lamia of the Parched Stretch.

DG49 Protectors in Need by Dan Hass. Level 11. May 14, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

Musklageta is the repository for the most potent threats known to the One True Faith, humanity, and Dimgaard as a whole. For generations, Musklageta has been secured by the Knight Protectors of the Faith, but dark forces have neutralized the Knight Protectors leaving Musklageta vulnerable – and by extension all Dimgaard is at risk.

DC50 Homeland for All by Dan Hass. Level 11. May 17, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

After barely repulsing the disastrous raid on Musklageta, the Knight Protectors have formalized a policy confining their activity to the immediate vicinity of Musklageta. Recognizing there will be matters that may require intervention beyond the town to ensure the safety of the threats they secure, the Knight Protectors empower a small group of Marshals to deal with such issues. How will the marshals respond to their first test?

DG52 Innocent Sacrifice by Dan Hass. Level 12. May 14, 2016. (DriveThruRPG )

Dimgaard is a dark and harsh realm. Often parties concerned with bringing forth magic that alters the very fabric of reality have no concerns for the price that must be paid to achieve the effect.

Drow Conspiracy

DC1 Drow Necromancy by Dan Hass. Level 1. Jun 07, 2015. (DriveThruRPG , )

What drives some to leave the safety of their communities and start along the path of adventure. Maybe it is something in their background that compels them; maybe it is the lure of treasure; maybe it is just a curious map. Farjvad is a Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition adventure for 1-8 1st level characters. It is the first episode in the Drow Conspiracy

DC2 The Drow Outpost by Dan Hass. Level 2. Jun 13, 2015. (DriveThruRPG, )

The pursuit of the insidious drow necromancer has lead the PCs deep into the forest. Is this a small drow incursion, or the start of something much broader and more threatening? Only a group of hardy adventurers can discover the truth.

DC3 Drow Allies by Dan Hass. Level 3. Jun 13, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

It appears the casual raiding on the village of Farjvad was just the tip of a deeper conspiracy. In the aftermath of the raid on the drow outpost, hostile activity from various brigands based in the forest has spiked. Nobles turn angrily towards the PCs to resolve what they have started. A DnD 5th edition adventure for 1-8 3rd level characters. Episode 3 in the Drow Conspiracy Epic.

DC4 Fealty to the Drow by Dan Hass. Level 4. Jun 13, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

St. Aurelius was a peaceful, prosperous, and productive coastal town with a reputation for friendliness to travelers. But in the span of days, the atmosphere has changed dramatically. Several days ago, Count Arsens gave a brief statement acknowledging fealty to the drow, and hasn’t been seen since. Strangers are shunned. Where there was once a ribald nightlife, the empty streets at night seem foreboding. Something sinister is afoot, and heroes are needed to sort things out. A Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition adventure for 1-8 4th level characters. Episode 4 in the Drow Conspiracy

DC5 Drow Consolidation by Dan Hass. Level 5. Jun 13, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

The drow have taken St. Aurelius, which commands the coast, and most of the lesser villages. But there are some who haven’t surrendered. How will the drow handle these defiant communities? And what will the heroes do? A Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition adventure for 1-8 5th level PCs. Episode 5 in the Drow Conspiracy Epic.

DC6 Drow and Orcs by Dan Hass. Level 6. Jul 12, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

The drow seem to be an unstoppable force. Having made an example of Vallaki, the other holdouts are falling quickly. But there is one town that would rather be annihilated than serve their generational enemies.

DC7 Anti-Drow Confederation by Dan Hass. Level 7. Jul 22, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

At the fringe of the Drow Empire, a band of heroes have convinced the orcs of Fhuu to set aside their distrust of their neighboring humans, gnome, elves, dwarves and halflings, and try to coordinate a course of action to turn the tide against the drow. On the eve of the council to decide actions and terms, the PCs find themselves in Fhuu trying to aide in forging a coordinated opposition to the drow. Will the drow learn of the efforts? If so what will they do? Are there other internal intrigues that could derail the process? A D&D 5th edition adventures for 1-8 7th level characters. The seventh episode in the Drow Conspiracy Epic.

DC8 War Against the Drow by Dan Hass. Level 8. Aug 15, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

An agreement has been reached between the orcs of Fhuu and their neighbors to wage a coordinated campaign against the Drow Empire. Reserves mustered, weapons sharpened, armor polished – what could go wrong? A D&D 5th edition adventure for 8th level characters; the eighth episode in the Drow Conspiracy Epic

DC9 Drow Island by Dan Hass. Level 9. Aug 15, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

campaign against St. Aurelius was thwarted. It is clear that the drow are an imposing force. Rather than an attack on St. Aurelius, a penetration aimed at the drow base behind the frontlines might have more success. A D&D 5th edition adventure for 1-8 9th level characters. The ninth episode in the Drow Conspiracy Theory.

DC10 Liberation from the Drow by Dan Hass. Level 10. Aug 15, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

If the capital (St. Aurelius) can be liberated, it likely would trigger a widespread revolt that the drow could not resist without aid from their Abyssal resources. But the drow cannot draw from their Abyssal resources – at least for a while. So St. Aurelius is a prime target for a counterstrike to free it from the yoke of the drow.

DC11 Return to Drow Island by Dan Hass. Level 11. Dec 04, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

Xhalh has been deposed in St. Aurelius, but the drow portal won’t stay closed long. Can the PCs prevent a new drow incursion from the Abyss? A D&D 5th edition adventure for 1-8 11th level PCs. The 11th episode in the Drow Conspiracy Saga

DC12 The Drow Portal by Dan Hass. Level 12. Dec 04, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

A small earthquake announces that the portal to the Abyss has shifted something into this realm. Are the heroes prepared and strong enough to face what was just deposited in front of them? A D&D 5th edition adventure for 1-8 12th level characters.

DC13 The Drow Citadel by Dan Hass. Level 13. Mar 02, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

The portal the drow use to travel between their home plane on the Abyss and the realms they victimize has been secured. Now is the time for a counterstrike to take the conflict into drow territory. But the excursion is going to be dangerous and not for the weak! A Dungeons and Dragons® 5th edition adventure for 1-8 13th level characters. Episode 13 in the Drow Conspiracy.

DC14: Drow and Dwarves by Dan Hass. Level 14. Apr 12, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

In the Underdark of a distant realm, the drow have bent the dwarves and other denizens to their will. But with the liberation of the trans-dimensional portal, the opportunity arises to bring revolution to those who are willing to try to resist the drow. A Dungeons and Dragons® 5th edition adventure for 1-8 14th level characters. Episode 14 in the Drow Conspiracy.

DC15: Drow and Fey by Dan Hass. Level 15. Apr 12, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

The drow portal continues its journey among the realms subjugated by the Drow Empire. What challenges must be overcome in the Feywilds to eliminate the drow influence. A Dungeons and Dragons® 5th edition adventure for 1-8 15th level characters. Episode 15 in the Drow Conspiracy.

DC16: Drow and Giants by Dan Hass. Level 16. May 14, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

Bolglandia is a realm once dominated by various giant warlords. Now under the subjugation of the Drow Empire, “freedom from the drow” implies a return to the tyranny of the giants. Episode 16 in the Drow Conspiracy.

DC18: Drow Counterstrike by Dan Hass. Level 18. May 14, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

It has been several days since the PCs survived the multiple attacks on their lives. One demon has been removed from power but the Drow Empire remains an active and potent threat. They will not wait idly for the heroes’ next move.

Dark Naga Adventures

The Lost Temple of Forgotten Evil by L. Kevin Watson. Levels 4-6. Apr 11, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

A Fith Edition Fantasy and OSR adventure for 4-6 player of level 4-6

The small town of Boldon, and its surrounding villages are afraid. Dozens of people are missing, some speculate lost to some nefarious purpose. A broken drunkard tells fantastic tales of an evil temple and the horrible things within. The rare few who know the legends and history of the region are beginning to think the dark times have returned; not seen since the fall of the first age of man. People are beginning to feel the icy fingers of fear closing in. The party becomes aware of these events, and is inspired to investigate. This leads them to a broken man who tells them a story of a lost temple. Has it been rediscovered by men seduced by its forgotten evil? The drunkard’s tale leads to others who might help the party discover more before they face The Lost Temple of Forgotten Evil.

DDE Adventures

Fortress of the Ur-Mage by Dr. Davy Jones. Levels 3-10. Jan 20, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

Fortress of the Ur-Mage is a tournament deathtrap dungeon for the 5th Edition of DUNGEONS & DRAGONS roleplaying game, taking characters from 3rd Level to 10th. It features a competitive head-to-head mode, where multiple parties delve the dungeon at the same time. Competing bands of crusaders can hinder each other by stealing relics, laying traps, freeing monsters, and manipulating the dungeon environment itself.

Dire Rugrat Publishing

A Thief in the Night by Kelly Pawlik. Level 3. May 30, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

Several cases of delicious blackberry preserves have gone missing from Blackberry Bill’s. Braybin, the freckle-faced server, asks the PCs to help to discover who is responsible and to get the jam back before Blackberry Bill notices – and reminds the townsfolk why he was formerly known as Butcher Bill.

Thief in the Night is designed to accompany Tangible Taverns: Trio of Taverns and is suitable for four 3rd level characters.

It Starts with a Barroom Brawl by Kelly Pawlik. Levels 4-5. May 30, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

When the motley group of "heroes" that burned down Tuffy's previous establishment return to town, the tavern owner offers a reward to the PCs for their capture. Can they save the dingy dive from meeting the same fate as Tuffy's old joint? Or will Tuffy be forced to find a new place to pickle her pigs feet?

The Troubleshooters by Kelly Pawlik. Levels 5-6. Jun 24, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

When the deal of a lifetime is put in jeopardy, local businessman Demetrius Flannigan hires the PCs to ensure the meeting goes smoothly. Can the adventurers stop an interfering rival, and ensure the other party, a skittish elf with access to important information, doesn’t abandon the deal? 
The Troubleshooters is designed to accompany Tangible Taverns: Trio of Taverns and is suitable for four characters of level 5-6.

Tavern Tales

Tea House Caper by Kelly Pawlik. Levels 2-3. Jul 11, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

Desperate to get a family heirloom back, Edwin Scrumple hires the PCs to infiltrate the local tea house, a place frequented by notable ladies of the city who spend their time gossiping and backstabbing as they sip cups of tea. Can the PCs get the heirloom without attracting attention? Or will they draw the eyes of the manager Prim, or worse, incite the wrath of their target, a bitter sour-faced woman whose words cut as deep as a warrior’s sword?
Tea House Caper is designed to accompany Tangible Taverns: Delectable Dragonfly (A Tea House Twist) and is suitable for four 2nd to 3rd level characters.

What a Trip! by Kelly Pawik. Level 2. May 30, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

Cerulean, the master musician of Simon’s Dinner Theatre, needs the PCs to retrieve a bag of mushrooms from his house before the evening’s performance begins. Can the PCs navigate his home, and fend off the strange creatures who reside there, before the lights dim in the performance hall?

What a Trip! is designed to accompany Tangible Taverns: Simon’s Dinner Theatre and is suitable for four 2nd level characters.

Embers Design Studios

Rats in the Street (5e) by Lucas Curell. Level 3. Aug 23, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

Butcher Block has been caught in the throes of crime. Businesses are being extorted, people are being assaulted, and homes are being robbed. At the heart of everything, is the Crystal Moth gang. Once thought of as a joke, unworthy of attention, the gang now terrorizes the district, and the city guard is unwilling, or unable, to help.

Rats in the Street is an urban adventure for five characters of 3rd-level. When a street gang steps up its activities, the party is called in to help, but they must be careful, lest the gang lash out against the very people the PCs seek to aid. 

Yrisa's Nightmare by Lucas Curell. Levels 2-3. Jul 18, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

Highhouse Yroden has been cursed. Apparitions stalk the streets, gnolls lurk in the wilds, and a dragon has taken interest in the village. Yet, the curse runs deeper. Nightmares plague townsfolks’ dreams and madness grips their waking minds. To make matters worse, just when she’s needed most, their wise woman has left. 

Yrisa’s Nightmare is an adventure for the 5e Roleplaying Game, intended for four characters of levels 2-3. In Yrisa’s Nightmare, the player characters are drawn into a curse afflicting Highhouse Yroden where, to survive, they must unravel the mystery and rescue the young oracle at its center. 

EN Publishing

The Business of Emotion by Paul Oklesh. Levels 2-3. Mar 10, 2015. (Patreon, )

This is a sample adventure for 3-5 characters of levels 2-3. You may download it for free before becoming a patron. The village of Lanidor is suffering from an enchanted "summer of love". Can the PCs figure out what's going on?

Winterheart by Esper. Level 4. Apr 06, 2015. (DriveThruRPG, )

Winterheart is an adventure for 4th level characters. Can the PCs rescue a young prisoner with latent icy magic before her despair plunges the region into a deep winter? By Esper, illustrated by Jen Tracy.

Don't Wake Dretchlor by Kiel Chenier. Levels 5-7. May 19, 2015. (DriveThruRPG, )

A forgotten mansion. A sadistic demon. A deadly game of cat-and-mouse. Can the heroes outwit the demon and escape the mansion, or will they fall prey to Dretchlor's evil machinations? An adventure for characters of 5th-7th level by Kiel Chienier; illustrated by Rick Hershey and Sexualtyranosarus.

The Mystery of Mordechai's Monster by Dan Head. Level 3. Jul 22, 2015. (Patreon, )

From Dan Head comes this adventure of mystery and horror! Who is Mordecai, and what has become of his latest creation? Can the PCs solve the mystery of Mordecai's monster before it's too late?

Friend of the Children by Peter Zacchaeus. Level 4. Aug 14, 2015. (Patreon, )

Why do the children of Medvedka Vas not age? Can the answer be found on Bear Plateau? Who is the mysterious "Friend of the Children? And what is the role of Eglantina, the last pixie of Bear Plateau? A dark fantasy adventure for 4th level characters. By Peter Zacchaeus; illustrated by Ellis Goodson.

EN5ider Volume 1 by Various Authors. Aug 28, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

11 articles (including 3 adventures) from the ever-popular EN5ider publication. Rules, adventures, and more from the best in the industry. Whether you seek dark paladins, weapon properties, plug-in settlements, or a brand new commander-style class, EN5ider has you covered! Contains "The Business of Emotion", "The Mystery of Mordecai's Monster" and "Friend of the Children" as well as other articles.

Croaking Sirocco by Kyle Carty. Level 5. Sep 19, 2015. (Patreon)

Croaking Sirocco is an adventure for 5th-level characters that takes the party into the heart of a magically warped, blasted land. Deep in the heart of the expanding desert is a tribe of desert-dwelling bullywugs, whose petty power struggle unwittingly endangers the entire outside world. By Kyle Carty; illustrated by Rick Hershey and Indi Martin.

Dia de los Dinosaurious Muertos by Jensen Toperzer. Level 14. Oct 28, 2015. (Patreon)

Halloween grows ever closer! Día de los Dinosaurios Muertos is a spooky 18-page adventure by Jensen Toperzer. You've heard of the Day of the Dead… but what happens when the dead are dinosaurs? When the raptors awaken to find their land overrun by hairless apes, they plot to reclaim their legacy. Can the PCs survive the machinations of Miquiztlicoatl, the velociraptor mummy lord, ancient reptilian priest-king of the feathered throne? This adventure for 14th-level PCs includes full-color maps, a pronunciation guide, the all-new Stone of the Inverted Sun, and – of course- intelligent undead velociraptors. Illustrated by Melissa Tillery; cartography by Justin Mason.

The Haunting of Calrow Ruins by Aaron Infante-Levy. Levels 2-4. Nov 18, 2015. (Patreon, )

Halloween might be over, but that doesn't mean we can't have one last horror-themed adventure! "You can hear them at night when the mist creeps in off the lakeshore, jibber-jabbering like madmen trying to form words. For years they’ve haunted me, but still I can’t fathom what it means, as if some half-formed mind yearns for the power to speak for itself…" Complete with character hooks, this 14 page adventure by Aaron Infante-Levy is suitable for 2nd-4th level characters. Illustrated by Sade.

