D&D Adventurers League “Elemental Evil” – unofficial Pregenerated Characters

These characters are certainly a bit late – for most of you, we’re moving out of Elemental Evil and into the Rage of Demons storyline, but we’re running a few 1st-level games set in Mulmaster at our local D&D Adventurers League games, and I wanted to make up a few characters that took advantage of the Mulmaster backgrounds for the potential use of the players.

The characters are built entirely using the D&D Basic Rules in addition to the backgrounds, and so can be played without reference to the Player’s Handbook (occasionally a concern). I’m experimenting a bit with the format; I hope to have similar sheets available when we run D&D games at PAX Aus: the basics of the characters plus some role-playing material. I may end up simplifying them a bit more before we’re done. I’d appreciate any feedback.

Yes, I’m also preparing a set of Rage of Demons characters.

These are not the only pregenerated characters you can use; the D&D Adventurers League provides some every season, and there are a lot on the D&D website. I just like making my own from time to time…

Here they are:

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