5E Adventure Review: The Miller’s Stone

The Miller’s Stone is the third of a series of adventures set in the ruins of Leilon, a small town in the Forgotten Realms. This is a short adventure, consisting primarily of five combat encounters. About three of the eight pages are stat-blocks.

The situation is simple: the nearby mayor of Durgin’s Hold wants the players to retrieve some magical millstones rumoured to be in the town. Indeed they are, but the adventurers must deal with some kuo-toa and their pets before they can retrieve the millstones. And that, in a nutshell, is the adventure.

It’s well laid out, with stat blocks provided for the monsters, and has a very nicely drawn map. The various areas have descriptions and logic behind them. It’s a perfectly fine little adventure, which should give an evening’s entertainment.

What it doesn’t have is much to make me consider it special. This is a good, basic adventure, but it doesn’t have those special, exceptional moments of creativity that would make it a must-run. It is mostly just a series of combat encounters with some good terrain to keep them varied.

The writing is occasionally very clunky – “The front half is half of the floor” – but is mostly fine. A few formatting issues bedevil the stat blocks, with bullet points replacing dashes from time to time (so -2 becomes ●2).

Overall, it’s a solid, if unexceptional, adventure. If you need a side-quest for your 6th-8th level characters, you may find this one of use.

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