The Fugitive Scholar by Mike Myler. Level 5. Jun 14, 2016. (Patreon)

A brand new adventure from Mike Myler for 5th level characters. Can the party help find out who framed Kanral Bodache, save a missing prince, defeat an evil diabolist, and save the walled city of Rettikus? Also includes statistics for a new monster, the Relic Golem! Illustrated by Ellis Goodson; cartography by Ross McConnell.

The Holdenshire Chronicles

The Ills of Hengistbury by Russ Morrissey, Jacob Driscoll, Chris Herbert; Brian Casey. Levels 1-4. Feb 16, 2016. (Patreon)

The eagerly awaited adventure has arrived – the first Act of the Holdenshire Chronicles! 41 pages of sandboxy goodness!

The Holdenshire Chronicles takes EN Publishing’s classic adventure To Slay a Dragon and revamps it for a new generation of gamers. Using fifth edition rules, we hearken back to the 1980s and embark on an adventure which is sure to remind you of RPG modules and boxed sets long past!

This trilogy of adventures leads an adventuring party from the town of Hengistbury on a journey across the land to challenge a red dragon who dwells in a volcano lair known as Skull Mountain.

This first act begins with the characters in the town of Hengistbury, detailed previously in the Primer (EN5ider #56). There, they begin their progression as heroes, and learn all about the dragon Cirothe’s predations on the local area. As they advance in expertise and experience, the idea of tracking the dragon to her lair and ending her threat forever may become a more realistic prospect.

Journey to Skull Mountain by Russ Morrissey, Jacob Driscoll, Christopher J. Herbert; Brian Casey. Levels 4-7. Mar 28, 2016. (Patreon)

Act 2 of The Holdenshire Chronicles is here, with Journey to Skull Mountain! In Act 1, the PCs death with a variety of events in their home county of Holdenshire. But now it's time to begin the long wilderness trek to Skull Mountain and the dragon known as Cirothe. Can they slay devils and demons, overcome giants and bandits, deal with plants and trolls, and assemble all that they need to overcome the beast?

Into the Dragon's Lair by Russ Morrissey, Jacob Driscoll, Christopher J. Herbert & Brian Casey. Levels 7-9. May 12, 2016. (Patreon)

The third and final act of TO SLAY A DRAGON! The heroes have travelled across the lands to reach Skull Mountain, armed with powerful artifacts which will help them slay the mighty dragon, Cirothe. Can they penetrate the volcano lair, defeat the mighty dragon, rescue Ariadne, and claim the dragon's hoard for themselves? Or have they bitten off more than they can chew? Illustrations by Claudio Pozas; cartography by Sean MacDonald.

Endless Vistas Publishing

The Spire #1 by Darrin Drader. Level 1. Apr 06, 2015. (Patreon , )

For a century, the city of Arendan has lay in ruin. Overcome by hideous creatures at the fall of the Androsan Empire, it has since become a stronghold for orcs, goblins, and various other foul beasts. Arendan may be lost to history, but the king has not forgotten the threat that sits at his door. Vowing to retake the city, he has called on intrepid heroes to push back the growing tide of chaos and bring the city back under his control.

Fail Squad Games

Affliction by Fail Squad Games. Levels 4-5. Mar 08, 2016. (Webstore)

“Lady H” is awaiting the treasure you're escorting to Hohm by sea. All goes well until the last day of your trip when the sailors of the Pouncing Panther fall under a strange spell and you find yourself overboard.

Curse of the White Mine by Lloyd Metcalf. Levels 4-5. Mar 08, 2016. (Tabletop Library)

It’s a simple stream crossing. What could possibly go wrong? The goblins of the White Mines are keeping strange company and the problem is bigger than it looks!

Fantastic Reality


The Ghost of Jarvis Island by Michael Cerny. Levels 3-4. Jun 03, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

Our adventurers' ship, the Calm Seas, is forced to limp to uninhabited Jarvis Island for repairs. Once there, players find evidence that the old lighthouse at the abandoned mining settlement may not be quite so abandoned…

ASX-2: The Ghost of Jarvis Island is a brief side adventure in the AsataniaTM Campaign World. It is designed or 4-7 characetrs of levels 3-4 and can generally be completed in a single gaming session.

Side adventures are optional adventures that game masters can use to expand upon the lore of Asatania. This particular adventure fits ideally between the events of modules AS-3: Muscle, Sinew, and Wood and AS-4 The Rebel Prince, though it can be inserted at other points just as easily.

Face Down in a Muddy Road by Michael Cerny. Level 1. May 24, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

Ambushed on the way to the harbor town of Bray's Bay, our party of level 1 players must fight off an attack of ferocious Kan Demon invaders. After prevailing, they'll find increasing evidence of Kan Demon incursions far from their normal coastal targets.

Set in the Asatania campaign world, AS-1: Face Down in a Muddy Road is the introductory adventure and is designed for 4-7 level 1 characters. It is will familiarize the players with the world of Asatania and bring them immediately into the larger plot of the campaign world.

The adventure has been professionally developed with unique commissioned artwork and cartography. Included are detailed maps and high quality color artwork of important NPCs.

Smoke on the Horizon by Michael Cerny. Level 2. May 30, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

After surviving an ambush and an occupied town in AS-1: Face Down in a Muddy Road, players will travel down the Old Sea Road. Under constant pressure from the Kan Demon invaders, they will navigate scenes of horrible destruction as they try to reach the safety of Bray's Bay.

Players will need all of their strength, perserverance and wit to survive the trip down the Old Sea Road.

AS-2: Smoke on the Horizon is the second adventure in the Asatania campaign world. It is designed for parties of 4-7 characters of level 2.

Muscle, Sinew and Wood by Michael Cerny. Levels 2-3. May 30, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

After running the guantlet of invading Kan Demon, our party finally arrives to find Bray's Bay under siege. They must find a way to help a doomed town against overwhelming odds while escaping the onslaught with their lives.

AS-3: Muscle, Sinew, and Wood is the third adventure in the Asatania campaign world and is designed for parties of 4-7 characters of level 2-3. It presumes that players have already been through the AS-1 and AS-2 Asatania adventures and continues the plot progression from those adventuers.

The Rebel Prince by Michael Cerny. Levels 3-4. Jun 24, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

On the run for days, the players finally get the opportunity to strike back against the Kan Demon invasion. The portside town of Harborhume is under the control of the invaders, but the garrison is weak and the populace restless. Can the players rally the townsfolk and take back Harborhume? The risk is high, but the rewards higher still!

The Prisoner of Spur Rock by James ‘Grim’ Desborough. Levels 3-4. Jun 26, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

"My friends, I have a favour to ask of you…"
That's how it begins.
When its over, you'll have broken into Spur Rock, the notorious island prison holding the dregs of society, and worse.
There's a man inside who knows something. Something important. And its your job to get him out – without bringing the entire Imperium down on your heads.

Fat Goblin Games

River Crossing by L. Kevin Watson. Levels 4-6. May 12, 2016. (DriveThruRPG )

The small town of Boldon, and its surrounding villages are afraid. Dozens of people are missing, some speculate lost to some nefarious purpose. A broken drunkard tells fantastic tales of an evil temple and the horrible things within. The rare few who know the legends and history of the region are beginning to think the dark times have returned; not seen since the fall of the first age of man. People are beginning to feel the icy fingers of fear closing in. The party becomes aware of these events and is inspired to investigate. This leads them to a broken man who tells them a story of a lost temple. Has it been rediscovered by men seduced by its forgotten evil? The drunkard’s tale leads to others who might help the party discover more before they face The Lost Temple of Forgotten Evil.

The Lost Temple of Forgotten Evil by L. Kevin Watson. Levels 4-6. Apr 20, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

The small town of Boldon, and its surrounding villages are afraid. Dozens of people are missing, some speculate lost to some nefarious purpose. A broken drunkard tells fantastic tales of an evil temple and the horrible things within. The rare few who know the legends and history of the region are beginning to think the dark times have returned; not seen since the fall of the first age of man. People are beginning to feel the icy fingers of fear closing in. The party becomes aware of these events and is inspired to investigate. This leads them to a broken man who tells them a story of a lost temple. Has it been rediscovered by men seduced by its forgotten evil? The drunkard’s tale leads to others who might help the party discover more before they face The Lost Temple of Forgotten Evil.

Final Redoubt Press

The Echoes of Heaven/The Throne of God by Robert J Defendi. Level 2. Jan 31, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

Once Man stood in the full glory of God. Now he must strain to hear even the echoes of Heaven. The city of Belm is the center of culture, government, and commerce for the Kingdom of Ludremon. But when a young girl disappears just miles outside the city walls at the same time the cathedral's holy relic is stolen, who will dare undertake an adventure that leads into the tattered fringes of reality itself?

Font of Inspiration

The Children of Despair by Christopher Stratton Smith. Level 2. Oct 06, 2015. (DriveThruRPG )

A sleepy farming village is ravaged with a curse that leaves its youths
fighting to survive through the night
Discover the truth behind unexplained and horrific events in this chilling
introductory adventure for level 2 characters

Gamer Assembly

Swamp Witch Monster Party by Gamer Assembly. Levels 1-3. Aug 27, 2015. (DriveThruRPG )

Haggartha the Swamp Witch and a group of reptilians are causing trouble. Contains 4 adventure hooks and 4 adventure scenarios.

The Harvest Festival by Gamer Assembly. Oct 15, 2015. (DriveThruRPG )

Do you need a themed group of monsters that work together? You need a Monster Party!

A harvest festival in a small village will not go as expected. Several bands of monsters will descend on the village, and the PCs must make some hard choices to fight them off.

Geek Fight Club

Lair of the Lightsbane by Armand “Mondo” Charpentier. Level 1. Feb 29, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

Deep in the Anthorian Bordlerlands, the town of Nowhere is a place where many adventurers have made their base of operations. It’s said to be safe behind the walls. A place to restock, rest, and spend the treasures plundered in this wild and savage region. But all is not as it appears, and you have woken up in a small dank cell, your mind fogged, your weapons gone and a dark cult intends you to be the sacrifice to their mistress. Can you escape before she arrives?

The Nowhere Special by Armand “Mondo” Charpentier. Levels 1-3. May 30, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

Looking for side quests to keep your low level characters busy? Need to boost their experience a little before the next big thing?

Deep in the Anthorian Borderlands, in the abandoned Duchy of Silkmire, the town of Nowhere is one of the few places where folk can usually take a moment and breathe without worrying about the strange and dangerous. Or so you thought.

It’s a good thing you’re prepared for anything, because anything can happen.

From Geek Trash and Geek Fight Club, The Nowhere Special 01 includes Six Side Quests and Adventures in and around the Town of Nowhere for 4-5 1st-3rd Level Characters, ten new creatures, one magic item, floor plans for the inn of the Gilded Squirrel, and 12 maps in grid and non-grid options with instructions for easy use in

Genius Loci Games

Orglosh's Tomb by Johua de Santo. Level 1. Jul 03, 2014. (Genius Loci Games )

The tomb of Orglosh has been over run with a small clan of Kobolds who have defiled the small shrine within the tomb and have been using the relic as a scepter for their chief. The relic is directly tied to the affliction the town of Gravelawn is suffering and the relic will need to be cleansed by a cleric of Thiseir (or an allied deity) before the waters return to their natural state.

The Secret Chapel by Johua de Santo. Jul 07, 2014. (Genius Loci Games )

A new 1 page encounter area for 5th Edition. Has a cat theme but can be easily reskinned. Enjoy!

Trouble at Apegia Station by Johua de Santo. Oct 13, 2014. (Genius Loci Games )

Short adventure consisting of a trading post and the basement – and tunnels beneath it!

Frigga's Chosen by Johua de Santo. Levels 4-6. Sep 04, 2014. (DriveThruRPG, )

Legends say this artifact that the Cult frantically searches for rests in the Apegia mountains waiting for the command to be spoken. What the command is no one knows, but if spoke the relic has the potential to destroy everything from the City of Nark on the coasts to Icago in the west. Hundreds of miles, thousands of lives and the death of the land itself. Frigga has summoned her last surviving Chosen. A woman who has turned away from her faith, to stop the cult from finding this object.

Assault on the Southern Horn by Johua de Santo. Levels 4-6. Sep 21, 2014. (DriveThruRPG, )

In the swamp lands of southern Usarm a horn, glowing and bright has erupted from the fetid earth. The town of Backbend has become lost within the swamps it once boarded and its people have vanished. Tyor, Sage of the Mage Academy in Coralius, and his young apprentice Cami have been sent to investigate and discover the nature of the swamp’s encroachment and that of the glowing Southern Horn. What Tyor finds is a town overrun with Dark Elves and strange beings. Cami is taken in the night and Tyor desperate and alone sends a plea over psychic webs. Come to Backbend, breach the horn and discover its secrets and the plans of the Dark Elves … and most of all save the apprentice he regards as a daughter!

The Owl Bear's Cave by Johua de Santo. Level 2. Feb 20, 2015. (Genius Loci Games )

This adventure is a straight forward romp that leaves enough breadcrumbs to the broader Lands of Usarm or to have more fun in the Apegia Mountains region of Usarm.

The Ruined Temple by Johua de Santo. Feb 27, 2015. (Patreon)

A short-form adventure

Smoke Giant RAW by Johua de Santo. May 01, 2015. (Patreon)

A short-form adventure

Bards of Ur by Johua De Santo. Levels 5-7. Nov 10, 2015. (DriveThruRPG, )

The Bards of Ur are the biggest troupe in the land. Their strange black-and-white make, their leather, spiked clothing, and strange heavy music is all the rage in every town they pass through. However, their music is the key to breaking the chains to a Demon Lord who has been imprisioned for a thousand years.

Glass Goblin Games

The Standing Stones – A 5e Stand-Alone Mini-Adventure by John Healy II. Jul 22, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

A tomb. A story. A puzzle. An ability score boost. And TREASURE! Standing Stones is a mini adventure that can fit into any forest setting. It can be used as players pass through and want treasure, or during an ongoing local campaign where players can return to get ability score bonuses as needed. The choice is yours.

Pick up Standing Stones if your characters need a little boost and you want to wrap the boon up in fancy story wrapping paper. There are six stones, and each one gives a temporary ability score bonus. In addition, the stones hold a mystery that, when solved, opens up the tomb — and the treasure!

Goblin Stone

The Ghost and the Peddler by Benoit de Bernardy. Levels 3-5. Mar 08, 2016. (DriveThruRPG , )

The Ghost and the Peddler is a short adventure for three to five characters of level 3 to 5. You can play it any time the PCs need to travel through scarcely populated land for a few days.

Jack Flanagan is an apothecary traveling around the world to help those in need. Ever since his father died, Jack has felt unusually busy. The people around him experience strange accidents and suffer from unlikely diseases and parasites. Jack believes the ghost of his father is haunting him.

Will your PCs be unfortunate enough to meet Jack and travel with him?

Goodman Games

Glitterdoom by Michael Curtis. Level 3. Aug 14, 2014. (DriveThruRPG, )

Centuries ago, the glitterdoom came to the dwarves of Steelhand Clan! This divine curse transformed the dwarves into hellish forms with an insatiable greed for gold. Now, a chance encounter breaks open long-sealed gates to unleash the glitterdoom again. Can your adventurers delve into the forgotten halls to confront the subterranean menace?

The Fey Sisters' Fate by Chris Doyle. Level 1. Aug 14, 2014. (DriveThruRPG, )

The cries of battle echo in the rustic wilderness, as a pair of fey sisters defend the ancient Briarwood against invaders. When the town of Bur Hollow sends militia men to support their fey allies, they disappear without a trace. The adventurers must enter the Briarwood and save them!

The Pillars of Pelagia by Chris Doyle. Levels 3-6. Sep 13, 2015. (DriveThruRPG, )

Along the windswept sea coast are several natural stone columns, sacred to the Sea Goddess Pelagia. One of these pillars is the tower of a reclusive wizard, a devout follower of Pelagia. But the wizard has gone missing, and the locals suspect foul play. Surely a powerful wizard must have many enemies!

