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On the Tomb of Annihilation

Chult. Land of Dinosaurs. Far to the south of the Daleland and Waterdeep. With that, you have seen most of my knowledge of the land. Look, I’ve got the Jungles of Chult supplement/adventure, but I’ve never had an occasion to … Continue reading

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5E Adventure Review: Volo’s Lost Encounters

Jean Lorber’s Volo’s Lost Encounters is a selection of five small adventures designed for a variety of levels, which are likely best employed to break the monotony of travel. I’d estimate most of the adventures shouldn’t take longer than a … Continue reading

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The Lost Mine of Phandelver – Session 3

I was joined by seven players for this session of the Starter Set adventure. Djoran, Ben and Brian joined Tait, Jesse, Josh and Josh to make up the group for the adventure. This gave the group a combination of level … Continue reading

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