5E Adventure Review: Windride Hangover

Windride Hangover is a short adventure for first or second level characters. It also presents the very real possibility of the adventure ending in the first encounter if a key NPC is killed.

Discovering the text notes “should Vesryn somehow survive the encounter” and also says “the remainder of the module assumes he survives”, leads me to think that someone hasn’t thought through the logic of this adventure very well. That said, there’s a lot of excellent ideas in play here.

The adventure is primarily a set of mysteries, all revolving around the “Windride”, a magical rite of the followers of Shaundakal, god of travel. The characters get to learn about the Windride, see some really unusual (and enjoyable) events relating to the rite, and finally have to deal with some kenku that think the Windride is the solution to their inability to fly.

The main problem with the adventure is in the presentation of these ideas: the formatting isn’t great, the writing could be tighter, and there’s the distinct possibility that events won’t unfold the way the author intends.

You’ll probably need to do a bit of work expanding and fleshing out the adventure – as well as dealing with the general problems with its structure – but the ideas in the adventure are strong enough to make it worth investigating. It’s a good example of how one idea can spark a host of related ideas that create an interesting scenario.

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