A band of fledgling heroes is tasked with entering one of the Pillars of Pelagia to contend with all manner of magical defenses, while uncovering cryptic clues to the wizard’s disappearance planted by an unknown benefactor. The insidious evil plot they uncover could spell eventual doom for the surface world. But the Pillars are sacred to Pelagia, and the Sea Goddess herself might just play a minor role, aiding the heroes as they attempt to thwart a nefarious plot.

War-lock by Michael Curtis. Level 5. Sep 20, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

Devilish sorcery and ancient steel merge in the form of a reborn menace rising in the wild hills on civilization’s verge. As the badlands burn with wildfire, an arcane warlord gathers his monstrous troops under his tattered banner. He is rumored to be immortal, and it will take tremendous bravery, immense cunning, and more than a little luck for stalwart adventurers to end his campaign of malice. Can your mighty heroes locate the War-lock’s one weakness before his forces drown the realm in blood and fire?

The Dragon's Maw by David Griffith. Level 12. Sep 26, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

Your stalwart band treks through the trackless jungle seeking the Dragon’s Maw Waterfall. At the base of the falls, behind a massive curtain of water, is rumored to be the cavern lair of a great wyrm. The local Xulmec tribesmen say the great dragon has not been seen in nearly 100 years, so perhaps its hoard lies unguarded and ready for plunder. But what role do the heroes play in a blind shaman’s prophecy foretold a century ago?

Raiders of the Lost Oasis by Chris Doyle. Level 4. Jan 16, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

Captured! While trekking across a trackless wasteland, your stalwart band has fallen into the clutches of a nefarious gang of desert raiders. Imprisoned in a subterranean chamber, you are bereft of all of your equipment and magic items, save for a few tattered loincloths. But as chance would have it, an opportunity to escape the cell presents itself. To escape, you must head deeper into an ancient sealed tomb, armed with nothing but your wits and anything you can find along the way. Getting to the surface is just one of many challenges, as you still need to recover your precious equipment, and flee the Lost Oasis, which is surrounded by an inhospitable sea of solid glass!

Fantastic Encounters by Goodman Games. Jan 31, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

Fifth Edition Fantasy is here! This adventure module is fully compatible with the fifth edition of the world’s first fantasy RPG, and is ready to play in your home campaign!

Hook and Chance

The Deadend Alley by Jordan Bonnough. Levels 1-7. Feb 20, 2015. (Patreon)

We are super excited to be uploading our first completed adventure. This is a short encounter meant to take place in any size city. It uses D&D 5E rules and there are stats for player levels ranging from 1-8.

John Gillette

Shattered Sun by John Gillette. Aug 28, 2015. (Lulu, )

Nine hundred years ago, the Sun exploded. But life goes on. People adapt. The world is still a place of gods and monsters, but now without the sun overhead these horrors have moved into the cities and alleyways to prey at all hours of the day. This world still needs heroes, someone to bring a light into the dark places and to make sure the boogeyman stays in his closet. Do you have what it takes to shine?

John R Davis

The Last Prayer of the Dying by John R Davis. Level 1. Dec 24, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

The party are travelling to the new frontier to help return an ancient Duchy to its former glory. A chance encounter with the legendary 'Arisen Knight', a very old hero, sets them on a path to adventure. Like most published scenarios there are some railroad parts, but enough choice to provide the feel of a sandbox

The Cruellest Mistress of All by John R Davis. Level 4. Jun 01, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

The Cruellest Mistress of All is an adventure module for 5E (5th edition fantasy roleplaying game). For 4th level PCs. It is the sequel to The Last Prayer of the Dying.

This is part 2 of a much larger campaign set in the Duchy of Keranow. The Duchy itself is inspired by myths of the British Isles, The Norse Lands and France. It seeks to lightly draw in elements from Historic Cornish, Arthurian, Celt and Viking legends.

The Curse of the Corpse Candle Cairn by John R Davis. Levels 3-4. May 30, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

The Curse of the Corpse Candle Cairn is a One Sheet Adventure, created as part of a Kickstarter.


A region is plagued by risen dead, corpse candle-wights. The PCs are asked to kill the restless dead, and help ensure the rest do not rise once more.

BACKGROUND Nearly 100 years ago there was a winter as cold as any could remember. Armies laid down their arms, folk locked up their animals, and all tried to keep warm and survive during this most frost-ridden of seasons. A group of orc-reavers, cut-off from their ships and abandoned by their brothers were at the edge of starvation and death. They came across a village, barely lit in the snowy plain, and begged for solace and shelter. None was given. The wretches were driven off by those they had always called enemy, and in the wilderness, one-by-one they perished. Except for their leader, Rathger. He held out against bitterest night and the hunger that consumed him from within. Days later a group, of villagers were out foraging and they approached the seemingly dead orcs. Rathger rose to his feet and cursed the villagers. “In life you offered us no warmth or comfort, but in our deaths you will serve us”, and with this curse on his lips he died. Fearful the villagers buried the orcs in a long plundered ancient cairn. Each orc was given a simple pewter candle holder. Every ten years the villagers would open up the barrow and light the 8 candles, lest the corpses rise up. Keranow was abandoned and for 50 years the candles remained unlit. Every ten years a corpse candle rose, for the lands were abandoned and now they roam the nearby hills at night seeking new warmth. The warmth that only the living can provide.

The Legend of Larnshan's Wyrm by John R Davis. Levels 5-6. Mar 15, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

A heroic knight spent a night of passion with a beautiful water fey. Unbeknownst to the knight she was a transformed beast and fell pregnant to him. She fed on the children of towns folk to nourish her unborn. The knight slew her in her beast form and as he realised his error, he drowned her….From her corpse sprang forth terrible forms. The Knight is long dead, and the foul wyrms have reached maturity. The creatures now raid the newly settled homesteads and the PCs have been asked to slay them.

The Danger at Darkwater by John R Davis, Dr Mike Galer. Level 1. Mar 13, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

The tin-mine at Darkwater has been abandoned for nearly 60 years since a terrible accident trapped one of the owners and many miners and workers. Few escaped with their lives. Most were never found. This event precipitated the start of an evil darkness that prevails to this day. It has been shunned in the decades since, with most of the locals of Fairrenporth and others of the nearby hamlets and settlements believing it to be a cursed place. Of late, the nearby lake (the Darkwater which gave the mine its name), always dark and still, has been smelling fouler than usual and the fish appear to have all gone. Dark trails have been seen in the surrounding environs and sheep have gone missing…

John Ross Rossomangno

The Blacksmith's Burden by John “Ross” Rossomangno. Levels 2-4. Feb 21, 2015. (DriveThruRPG, )

When the party arrives in the small village of Goldendale they find a shortage of metal goods and a community upset with the lack of production. Despite their admiration for the village blacksmith, folks grow concerned about his inability to complete the simplest jobs even though they hear the ring of his hammer throughout the night… This 24-page sidetrek details the various NPC’s and features in the village of Goldendale as well as the areas (and opposition) the party must investigate to unravel the mystery of the blacksmith’s burden.

Never Ask Directions by John “Ross” Rossomangno. Levels 2-4. Jun 13, 2015. (DriveThruRPG , )

When the party finds themselves lost and unable to locate their next adventure, this sidetrek introduces the halfling Carum Half-hand who is all too eager to point them in the right direction. And that direction follows an agenda of his own…

Jon Brazer Enterprises

Rescue from Tykhaven by Dale C. McCoy jr. Level 2. May 12, 2015. (DriveThruRPG , )

When hobgoblin raiders kidnap a caravan full of workers and supplies, the adventurers set off to get them all back. But neither the raiders nor the adventurers know what terrifying horrors await them in the depths of their cavern hideout. Now, the adventurers must risk it all to prevent the minions of an ancient enemy from visiting death and destruction upon the land. Can the heroes rescue the captives from the hobgoblins and deliver them from this ancient foe—or will they all perish, ushering in the rise of a forgotten deity?

Along Came a Spider by Joel Flank. Level 1. Oct 20, 2015. (DriveThruRPG, )

Giant spiders have overrun Mossdale, and every last villager is either dead and dessicated, or cocooned and abducted. But what were they after, and who coordinated the vermin to attack en masse? Could it have been the local ettercap or a crazed arachnophile druid… or was something far more sinister behind the attack? Can the adventurers rescue the missing citizens and foil the plans of the nefarious mind behind this dastardly deed before it is too late?

Deadly Delves

Doom of the Sky Sword by Walter Sheppard. Level 1. May 17, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

Following the disappearance of personnel at a lumber camp, a mysterious sword drops from the sky, cleaving the very earth to deliver a pronouncement of doom upon all who refuse to leave the logging site. Can the adventurers ferret out the source of this ominous portent and put a stop to it before it wreaks further havoc on the loggers?

Doom of the Sky Sword is an exciting adventure module in Jon Brazer Enterprises’ Deadly Delves series, and is compatible with the best-selling Fifth Edition of the World's Oldest Fantasy Roleplaying Game. This adventure is designed to challenge four to five 1st-level PCs like no other content has to date.

Kobold Press

Book of Lairs by Kobold Press. (Kickstarter)

What's a monster without a lair filled with danger and loot? Dens of thieves and alchemists' guildhalls, necromancer's chambers, and deep forests of numinous mystery and bloodstained altars.? Ancient tombs beneath desert sands, and warped underworlds damp and foul?

Once the core Tome of Beasts is funded, we'll add more monsters and more battle maps via the accompanying Book of Lairs. In it you'll find dungeons, forest lairs, desert lairs, perhaps even eldritch and Mythos lairs. How many lairs can we deliver? That's up to you!

The Raven's Call by Wolfgang Baur and Dan Dillon. Level 3. Aug 12, 2015. (Tabletop Library, )

The trollkin and their shaman have come to a village by the sea, stormed its walls, and taken all the villagers as slaves and property. They have eaten their way through the saltfish, devoured the herd of sheep, and might be planning to eat the PCs next. Then, one escaped villager begs strangers on the road for help… And gives them the chance to shine as true heroes striking down raiders of pure evil.

The Haunting at Velston by Jon Sawatsky. Levels 2-4. Apr 24, 2015. (Kobold Press )

Traveling along a popular trade road, the party discovers a ruined village. Abandoned long ago, Velston now contains only the restless spirits of those who died in the village’s violent end. Prepared! offers the following small scenario for low-level characters.

The Vault of Pallon the Pious by Jon Sawatsky. Level 2. Jul 23, 2015. (Kobold Press )

True, I was hired to sail them out past the Witch’s Teeth. Four adventurers looking to earn a name; who was I to throw vinegar on their fancies? I took ’em within a rowboat’s jaunt of the place: the door on the rock. I know as much of the place as any sailor, which is to say—nothing. The man that built that door and its innards was known as Pallon the Pious, a pirate of some renown. Given his actions in life, I don’t know how he made right with any god when he died. The adventurers? Well, I imagine you four want me to take you out. Perhaps you’ll find your answer there…
The Vault of Pallon the Pious is a location designed to offer a medium challenge to four 2nd-level characters.

The Impregnable Fortress of Dib by Jon Sawatsky. Levels 1-2. Aug 11, 2015. (Kobold Press )

We were traveling the old trade road up near the Blind Hills when we found it: an overturned wagon in the ditch. Evas took to the shadows, scouted ahead, and returned with strange details. The wagon had been transformed—such that it appeared to be a fierce fortress. Signs of goblin-work were apparent: broken shields reinforcing the walls, crude arrow slits cut into the driver’s bench, a makeshift flag hanging limply atop the whole affair. We left it alone, but even at a distance the smell of the odd fortress’s unfinished moat made us wretch…
The Impregnable Fortress of Dib is a location designed to offer a medium/easy challenge to four 1st- to 2nd-level characters.

The Burning Crater by Jon Sawatsky. Levels 9-10. Aug 27, 2015. (Kobold Press )

Recently, there are signs our luck is turning. Fiery orbs sail through the night skies and land too near these woods. Scouts report deep craters shrouded in smoke and ash. One sits a mere hour’s walk from this outpost. I fear the enemy makes ready some terrible weapon… The Burning Crater is an explorable fifth edition location designed to offer a medium/hard challenge to four 9th to 10th-level characters.

The Marrow Mines by Jon Sawatsky. Levels 1-2. Sep 11, 2015. (Kobold Press )

I was taken by the evil dogs while camping near Agav’s bog. They dragged me into their lair, and it wasn’t until I escaped that I knew the truth of the place: a great and bony wing buried in the side of a hill. The Marrow Mines is an explorable fifth edition location designed to challenge 1st- to 2nd-level characters. This article does not specify the number of enemies in any given encounter; tailor the numbers to suit the challenge level you wish to create.

The Room with Five Corners by Jon Sawatsky. Levels 6-7. Sep 22, 2015. (Kobold Press )

I spied through the door at the back of the hideout…a room with a wall changing shape; like a puzzle putting itself together—filled me with a kind of fear I ain’t known before or since. I can’t say what dark thing the Untamed are up to, but there ain’t a one of ’em casts a shadow no more—not that you’d see ’em out in the sun anyway.

Atop the Mountain by Jon Sawatsky. Level 11. Oct 05, 2015. (Kobold Press )

She lay down her sword and wept; her tears are the water. She lay down her body and slept; her bones are the fountain. Atop the mountain, at the war’s end, a place for gods to wonder. “Atop the Mountain” is an explorable fifth edition location designed to offer a hard challenge to four 11th-level characters.

Cat and Mouse by Richard Pett and Greg Marks. Level 1. Nov 11, 2015. (Tabletop Library, )

In the cool streets and blazing bazaars, the word is out: a great treasure has gone missing in the Everlasting City of the Cat, and some very ambitious people have set their sights on it. Many paws and claws are out, and everyone is sniffing around for something rich and strange.

It’s an odd time for a catfolk thief and a gnoll merchant to make very tempting offers to strangers in town. Or, perhaps it’s not odd at all. Get caught up in the hunt with Cat and Mouse by Richard Pett and Greg Marks!

This 5th Edition adventure for 1st-level characters is a perfect introduction to the Southlands campaign setting, and it fits neatly into any desert city where cats are sacred and rats are cautious and sly.

Upon the Icebound Terrace by Jon Sawatsky. Levels 6-7. Nov 09, 2015. (Kobold Press )

Upon the Icebound Terrace is an explorable fifth edition location designed to offer a hard challenge to four 6th- to 7th-level PCs. Oithois the exceptional ice mephit and his foul underlings have uncovered a powerful relic at the entry to ancient ruins. The monstrous mephits seek to crack a hole between the material plane and its icy homeworld by using this machine, then lead an army of elemental lackeys and conquer the civilized outposts of the north. PCs are approached by a frostbitten traveler, who pleads with them to assault the terrace. PCs must mount an attack against the mephits, contend with an unintentionally summoned young white dragon, and defeat Oithois upon the icebound terrace.

In Its Horrid Wake by Jon Sawatsky. Level 7. Oct 20, 2015. (Kobold Press )

We saw it—don’t turn your heads. Up near Hilltop Crossroad and the temple. It walked south; the trees fell in its path. Even the moon hid. Gods help Father Dren…
“In Its Horrid Wake” is an explorable fifth edition location designed to offer a hard challenge to four 7th-level PCs.

A Farewell to Flame by Jone Sawatsky. Levels 1-2. Jan 19, 2015. (Kobold Press)

There’s strange lights flickering up in the ruins on the hill. There, see where I’m pointing? By the poplar trees. Started a month ago, maybe longer. They don’t come every night, but they been spreading. Heema said she saw something glowing by the well at Garrow’s place last week. Whole area talking about it. Fend’s little one said she saw a “birdcandle” flitting around near the farmhouse. I told ’em those ruins had to go, I told ’em over and over, and now here we are—haunted…

Tomb of Tiberesh by Jerry LeNeave. Level 2. Dec 14, 2015. (Tabletop Library, )

Just outside Per-Bastet, in the kingdom of Nuria Natal, lie the newly discovered remains of Anu-Asir, a city once believed to exist only in myth. The ruins of Anu-Asir lie submerged under accumulations of sand, floodwater, and tall tales. It is now a hub of activity for those seeking to uncover its secrets—and profit from them. Droves of the curious, hopeful, greedy, and eccentric congregate around the unearthed city.

