Pregenerated Characters at PAX Australia 2017

As I’ve done for previous PAX conventions in Australia, I made up a special set of pregenerated characters that could be used by people at the convention. As it was likely we’d get a lot of new players – and almost every player wouldn’t have a character sheet – I tried to create them so that they’d be easy to read and use.

All the spells the characters have are described on the sheets. It lists their ability scores and special abilities.

I didn’t list any personality traits this time – I was very short of space – but I did list the goals of each character’s faction. I also included a few notes on what the character was good at, what they did in combat, and when best to use spells (if they had them).

For my next set of character sheets, I’m going to try to put combat notes on one side and role-playing/exploration notes on the other. The trouble? Spells. They take up a LOT of space.

The character sheets provide a set of instructions for gaining levels (from 1 to 3), which fit the expectations of play at PAX Australia. I learnt from my experiences with the last set and partitioned off the abilities gained later so they were easily distinguished. Especially the spells!

The character sheets are now available on the DMs Guild for a nominal fee. If you’re playing with new characters or in a convention setting, you might find them helpful. Let me know how they go if you do!

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