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5E Adventure Review: A Dish Best Served Cold

A Dish Best Served Cold is the fifth adventure in the D&D Adventurers League fifth season. It’s written by James Introcaso (who is known for babbling about tabletops and doing great interviews), and is written for the second tier of … Continue reading

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Running the Sunless Citadel: First Steps

The Sunless Citadel is the first adventure in the new Dungeons & Dragons book, Tales from the Yawning Portal. This adventure is designed for beginning characters, and is also a very good choice for Dungeon Masters as their first adventure. … Continue reading

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Beware! Tomb of Horrors ahead!

One of the fascinating questions of any D&D game (and most RPGs as well) is “when is it acceptable for a PC to die?” It’s not quite as simple as it sounds. Certainly, it’s rarely “when the player decides” (at … Continue reading

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Out of the Abyss… Making Random Encounters Fun!

The second half of Out of the Abyss is taking my group a little longer to complete than I first thought. There are some tremendously difficult encounters in the adventure, especially if the group hasn’t worked out how to tackle … Continue reading

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Monsters can be Friends, Too! Monster Reactions

One of the rules I never quite understood in the Basic Dungeons & Dragons set of 1981 was the Monster Reaction table. The basic idea was when you encountered a group of monsters, you’d follow the following sequence: Roll 2d6 … Continue reading

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Morale: When Monsters Run

Monsters are people too! They want to go home at the end of the day, settle down with their loved ones, and count their treasure. They certainly don’t want to be killed by adventurers who just happen across them when … Continue reading

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The Very Basics of Running Dungeons & Dragons Combat

You’re DMing your very first game of Dungeons & Dragons. Your players enter a cave and see four kobolds. The kobolds rush forward and attack… …and the players look at you expectantly. What do you do? Here’s a few notes … Continue reading

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A few thoughts on running Dungeons & Dragons

I first tried being a Dungeon Master over 30 years ago. I was horrid. This is a common experience. It probably would have helped if I’d been older than twelve, but, even so, your first experience of running a game … Continue reading

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5E Adventure Review: Doorway to Darkness

Doorway to Darkness, an adventure for four 2nd-level characters by James Desborough and M.T. Black, takes a solid idea – a mine being overrun by zombies – and adds enough unusual features to it to provide interest and entertainment. It’s … Continue reading

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5E Adventure Review: Killer Kobolds

Tony Petrecca’s Killer Kobolds is an adventure for 8th-12th level characters. Yes, you read that right: A high-level adventure featuring kobolds. It’s also a beautifully-constructed adventure. Deriving from events in Tony’s home game, we get to see what Defence in Depth … Continue reading

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