And just outside Anu-Asir, across the River Nuria, lies the most recently surfaced relic: the Pyramid of Tiberesh. Dare you explore its deadly mysteries?

Last Gasp by Dan Dillon. Level 6. Mar 22, 2016. (Tabletop Library, )

Come, friends, and shake the desert from your hair! The chill of night falls swiftly upon the dunes, and we should keep the darkness at bay together. Ah, you have a discerning eye! This is the seal of an ancient king, uncovered by a terrible sandstorm. Shall I tell you of the folly of Menet-Ka and of those who breathed their last in his service?
Last Gasp is an adventure set in the Southlands Campaign Setting, exploring the cursed tomb of an ancient king of great magical power, a magical river, and including both deadly combats and mysteries to confound tomb-robbers. It is designed for five or six 6th-level characters using the 5th Edition rules and includes two entirely new monsters, the rotting wind and the anubian, presented with complete 5th Edition stats.

Seek out the riches of a king, and may fortune favor you!

Lazaro Izaguirre

Blood Feast by Lazaro Izaguirre. Level 7. Dec 01, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

A band of adventurers take refuge from a thunderstorm in the warm confines of an upscale inn only to awaken with mysterious pulsating sores — and a growing thirst for fresh blood.

Blood Feast is a one-shot fantasy/horror adventure for the FIFTH EDITION of the most famous roleplaying game of all time. Play-time is approximately four hours.

Legendary Games

The Fiddler's Lament by Greg A. Vaughn. Level 1. Aug 14, 2014. (DriveThruRPG, )

Music hath charms to soothe the savage breast, it’s true, but some music truly is the devil’s music. An orphan raised by gypsies, now full-grown but still lost and alone, must face once more the tragic curse that destroyed her past. Will her darkling music bring ruin to the village she now calls her home? Can the heroes earn the townsfolk’s trust, or must innocence be sacrificed for the heroes to save town from the mysterious hauntings that plague a village huddled in the shadow of an accursed ruin?

The Murmuring Fountain by Clark Peterson and Jason Nelson. Level 1. Aug 14, 2014. (DriveThruRPG, )

Sometimes a raven not just a raven, and those who have lost everything may do more than come a-gently tapping upon your chamber door. A missing pet, a ghostly girl, a madman in the woods; what is the strand that binds them all together at The Murmuring Fountain? Can your heroes quell the ghostly emanations of a tragic haunting that threaten to sow madness and tragedy?

The Haunted Hamlet of Raven's Hill by Alistair Rigg and Jason Nelson. Level 1. Aug 14, 2014. (Amazon)

Print edition that combines The Murmuring Fountain and The Fiddler’s Lament. Ravens, fountains, fiddlers and ghosts – all served up with a healthy dose of Lovecraftian horror.

Road to Destiny by Jim Groves and Alistair Rigg. Level 2. Oct 25, 2014. (DriveThruRPG, )

A legacy of death bears bitter fruit in the northern coastlands, as brothers long separated rise to the call of their darkling heritage. A new destiny has arisen in the west that threatens to shake the foundations of an empire half a world away, but not if Ranulfr the White Wolf and his one-eyed sibling can waylay these would-be heroes on their road to destiny! Bandits hound their steps, driving them from danger to danger, until their road reaches its bitter and bloody end – for them or their enemies!

The Baleful Coven by Matt Goodall and John Lynch. Levels 6-7. Nov 11, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

The Baleful Coven is an adventure for characters of 6th to 7th level for the 5th Edition of the world's most famous roleplaying game. It can be played as part of a larger saga with your heroes journeying from a traditional fantasy campaign into contact with threats from the far east or as a standalone adventure that allows GMs to show the dynamic nature of the campaign world as forces that heroes thought were defeated turn out to have allies that do not take the defeat of their kin lightly. Though set in the subpolar north, this adventure deals in a realm of dream and nightmare and is easily portable to any location in your campaign to infuse it with an air of malevolent witchery.

Legendary Planet: The Assimilation Strain by Tom Phillips and Neil Spicer. Level 1. Dec 23, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

A strange sickness afflicts the frontier settlement of Holver's Ferry, threatening to overwhelm its citizens with an alien madness. Already the town has nearly torn itself apart, and the local sheriff is missing. When the PCs brave the surrounding wilderness as the village's latest newcomers, the beleaguered townsfolk desperately turn to them for assistance. But can these erstwhile heroes trace the diseased carrier to its source and solve the mystery before they, too, succumb to The Assimilation Strain?

Beneath the Festered Sun by Pedro Coelho. Level 3. May 30, 2016. (Webstore)

When a heretical priestess met execution at the hands of conspirators, her immortal consort vowed to carry out her dying curse. Now, after centuries of plotting and waiting, the sky and stars have aligned perfectly to finally unleash her long-simmering revenge. Amidst the excitement over this celestial conjunction, a lone voice proclaiming the coming danger is mysteriously silenced and the wrath of the burning sun smites the population with a scorching curse. The authorities are overwhelmed, but can your heroes forestall this agonizing vengeance set in motion ages ago? To save the soul of a city, they must confront its past and its present to save its future, destroying the accursed avatars of a long-dead enemy—all before the twilight of the Festered Sun.

Feasting at Lanterngeist (5E) by Greg Vaughan with Matt Kimmel. Levels 9-10. Jun 27, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

A Feast of Horror!

A simple harvest festival in an unremarkable village turns horribly, terribly wrong, in a way things can only do when adventurers are involved. A simple disappearance threatens to become a massacre as a hidden menace long slumbering in the bogs prepares to burst forth in the midst of this rustic revel. Will your heroes be able to thwart this menace, or will they too become a part of ravening doom that is the Feasting at Lanterngeist?

Feasting at Lanterngeist is a 5th Edition adventure for 9th to 10th-level characters, which can be easily inserted into any campaign with a hint of cosmic horror in the background, or to introduce a bit of horror when your heroes might have become a bit complacent. Grab this 26-page 5E adventure today and Make Your Game Legendary!

Horns of the Hunted by Matt Goodall with Jeff Ibach. Level 6. Jul 15, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

A fabulous fey adventure for 6th-level characters!
Evil stirs in the depths of the Gnarled Forest. The heroes of the land, taming the wilderness and forging their kingdom, hear disturbing tales from woodsmen and trappers of a strange and ferocious hunting party ranging far and wide beneath the forest eaves. It is not only from human tongues that they hear warnings of these dread hunters, for the allies they have found amongst the fey and other woodland creatures are likewise deathly afraid of what these savage raiders may portend. The heroes are called upon by Myvenwy, a unicorn warden of the wood, who begs their aid in facing this peril, one that threatens her and her kind above all, but should the unicorns fall there will be none to stand against the raging Horns of the Hunted!

Into the Feyweald. Level 1. May 30, 2016. (Webstore)

Into the Feyweald takes your 5th Edition heroes into a world of adventure in the realms of faerie! Guests at the fairiy queen Pryozha's celebration feast, the festivities are interrupted by the creepy, crawly spider-riders serving the wicked witches of the woods! You must take up the quest to find the hidden grove where Yaldira the witch works her dark magic, turning the forest sickly and rotten, battling her evil minions that menace the creatures of the wood. There, in the dark pits of her lair, you must stop her from awakening her cruel queen from her crystal tomb and save the woodland realm! This 1st-level adventure, suitable for a standard 5th Edition game or one using the 5E starter set.

Islands of Plunder: Scourge of the Steaming Isle (5E) by Matt Goodall with Joshua Root. Level 9. Aug 19, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

A rollicking high seas adventure for 9th-level characters!
All pirates acquire enemies at some point, and pirate PCs are no exception. Whether they've stolen a precious artifact or just because an old nemesis wants them dead, it makes little difference. When a rival pirate lord calls in a large amount of favors and sets a fearsome raiders of the Storm Wolf against the PCs,led by the vicious Captain Sculberd Craggs, nothing they prize is truly safe. These marauding raiders cut a bloody swath through the heroes' holdings while they are away adventuring, setting off a feud that can have but one ending. Such inexorable enmity can only be repaid in blood, and when the heroes discover the location of the raiders’ base on the volcanic island known as The Steaming Isle, it is their opportunity to turn the tables and unleash a roaring rampage of reaping revenge against Captain Craggs and his crew of blackguards and scoundrels.
Islands of Plunder: Scourge of the Steaming Isle is a 5E adventure for 9th-level PCs full of mystery and peril upon the high seas, below the waves,, and on dangerous islands, incorporating investigation and negotiation alongside deadly danger on board ship and among the deadly reefs below. It includes two sets of maps, one for the GM and an unkeyed set for players. It can be played on its own or as a loosely coupled sequel to lower-level adventures in this series like Tarin's Crown, Spices and Flesh, and the upcoming Raid on the Emperor's Hand.  If you're looking to add pirates and peril on the high seas to your 5th Edition campaign, grab this 28-page adventure today and Make Your Game Legendary! 

The Lost Library of Thoth (5E) by Alex Riggs and Jason Nelson. Level 7. Jul 01, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

Knowledge is the Greatest Treasure!

While some raiders of the ruins of ancient lands lust for gold and glory, the wise seek knowledge and the lore of the fallen empires. Somewhere below the desert sands lies a treasure trove of forgotten secrets and magical mysteries under the wings of the Scribe of the Heavens, Thoth. The cult of this archaic patron of knowledge is long dead, but fragments and clues lead you to a hidden shrine that once bore his name. Will you find legendary wisdom and mystic rewards untold, or will the tests of mind and body within reveal only secrets man was not meant to know?

The Lost Library of Thoth is a 7th-level adventure for the 5th Edition of the world's most famous roleplaying game, and is an ideal sidetrek adventure for heroes in search of lost lore or exploring the dusty ruins of a fallen civilization, especially one inspired by the legends and lore of ancient Egypt. The Legendary Games tradition is to combine rich story and background, innovative layout, beautiful aesthetics, and excellence in design that is second to none. This product is the latest in that tradition, and we hope you enjoy using it as much as we enjoyed making it.

Under Frozen Stars by Jason Nelson with Matt Kimmel. Level 8. Jun 24, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

A Lost City at the Top of the World!

On an epic journey across the frozen wastes, your characters seek their destiny and that of the future empress. Yet at the top of the world, having overcome the ravening storms and dark forces arrayed against them, you discover a marvel of legend, a ruined city both ancient and alien. Surely you cannot simply pass it by without exploring it and seeing what mysteries have lain untouched for time out of mind. Then again, if the caravan tales are true, perhaps others have come not so long ago, leaving behind a mysterious treasure that may be of great aid in claiming your imperial destiny in the eastern realms.

Under Frozen Stars is a 5th Edition adventure for 8th-level characters, which can be dropped into any campaign where the heroes are exploring the frozen reaches beyond the end of civilization, whether high atop an inaccessible mountain range or at the farthest polar reaches at the top of the world, especially if your campaign bridges traditional western fantasy with the mysteries of the far east. It is a classic lost city where magic and technologies ancient and alien lie buried in the ice, forgotten by the world beyond but still filled with mechanical marvels and deadly dangers your players will never forget.

Under Frozen Stars can be played as a standalone adventure or as a loosely connected sequel to the events in Road to Destiny and The Baleful Coven. Grab this 28-page 5E adventure today and Make Your Game Legendary! 

Islands of Plunder

Tarin's Crown by Matt Goodall and Geoffrey Roy. Level 6. May 30, 2016. (Webstore)

The treacherous jungle island known as Crown Isle was marked on every map for danger, as the verdant vegetation itself rose up to devour many who sought landing there until the infamous Captain Jared Tarin hacked out a refuge upon the mountain's hilly crest and made it his own. Other pirates sought to take him down, but each fell to the deadly dangers of the "Red Skewer" and his pirates, or to the still-wild jungle barely held at bay. When Tarin and his crew stole the Pirate Queen's Pearl, a flotilla of rivals blockaded his island for months, but none have dared to seize their chance. Can your eager band of buccaneers claim fame and fortune on the deadly isle of Tarin's Crown?

Spices and Flesh. Level 4. May 30, 2016. (Webstore)

While sails on the horizon can be reason to fear in pirate-infested waters, sometimes they bring good cheer and companionship on the lonely journeys across the endless blue. A chance encounter with Captain Craw and the good ship Tamarind seems like the latter, a friendly crew of spice traders offering warm hospitality. Yet all is not as it seems, as the Tamarind trades in a far different and more terrible cargo on a dangerous course into the hands of the legendary Shayonna the Gaunt and her desolate reef! Can your heroes uncover the Tamarind's deadly secret before they become the latest prizes sent to the clutches of the sea witch?

Islands of Plunder: Spices and Flesh is a 22-page 5th Edition adventure for 4th-level PCs full of mystery and peril upon the high seas and below the waves, incorporating investigation and negotiation alongside deadly danger on board ship and among the deadly reefs below. It includes two sets of maps, one for the GM and an unkeyed set for players.

Legendary Planet

To Worlds Unknown by Jim Groves and Dan Dillon. Levels 2-5. May 30, 2016. (Webstore)

To Worlds Unknown is an adventure for 2nd to 5th-level characters which can be played as a standalone adventure or as the first main chapter in the Legendary Planet Adventure Path, bringing your heroes into the midst of a battle beyond the stars for supremacy over myriad alien worlds and alien cultures. Against the backdrop of great powers both ancient and new, small-time power players and petty criminals vie in the grungy back alleys of a crossroads world, and the heroes must discover who can help them find their way to safety through an impossible network of planetary portals before their erstwhile allies betray them to those whose secret schemes are far more sinister.

Trail of the Apprentice

The Bandit's Cave. Level 1. May 30, 2016. (Webstore)

The people of Corbin Village are hardy folk, familiar with the dangers of the region. But when a band of orcs raids the village, Sheriff McBride realizes she has more troubles than she can handle and calls on a group of heroes to bring the orcs to justice. To complicate matters, the orcs have stolen an item of great historical value from the local sage, and he wants it back. Can the PCs survive the dangers of a nearby marsh and locate the bandits’ hidden lair? If they do, can they take down the orc raiders and recover the sage’s precious statue?

The Bandit’s Cave is an adventure for 1st-level characters. It is part one of Trail of the Apprentice, a full campaign made up of 5 interconnected adventure modules for the 5th Edition of the world's most famous roleplaying game. The Trail of the Apprentice saga and all adventures in the the Legendary Beginnings line from Legendary Games are designed as exciting adventures suitable for all ages, but specially designed for those new to roleplaying and those on the younger side. Pick up this 50-page adventure today and Make Your Game Legendary!

The King's Curse. Level 2. May 30, 2016. (Webstore)

With the heroes hot on the trail of the ruthless bandits that have stolen the priceless Green Serpent statue, they must venture to Port Fairglade where the Lord Mayor's fabulous private museum keeps its twin among a trove of ancient artifacts. It is there the thieves plan to strike next, but the heroes' warning comes too late! The resplendent White Serpent has already been taken, but even as the heroes investigate the crime the museum is robbed a second time, and suddenly the loss of two statues becomes the least of their worries, as it is more than just treasure that fills the halls of the museum by night!

The Thieves' Den. Level 3. May 30, 2016. (Webstore)

Lord Mayor Wolfe of Port Fairglade has discovered that someone hired the notorious thieves' guild, the Elverin Skulk, to steal a valuable statue from his private museum. The nobleman wants to know who the guild's client is, but the only person who knows the secret is the guild's leader, the infamous Fox Prince. The heroes must venture into the monster-infested Umberwood to locate the hidden entrance to the guild's headquarters, but once they find it and try to sneak into his lair, they find that few things are what they appear to be. Can the heroes survive a deadly gauntlet of traps and win the Fox Prince's favor and the help of the prince of thieves?

Trail of the Apprentice: The Oracle's Test (5E) by Paris Crenshaw. Level 4. Jul 01, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

Visions of Destiny or Doom!

