D&D Adventurers League adventure checklist

I’ve done these before, but I’ve decided to put the newest version of my D&D Adventurers League adventure checklist up on the DMs Guild. It’s now updated to be form-fillable, meaning you can check the little boxes next to each adventure on your computer. The wonders of modern computing technology!

I had a lot of fun with the blurb for this product. Witness:

Adventures! Lots of Adventures!

If you’ve been playing any of the D&D Adventurers League adventures, you may get just a little lost as to which ones each of your characters have played. Those problems are no more with this useful checklist of all the official adventures your character can play… at least, until the next ones get released. However, by the magic of Computer Technology, we’ll keep updating the checklist when new ones are announced!

Print out a copy of this checklist for each of your characters and you can easily see at a glance if you’ve already played an adventure! It’s also form-fillable, allowing you to use it electronically as well!

The adventures are listed by season, with the tiers of play easily recognisable.

Anyway, it’s been suggested to me that a list of Average Party Levels (for DMs) would also be useful, so I’ll likely make that list as well…