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More on Improvising Sessions

At my current point in life, I’m finding myself extremely busy with work and with running Dungeons & Dragons, but with very little time to set aside to preparing adventures (or writing reviews or blog posts). I steal what time … Continue reading

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5E Adventure Review: Resurgence

Resurgence is the third part of the first Hillsfar trilogy from Baldman Games, playable as part of the D&D Adventurers League. It is a curious adventure, which while being perfectly adequate, doesn’t quite manage to hit any heights. Its chief … Continue reading

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On Introductory Adventures

My first real experience with a DM was with the adventure Keep on the Borderlands, a classic adventure that many, many players had as their first adventure since it was published with the introductory Basic D&D rules for about a … Continue reading

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5E Supplement Review: The High Moor

The High Moor is a 28-page supplement for the D&D game that offers information on a section of the Forgotten Realms, drawing on information presented in previous books and updating it for use with the current edition and the current … Continue reading

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War and Nations in Dungeons & Dragons

Throughout the history of Dungeons & Dragons, the primary focus has been on the exploits of bands of adventurers, typically exploring dungeons, killing monsters and gaining treasure. However, every so often, there’s a glimpse of an older style of play: … Continue reading

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Running the Sunless Citadel – Goblins

The second group of enemies the players face in The Sunless Citadel are the goblins. In Dungeons & Dragons, goblins make up the lowest rung of a group of related humanoids: goblins, hobgoblins and bugbears. Occasionally, we refer to them … Continue reading

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Using Published Adventures in a Homebrew Campaign

One of the more unusual products to cross my radar was The Ultimate Fantasy Collection. Curated by Glen Cooper, this product gathers together nine adventures from the early days of the DMs Guild, adds in three supplements, and provides the … Continue reading

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AD&D Adventure Review: White Plume Mountain

In the late 1970s, Lawrence Schick took the best bits of the dungeons he’d designed, stuck them all together, and gave the result to TSR as a sample document hoping to persuade them to hire him. It worked. His sample … Continue reading

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The Shared Experience in Dungeons & Dragons

Last night, I ran Giant Diplomacy for my D&D Adventurers League table at my local gaming store. Around me, three other DMs were doing the same, attended by 23 players. Most of those players have been with us in the … Continue reading

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On the Tomb of Annihilation

Chult. Land of Dinosaurs. Far to the south of the Daleland and Waterdeep. With that, you have seen most of my knowledge of the land. Look, I’ve got the Jungles of Chult supplement/adventure, but I’ve never had an occasion to … Continue reading

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