A mysterious plot is unfolding. Following clues about the theft of a pair of ancient statues, the PCs have discovered who hired the Elverin Skulk thieves’ guild to rob the Lord Mayor of Port Fairglade. It’s clear that the guild’s client is a dangerous and powerful man, but without further information, they can do nothing to stop whatever plans he might have. But there is hope. Deep in the ancient ruins of Sol’Ithmanna rests a stone portal. When opened with the proper keys, the portal will grant access to the domain of a fey oracle who can help them discover the villain’s true purpose and how they can stop him. But the oracle only gives his aid to those who can pass his tests. Are the PCs up to the challenge? The Oracle’s Test is an adventure for 4th-level characters.

The Oracle's Test is an adventure for 4th-level characters. It is part four of Trail of the Apprentice, a full campaign made up of 5 interconnected adventure modules for the 5th Edition of the world's most famous roleplaying game! The Trail of the Apprentice saga and all adventures in the the Legendary Beginnings line from Legendary Games are designed as exciting adventures suitable for all ages, but specially designed for those new to roleplaying and those on the younger side. Grab this awesome adventure page adventure today and Make Your Game Legendary!

Download includes a 50-page adventure plus a 20-page art and map folio, including unkeyed player-friendly maps!

The Wizard's Dungeon by Paris Crenshaw and Mike Welham. Level 5. Jul 15, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

Dungeons, Dragons, and Death Await!

Armed with knowledge of a villainous wizard’s plans, a party of heroes must venture into the dreaded Shadescar Rift, a deep cave that leads into the dark tunnels beneath the earth. Legends say that it was created by the claw of some terrible beast. Locals stay well clear of the rift and claim it is the home of nightmare creatures that prey on the unwary. But only by braving such dangers can the PCs hope to stop their mysterious enemy. If they fail, he will unleash a great and terrible power upon the world.

Limitless Adventures

10 Urban Encounters by Andrew Hand. Levels 1-4. Jun 22, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

10 setting-neutral encounters that can be used with little to no prep. Detailed stat blocks, treasure, 30 further adventure hooks, and a new game mechanic.

Ten Encounters at Sea by Andrew Hand. Levels 1-8. Jul 06, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

Ten encounters easily dropped into any campaign at sea.  Flesh out the boat trips.

Comes with 10 encounters, 30 adventure hooks, and a new monster.

Bandits, Beasts, Combat, a Dragon Turtle, Fey, Ghost, Giant Shark, Humanoids, Merfolk, Sahuagin, Sea Hags, Skeletons, Skill Challenges, Undead, Werewolf, and a Young Bronze Dragon

Lupus Rex Games

Iconic Encounters: Kobold Lair by David Dolph. Levels 1-3. Sep 09, 2015. (DriveThruRPG, )

Iconic Encounters is a series of adventure sites that feature monsters and tropes we've known throughout the years. They are written to be easy to pick up and use immediately. They are stripped of setting or plot restrictions (though adventure ideas are provided) and are designed to fit seamlessly into your own campaign.

Kobold Lair features the crafty little monsters and their traps. It includes 7 traps, most brand new, and a complete lair with easy-to-use stats (for levels 1-3). Eight adventure ideas have been provided in case you don't have one of your own. While written for 5E it can be readily used for any edition of D&D.

Mithgarthr Entertainment

Stonefast by Matthew Evans. Level 1. Aug 13, 2014. (Mithgarthr , )

Stonefast is a pretty straight forward dungeon crawl, headed by a young white dragon. Like the Sylvan Temple I posted, there’s no big grand story. But there are definitely baddies to kill whose stuff you can steal, so it’s got that going for it.

The Mines of Valdhum by Matthew Evans. Levels 5-7. Aug 26, 2014. (DriveThruRPG, )

Nordriki, the northern kingdom of the land of Mithgarthr, has been relatively free of dragons for hundreds of years, but recently the locals have been reporting sightings of red, white, and green dragons all throughout the Drekiberg mountains to the north. Recently, a green dragon has taken up residence in an abandoned mine that is close to the city of Valdhum. The surrounding land is rich with wildlife for the beast to feed on, and the lair it has chosen is well protected and secluded.

Campaigns in Cairnvarthi by Matthew Evans. Levels 1-5. May 01, 2015. (DriveThruRPG, )

The disc planet Cairnvarthi: It was forged by the gods, and is under constant threat from Orcus and The Thrir. Do you have what it takes to withstand those forces of Chaos? Those who do have much glory and treasure to claim! Drawing inspiration from Norse, German, and Celtic culture, Cairnvarthi offers somewhere fantastic and new yet comfortably familiar for you to adventure in.

The Missing Heroes by Matt Evans. Levels 1-4. Jun 30, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

The dwarven outpost of Bul-Nor was originally built well over a thousand years ago as a holy site for performing funeral rites. The bodies of the dead were dropped into a pit at the end of the ceremonies, where the bodies would be disposed of by beasts. As this practice became less and less common, the outpost was eventually abandoned. Over the years it has been used as a lair by many creatures, but most recently it has become home to not only a small band of goblins, but to a spined devil that has convinced the goblins to carry out his bidding. Intended for a tier 1 group.

The Holy Macguffin by Matthew Evans. Levels 5-10. Jun 18, 2015. (DriveThruRPG, )

The sword of Toby MacGuffin, a local folk hero of yore, has been stolen from its resting place at a a local temple by a troll named Groth. Intended for a tier 2 group.

The Forgotten Halls by Matt Evans. Levels 1-5. Jun 18, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

The Forgotten Halls: No one can remember when the place was built, who built it, or why. But, there is no question that the “Forgotten Halls” are a place of legend among the locals. Most who have gone to explore the halls never returned, though the few fortunate souls who did were able to live comfortably from their plunder for many years.

Theo's Focus by Matt Evans. Levels 3-6. Sep 19, 2015. (DriveThruRPG, )

Theo's Focus: Many years ago (20 by some counts, 200 by others; no one is quite sure) there was a great sorcerer named Theo'Remus who, legend tells, carried a beautifully crafted wand carved out of dragon bone. Though not necessarily any more powerful than a “normal” arcane focus, the rumors say that entrapped in Theo's wand was the soul of a brave barbarian, Glarnack of the Farth tribe. Inteded for characters levels 3-6.

Mithrilpunk Press

Legacy's Wake – Adventure Path. Levels 1-20. (Kickstarter)

We are raising money to finish illustrating and printing a bound edition of Legacy's Wake: a 5th Edition Adventure Path, which will include at the minimum a campaign setting guide and 4 modules that will take 4 to 6 players through 20 levels.

Bloody Harvest by Derek Harris, Warren Hardell and Chris Patlovany. Level 3. Sep 26, 2015. (MithrilPunk website )

This adventure is designed to introduce 4 to 6 players to the city of Skyfall, the setting for the Legacy's Wake adventure path.


The Lost Forge by Jesse Morgan. Levels 1-3. May 12, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

Tired and delirious, a human boy named Telly approaches you. He pleads for help, explaining that he and his friends had found an old forge. They were attacked and he was the only one that escaped. He asks that you accompany him to rescue his friends before it is too late.

Long before the great calamity that burned the surface world, the dwarven kingdom of Mornfaruhm laid within the mountain of Ronden Marr. The dwarves suffered a bloody civil war, and much of the population left their ancestral halls. Unable to maintain the vast kingdom, the dwarves sealed away much of their home behind stone walls.

After The Calamity, large sections of the old dwarven kingdom were opened to the surface races seeking refuge from the burning sky- humans, orcs, gnomes, and others. Over the past two hundred years the races have learned to work together to make Ronden Marr their home. Despite the large population and tight confines, there are still sections of Old Mornfaruhm waiting to be found.

Mythmere Games

Tomb of the Iron God by Matt Finch. Levels 1-2. Mar 22, 2016. (Tabletop Library)

Designed and written by ENNIE award-winning author Matt Finch. The Monastery of the Iron God has been destroyed by divine wrath, and its treasure-laden catacombs are ripe for the picking by an enterprising young group of adventurers such as yourselves … Tomb of the Iron God is a full-length adventure for first and second level characters using the Fifth Edition system. This iconic Swords & Wizardry adventure is restructured for 5th edition, and the second level has been revised considerably to include several general improvements based on years of playtesting (27 pages, 58 locations, and 3 new monsters). Play an old-school classic using the new rules!

Necromancer Games

The Wizard's Amulet by Clark Peterson and Bill Webb. Level 1. Jul 04, 2014. (Tabletop Library )

Six adventurers go in search of the treasure of a dead Wizard. Includes pregenerated characters. The classic adventure returns for a new edition!

Quests of Doom 1, volume 1 by Various Authors. Feb 23, 2015. (Tabletop Library)

We put together a team of some of the best adventure-writers in RPG history to ring in the new fifth edition rules with a host of adventures you’ve never seen before (and a couple that you have, but probably didn’t survive anyway).

Quests of Doom 1, volume 2 by Various Authors. Feb 23, 2015. (Tabletop Library)

For Quests of Doom Volume 1, we brought in some of the biggest stars in adventure-writing history to produce 12 mind-bogglingly insidious adventures for Fifth Edition. This is volume 2, containing six more explorations into “doom or glory” for your players. Once again, the all-star cast of authors delivers what we strive to give you: Adventures Worth Winning!

Rogues of Remballo by Matt Finch. Level 1. Oct 19, 2015. (Tabletop Library , )

Rogues in Remballo is a city adventure that gets the characters involved in strange plots, sinister intrigue and fierce battles. Thieves Guilds, a mysterious sanctuary, and the Banking House of Borgandy all feature in the adventure for 1st level characters

Quests of Doom 2 by Necromancer Games. Aug 17, 2015. (Tabletop Library)

From the weird and terrifying interior of the Spire of Iron and Crystal (cover) to the heat-misted Jungle Ruins of Madaro-Shanti, this sequel to the two-volume Quests of Doom offers a whole new set of adventures for Fifth Edition. These adventures are all for characters level six and below, so the book isn't going to sit on the shelf and gather dust. Are your players up to the challenge of old-school First Edition style play? Make them earn those experience points.

Chuck's Dragons by Bill Webb and Matt Finch. May 23, 2016. (Frog God Games)

This special release by Frog God Games, written by Bill Webb and Matt Finch, is intended to provide Game Masters with what players really want…dragons. Complete with their setting neutral lairs plus adventure hooks to get your party started.

Written for 5E, Pathfinder, and Swords & Wizardry rules, this release may hurt your player characters but it will help someone important to us at Frog God Games. All profits from this project will be used to provide help and support for wounded Frog Chuck Wright in his rehabilitation and recovery. All of us at Frog God Games thank you, our loyal fans and philanthropists, for this purchase.

Tomb of the Iron God by Matt Finch. Levels 1-2. May 22, 2016. (Tabletop Library)

Designed and written by ENNIE award-winning author Matt Finch. The Monastery of the Iron God has been destroyed by divine wrath, and its treasure-laden catacombs are ripe for the picking by an enterprising young group of adventurers such as yourselves … Tomb of the Iron God is a full-length adventure for first and second level characters using the Fifth Edition system.

Adventures in the Borderland Provinces by Various Authors. Mar 22, 2016. (Tabletop Library)

Fifth Edition Adventures! Adventures in the Borderland Provinces contains seven brand new, stand-alone adventures for use in any 5e campaign or in the Lost Lands campaign setting of Frog God Games. From the ghostly terrors of Ectarlin's Last Ride to the fey-filled journey of Illusion and Illumination, these adventures provide you with a wide variety of challenges to puzzle and threaten your characters. Nothing is as it seems, and dangers lie around every corner. Authors include Ari Marmell, Eytan Bernstein, Scott Fitzgerald Gray, Gwendolyn Kestrel, Rhiannon Louve, Anthony Pryor, and C.A. Suleiman.

Quests of Doom

Bad Moon Rising by Steve Winter. Levels 4-6. Mar 22, 2016. (Tabletop Library)

Note – This adventure is a part of the Quests of Doom series. It's here for those who just want to purchase individual parts of the series, but if you already have Quests of Doom, you already have this adventure.

This is a 5E adventure by Steve Winter, designed for characters of levels 4 to 6. The default setting is the Barony of Loup-Montagne, but any remote, heavily wooded principality with highly superstitious residents will do.

Death in Dyrgalas by Skip Williams. Levels 6-8. Mar 22, 2016. (Tabletop Library)

Death in Dyrgalas, intended for characters of levels 6 to 8, deals with one group of raiders who make their lair in the Dyrgalas. A weretiger called Gavriil has formed a group of assorted lycanthropes into a band of cunning brigands. The lycanthropes favorite caper involves infiltrating a merchant caravan while posing as travelers, merchants, or swords for hire, then attacking it from within. Gavriil and his servants also take on kidnappings, murder for hire, and any other unsavory tasks that come their way.

Deep in the Vale by James M. Ward. Levels 1-3. Mar 22, 2016. (Tabletop Library)

Deep in the Vale is for beginning characters, with a bias toward fighters.

Player characters should start Deep in the Vale at 1st level with zero experience points. As they complete each encounter, give them the experience points they earned immediately instead of waiting until the adventure is over. Ideally, characters should gain a level or two (and the hit points and other benefits those levels add) before the characters wrap up the adventure.

Dread Dragon Temple by James M Ward. Levels 5-7. Mar 22, 2016. (Tabletop Library)

Note – This adventure is a part of the Quests of Doom series. It's here for those who just want to purchase individual parts of the series, but if you already have Quests of Doom, you already have this adventure.

Dread Dragon Temple is a 5th Edition adventure designed for four to six characters from level 5 to 7.

Emeralds of Highfang by Ed Greenwood. Mar 22, 2016. (Tabletop Library)

Wise rogues join the government, where their larceny has the cover of “legality” and the cash comes in heaps and piles from deceitful receipts and pocketed procurements rather than in small, bloodstained purses from breaking windows, scaling walls, and risking traps and long-fanged guard dogs.

Wise rogues do not, by choice, go up against towering giants armed with clubs larger than the tallest rogue in the guild. Nor do they try to nick treasure from dragons without a group of powerful fellow adventurers behind them, who can hurl mighty spells, hack and hew toe to toe with an angry wyrm, heal the injured, and (when things go as they usually do), resurrect the dead.

There are wise rogues, and then there are player characters. Emeralds of Highfang awaits them with open arms, offering special challenges and rewards to rogue characters—but as always, the prospects are much better for a party of adventurers from a variety of classes, with wide skills and experience, and of high level. Some might find that a broad base of experience is not only helpful, but essential for survival.

Hidden Oasis – Temple of Thoth by Bill Webb and Matthew J Finch. Levels 7-9. Mar 22, 2016. (Tabletop Library)

The Hidden Oasis-Temple of Thoth brings the characters to a hidden temple of Thoth, god of knowledge, magic, and travel, where they are confronted with a force of invading extra-dimensional locust creatures and the chance to get their hands on an ancient artifact. What band of heroes could resist the challenge? The adventure is designed for characters of levels 7 to 9.

Irtep's Dish by Corey W. Christofferson. Levels 6-8. Mar 22, 2016. (Tabletop Library)

Irtep’s Dish is an adventure for characters from 6th to 8th level. This adventure requires the skills of a rogue or some other expert at traps, a cleric or character that can heal allies and offer beneficial bonuses to the team, a wizard or other master of the arcane arts, and a fighter to take care of “the heavy lifting.”

Of Ants and Men by Bill Webb. Levels 4-8. Mar 22, 2016. (Tabletop Library)

Note – This adventure is a part of the Quests of Doom series. It's here for those who just want to purchase individual parts of the series, but if you already have Quests of Doom, you already have this adventure.

This adventure is designed for characters of levels 4 to 8.

Sometimes bugs are just bugs, and sometimes they are organized into a hive mind that is just as smart as humans. Ants are just that. In battle, the ants become a horde of raging combatants that form a blur on all sides. While ants are typically peaceful, they respond to a threat against the hive with a scale of violence that’s almost impossible to imagine. Utterly devoted to duty, ants never retreat from a confrontation—even in the face of certain death. Their engagements are brief and brutal. Working in teams, ants grab enemies, holding them in place until one of the warriors rips into the captive’s body, leaving it smashed and oozing.

Of Ants and Men begins as a quest to recover (e.g., steal) eggs from a giant anthill near the town of Endhome. The real treasure is a sword made of a rare and strange metal, called the two-edged sword, which has amazingly powerful anti-magical properties.

Peril of Ghostwind Pass by Matthew J Finch. Levels 5-7. Mar 22, 2016. (Tabletop Library)

Note – This adventure is a part of the Quests of Doom series. It's here for those who just want to purchase individual parts of the series, but if you already have Quests of Doom, you already have this adventure.

Perils of Ghostwind Pass is a Fifth Edition adventure designed for four to six characters from level 5 to 7. It is playable at other levels and with different numbers of characters, but the monsters and risks of the adventure may require adjustment by the Game Master to offer an appropriate challenge to the players.

Ra's Evil Grin by Bill Webb and Clark Peterson. Level 11. Mar 22, 2016. (Tabletop Library)

Note – This adventure is a part of the Quests of Doom series. It's here for those who just want to purchase individual parts of the series, but if you already have Quests of Doom, you already have this adventure.

Ra’s Evil Grin challenges adventurers of at least 11th level who are seeking a powerful magic item—the globe of Arden. If a different item suits your campaign better, another appropriate powerful item can be substituted as the final objective. This dungeon culminates in a battle with Dendorandra, a lesser marilith known as a dark daughter.

Sewers of the Underguild by Casey Christofferson and Bill Webb. Levels 11-15. Mar 22, 2016. (Tabletop Library)

Note – This adventure is a part of the Quests of Doom series. It's here for those who just want to purchase individual parts of the series, but if you already have Quests of Doom, you already have this adventure.

Sewers of the Underguild is an adventure designed for characters of at least 11th level, and characters up to 15th level will find plenty of challenges. Hidden within these narrow passages and filth-filled channels is a guild of vampiric rogues, led by their master Sangre and his aide, a nycaloth called Ankoz. Deadly traps abound, so a skillful rogue will be a lifesaver. Because of the high likelihood of desperate combat with numerous vampiric and monstrous opponents, it is suggested that a cleric and at least two fighters be prepared to beat back the many watchdog monsters the guild employs. You can hide the locales in Sewers of the Underguild in any ruin or location that fits your campaign purposes. A thriving metropolis that just happens to have a large crime and vampire problem would fit the bill nicely.

The Darkening of Namjan Forest by Michael Curtis. Level 4. Mar 22, 2016. (Tabletop Library)

The Darkening of Namjan Forest is an adventure designed for the Fifth Edition of the original fantasy roleplaying game. It’s intended for use by six to eight 4th-level characters. In the course of the adventure, the party explores Namjan Forest, a woodland threatened by the creeping advance of the Plane of Shadow made manifest through the presence of a rare shadow elemental. This creature, an embodiment of the gloomy substance that underlies the Plane of Shadow, escaped from a long imprisonment in an ancient artifact known as the Darkling Lanthorn. The party must investigate the phenomenon affecting Namjan Forest, trace the Darkening back to its source, and destroy the agent seeking to infect the material plane with shadow’s touch.

The Dead from Above by Michael Curtis. Levels 6-8. Mar 22, 2016. (Tabletop Library)

Dead from Above is intended for use with four to six player characters of levels 6 to 8. It will likely take two game sessions to complete. The adventure is set in (and above) a hilly region at the outskirts of civilization, presumably one near the base of a mountain chain. With a little work, the GM can place Dead from Above wherever he or she desires in the campaign world.

The Isle of Eliphaz by Corey W Christofferson and Bill Webb. Level 14. Mar 22, 2016. (Tabletop Library)

The Isle of Eliphaz is an adventure for characters of at least 14th level. In the course of the adventure, the PCs face the powerful lich Athransma in the hidden Maze of Ancients. Careful searching and sharp wits help the PCs avoid being led astray by the devices of Athransma in his goal to awaken the primal Eliphaz. The group should include a rogue who’s skillful at both spotting and disabling traps. The party should also include a druid, a wizard, and at least two powerful melee combatants. Under no circumstances should any adventuring group set out without a cleric.

Throughout the adventure, items and features that can be spotted with Perception checks take only a round or two to find. If an Investigation check is called for, then it automatically involves spending five to ten minutes making a careful, deliberate search of the area.

The Noble Rot by J. Collura. Levels 5-8. Mar 22, 2016. (Tabletop Library)

Note – This adventure is a part of the Quests of Doom series. It's here for those who just want to purchase individual parts of the series, but if you already have Quests of Doom, you already have this adventure.

The Noble Rot is a location-based adventure for characters of 5th to 8th level. This adventure can be played in one or two sessions of reasonable length. It is a straightforward, haunted house-style adventure.

The Pit of Despair by Bill Webb and Clark Peterson. Level 13. Mar 22, 2016. (Tabletop Library)

Note – This adventure is a part of the Quests of Doom series. It's here for those who just want to purchase individual parts of the series, but if you already have Quests of Doom, you already have this adventure.

Designed for a party of at least 13th level, this module details an adventure to recover the sword of Karith, a +3 holy avenger longsword. Not the straight-forward hack-and-slash treasure hunt your players will be expecting, this adventure is instead a trap laid by the forces of evil to corrupt and destroy their greatest enemies: paladins.

The Pyramids of Amra by Casey W. Christoffsen and Bill Webb. Level 12. Mar 22, 2016. (Tabletop Library)

Note – This adventure is a part of the Quests of Doom series. It's here for those who just want to purchase individual parts of the series, but if you already have Quests of Doom, you already have this adventure.

The Pyramid of Amra is a challenging adventure designed for characters of at least 12th level. Due to the nature and numbers of undead enemies (vampires), having a cleric on hand with the ability to cast raise dead and greater restoration is advisable. The PCs should be rounded out with a wizard or sorcerer and a pair of front-line fighters.

In this adventure, the PCs travel to the Pyramid of Amra and the ancient Monastery of Night, where they face one of the most dangerous of opponents they are likely to meet, C’nosretep the Champion of Set.

The Sorcerer's Citadel by Bill Webb and Clark Peterson. Level 9. Mar 22, 2016. (Tabletop Library)

Note – This adventure is a part of the Quests of Doom series. It's here for those who just want to purchase individual parts of the series, but if you already have Quests of Doom, you already have this adventure.

Designed for a party of five characters of at least 9th level, this adventure will challenge players seeking a powerful magic item of the GM’s choosing. A sphere of annihilation has been provided and is woven into several elements of the adventure, but any appropriately powerful item can be substituted if something else suits your campaign better. Though the adventure is designed to test every type of character class, a rogue who can deal with traps is essential, as is a wizard or sorcerer of at least 9th level. Larger groups will have an easier time; parties of four or fewer characters will be in for a very bad time unless you mitigate some of the tower’s more lethal traps and encounters. This adventure culminates in an encounter with devils and a sphere of annihilation.

The sphere of annihilation is hidden deep within the tower-and-dungeon complex of Crane the Sorcerer. Originally set atop a high mountain in a secluded and wild part of the world, the tower and dungeon can be relocated to meet the situation in your campign. Crane, an introvert, stayed as far away from civilization as possible, as is detailed below. The tower above the dungeon doesn’t present many difficulties for a group of powerful characters or alert players. It might lull PCs into a false sense of security before they enter the areas where they’ll really be put to the test.

Nocturnal & Onyx Path

Gauntlet of Spiragos by Richard Thomas, Scott Holden and Matt Franklin. Level 1. Jan 19, 2015. (DriveThruRPG )

For centuries, titans bestrode the world, colossal heads and shoulders lost in the clouds, carelessly smashing and crushing all beneath. When the youngest of them had enough and declared war on their ancient parents, even the land itself suffered. These scars of the Divine War, which ended less than 200 years ago, have still not healed.

Pacesetter Games & Simulations

B2 Beyond the Caves of Chaos by Bill Barsh. Levels 4-6. Mar 22, 2016. (Tabletop Library)

The caves of chaos have been cleansed but an intriguing tunnel was found in the process. Seemingly blocked to bar access, the tunnel plunges deep into the earth. Just inside, a black, marble obelisk rests in the middle of the passage. A single rune – the sign of the dread archmage Hilgdred – is the only mark upon the obelisk. Of what concern can the storm wizard have within the Deep?

GC1-2 They Lurk Below by Bill Barsh. Levels 1-2. Mar 22, 2016. (Tabletop Library)

This compilation module includes module GC1 It Lurks Below and module GC2 They Lurk Below.

The GC series are limited release adventure modules produced for specific game conventions.

Each adventure features a new adventure area in a massive sewer system built among the remains of an ancient city.

Designed for 6-8 characters of first to second level.

GC3 It Crawled from Below by Bill Barsh. Level 3. Mar 22, 2016. (Tabletop Library)

The misshapen thing erupted from sewer and stalked through the crowded streets. Any that dared impede the creature fell before its deadly fangs. A brave warrior approached and pushed the thing back, but as victory seemed certain, webs sprayed from the spider-like creature and the warrior fell, unmoving. The thing hovered over the motionless man and in one horrific motion pulled him into its bloated belly sack.

The creature retreated back into the sewers but panic has gripped the neighborhood.

It Crawled From Below is an adventure for four to eight third level characters using the Fifth Edition game.

R&D Adventures

Adventure Shorts, volume 1 by Rowan and Doug Schultz. Level 1. Jan 10, 2015. (DriveThruRPG, )

We’re excited to offer the first volume of adventure shorts in our newly launched role-playing game adventure series. These short adventures, written for the new Dungeons & Dragons® fifth edition, can be played as a stand-alone adventures or dropped into an existing campaign. Each adventure includes a few monsters, traps, obstacles and treasure to get your new characters started. Each adventure also includes a map that can be used to set up your own player grid.

Blackstone Tomb by Rowan & Doug Schultz. Level 1. Apr 10, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

In the depths of Black Mountain there’s a secret. Hidden for a generation Castle Blackstone’s Tomb lies waiting for redemption.

Years ago a dark wizard used the tomb to practice his evil magic. He desecrated the resting place of Castle Blackstone’s heroes and used their bodies, practicing spells to reanimate the dead. When his crimes were discovered, Southern Realm soldiers captured him, but not before many of them died. The few who survived worked to seal the tomb and keep it a secret.

It’s up to your adventurers to discover the secret, bring the tomb back to light and restore the honor of those who still rest there.

Adventure Shorts, Volume 2 by Rowan and Doug Schultz. Levels 2-5. Sep 02, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

Adventure shorts volume two contains two encounters, written for fifth edition of the world's most popular roleplaying game. The first encounter, Shortcut, can be played independently or as a lead-in to the second more detailed encounter, Obsidian Temple. We’re trying something new this time by providing balanced encounters and treasure for a party of five characters from levels two through five. If played together the encounters are expected to last for about a two or three-hour gaming session.

Dungeons of Ice by Rowan & Doug Schultz. Levels 3-5. Oct 24, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

At the top of a frigid mountain pass lays a ruined castle. Rumored to be haunted, this once imposing fortress is now nothing more than crumbled walls and towers of rock and ice. Although the castle has been deserted for years most travelers still consider going near it dangerous and using the pass that goes near it ill advised. If you’re ready to challenge your players, Dungeons of Ice is written for five level three or level five characters using rules from the fifth edition of the world’s most popular role playing game. This location-independent, dungeon crawl-type adventure can be played as a stand-alone module or added to an existing campaign as an unexpected detour. There are plenty of challenges to overcome including, traps, a secret code to decipher and of course monsters to conquer. Detailed maps are included for both the Game Master and the players.

Adventure Shorts, Volume 3 by Rowan & Doug Schultz. Levels 2-6. Dec 07, 2015. (DriveThruRPG, )

Adventure shorts volume three is series of five short encounters, written for the fifth edition of the world's most popular roleplaying game. They can be played as stand-alone encounters or dropped into an existing adventure or campaign and are meant to last for about a one-hour gaming session. As in some of our other titles we’re providing balanced encounters and treasure for a party of five characters of levels two, four and six.

Adventure Shorts, Volume 4 (5e) by Rowan & Doug Schultz. Levels 3-7. Jul 12, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

In a misty graveyard beneath a crescent moon five men were gathered. In front of them, shrouded in shadow stood a tomb, dark, uninviting with pillars standing in ruin. The men moved, with soft-soled leather boots, they made not a sound as they approached the ancient structure. The lead man started as the cry of a lone wolf pierced the silence. They then wordlessly began again. As they approached, an age old inscription could be seen through the mist. A crest with three swords. It was evident this was a tomb belonging to knights. Then without a word, the lead man stepped through the door and into the gloom.

Adventure shorts volume Four is series of five encounters, written for the fifth edition of the world's most popular roleplaying game. The five encounters included in this volume are written to be played as a single quest, but could easily be separated and played individually at the GM’s discretion. To this end we’ve provided ideas for alternative adventure hooks at at the beginning of each encounter. As in some of our other titles we’re providing balanced encounters and treasure for a party of five characters of levels three, five and seven.

Lady Maerwynn by Rowan & Doug Schultz. Mar 31, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

The Daughter of a Prominent Family is Missing!

There is mischief suspected in the Guardian Woods when Lady Maerwynn, daughter of a prominent Hallendorf family, and two Southern Realm soldiers disappear while out for a horseback ride on the Greenway Road. They were last seen riding north from the town gate and didn’t return when expected. The Lady left town with the two soldiers despite warnings about possible marauder attacks.

It’s up to your group of adventurers to discover what happened to Lady Maerwynn, rescue her, and return her home safely, if they can.

Lady Maerwynn is a full-length adventure, written for the fifth edition of the world’s most popular role playing game, that can be played by characters of multiple levels. The adventure plays out the classic “rescue the damsel in distress” storyline with the hint of a darker power lurking beneath the surface. Players at lower levels will have to rely on stealth and strategy to accomplish the objective, while a group of higher level players could take a more head-on approach. The adventure can be played as a follow up to our first full adventure Blackstone Tomb, or as a stand-alone module. Detailed maps and location descriptions are provided, including an updated map of the town of Hallendorf and an all new location, Castle Farnock.

The adventure takes place in a small corner of a country called the Southern Realm in a campaign setting of our own design, a continent we call Arvum. The continent is home to diverse landscapes, countries with rich histories, people of varied races and many fantastic creatures. And for those with a stout heart, it’s a place that promises to be a land of adventure.

Rats in the Rain

Clouds of Steam by G Christopher Dyson. Level 6. Aug 04, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

Visit a world high on the sky where dwarves run a floating mine; where elves and gnools do battle on air ships.

This is a 2 hour adventure in a fantasy renaisance era for 6th level characters.

Sylvan Blood by G Christopher Dyson. Level 7. May 05, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

Within an ancient sanctuary grove where fey and druids once lived in peace, blood now soaks the ground…

It started with love, turned to hate and now is driven by madness.

This is a 3 hour adventure of love and pain for 7th level characters.

The Leaning Towers by G Christopher Dyson. Level 4. Jul 14, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

Investigate the secret beneath the streets that makes the towers lean. Journey to see clockwork wonders and face creations out of control! This is a 2 hour adventure in a fantasy renaisance era for 4th level characters.

The story is set in the fantasy renaisance where technology is starting to spring forth: Clockwork wonders are being developed and with them is danger. It begins with an investigation into the cause of towers leaning and then rolls into the world of a mad mechanical turk.

The Right Stuff by G Christopher Dyson. Levels 3-5. May 19, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

Airships can take men and gnomes into the sky, but what can reach further?

What adventures wait in the upper limits and beyond?

A kidnapped engineer leads the party on an adventure unlike any other…

This is an adventure arc for 3rd to 5th level characters to be played using the fifth edition of the leading roleplaying game in the world.

The Sound of Drums by G. Christopher Dyson. Levels 1-7. Apr 29, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

There are rumblings in the background. A slow build of events spaced out as random happenings and a minor story that evolves over time into the coming of war.

A series of mini-adventures for 1st through to 7th level characters for the fifth edition of our favorite role playing game.

The Sound of Drums is a series of mini-adventures that if spaced out and placed strategically through your campaign to allow the building of a plot across time: from the earliest rumblings of an invasion to the actual beginnings of war. Players should feel the tensions slowly build rather than simply be informed that war is coming.

These adventures are not about the war, but the sound of drums that preceed it.

What to do with Prisoners by G Christopher Dyson. Level 4. May 19, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

It’s a simple mission: collect and transport prisoners. Then why does it seem so hard, and what do these prisoners know?

This is a 3 hour adventure for 4th level characters for the fifth edition of the world's most ubiquitous role playing game.

Rats in the Rain

Falling of the Rain by G. Christopher Dyson. Level 1. Apr 03, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

Rain has been falling heavily for several days, tempers are on edge, gutters are overflowing and a tangled web is forming between different factions in the city sewers.

It’s an opportunity for new adventurers to get started and make their mark.

This is a 2 hour adventure for 1st level characters.

Old Frog and Toad by G. Christopher Dyson. Level 2. Apr 08, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

Trade caravans are being attacked on the main road. Usually this just means more guards are needed, and that is a call any young band of adventurers will respond to. Keep an eye out as there is more than one band of trouble-makers out there.

This is a 2 hour adventure for 2nd level characters for the 5th edition of the world's most played role playing game.

Beneath the Storm by G. Christopher Dyson. Level 3. Apr 07, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

As the rain continues to fall, the sewers have become a haven for undesirables, but moving them on will be difficult as certain parties seek out a dark and ancient secret.

This is a 3 hour adventure for 3rd level characters.

Black of the Rainbow by G. Christopher Dyson. Level 6. Apr 22, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

There is trouble afoot as an old friend calls for help. The cult of the black Rainbow are ready to make their move. An ancient legend is coming to life and the sewers of Vollenchia will never be the same

This is a 5 hour adventure for 6th level characters.

Redeemed Revenant

Khatogon by Casey Hill. Level 4. Apr 02, 2015. (DriveThruRPG, )

Located on a remote island in the Korinn Archipelago, a small island chain within the Moonshae Isles, is a prison. Home to some of the regions most nefarious criminals, the Khatogon prison is renown for its impregnable structure and enigmatic magic defenses. Brantel, head of the Severed Hand rogues guild, was recently imprisoned there and needs you to break him free!

Rite Publishing

The Breaking of Forstor Nagar by Ben Mcfarland. Level 8. Apr 26, 2015. (DriveThruRPG, )

Savage battlecries and screams of pain echo through the streets and off the she raw sheer walls that make up the carved stronghold of Forstor Nagar. The cannibalistic troops of The Hungering Legion have breached the gates, and the defenders have been routed.

Trapped in the heart of Forstor Nagar, a devout holy man and ambassador from Ithulandis, the City of Adventure, must be rescued. But the redoubt is cut from the living ice of the Forstorheim glacier, and enemies rip the very life from the inhabitants, only scant hours remain before the alleys are slick with a crimson slush.

Adventurers must cross the invaders’ lines to infiltrate the fortress, locate the diplomatic compound and escape with the ambassador before filed teeth sink into their flesh and the fate of the city is sealed forever. Will they succeed, or just become more corpses for the conquerors’’ larder?

Fire & Ice by Brett Boyd & Keith Byers. Levels 8-10. Mar 24, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

Come and oppose cultists bent on controlling the world, go on a sea voyage to the Isle of Pleasures, fight off cabalists piloting an iceberg ship, and explore Azer Tower on the Plane of Fire. While there, seek the destruction of a crystal relic while trying to avoid death at the hands of an undying assassin who never quits. Challenge your players with roleplaying, puzzles, combat, and exploration using this quick-start quest.

“Fire & Ice” is an adventure for the 5th Edition of the world's most popular roleplaying game that provides level 8-10 characters an unexpected quest. Tasked with destroying a minor artifact, can your PCs finish the adventure that another adventuring company all-but perished on? A nefarious and eternal nemesis is on their heels to make certain they fail! Besides high adventure, 5th Edition Modules: Fire & Ice offers the GM a reusable and unique island locale that safely intersects with the Plane of Fire.

Come join the adventure today!

Rogue Comet

1-Sheet Adventure

Mask of the Heart Tree by Amanda Lange. Levels 1-6. Mar 22, 2016. (Tabletop Library)

Ominous clouds are gathering in the skies above. You’ve been tracking the traces of an orc raiding party now for two days. Their trail ends here, where two twisted trees beckon into a gloomy forest. This land belonged to the elves, and you can still see traces of their treetop dwellings behind the leaves of trees. But they are smoldering with recent fires.
You’ve come here to retrieve the Mask of the Heart Tree, an elven artifact stolen from the village of Auburn Glen. It is unknown what the orcs wanted with the mask, but you are being paid handsomely for your involvement. You are tasked to retrieve the mask and return it to the village, or to the elves that created it. Can you retrieve the mask before the orcs discover its true purpose? Can this burning elven city be restored to its former beauty?

"Mask of the Heart Tree" is a 5th Edition fantasy adventure by Amanda Lange for 5e characters level 1-3 or 4-6.

This two-page, low-prep adventure is playable in 4 Hours but has adventure hooks to easily extend the adventure to 8 or more hours. A full-color map in included on the second page.

Raiders of the Virgins' Pilgrimage by Jason “Flynn” Kemp. Levels 1-6. Mar 22, 2016. (Tabletop Library)

Before you lies the remains of the Virgins' Pilgrimage, attacked by hobgoblin raiders. These raiders have been striking many of the outlying villages in the region, taking prisoners to sell as slaves. The young women taken captive were traveling in this caravan to a nearby temple dedicated to the Goddess of Love, to determine if they are called to service as Priestesses of the Goddess. You know that you must rescue the young maidens before they are sold into slavery. The local Priestess of Love have offered a 500 gp reward, as well as a favor owed, to add further incentive to your success. Can you track down the raiders and save the young maidens before they are sold into slavery?

"Raiders of the Virgins' Pilgrimage" is a 5th Edition fantasy adventure by Jason "Flynn" Kemp for 5e characters level 1-3 or 4-6.

This two-page, low-prep adventure is playable in 4 Hours but has adventure hooks to easily extend the adventure to 8 or more hours. A full-color map in included on the second page.

Subversion – A Tale of the Dwarves by Monica Speca. Levels 1-6. Mar 22, 2016. (Tabletop Library)

In a dwarven mine that produces crystals essential to alchemical research, violent riots have broken out. The characters are contacted by one of three privately interested parties: each wants the adventuring party to enter the mine as a neutral third party and investigate (and deal with) the situation. While within, the characters will uncover the fact that the dwarven city has been enslaving and mistreating its workers. Who are the workers? Orcs, goblins, and other races typically thought of as evil.

"Subversion — A Tale of the Dwarves" is a 5th Edition fantasy adventure by Monica Speca for 5e characters level 1-3 or 4-6.

This two-page, low-prep adventure is playable in 4 Hours but has adventure hooks to easily extend the adventure to 8 or more hours. A full-color map in included on the second page.

The Amulet of Shinkara by Stan Shinn. Levels 1-6. Mar 22, 2016. (Tabletop Library)

Before you spiral stairs, descend into a cobwebbed and vermin-filled grotto: the perilous lair of the orcs. The raiders of the Orc Lord Sharg have long menaced the local shires of Tenamen, but their thievery has now gone too far. Sharg’s Orcs recently stole the glowing green Amulet Of Shinkara whose unique healing properties alone can restore the ailing Lady Alana of Tenamen. You are oath bound to retrieve the amulet to save the princess. The 1,000 gold piece reward for the amulet’s retrieval certainly bolsters your willingness to descend into the skull-littered chambers below! Can you survive the unknown perils below and find the stolen amulet in time?

"The Amulet of Shinkara" is a 5th Edition fantasy adventure by Stan Shinn for 5e characters level 1-3 or 4-6.

This two-page, low-prep adventure is playable in 4 Hours but has adventure hooks to easily extend the adventure to 8 or more hours. A full-color map in included on the second page.

The Fourth Wing Riots by Brianna Sheldon. Levels 1-6. Mar 22, 2016. (Tabletop Library)

In a dank dungeon, the suspicious Lord Vencer holds prisoners he claims are so powerful, and so valuable, they cannot be executed. The townsfolk and local church dislike Lord Vencer, and want the prison to close. At the prison, the guards have discovered a body in the Fourth Wing—the High Security Wing filled with the most dangerous criminals. The body belongs to none other than the seemingly unharmed, but very dead, sorcerer called Mindspike. If the adventurers choose to investigate, the sounds of rioting prisoners emanating from the Fourth Wing lead them in to hunt Mindspike's killer… if they survive the prison itself.

"The Fourth Wing Riots" is a 5th Edition fantasy adventure by Brianna Sheldon for 5e characters level 1-3 or 4-6.

This two-page, low-prep adventure is playable in 4 Hours but has adventure hooks to easily extend the adventure to 8 or more hours. A full-color map in included on the second page.

Redmark Adventures

Varria by Rogue Comet. Levels 5-10. Mar 17, 2016. (Tabletop Library)

Welcome to adventures in the World of Redmark! This 40-page adventure module is indispensable for running sandbox-style 5th Edition fantasy games. It is a collection of 1-sheet adventures, gamemaster tools and campaign outlines to run high-energy roleplaying sessions with very little preparation. The Land of Varria provides a quick adventure setting which you can use, modify, or even replace with your own. The ten two-page adventures and three campaign arcs provide the opportunity for months of exciting adventures!

Role Cast Die Productions

A Needle in the Haystack by Martin Rooke. Level 1. Aug 31, 2015. (DriveThruRPG )

The Merrell Farmstead is a relatively large sized farm located on the subtle boarder between colonised wilderness and the wild environments. Recently there have been rumours about a goblin attack and a strange plague which has sweapt across the farmstead. Can the heroes find the source of this strange plage before it is too late and can they uncover the true motive behind the goblin horde.

The Ronin by Martin Rooke. Levels 1-3. Sep 20, 2015. (DriveThruRPG , )

The Ronin, a beaten an better figure seen wandering the wilds. He had recently been attacked by a gand of bandits who had robbed him of his only momento to his late master – a golden wax seal.

While he is happy to request assistance from a group of passing travellers, one might begin to wonder if he is beginning to judge the party's actions… and if there are concquences.

Roving Band of Misfits Press

Two Page Mini Delve

The Elemental Oracle by Brian Benoit. Jul 01, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

The characters have a question that only the Elemental Oracle can answer. However, when the characters arrive at her temple, it is abandoned. Can the PCs figure out the summoning ritual, or will their question go unanswered?

This delve can be played without any combat, and is designed as a "location based puzzle."

Two Page Mini Delves

The Abandoned Safehouse by Brian Benoit. Mar 27, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

This is a sequel to The Abandoned Outpost, but can be used independently as well.

As they explore an abandoned watchtower, the characters find a secret room with a spiral staircase that descends into the hidden basement. It hasn't been used in decades, but can the PCs puzzle out what it was originally used for? And will they survive what is currently living there?

BONUS CONTENT: This mini delve also includes one new magic item – The Book of Common Knowledge

Cave of Crystals by Brian Benoit. Jan 20, 2016. (DriveThruRPG )

The adventurers come across a cave full of crystals that have a rare magical property – they can trap souls. The street value of even a single crystal is quite substantial. However, it seems as though the crystals already have spirits trapped within them…

Workshop of the Mad Alchemist by Brian Benoit. Jan 24, 2016. (DriveThruRPG )

The adventurers are wandering about the manor house, when they come across a hidden workshop used by a previous owner. Little do the characters know, the workshop holds an even deeper, darker secret…

Deepwood Memorial by Brian Benoit. Jan 31, 2016. (DriveThruRPG )

The adventurers are sent to find some documents in the library of a long forgotten Elven war memorial. Will they also find what is hidden within the deepest chambers?

Dwarven Museum at Moriah by Brian Benoit. Feb 21, 2016. (DriveThruRPG )

The dwarven city of Moriah was a bustling center of trade in the heart of a mountain. Then, the mountain erupted, burying the city whole. The characters find themselves delving into the heart of a volcano, hoping to find something of worth in the eerily preserved city.

The Pale Reaver by Brian Benoit. Feb 28, 2016. (DriveThruRPG )

A malformed godling is trapped in an idol aboard a ghost ship. Can the characters survive the horror and madness that awaits them?

The Forest Temple by Brian Benoit. Feb 05, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

A woman approaches the characters, desperate for a cure for her daughter's disease. She tells them of a temple in the forest that has special healing potions. But what will the party find when they realize the temple has been abandoned?

The Abandoned Outpost by Brian Benoit. Mar 12, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

The characters arrive in a town to discover that is has recently been plagued by robberies. Then, overnight, a teen is kidnapped, and the party is hired to find him. This leads them to an abandoned border watch tower outside of town, but they may not be expecting what happens next…

BONUS CONTENT: This mini delve also includes two new magic items – an Amulet of Supression and The Hexen Sword. The Hexen Sword is a legendary magic item that starts out as an ordinary longsword. As the character completes quests and research on the sword, it becomes more and more powerful. The magic item description is a whole page, and includes a player "card" as a handout

Sacrosanct Games

X1 Wrath of the Goblinoids by Roderic Waibel. Level 1. Aug 29, 2014. (DriveThruRPG, )

For as long as we’ve been gaming, heroes have ventured out and cut their teeth on the various humanoid tribes in an attempt to make a name for themselves and get rich. Now the tables have turned, and it’s the goblinoids chance to get revenge. Part 1 of 2.

X2 Payback by Roderic Waibel. Levels 3-5. Aug 31, 2014. (DriveThruRPG, )

This version of X2 is designed for use to be compatible with D&D™ 5th edition, for 4-5 characters of 3rd-5th level. The scope of this adventure is meant to be a few-session break from your current campaign, to play as the monsters for a neat change of pace. While it can be part of a greater campaign, it has not been designed as such, and thus may be a bit linear in design. Part 2 of 2.

SG9 Reclaiming the Caves on the Borderlands by Roderic Waibel. Levels 2-4. Dec 31, 2014. (DriveThruRPG, )

It’s been a year since those insipid heroes from the Keep had cleared out the caves for their own purposes. They’ve now been cleaned up and are home to dozens of miners and their families as a vein of silver was discovered. Well, it’s time to take them back. Reclaiming the Caves on the Borderlands is an adventure where you play the role of humanoids (orcs, goblins, etc) or traditional races as mercenaries. You must compete against other humanoid factions in an attempt to reclaim the caves for yourselves. How you do that is up to you. Do you ally with another faction? Do you manage to gain control of the caves before the Keep’s forces manage to rally an attacking force?

Rise of Heroes by Roderic Waibel. Jan 13, 2015. (DriveThruRPG, )

We’ve all been there. You’ve created your class you wanted to play without knowing what anyone else is playing, and a session or two into your game, you wished you went a different route. Thus is the inspiration behind RISE OF HEROES. With some house rules of starting and advancing as level 0 PCs, you get to experience the group dynamic before you get locked into a particular class. Let there be no mistake, however. This adventure is a full adventure, designed to be completed after 2-3 sessions, depending on how long you spend on each. There are also a few options for the players to follow the main plotline, rather than get railroaded down one particular path.

The Arbolin Tree by Roderic Waibel. Levels 6-8. May 28, 2015. (DriveThruRPG )

An elvish settlement is being plagued by demons! Can you uncover the secrets of the Arbolin Tree? A one-page adventure for characters levels 6-8.

Gulbolga's Rule by Roderic Waibel. Level 1. May 28, 2015. (DriveThruRPG )

Shrunk down to six inches in height, can the party escape the frogs that wish to eat them? A one-page adventure

Depths of Felk Mor by Roderic Waibel. Levels 1-10. Jan 22, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

Depths of Felk Mor is a superdungon campaign designed for use in the 5th edition version of the world's more popular RPG, taking characters from level 1 all the way up to level 10. It is intended to bring an old school flavor to a modern edition, both in content design and visual appeal.

Sasquatch Game Studio

Red Chains by Steve Winter. Levels 4-6. Dec 07, 2015. (DriveThruRPG, )

The vile practice of slavery casts a shadow over all of Thule. In Red Chains, the characters must travel to the home of the Red Slavers in search of a Barbarian prince. Will you be able to rescue him from that dark place before he is slain?

The Watchers of Meng by Robert J Schwalb. Levels 5-8. Dec 22, 2015. (DriveThruRPG, )

Few dare to brave the dangers posed by the Jungle of Zaal. It is a tangled place crowded

Secret of the Moon-Door by Richard Baker. Levels 10-12. Jan 16, 2015. (DriveTHruRPG, )

Legendary Treasure of a Forgotten God!

The Lost Tower of Viondor by Jason Nelson. Levels 7-9. May 05, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

The Lost Tower of Viondor is a 5e adventure for characters of 7th to 9th level, using the Primeval Thule Campaign Setting. (For other game systems, go back to our publisher page and select the version you want.)

A ghostly ship on the Sea of Mists, a frozen wreck in the Thousand Teeth, and the long-lost legacy of an arrogant archmage who stared the doom of Nimoth in the face and did not blink; these are the stepping stones to finding the forgotten Tower of Viondor. An Atlantean wizard of unparalleled inventiveness, the legendary Viondor would not flee with his kin when the glaciers approached. Hidden in the far glacial rifts of Nimoth his tower remains, with the wisdom of the ancients perhaps unguarded after his inevitable demise.

Night of the Yellow Moon by John Dunn. Levels 4-6. Apr 19, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

The Stars Are Right . . . for Slaughter!

Once every dozen generations, the Yellow Moon rises over Thule. This rare alignment is sacred to the cryptic god known as “the King of the Stars” and its delusional followers, the Golden Ones. Most people believe that this wandering cult is made up of addled fools and harmless dreamers and addled fools. But now Night of the Yellow Moon draws near again, and the time is at hand for the Golden Ones to earn their god’s favor by converting or killing all in their path. For the “King of the Stars” is none other than Hastur the Unspeakable, and the heroes must put an end to the cultists’ rampage before they invoke unimaginable catastrophe!

Night of the Yellow Moon is a 24-page PDF adventure for 4th to 6th level characters, set in the Primeval Thule campaign setting. The designer is John Dunn, who has worked on Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay, Mutant Chronicles, and the Accursed dark fantasy setting. This version of Night of the Yellow Moon is for use with 5e. (For other game systems, go back to our publisher page and select the version you want.).

Scott Carter Games

The Black God's Spawn: Siege of Ebonfall by Scott Carter. Levels 2-3. Jul 06, 2015. (DriveThruRPG, )

Scott Carter Game's first adventure! The village of Ebonfall is introuble as mutant goblin spawn of Shub-Niggurath seek to expand their territory. Can the heroes stop them? Or at least save the villagers? This advenute is for characters of about 2nd or 3rd level and requires an experianced Game Master.

Skirmisher Publishing

The Taken

Raiders of Pertalo by Dan Jones, Donald Jones, Paul Jones, Dan Frost, Doron Jones. May 24, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

During the spring equinox, on the Ides of the Falcon, the peaceful village on Lake Pertalo readies itself for the Fertility Feast of Agnor in celebration of a long winter coming to an end. All preparation comes to a sudden halt, however, when the community is overrun by an enemy that disappears as quickly as it arrived. Many are killed or wounded, but it soon becomes clear that this was not the goal of the raiders … All of the village's children are now gone, apparently carried off in the chaos of the attack. As the characters begin to search for the missing children, they will discover a plot far more sinister than any of them had imagined … and possibly be destroyed by it.

Players will face a wide variety of perils throughout the course of this adventure, ranging from Goblin depravity to mystical puzzles and mysteries unknown, as they take their first steps toward learning the fate of the missing children. May the gods be with them in their quest!

This module includes six pre-generated starting characters that players can use if desired to jump right into the adventure.

Sleeping Griffon Productions

The Crypt of Verant Giantsbane by Anthony C Hunter. Levels 4-6. Jun 29, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

Overgrown ruins within the forest conceal the resting place of the great hero, Verant Giantsbane. There have been reports of restless dead and missing people in the region. The Crypt of a Hero, Undead, Missing Kids and Old People. . . Fortune and Glory! Do you need anything more? Light your lanterns and explore the crypt.

The Infamous Goblin Harpy by Anthony C. Hunter. Sep 04, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

Sailing over the horizon comes an oversized, purple galleon with black and purple sails. It's the Infamous Drunken Harpy! A floating brothel, casino and rumored to engage in a bit of piracy, the Drunken Harpy can sail into any port of call in your campaign.

Ten Red Crows Press

A Little Bit of Thievery by Ken Sturgis. Level 1. Feb 23, 2015. (DriveThruRPG , )

A Little Bit of Thievery is an unconventional freeform adventure for level 1 characters. The players are contracted to steal a magic item at a noble’s fancy party, and are forced to abandon their weapons and rely on their wits to survive. Mayhem required and violence (mostly) optional. Success might bring the ire of an elite with a panache for vengeance and money to burn. Beats killing giant rats in the safety of a basement for a few silver pieces, right?

Terrorgi Games

The Hand by James Ryland Miller. Jul 12, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

The Hand is a one-shot for 4 PCs of any level for fifth edition. It contains detailed descriptions of 4 NPCs, a unique location with map, and a fun mass-of-monsters siege of that location.


God Slayers by Thom Wilson. Feb 29, 2016. (DriveThruRPG)

Your group failed to stop the transformation spell at Castle Tokatel, allowing the dwarven god Thringalesh to escape unscathed. With the help of mysterious allies and ancient magic, you're forced to track him down deep within Darkhome. While you work your way toward his location, obtaining the necessary magic items for your final confrontation, the reawakened god grows stronger. Can you find him in time? Or will he destroy all of Ornaklia with his evil will bent on revenge?

In Defense of Thuil by Thom Wilson. (

A very limited edition product from someone who only wants to sell games through kickstarter.

Troll Lord Games

A0 The Rising Knight by Davis Chenault. Level 1. Oct 12, 2015. (DriveThruRPG, )

The Drunderry River runs narrow and fast through much of its course, before tumbling into the lowlands beneath the Fallow Hills, in the shadows of the Blacktooth Ridge. From there, the river spreads out across fertile plains, laboring slowly to the south before emptying into the Elmarsh Lake. Until recently this area was unsettled, but a writ of the King's has brought many people to the area. The village of Malforten, nesteld along the banks fo the Drunderry River, near the Fallow Hills, is just such a place.

A quiet village with simple people, they learned the hard way the Blacktooth Ridge casts a deep and dark shadow. Seeing rich prizes in cattle and grain, people and other movables, Gritznak the Gnoll has come down from the Blacktooth with loot on his mind.

All they've done to drive him off have failed, at their wits end the villagers turn to others, more experienced in combatting evil. They look to a rising knight to save them . . .

A1 Assault on Blacktooth Ridge by Davis Chenault. Levels 1-3. Dec 30, 2015. (DriveThruRPG)

The Blacktooth Ridge, far to the north and east of the more civilized lands, is fabled for its string of long abandoned fortresses, treasure houses, temples and underground mansions. This alone is an invitation for many an adventurer seeking fame and fortune. But it is an altogether dangerous place, tainted with the evil of the Horned One and those who still worship him in hidden caves and darkened temples.

WanderLOST Adventures

The Storm Keep by Daniel Laycock. Level 3. Mar 02, 2015. (DriveThruRPG, )

The Storm Keep is a simple climbing dungeon crawl adventure. The players find that the keep has been wracked with arcane energies, causing rifts to the elemental planes to open and spew forth denizens bent on wreaking havoc on the area. As they venture further into the structure the players are met by even more difficulties, as the keep itself defends against the unwanted guests. Upon reaching the top floor the characters face against an evil efreeti, which has taken control of an artifact and is using it to sculpt the keep and the surrounding area to his whim.

Fan Adventures

The Town of Bridgepuddle by frothsof. Levels 5-8. Jul 06, 2014. (Free PDF )

Bridgepuddle is a remote town in northwestern Serd. It thrives as a result of its robust trade in high-quality, uncommon exports. It is a curious place, filled with eccentrics and odd specialty shoppes. It is also about to become ground zero for the zombie apocalypse.

Fishing for Gods in Strade’s Gallows by Remley Farr. Level 2. Oct 25, 2015. (EncounterRoleplay )

A routine medical shipment to the swampy town of Strade’s Gallows takes a turn for the eccentric when the party happens across enigmatic fish-men who begin to worship them as gods. Can the party solve the mystery of Strade’s Gallows’s ailment, or will their new disciples botch it all up?

The Mystery of Malvern Manor by Dan Head. Levels 1-4. Jan 06, 2015. (Free PDF , )

This adventure is set in Breakwater Bay, a small fishing village on the Isle de Mont Deserette along the northen frontier in the Wanderhaven setting. That said, you shouldn’t have any trouble transporting it into a different setting if that better suits your game.

Free 5E adventure by RPG Knights. Level 4. Feb 17, 2015. (RPG Knights )

Here is an adventure for you to take advantage of. i am not going to give any back story to this dungeon as it is something then that you can use in your own game in the way that you want.

RH3 Fires of Hell by Ronny Hart. Dec 25, 2014. (Free PDF )

This adventure takes place after a Total Party Kill (TPK). It allows a group of DEAD PCs to earn a second chance by fighting their way through the first layer of Hell to retrieve a stolen artifact. It is unlike other modules in that it is written to accommodate a party of any size and any level (1 to 20).

Barrow of the Evensong by iserith. Level 3. Sep 24, 2014. (Wizards forum )

I wrote this scenario for my niece and nephew, so it's pretty simple, but perhaps you can have fun with it in your own game. It should be suitable for four 3rd-level adventurers. One of my goals was to pump this little location with a lot of potential leads to other adventures I'd write and references to old published modules I own. (Planescape was an inspiration here.)

Tomb of Nyarlathotep by Brian Seligman. Levels 1-2. (Google Docs )

Summoned from across the multiverse a small group of heroes must enter an ancient pyramid and prevent the Elder God Nyarlathotep's return to power.

Tomb of the Ghast Queen by RPG Knights. Level 1. Mar 05, 2015. (RPG Knights )

The premise for this adventure is that the players begin as criminals. The land they are living in is run by a cruel Ghast Queen who forsake life to rule in immortality. She is a tyrant like no other in this part of the lands. The players were taken as criminals for their actions that were construed as treason and put to hard labour for several years.

Prison for Dragons by James Introcaso. Level 12. Jun 11, 2015. (WorldBuilderBlog , )

Prison for Dragons is a fifth edition adventure for the world's
most popular roleplaying game. It takes place in the campaign
setting of Exploration Age in the world of Canus, but can be
used in any setting you desire. This adventure is meant for a
party of four to six 12th-level characters.

The Black Tower by Brian Reeves. Level 3. Jun 23, 2015. (Free PDF )

The Black Tower is a simple adventure designed for a party of 4 – 6 characters of 3rd level. Many of the monsters were selected as an homage to earlier editions of Dungeons & Dragons, as they have become classics of old-school adventures.

The Frozen Tomb by Brian Reeves. Levels 3-5. Jun 23, 2015. (Free PDF )

The Frozen Tomb is a challenging adventure for a party of 4 – 6 characters of at least 3rd level, though characters of 4th or 5th level are strongly recommended. This scenario can take place in any mountain pass.

Beneath the Floorboards by Brian Reeves. Level 1. Jun 23, 2015. (Free PDF )

Beneath the Floorboards is a simple introductory adventure for a party of 4 – 6 characters of 1st level, though it could serve for higher levels with modification. This scenario can take place in any moderately-sized town or city. The only requirement is that there is a river close to the home of Yannock Tippleton. In the Forgotten Realms, Saltmarsh is an ideal candidate.

Iserith's Scenarios by Iserith. (Forum Posts )

A variety of scenarios for D&D 5E – single encounters and longer adventures

Honor and Death by Wine and Savages. Levels 3-5. Jul 17, 2015. (Wine and Savages blog )

A Basic D&D 5e and Savage Worlds
Tournament Module
for 4-7 ronin of levels 3-5 or Seasoned Rank

The Wererat Den by James Introcaso. Level 5. Jul 28, 2015. (Blog post )

The Wererat Den is a short fifth edition adventure for a party of four to six fifth level characters. This adventure takes place in the campaign setting of Exploration Age, but can easily be adapted for any setting you choose.

WA1: The Vault of Iptiz by William Buchanan. Level 5. Aug 04, 2015. (Google Docs )

Enter the secret Vault of Iptiz, once the home of a greedy spirit naga. Much treasure is rumoured to lie within… if you're brave enough!

The Fall of Cahokiantep by Dan Head. Levels 5-7. Aug 04, 2015. (Free PDF , )

Imprisoned in the capital city of Aquarius, the party must battle free when the Event happens and deal with the madness that erupts!

Journey through Crocodile Swamp by Dan Head. Levels 3-4. Feb 17, 2015. (Blog Post )

I was not planning to write a sequel to The Mystery of Malvern Manor, but we had our D&D friends and their kids over for dinner and gaming on Saturday night, and as a result, I needed another one-shot campaign. Since I'd already introduced the kids to Breakwater Bay and its surrounding environment, I built from there. I thought the kids would get a kick out of fighting dinosaurs, and as it happens, this proved to be correct.

The Sun Goes Down With a Ruby Smile by Remley Farr. Level 1. Aug 08, 2015. (EncounterRoleplay )

Designed for 1st Level Characters in 5th Edition, this Adventure Module takes the party to an abandoned colony where adventure and mystery awaits them! They will uncover the bloody past of this island, but will they fall prey to it themselves?

Invasion of House Tor by Poruku. Level 1. Aug 10, 2015. (Imgur )

The nobles are corrupt in Salem, but they're the ones with money. You've been contracted to provide security for a ball at House Tor. What can go wrong?

A Foot in the Door by ChuckChuckRazool. Levels 1-3. Aug 28, 2015. (Reddit )

Giant Crabs! The village of An'Ji has problems – and a plague of giant crabs is only the beginning!

Christmas with the Orcs: The Red Man Comes! by Dan Head. Levels 3-4. Dec 10, 2015. (Website , )

Everyone in our family is required to make a gift for everyone else in our family every year at Christmas. We do this to combat the ever-growing commercialism of the holiday, and it's been a big hit. My gift for my kids this year is the following short D&D adventure, which I'm going to run for them on Christmas Eve. I called it "Christmas with the Orcs: The Red Man Comes!"

WA2: Julinda's Gauntlet by William Buchanan. Level 5. Dec 23, 2015. (Google Docs )

Put simply, this dungeon is one large

Happy Holidays by James Intracaso. Level 20. Dec 24, 2015. (WorldBuilderBlog )

With the Winter holidays ruined by a rash of explosive coal gifts, adventurers must venture to the North Pole to discover what’s making Santa punish the nice and reward the naughty. Happy Holidays is an adventure for four to six 20th level characters which uses fifth edition rules.

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    1. Should be there already, I hope! I reviewed it a couple of weeks ago. Thanks muchly for the link, though!

  1. Note from Jon Brazer Enterprises about Rescue from Tyrkaven
    “We corrected a few errors in the adventure as well as change the monster stat block to our own style. We hope you enjoy this adventure.”

  2. I’ve created a module for 5e and want to sell it. Is there any way I could do that? Maybe send it to a company and see if they will publish it, or something like that. ‘Cause I don’t have enough money to publish it on my own.

    1. Very few companies publish printed adventures these days, but you can self-publish through places like DriveThruRPG (in either PDF or Print on Demand format). You could also try submitting a proposal to companies like Frog God Games, Goodman Games or Legendary Games.

  3. Under the Tavern is an adventure module where players find their characters exploring the depths of an ancient 5 level dungeon filled with twists and turns and with plenty of exploration, action and mystery. There are 90 areas to explore, in total, with a variety of narrative hooks and story lines to keep your players wanting more – right up to the very end.

  4. Would very much like to hear what you think of the Devin Cutler modules, specifically the Uprising Series; The Horns of War, Strike Back, Let it Be.
    You’ve got most of his other ones already listed, but none reviewed that I could tell.

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